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Dad hit his “midlife crisis” early. But I suppose he had a reason. Mom developed leukemia when I was five and died three months later. That’s when Dad started hanging out with strippers.

I never thought he’d marry one, though. But he did. When I was seven, a busty 20-year-old who went by “Cinnamon” was suddenly my new stepmom.

To her credit, Cinnamon took well to her new responsibilities. While Dad was working long hours and making money he didn’t have time to spend, Cinnamon transitioned nicely from stripper to housewife. She quit her job at the Bottomless Pit and focused on vacuuming, laundry, food shopping, cooking, and making sure she kept Dad happy in bed. I wouldn’t say she went full Stepford wife, but she was definitely a credit to the household. And she made sure she knew what was happening with me. “You doing all right, David?” “How’s your homework coming, David?” And as I got into high school, “Need help figuring out the girls, David?”

I managed to graduate without having too many issues along the way. Ended up dating three girls – one for 4 months while I was a sophomore, one for 2 months while I was a junior, and one for five weeks while I was a senior (that one ended badly: I caught her making out with a guy on the basketball team, called her a few very nasty things, and told the guy if he really wanted to have a cheating skank as his girlfriend, he was welcome to her, but that if she cheated on me with him, nothing was going to stop her from cheating on him – once a cheater, always a cheater.) I was on the track team as a pole vaulter for all four years.

I made plans to take a “gap year” before starting college. Quite frankly, I needed the down time. My high school was one of those where you had to work hard academically to succeed – they didn’t just shove you on through. My dad had bought me a new car (not a fancy one: a Kia Optima, to be precise) for my 18th birthday, and I spent June and July volunteering at various animal shelters around the area on weekdays and chilling with my friends on weekends. Nothing fancy: we’d go to someone’s house and eat dinner and watch movies, or we’d have a picnic in the park and bring things to grill, or we’d sit around and play video games. (I didn’t hang out with people whose idea of a fun time was to get drunk off their asses and pass out. I never quite understood how giving yourself a hangover was supposed to be an awesome thing.)

And then in August, for whatever reason, the company my dad was an executive at decided to try and expand into Russia. They sent a negotiating team over there, of which my dad was one. I never found out exactly what went wrong, but the team was shipped back to the United States air freight – in very small boxes.

I’d never seen Cinnamon so distraught. Every day for a week she would sit on the couch next to me and bawl for hours. Money wasn’t the issue (Dad had a massive life insurance policy he’d purchased on his own, plus the company had taken one out on him, and neither Cinnamon or I would ever have to work again.) I cried with her for the first three days before my tears were expended. We both really loved and missed him.

After the “crying our eyes out” phase ended, we entered the “obsessive activity” phase. Mine was hours on end of exercise – swimming, running, pull-ups, weight lifting, didn’t matter what. It kept my mind off what had happened. I was already in pretty good shape, but I put bursa escort on another 20 pounds of pure beef. When I went in for my yearly medical check-up in January, my body fat percentage was 4.14 per cent. The doctor said that was the lowest he’d ever seen – it’s almost impossible for even a professional athlete to have a percentage under 5 per cent. The human body needs a certain amount of lipids in it to function properly.

Cinnamon’s obsession was with comfort food. She ate more ice cream in a month than I’d eaten my whole life. She also consumed large quantities of pizza, soda, cookies and Taco Bell. (When Dad was alive, she ate salads, steak and vegetables primarily and drank only water.) She had never been rail-thin (her frame had to support her large bust), but she put on about 100 pounds in 6 months. Now instead of being toned and busty, she had become full-on BBW. Soft, round ass, thick legs, plump belly, still had her big breasts.

And much to my surprise, with every pound she gained and every dress size she went up, the more I found myself being attracted to her sexually. Although looking back, none of the three girls I had dated in high school were the kind whose ribs you could count from across the street. They weren’t as massive as Cinnamon had become, but they were definitely somewhat “thick-framed”.

