Revenge Pt. 02

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It had been almost 2 years since Heather and I had started having sex. Over the past few months things had kind of tapered off though, the thrill and excitement slipping away, especially with our parents knowing. They’d tease on occasion but would otherwise leave us to it, as long as we’d kept it in our rooms they really didn’t care. Lucy never joined us again, she got herself a job out of state and was wrapped up with her new girlfriend too. Heather had also moved out into a small apartment, we had fun having noisy sex in her living room a few times then she managed to get herself a boyfriend. Out of respect for her I took a step back and went back to my porn and masturbation, my crazy work schedule making it too tough to find anyone.

One morning though, she called me and asked me to head over to her place, she sounded a little angry but wouldn’t say why over the phone. When I got to her apartment she pulled me inside, she was wearing black stockings and suspenders but was otherwise naked, I grinned as I gazed at her. I went to speak but she put her finger over my lips and pulled me by the hand into her kitchen.

“So, questions later, you’re here to fuck me, cum in me then you’re going to leave,” she said quietly, already rubbing my cock through my jeans.

“What about Steve, we agreed to not fuck while you have a boyfriend Heather,” I replied.

“I said, questions later.”

Heather undid my jeans and pulled them down as she got to her knees, it didn’t take her long to suck me to hardness. She stood up and leaned over the counter and looked back at me as she rubbed her pussy. I knew better than to argue with her and pushed my cock inside her. I hadn’t jerked off in over a week so being in Heather’s pussy again was a treat, the thrill of fucking my younger sister returning and I knew I wouldn’t last long. I held on to her hips as I fucked her, her tight pussy felt amazing and I soon felt the familiar tingling in my balls.

“I… I’m close Heather,” I gasped.

“Push it in nice and deep when you cum baby..” she replied.

I did as she asked, almost lifting her feet off the ground as I pushed deep inside her then erupted, my cock swelling as I pulsed my seed deep inside her pussy. She whimpered in pleasure and I felt her pussy tighten as my orgasm set her off too but as soon as I’d finished cumming she stood up and kissed me on the cheek.

“You have to go now, pull your pants up and leave, I’ll talk to you later.”

I was still catching my breath as she almost pushed me out the door, my cock still dribbling the cum I hadn’t finished spraying into her, I sat in my car confused and drove home. I was laying on my bed when Heather called me.

“Hey, I hope you’re not mad at me,” she said.

“No, just a little confused, first sex I’ve had in almost 4 months so it felt good but why the cum and go?” I replied.

“I can’t tell you right now, I need you to do the same tonight and tomorrow then I’ll explain okay?”

“Just come to your place, cum in you then leave?”


“I don’t know sis, I feel like I’m part of something I shouldn’t be.”

“If you do it without asking questions I promise I’ll have you stay over for a weekend and we can just fuck like we did when we first got together and I’ll even let you have anal. I promise I’ll explain too okay, I just need you to do this.”

“Fine, you know I can never refuse you.”

“Thanks bro, I love you.”

“Love you too Heather.”

She texted me about 8pm, told me to head over, included a topless picture of her and told me same rules, fuck her then leave. I was already semi hard when she pulled me into the kitchen, she kissed me passionately then had me fuck her. I lasted a little longer that time but the surreal situation and the mystery behind it had me excited and I was soon pushing in deep to fill her with the contents of my balls. Like that morning, she pulled off my still dribbling cock, had me pull up my pants and boxers then I was out the door, my cock still semi hard by the time I was driving away.

The next morning after I’d showered she texted me again, just asked me to come over to her place. My excitement vanished when she answered the door fully dressed though, she hugged me, gave me a quick kiss on the lips then led me by the hand into her lounge. I got a little worried when her boyfriend, huge guy about twice my size, was sitting on the couch.

“Hey Marcus, good to see you man,” he said, shaking my hand.

“You can wipe the worried look bursa escort off your face sweetie, take a seat,” said Heather, sitting next to Steve.

