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He sat naked in his hot tub, his legs stretched out under the foaming water, his head back, eyes closed. It had been a long week of practicing and playing – the road trip from hell, capped by a rough, almost brutal battle of a hockey game and he was beyond sore. Beyond in pain, but finally home. Mitchell Wagner shifted his ass to sink lower in the heated water and groaned. Maybe he was getting too old for this…

“Poor baby,” the soft female voice taunted. Mitch sat up instantly and almost groaned again as every muscle in his back complained. Lila Hathaway stepped from the shadows beside his house and stood on the first step of the tub, smiling wickedly. She was as tall and graceful as he remembered, but instead of those navy business suits she always wore, she was dressed in a black silk slip-dress and incredibly high black sandals. She was gorgeous and she knew it. Her long golden hair glinted in the soft lights, swirling around her hips in the light breeze. Long arms and legs, bare, pale as sweet cream, were exposed and exalted by the short, sassy silk.

“Lila?” he managed to croak as all the blood in his body surged to his groin and his cock suddenly ached more than any other part of his body. Images of sliding his hands up under that short hem had him swelling even more. His fingers dug into the soft edge of the tub in an effort to keep control.

“Lila,” she agreed, her smile widening. She’d seen his reaction and it pleased her greatly. Especially since she’d felt the same surge between her own thighs.

“I’m not really up for company…” he stammered, looking around. He’d designed the backyard alcove for ultimate privacy and no one could help…or see him fuck her. Damn…Lila and he had never gotten along. Why would he want to fuck her? His whole body throbbed, but it wasn’t with pain any longer, it was a primal need that baffled him.

“Liar,” she purred, stepping out of her sandals and up one step, “I can see just how up you are from here, silly boy.” And he looked quite tasty.

She’d twisted his meaning, but there was no denying her statement. He was fully erect, the bubbles barely disguising his thick penis. “I meant I didn’t want to see…” his temper began to rise as it did during every conversation with Lila Daniels.

“You don’t want to see me?” she purred, peeling her dress over her head in one smooth move, standing perfectly naked – perfect skin, perfect breasts, perfect curves – in front of him. Mitch was speechless and horribly aroused. He wasn’t even sure he liked the loud, aggressive team PR rep, but at this moment, all he wanted was to be inside her, pounding out every frustration, every ounce of this insanely hot need. She slid her hands over her breasts and down to her belly and his mouth watered.

“Lila…” sincan escort bayan he managed as she stepped into the water, as she stepped down and the bubbles slid up her long legs, slender thighs, to…

Her head fell back with a light gasp as the water reached the cleft of her legs and swirled over her sensitive folds. Her nipples tightened even more, her breasts felt heavier, her body tingled. She had wanted Mitch since the moment they’d met, but he seemed to take everything she said wrong. She’d decided to take him on head-to-head, on his home turf, and found him rehabbing after a rough night. Irritation and determination had faded to delight at his surprise, then pleasure at his helpless arousal, now lust as her own response kicked in. Her pulse echoed in every cell as she imagined his touch.

She stepped further into the tub, bumping his legs underwater as she shifted forward. His hands came up, but didn’t push her away. Instead, they curved on her upper arms and guided her closer. She slid over him in a straddle, the hot shaft of his cock pressed along her tingling slit. A shiver went through her and her body clenched as she felt his penis rise to press against her.

“Why,” he groaned, sliding a hand over her neck and into her hair as he kissed her once, and again, sinking deeper into her. “Why me, Lila?” She tasted like aged whiskey, smooth, smoky, addictive. He tilted his head and feasted on her throat, feeling her pulse skip and race under her thin skin. Why was he arguing? Her breasts pressed against him as she arched with a soft moan. He couldn’t get enough of her, cupping her breasts, sucking her nipples.

Lila slid her arms around his neck and rubbed her naked body to his, savoring the feel of his hard body. She’d watched him at workouts and games, but she’d never realized the feel of hard muscle would be so alluring. She tilted her hips to press harder against his shaft, rocking against him. Her swollen clit tingled and she ground herself against him, shuddering with the sensations. His hands shifted to grasp her hips, to hold her still, and she whimpered in protest. “I want you,” she moaned, “I’ve wanted you every minute of every day all season.” His penis felt so long and rigid and she squirmed with anticipation. He groaned into her shoulder as his body throbbed.

Mitch licked a trail up from shoulder to neck to ear, absorbing her words, the very real fact she was here, and the very erotic response she was giving him. “I haven’t encouraged you,” he managed, unsure why he kept pushing her away when she felt so very right pressed against him. He wanted this more than he wanted to breathe.

She laughed breathlessly. “No, you haven’t,” she admitted, sliding a hand down his chest, burrowing it between them and grasping eryaman escort his shaft. He was hot steel in her hand, pulsing against her palm. She gave him a gentle squeeze, hearing the breath whoosh from his lungs as he gasped and his hips bucked. A wicked shiver shot up her spine. This is what she wanted. She pumped him, watching the pleasure on his face and feeling him thrust in her hand, imagining what he’d feel like thrusting inside her.

