Return of Mrs. Aiyer Ch. 02

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Public Sex

Mrs. Aiyer lay on top of me, both of us tired. As my cock softened, I felt a strong need to use the bathroom, so I pushed Mrs. Aiyer on bed as my cock slipped out I dashed off. Mrs. Aiyer followed me & as I was pissing she headed for the shower and turned it on. After finishing pissing I joined her, after a substantial amount of hugging and kissing we dried each other off and got partly dressed.

I ordered some food & beer. The waiter came with the order & it took lot of persuasion for her to take beer. We ate & talked about the past couple of years, our love life & family. The conversation finally came to her sister. She told me she is 3 years younger to her & her husband expired some ten years back. She has no children & is working as Assistant Manager with bank. She has now been transferred to Delhi & she wanted to find a suitable place for her to live. For past three years she has been living in hyderabad with them. She is new to Delhi so she wanted me to take care of her as a local guardian.

I smiled & said, “you want me to be what type of guardian, A brother or a Friend”.

Mrs. Aiyer smiled & said “ wait for some time I will give you my answer at right time”.

Removing the plates from bed I returned to bed. Lying beside her I held her hand and pull her. We started kissing each other passionately and hungrily as if there was no tomorrow. My lips were all over her face, on her lips, nose, eyes, forehead, ears & on her neck. I slowly moved my hands over her boobs and started massaging them from over her blouse.

She stood up & removed her Sari. I helped her remove her blouse and petticoat and she was standing there in her bra and panty. She then removed my shirt, and trousers and I was only in my undies. Standing there we began kissing each other again. This time the kissing lasted for over five minutes. After we broke our kiss, kneeling down I pulled her panties down & licked all over her inner soft milky sincan escort bayan thighs.

Mrs. Aiyer was moaning loudly aaast aaaaaaahhhhhhh…. UhhhhhhhUhhhhhhh.

I think she had some thing better in her mind so she pulled me up & holding me dropped on bed. We lay on the bed, she started by kissing me firmly on my mouth, and continued to kiss and lick her way down until her tongue was coiled in my navel. She stopped there & squeezed her breasts together and began to massage me with her nipples all over. After massaging & pleasuring me she asked me to “turnover” I flipped over & Mrs. Aiyer sat on my ass and started massaging my shoulders After some serious massaging she started the nipple massage all over my back. Massaging she slipped down & massaged my ass also with her pulpy Boobs, using nipples to stimulate me.

After a while she stopped & turned me over. Holding my face she planted a kiss on my lips & said “I know you love to be sucked” , “let me do that now”.

Without waiting for my answer, she slipped down in process kissed & licking all over my chest & stomach. Once she neared my cock she rose up & took my cock in her hands, & rubbed the tip against her Boobs & then to her pussy. Enjoying the feel she then bent over my cock, held onto the base of it and started licking it. She licked the shaft, the head and under the ridge. After the initial licking she backed off, knelt between my legs and started licking my balls. One testicle at a time went into her eager mouth to be caressed by her tongue and lips. I was moaning loudly and sensing my excitement she surrounded the head of my cock with her lips, and slowly moved her head down, engulfing me in her mouth. As my cock entered her mouth, she caressed it lovingly with her tongue, until her lips reached my pubic hair. Then she backed off slowly and every fraction of an inch she applied suction with her lips, until only the tip of my cock was in her mouth.

After eryaman escort few minutes Mrs. Aiyer removed the tip of my cock from her mouth and said “I want to see your control, don’t come to fast”. I smiled but knew if she continued like this I will not last too long. She continued to lick the head, and started to engulf it in her mouth again. Once again she continued to take me into her mouth until her lips were pressed against my pubic hair but this time she stayed there for a minute while her tongue caressed my shaft inside her mouth. I think she knew I would be close to cumming, but she wanted it to last long. Sensing my position she drew my cock in again but this time backed off slowly, then repeated the same stroke over and over. I was at peace as I knew with her slow & simple stroke like this, I could delay cumming for a long time.

I lay back moaning in pleasure & looked down and saw her defiant eyes fixed on me. I guess she liked to give pleasure and wanted to see every moment of it. I was getting quite close to coming. She determined to make it last longer so sensing, pulled back. This time she avoided my cock & started licking my thighs down my calf & up again on my chest. She again squeeze her Boobs together & lightly brushed them on my cock & then slowly started massaging my cock & balls with her boobs. I was enjoying ever moment of it.

She continued for couple of minutes finally coming to my side, & holding her boobs said “Squeeze them hard now”. I wanted to return that favour, so I made her sit with her back on head board of the bed and knelt on my knees. I took one of her big boobs in my hand and caressed the nipple with my thumbs. I could see her shivering. At the same time I started licking her other nipple. After some time I took her boob fully into my mouth & my tongue was pressing hard against the nipple. I bit her boob softly with my teeth, she gave me a very sweet “hummmmmmmmm” moan. My experienced etimesgut bayan escort hand was fondling the other boob. At some point, she grabbed me by my head and released her boob from my mouth, and pushed me back & spread her legs more widely and showed her pussy. I now knew what she wanted.

I switched positions to kneel between her spread legs & placed her thighs on my shoulder. Her pubic hair were soaked in her juices., Mrs. Aiyer was already moaning in pleasure even before my tongue started to probe her pussy lip. I clamped my lips around her clit and my tongue started probing and flicking and caressing. After a minute her pussy was thrusting strongly against my face. After five minutes of this, her moans turned to almost crying “Oh, Aah Oh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, her thighs were c lamped around my neck and her hands were on the back of my head, pushing my face tightly into her pussy. She bounced up and down on the bed while she pushed her pussy into my face and was now almost shouting. As Mrs. Aiyer climaxed, her arms slammed down on the bed beside her and her legs oscillated from side to side.

She was now breathing heavily and whispering to me to stop. She was powerless to stop my oral attack, her juices were now flowing like a river and my mouth was coated with it. I pulled her cheeks apart and placed my cock at the entrance to her sweetness, then slid it slowly into her wetness. As I watched my cock disappear into her I could see the lust in her eyes. We moved together, in and out, around and around, faster, slower, faster. She raised her hips to meet my thrusts, and I could feel her squeeze my penis with her vaginal muscles. She wrapped her legs around my back and we moved in an ecstatic frenzy. We cried out together, a mixture of moans, ooohs, aaahs, screams.

I was about to cum — and did just that — feeling like my spine was being shot through my cock as I exploded inside Mrs. Aiyer’s pussy. I collapsed on top of her.

“Enjoyed?” I asked.

“Yes … yes,” she answered.

“Good. So good,” I commented.

We rested for a while before getting ready after a quick shower & leaving for our serious job of house hunting.

To be continued.

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