“What uh, what’s going on?” I asked as I sat down.

“So. Do you remember Clara?” said Heather.

“You mean the Clara who got me kicked off the football team because she lied about buying xanax from me?” I asked.

“Yup, the very same bitch. Well, she’s been trying to fuck Steve for years, she started a rumor that Steve was cheating on me with a girl in his work, even faked a text exchange that she sent me a screenshot of, claiming “I’m sorry to show you this, I used to like him but I thought you should know” and I stupidly fell for it. After Tom cheated on me I wasn’t thinking straight and went straight to anger and wanted to teach Steve a lesson. Yesterday when I had you cum in me, Steve was blindfolded and tied to my bed, I went in and sat on his face and made him eat your cum,” said Heather.

“When she wouldn’t let me fuck her afterwards I made her tell me why and she told me. I gave her my phone to show her I wasn’t lying, I don’t delete my messages and had replied to Clara that I am with Heather and don’t cheat. Heather took some convincing but she came clean and told me she was convinced I’d cheated and wanted to teach me a lesson before dumping me,” said Steve.

“Well, turns out my kinky boyfriend here has always had a fantasy of eating another mans cum from my just fucked pussy but wouldn’t want some stranger to fuck me so when I told him he confessed he actually enjoyed it. He made me tell him who it was and got super turned on when I told him about us,” continued Heather.

“She told me everything, I’d never been so turned on in my life, I used to read erotica about that but having a girlfriend who actually fucked her own brother is awesome for me,” said Steve.

“So why am I here again and what has Clara got to do with anything? She loses again right, she didn’t break you up,” I replied.

“We’ll get to that. I made a promise and I intend to keep it, this weekend you can come over and we’re going to fuck, Steve wants to watch and if you agree, you’re going to double penetrate me with him, you can fuck my ass while he’s in my pussy. I know neither of you are bi so I don’t expect you to suck each other off or anything but I owe Steve too. As for Clara, she’s going to fuck her nerdy brother and I want you to tape it, use it to blackmail her into fucking you,” said Heather.

“She fucking hates me Heather, I doubt she’d fuck me even with that over her head,” I said.

“What’s the deal with her, why do you want to fuck her?” Asked Steve.

“Clara, despite being a twisted bitch, has been my brother’s fantasy girl for as long as I can remember. Something about her has his poor heart strings in a knot and even though she is evil he wants her bad,” said Heather.

“How are you going to pull off getting her to fuck her brother?” I asked.

“Well, despite his sister’s disdain for me, he has a crush on me like, really bad. I’m going to seduce him while Steve seduces Clara and when they both think they’re meeting me and Steve separately in our hotel room, the blindfolded kinky sex they’re going to have will be with each other instead,” said Heather with a grin.

“That’s going to take some doing to pull off, won’t they recognize each other’s voices as soon as they groan or say ‘fuck yea this is amazing’ or something?” I asked.

“Well yes but, to both of them we’ll be into kinky sex and part of that is sensory deprivation sex, a way to feel connected on a deeper level. I watched a porno on it once, basically she’ll be on the bed on all fours, blindfolded and with ear plugs in, he’ll get to see me naked, once I’ve sucked him hard I’ll give him instructions then blindfold him, have him put ear plugs in too then lead him to the bed. He’ll climb up, find Clara and thinking it’s me, fuck the shit out of her. She’ll be expecting Steve, he’s going to be touching her and getting her excited and will be ready when Rob gets on the bed behind her. You, big brother, will be in the closet until he enters her then you’ll come out and start filming. Steve is night manager at the Hilton and knows the perfect suite to pull it off. You can enjoy the show but you can’t have her that time though,” explained Heather.

“Well, I’m game, just getting to see her naked will be worth it even if the blackmail fails,” I replied.

“Please, she’s all about her perfect image, planned or not, the embarrassment of bursa escort bayan being caught fucking her brother will make her do anything for you,” said Heather.