The question now was how to let her know that without sounding like a pervert. I couldn’t exactly go up to my stepmom and say, “Hey, baby doll, you’re hot as hell, want to get naked and fuck?” She’d have, rightly, slapped my face hard enough to knock me into next week and then Bobbittized me. I would have to be more subtle.

My chance came at the beginning of February. After lunch, Cinnamon settled on the sofa and suddenly started bawling again. I came over and sat next to her.

“What’s the matter?”

“Today would have been our anniversary. I really miss him, you know.”

“I miss him too.”

“Who’s going to want me now? I’m old and fat. Used up.”

“32 is not old! And you’re gorgeous.”

“You’re sweet to say that. But I’m not gorgeous. I’m a tub of lard. A depressed one.”

“Do I need to prove to you that you’re still attractive?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

I wrapped my arms around Cinnamon and leaned over, resting my head on her chest. The thin fabric of her nightgown was the only thing intervening.

“It means I think you’re magnificently sexy.”

“You don’t actually mean that. I’m ugly and unwanted.”

I slid the straps of her nightgown off her shoulders, freeing her large, soft breasts.

“Unwanted? Bull-fucking-shit. Let me show you just how wanted you are.”

I kissed her neck, gently. She made a sound I interpreted as pleasurable, so I teasingly traced my tongue up towards her ear, then nibbled softly on her earlobe. Cinnamon giggled and a smile appeared on her face.

“Where did you learn that?”

“Stacy taught me that one.”

I didn’t want to think about my cheating ex any longer than I had to, so I dropped the conversation and kissed my way over to the other side of Cinnamon’s neck. I nibbled on her other earlobe, and Cinnamon shifted her position so that my lips were directly in front of hers.

I got the hint and brought our lips together. She fiercely locked her arm around my upper body so I couldn’t break away, and gave me a deep, long kiss. I slipped my tongue inside her bursa escort bayan mouth, and we twined tongues until we had to break the kiss to breathe.

“It doesn’t bother you that I’m your stepmom?”

“We’re not blood related. You’re a beautiful woman who lives in the same house as me, and we’re both adults, unattached.”

“A woman with needs. You’ve probably been jerking off some.” She was right: at least twice a week. “But I haven’t had an orgasm since the last time your dad and I had sex.”

“I’ll do my best to meet those needs, Cinnamon.”

“Okay, David. Let’s go to the master bedroom.”

Two minutes later, we were naked and on the bed.

“You could keep kissing my body, since you find it so attractive.”

“Good idea.”

I slowly kissed my way down towards her chest. I slipped my tongue out and traced a zig-zag line towards her cleavage. She made appreciative sounds. I kissed my way through her cleavage, and her arms wrapped around my head.

“You like my D-cups?”

“They’re great.”

I produced a slow helix of kisses from the base of her breast to her nipple, then repeated the pattern with her other breast. Then I took a nipple into my mouth and suckled very gently.


I suckled slightly harder and used my tongue to flicker over the tip. That drew a moan. I cupped her other breast and rolled the nipple between my fingertips. She shivered.

I slid my hand to her leg and gently caressed it, switching my mouth to her other nipple. Her breathing deepened slightly as I suckled. I pressed my body closer to hers.

“Lie on your back, David.” Cinnamon prised my mouth off her breast and I rolled onto my back. She admired my well-muscled body for an instant, then kissed my neck.

“That feels nice, Cinnamon.”

“Let’s just say that at the Bottomless Pit, if the clients paid extra we would do more than just strip. You don’t forget how to have sex.”

She kissed down my torso, taking her time as she got to my chest. Her hands gently traced intricate patterns on my flesh, and little darts of pleasure went through me. I made appreciative sounds.

Cinnamon pivoted her body 180 degrees and spread her legs, giving me a good look at her box. She hovered it about six inches above my face. I reached up and groped her fleshy rump.

“Mmm, nice.”

“You like my big ass, David?”

“Yes.” I lifted my head up and began kissing her butt cheeks. She giggled and leaned forward, her hand wrapping around my rod. It was already hard, and she stroked it gently.

