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This is my first story so any opinions would be great please.

As the evening drew to a close and the embers in the fire grate were dying I lay reminiscing over the nights events. The fire was ablaze casting shadows around the room, which darted playfully seemingly following the motions of your tongue and the fur rug was soft and smooth with almost a silk like feeling and how I wanted to touch your silky soft skin although I knew it was against the rules.

I could feel your heat your passion you knew just how to please me and although I could not tell you it seemed that you knew exactly what my body craved. Your kisses from my lips down my chest on my nipples to my stomach slowly going lower leaving me begging for you to go faster but you were in no hurry you had your needs as well. I lifted you up and laid you on your back and began to mirror what you had done to me and hoped that I gave you the same pleasure.

Your lips oh how I loved those cherry red lips, soft sensuous plump and oh so edible I licked them teasingly with my tongue slowly parting them kissing you deeply and then sucking them. A shiver runs down you knowing I am making you tingle with anticipation only spurs me on further. I follow the line of your jaw slowly planting kisses on your neck, as I know the delights that soon will come.

I was not disappointed as I moved slowly down not forgetting to kiss one single inch of sincan escort bayan you I came to the most beautiful set of breasts I had ever laid eyes on. Smooth curvy with nipples that were as hard as I had ever seen and I couldn’t wait to reach them. I lovingly kissed them and my desires over came me I took your nipple in my mouth and sucked I sucked you hard and the moan that escaped your lips only served to make me do it harder. Circling your nipples with my tongue gently tugging them and then sucking I could not help but reach down and touch my self gently stroking myself in time to the rhythm of my tongue.

You sense what I am doing and open your eyes you smile at me and say nothing I follow your eyes as they slowly gaze down at my growing member and I see you licking your lips and I know oh god I just know what your going to do with that amazing mouth. I waited in breathless anticipation as you moved your mouth onto my cock and did all those things you do best, it was all I could do to stop myself coming.

Licking up my shaft right to the tip and twirling you tongue round the tip like a feather, I let out a groan you stop and look up and the look you give me says it all you want me to taste everything you have to offer and how can I refuse you always taste so good. As you lay back down I let my tongue trail slowly past your naval until I can see your pussy begging for me. As I place my eryaman escort fingers lightly on your pussy lips you gasp I know I wont take long but I am in no hurry to let you come any time soon. My tongue gently traces the edge of your lips your taste your smell are driving me crazy, I slowly lick everywhere avoiding your clit your desperate but I will not give you the relief you desire.

I gently place my finger inside you your juices are flowing and the little wiggle you gave only egged me on further so I make it two instead. As I began to move my fingers in and out so you begged me to give your clit some attention how could I refuse? Licking you circling and twirling right on your clit with the added bonus of you gyrating yourself on my fingers makes you come in a mind blowing orgasm my hand is soaked and your screams and moans make my cock grow bigger than I ever thought it could.

Using my soaked hand I slowly begin to masturbate your juices making me hornier by the second I close my eyes enjoying the idea that you are watching. Then to my delight I feel your mouth on my cock sucking and licking every single drop of your juices and I can hold back no longer I explode into your mouth hot white rivers of cum and you don’t stop you have every drop in your mouth.

You look up slowly you bring your mouth to mine and you kiss me I taste myself along with taste of you and oh god our passion tastes etimesgut bayan escort so good. I cant wait any longer I have to have you I need to be in you. We lay on the fur bodies entwined kissing as I we would never see each other again, I bring my hand down to your pussy and slowing begin to masturbate you, you are already wet again and I love it.

I turn on my back and pull you on top I position your pussy on my face and you know what I’m asking you start rubbing your pussy in my faces grinding your hips and as I look up I see you playing with your breasts caressing them pulling at your nipples giving them a gentle tweak.

I guide you lower down my body and understand what I am asking you to do and you do. You lower yourself onto my throbbing cock and begin to ride me as your speed pick up your breasts bounce tantalisingly close to my face, I cant resist and I lean up and take a nipple into my mouth and suck hard knowing that your are loving every minute of it.

Your body starts to shake and I know the end is drawing near so I fuck you like I have never done before I see the sheen of sweat forming on your body and you moan your hand wanders down to your clit and you play god you are so hot.

And then it happens you let of screams of delight as your orgasm shakes your body. I explode feeling my cum flowing inside of you and as you collapse all your energy spent I wrap my arms around you and kiss you, you respond to me loving and curl up in my arms.

I lie awake watching the fire beginning to die but as I lay here thinking I know that the passion we have just felt is one that will never burn out like the embers I see before me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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