“I want you,” she moaned again, “I have to have you inside me.” She used one hand on the side of the spa to lift herself up as she held his cock sill. Then she slid down his taut abdomen and onto him. “Oh, Mitch,” she gasped, as his bulging head pushed into her. He was thick as a fist, stretching her body wide and her eyes closed with pleasure. She rocked her hips to make his cock burrow deeper.

“Damn…Lila, wait…” he groaned, clutching at her arms as she bowed back, her weight driving him deeper, her tight body wrapping around his throbbing shaft like a glove. They were naked, unprotected…God, he didn’t care. His hand fisted at the small of her back as he surged up against her, burying himself to the hilt. Everything drained away as he just enjoyed how good she felt.

“Yes…Oh, God, yes…” she sobbed, her legs wrapped around his waist as his erection stretched her, pulsing and throbbing inside her body. He was so big, so alive…Every time he moved, her body quivered. When he breathed, she felt his cock expand within her. Her body arched again as she shuddered in pleasure.

Mitch growled and grunted as he slid his hands under her ass, lifting, his hips thrusting, his cock filling her again and again. Her pussy was slicker, hotter than the bubbling water and yet he burned with desire. Her inner muscles rippled around him when he buried himself as if her hand still grasped him, kneading and squeezing. It was the most sensual experience of his life as he mated with her in the spa. He couldn’t get enough.

Lila’s hands stroked his back, his shoulders, curled in his hair as he kissed and nibbled her throat and collarbones, all the while his steel shaft worked her like a piston, stoking her higher, hotter, with every hard thrust. He was so thick; the friction of flesh on flesh coupled with the stretch of her muscles to take him in had her shivering and tightening. He was so long, his smooth strokes seemed endless on the in, endless on the out, filling her to the core of her body. He groaned, his hands tightening on her ass, as she writhed with pleasure.

Mitch couldn’t hold back any longer. He planted his feet against the far bench and fucked her eagerly, panting and groaning as he quickened their rhythm. He drove breathless cries from her as she clutched him, her nails scoring his back, her body etimesgut bayan escort bucking as he plunged. He felt her stiffen, her nails digging into his shoulders as she arched up and her body clamped around him.

“Mitch!” She practically screamed as she went over the edge, her body clenching, then spasming, gushing warmth as she vibrated with pleasure.

His only response was a low groan as he bucked beneath her, her pussy pinning his cock as he swelled with arousal, as his balls tightened. He clenched his ass as he strained against her, his cock pulsing as heat shot up, up, free…He came hard, his eyes blind as his hoarse cry shattered the night. His penis ejaculated wildly inside her, burst after burst of hot seed, filling her with his searing pleasure.

Lila softened her hands, but still clung to his shaking body as they both came down. The hot tub was perfect; adding to the drifting feeling as they lay entwined and spent. Too soon, Mitch’s head came up and his eyes focused on hers with intent.

“I know it was my fault,” she started, wishing she hadn’t forced the issue, wishing something so shatteringly perfect had been intended on both sides.

Mitch pressed a finger lightly to her lips. He shifted against her, inside her, his cock still semi-rigid and thick. She shuddered, her eyelids fluttering at the sensation. He knew she was still sensitive and she was so silky and wet he easily moved against her. “Thank you,” he murmured, pressing his forehead to hers as he slowly rocked his hips against her. She moaned in pleasure and he felt the ripple against his penis.

“Thank you,” he murmured again, sliding his hands under her bare ass to cup her as he moved slowly, gently back and forth. Stroking her intimately, he knew the moment…

“Thank you, Lila,” he finished as she arched with a cry, climaxing one last time. As she felt limp against him, Mitch shifted her to the bench and slid his cock free. He climbed from the tub and pulled out towels from the cabinet to one side. Wrapping one around his waist and setting the other on the side of the spa tub, he sat on the stair, watching her lay limp in the bubbling water.

“Would you like some dinner?” he asked softly, reaching out to play idly with her hair. She’d worn a sleek bun when she’d arrived, but it had pulled free during their lovemaking. Her curls were pure gold, shimmering in the lights, soft and silky against his callused fingers.

“I don’t know if I will ever move again,” she moaned softly. She didn’t say another word, just looked at him, until he couldn’t hold back.

“I’m kind of hungry,” he started as his stomach growled. She laughed. He offered her a hand, then bundled her into a towel as she stepped out. His arms circled her and she leaned against him. His stomach took a distant second to the new hunger growing inside him. One hand low on her back, he guided her toward the back of the house. He pressed a kiss to the back of her neck as he opened the door, “And I think you’ll make the perfect dinner…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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