“So, um, speaking of…” started Steve.

“Yes, I know sweetie,” said Heather with a smile.

She got up and knelt in front of me and started to undo my jeans.

“What uh,” I said.

“I want to watch her suck your cock, she promised me a show,” replied Steve.

“Thought we’re playing at the weekend?” I asked.

“Yes but Steve has been fucking me hard all night so you’re getting a nice blow job while he watches,” Said Heather as she fished my cock from my boxers.

Heather sucking my cock while her boyfriend was in the room was pretty exciting, I took a while to get hard but she took off her shirt and made me just look at her as she made a show of sucking me for Steve’s benefit, occasionally pausing to look at him and stay things like ‘my big brothers cock tastes so good’ and more. He shifted in his seat a few times as I groaned in pleasure, soon enough though I felt the wonderful tingling as my climax approached. I warned Heather but she just looked up at me and sucked harder, I gasped as my orgasm hit me, my cock swelling as I sprayed my cum down her throat. Once she was satisfied she had every drop she softly tucked my cock back into my shorts and kissed me on the cheek.

“That was so fucking hot, thank you,” Said Steve.

“You’re welcome baby. Marcus, I have to take care of my boyfriend now, we’ll plan for Friday if we can get them both hooked, be ready okay,” Said Heather.

I took the hint and left after zipping up my pants, drove home with a smile on my face, partially from an enjoyable blow job, mostly from the prospect of seeing Clara naked that very weekend. The following few days were torture though, Steve and Heather set to work on their virtual seduction of their respective ‘marks’, Rob only took a few topless pics from Heather to convince, Clara needing the promise of a night of great sex and a hard dick pic from Steve for them both to go along with the ‘sensory deprivation’ sex in the hotel. Heather had it all planned and timed perfectly.

That Friday night I stood with Steve and Heather in the joined suite as we discussed our places. Steve rigged the door so it wouldn’t make a sound when he opened it and I took my place in the thankfully large closet and sat waiting as they both left to meet Rob and Clara. Steve was first to come back, he had Clara really excited and he seemed to take advantage of the pass him and Heather both agreed to, kissing and groping Clara as they stripped. Seeing her naked, even through the tiny gap I had in the closet door, was wonderful, she worked out a lot at the gym so had the figure of an athlete, her small breasts pert and just perfect to me. My phone vibrated in my pocket, the signal that Heather was getting Rob ready to join the party.

“I uh, had my reservations about this whole thing but I watched some porn online and it looks hot. I want to ride you next time though okay,” Said Clara as Steve got the blindfold.

“If you behave you can,” replied Steve.

“Mmm, will you spank me if I don’t.”

“If I feel you deserve it, yes.”

Watching Clara stroke and suck Steve a little before she got on the bed had my cock hard as steel in my pants, I sat still and watched though as she let Steve blindfold her then gave her the earplugs to put in. He snapped his fingers by her ear to make sure they were in correctly then slowly rubbed her ass, lightly touching her pussy to build her tension. Right on time, Heather led a blindfolded Rob into the room, they were both naked too and she sucked and stroked him for a few seconds then gave him the earplugs after telling him once his earplugs were in he could get onto the bed and fuck her. Rob was very eager, he waited a few seconds to let Heather get on the bed then reached out to find her, unknowingly finding his sister instead. He got up behind her and once he’d pushed inside her Heather motioned me to come out and start filming.

Things kind of went strange after that though.

Rob thrust a few times then he paused. He ran his hand over Clara’s ass and froze, Clara looked in his direction and took her earplugs out at the same time as Rob.

“R… Rob?” She said as they both took their blindfolds off.

Steve and Heather stood wide eyed, their mouths open in shock.

“What the fuck did you tell them Rob, did you want to show off that you fuck me, what the fuck escort bursa is going on?” Yelled Clara as she looked round at all of us.

“I didn’t tell them anything Clara, I was meant to be here with Heather,” Replied Rob.