“Mmmmm. I’d love to have my pussy eaten out. Your dad wasn’t into that.”

I extended my tongue and dropped my head back down. “Take a seat.”

“Don;t mind if I do.” Cinnamon lowered herself downwards. I licked along her slit: some of her juices were already starting to leak out. I continued licking until she began leaking more rapidly, then slid my tongue inside her. She gasped and pressed her body down further. I again placed my hands on her rear and groped the flesh.

Cinnamon’s hands were stimulating me, also. She was slowly stroking me while at the same time teasing my balls with her free hand. I moaned as I swirled my tongue inside her, trying to lap up her honey.

“Mmmmm. I do like your hard cock. Thinking about riding it is getting me even wetter.”

Her juices did seem to be gushing more rapidly. I groped and licked escort bursa with greater intensity. Cinnamon’s legs locked around my skull. Being trapped between her massive thighs got me even harder. She ground her pussy against me, driving my tongue deeper, and with a roar, she flooded me with her sweetness.

When she regained control of her body, she kept her legs around my head and resumed stroking me. Her motions were gentle, and it was clear she was just trying to keep my cock hard, not progress me towards orgasm. I continued licking her, and she squirmed and squealed. She once again ground against me, and flooded me with her nectar.

She lifted herself upwards, giving me a big smile. “You did good. I think I’ll ask you to tongue me more often.”

“Thanks, Cinnamon.”

She swung her body around and lowered her dripping box onto my rod. “Your dad made me get the five-year shot when we married, and renewed it after every five years. This one still has 3 years left to run.”

“I… see.”

“So I want you to fill me up.” She placed her hands on my chest and began sliding up and down on me. I held still, letting her set the pace.

“You’re allowed to move with me,” she teased.

“Okay, dear.” I began moving my hips in rhythm with hers. She gave me a gentle squeeze with her pussy muscles on every downstroke. It felt quite nice.

“Mmmmm. I’ve missed having a cock in me.” Cinnamon leaned her body downwards and dangled her breasts in my face. I lifted my head and caught a nipple in my mouth. As I suckled, she secured my head in place with her arm.

“Glad you like.” My voice was muffled by her tit-flesh. She sped up her rhythm and began moaning with lust. Her big body was shuddering as I thrust upwards into her. She was squeezing my cock with her pussy more intently.

“Oooooooooooh!” Cinnamon’s pussy spasmed violently around me as she gushered again. She clamped her thighs around my hips and trembled. When she regained control, she continued bouncing up and down fast.

I switched my mouth to her other nipple. She pressed me firmly down into the bed, her arm clamped around my neck, her thighs trapping my hips, and began moving up and down so fast I thought smoke would come from her box. My rod twitched and throbbed.

“Fill me up!” she gasped, then violently climaxed again. This time, I couldn’t resist her. I sent hot jets of my seed into her thirsting box. She milked me with her internal muscles until every drop of cum was out of my balls and my cock started to soften within her.

Then she rolled off of me, lying next to me, as the two of us tried to recover from the sex session. When we had oxygen back in our lungs, I gave her a smile. “That was amazing. You’re stunning.”

“Thank you, David. You were great. Can we do that again very soon?”

“As soon as you’d like, Cinnamon.”

“I’m so glad you find me sexy. I didn’t know you liked plump women.”

“The bigger you get, Cinnamon, the more I’ll lust for you.”

“How about a shower… together?”

I followed her into the master bathroom, groping her sexy butt. “I like the way you think.”

We teased each other in the shower, then dried off and lay back on the bed. “Should I renew my five-year shot when the time comes?”

“Up to you. If you want me to make a baby with you, I promise to be a good father.”

“Well, we have three years to make that call.” She pulled me in for a kiss. “In the meantime, I want you… as often as possible. You should sleep in this bed with me from now on.”

We broke the kiss for air, eventually. “Good idea.”

She reached for my cock…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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