“Then how do they know we’ve been fucking each other Rob?” She said.

“Wait, what?” Said Heather.

“Did you fucking plan this with her to humiliate me, because I wouldn’t suck you at Aunt Mary’s?” Said Clara to Rob, still yelling.

“You two have been fucking before this?” Asked Heather.

“It’s how I knew it was her, I know how her pussy feels and I love the little mole she has on her ass here,” said Rob.

“Shut the fuck up Rob. What the fuck are you doing here?” Said Clara, looking at me.

“I told him to film this but holy shit, this is awesome.” Said Heather with a grin.

“Well I’m glad ruining my fucking life makes you happy,” said Clara, she sat on the bed and started to cry, I turned off my camera.

“You tried to break me and Steve up and I was getting revenge on you, I didn’t expect this, had no idea you two had fucked before. I’ll consider deleting the recording if you tell me why you couldn’t allow me to be happy? We used to be friends Clara but as soon as I got a boyfriend you did everything to break it. I know you were behind making Cole cheat on me too.” Said Heather.

“Because I knew if a guy found out I have sex with my brother nobody would want me so I didn’t want anyone else to be happy either,” replied Clara, tears still running down her face.

Heather and I looked at each other, she seemed to know what I was thinking and gave me a soft nod.

“Clara, what if the guy that wanted you also had sex with his sister and didn’t care that you had your brother,” I said to Heather, handing her a robe.

“Wh… what?” She replied.

“Heather and I have been intimate for years, we only stopped recently because she found a boyfriend but he knows about us and our past. I never thought I’d meet anyone who was the same,” I said.

“Why are you telling me this?” Said Clara, wiping her face with the robe instead of putting it on.

“I’ve had a crush on you for years, there’s just something about you that I can’t ignore, now that I know your secret I can’t help but want you more. You’re beautiful, you have such an amazing smile and you are just sexy as hell,” I said, kneeling in front of her.

“I’ve been so fucking horrible to you, how can you still like me after what I said to your coach?”

“You did me a favor, I’m sure my knees wouldn’t have taken much more abuse and my Dad made sure he didn’t take it any further so no real damage was done.”

“Can you make them all leave and we can talk?”

“Come on Rob, if my boyfriend here agrees I’ll give you a nice sloppy blow job for your troubles while he fucks me,” said Heather as she pulled Rob into the other room.

“I have two conditions if this is going any further, delete the recording and get your clothes off,” said Clara.

“It’s already deleted,” I said, showing her my phone.

I stripped naked as she asked, she pulled me under the covers on the bed and we talked for hours, sharing how we came to have sex with our siblings. We held each other then made love, gazing at each other as we just took our time, enjoying the pleasures in each other arms. When we’d both climaxed she rested with her head on my chest.

“I have a lot of apologizing to do don’t I?” She said softly.

“We can work on that, I want to be by your side as we do. Our secrets will belong to each other, Heather will forgive you, I know she will.”

“Do you still have sex with her, even though she has a boyfriend now?”

“She wants me to fuck her this weekend, she’s never had double penetration before and Steve agreed.”

“That sounds hot as fuck, can I come too?”

“I can ask her.”

“I can give you the same agreement, if I’m with you, Rob can go back to his sex toys unless you give me permission to fuck him.”

“Well how about you go and get him if he’s still next door and we can both enjoy you.”

“I think I’m going to enjoy being your girlfriend,” she said with a smile.

Having me on her side, knowing her secret was shared and enjoyed by Heather turned Clara from the mean girl striving to break people happiness into the loving and passionate girlfriend I have today. Our sex life is beyond wonderful, Steve couldn’t cope with Heather’s drive so they broke up amicably but Rob was more than eager to step in.

Watching Clara eat my cum from Heather’s pussy as Heather licked Rob’s from hers will still be the hottest thing I’ve watched in my life but who knows, Clara said she has plans to top it so I may change my mind…

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