Rebeka and Robbie

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A Story about a Soldier’s Homecoming

Chapter 1

Robby could see his hand visibly shake as he handed his rifle to the armorer. He had always been pretty confident, but he was meeting Rebeka for the first time. She was just a bus ride and a ceremony away!

Rebeka was thankful that she was riding with friends and not driving to the ceremony. She was nervous, having thrown up once already, but she was also buzzing with an energy that she had never felt before. She tried to calm herself as she walked to the gymnasium from the car. Her stomach began to settle and she understood that she was aroused in a way that she had never felt before.

Inside the gymnasium she was glad that she had decided to wear a brazier as her erect nipples would have been noticeable through her thin dress. She could feel herself becoming wet as well. Her body was just buzzing!

Robby stepped off the bus outside the gymnasium and adjusted himself as he did so. He really hoped that while standing at attention during the ceremony no one would notice that he was at ‘attention’.

He marched into the center of the formation and was happy that he had the anonymity of being in the middle of the crowd.

Rebeka looked at the formation and could not find Robby anywhere!

Robby scanned the crowd in the bleachers as best he could, but could not see her.

The Formation was dismissed to the uproarious applause of everyone and the bleachers quickly emptied as loved ones looked for one another!

Robby stood where he was as planned. Rebeka slowly moved down the bleacher steps, tentatively working her way through the crowd.

Robby spun around looking for her, the brunette in the light green dress.

Rebeka moved through the crowd becoming more nervous, but yet more excited with each step. The crowd, as they had predicted, began to break apart as everyone made their way to the exits.

Rebeka thought she saw him! He was looking the other way, but she knew his profile from pictures. She slowly stepped up behind him.

Robby sensed the movement and turned slowly. A smile on his face as all doubt fell away. Rebeka was truly beautiful.

“Rebeka,” he spoke her name softly and it sent a shock through her body.

“Hi,” was all she could say in response as she put her arms around his neck and hugged him.

Robby’s strong arms wrapped around her and pulled her into his body. He smelled her hair and felt her breasts press against him. Rebeka seemed to melt against his body, feeling him swell against her. She pressed her hips against him.

Robby’s hands moved down her back and then stopped. Each sensed movement and leaned back to look at one another. Glazed eyes stared at one another for only a moment and then they shared their first kiss. Tentative at first, but then with all the passion that had built up during their email relationship!

Lips pressed, tongues licked, hands roamed. Rebeka began to raise a leg to press Robby’s pelvis to her’s and stopped. The action made both of them realize that the were still standing in the middle of the gymnasium. They both looked around sheepishly, but it was almost empty.

Holding her hand, Robby made for the door. He still had to get his room and drop off his bags there.

The process went quickly and suddenly they were alone in his room.

Robby fiddled with the air conditioner and Rebeka walked up to him.

“Ready to leave?” She asked, her breathy voice letting him know that she had no intention of leaving for a while.

A quick glance at the door let him know that it was locked and then he took her in his arms.

Slower but with no less passion, the two embraced as before. Lips and tongue exploring one another. Robby’s hands found their way to the small of her back again and did not stop this time. Continuing down and squeezing her rear.

Rebeka raised her leg as before and this time brought it up over Robby’s hip and pressed her heal into his buttocks.

Robby’s hands pulled up her dress as he continued to massage her rear.

Rebeka leaned her head back and moaned, giving Robby’s lips full access to her neck.

His hand found its’ way to the line of her panties and followed it down.

He could feel her heat and moisture as he moved.

She moaned again as his fingers traced over the thin fabric.

Soon, his fingers were under the fabric and she moaned again forcing her mouth to his in a fiery kiss.

Robby was pleasantly surprised to feel that she was partially shaved.

Rebeka began to move her hips back and forth with an urgency!

Robby held his hand in place for her.

Rebeka continued to press herself against Robby’s hand rhythmically. He kept her leg high by pinning it under his arm.

She leaned back in his arms, moaning loudly.

Robby pressed his face into her breasts, pushing the shoulder escort sincan of her dress and the strap of her bra down her arm.

With his nose he pushed the cup of her bra away from her breast and with his tongue reached out and licked his nipple.

Rebeka screamed and threw her head forward. She had been so focused on the rhythm between her legs that she had not noticed what Robby was doing until she felt his tongue on her nipple!

The shift in her weight allowed Robby to move so that he could suck her nipple into his mouth.

Rebeka pressed her hand against the back of his head and her fingers through his short hair.

She resumed her rhythm and could feel her release rising within her.

The action of Robby’s hand and mouth was easily pushing her over the edge. The relationship that they had developed on line let her know that she could trust him with anything and he would not judge her.

She looked down on his face one last time. The vision of him at her breast was more than enough to put her over the edge.

It rose up in her like a wave and then it came crashing against the shore!

She stopped her movement as he body stiffened and shook.

Robby stopped his oral manipulation of her breast and simply held her!

Robby half carried, half guided her to the single bed in the corner.

As he did she looked up at him with flushed cheeks and glazed eyes.

“Wow,” she said softly.

Robby smiled at her as he pushed her panties down her legs and guided her to sit on the edge of the bed.

She reached forward and struggled to unzip his uniform top and pull his t-shirt over his head.

Once free, he ran his hands up her legs under her dress.

She pulled his arms guiding him up to her so that she could kiss him. She then worked his belt and pushed his pants off his hips with one hand and reached for him with the other.

She pulled, gently stroking him a few times, happy with the size and girth.

She stopped, leaning back from him. Crossing her arms she took hold of the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head and threw it on the floor.

She popped the clasp of her bra behind her back and shook the straps from her arms and threw it on the dress.

Robby was struggling with his pants and boots as he watched.

He almost pulled his ankle out of place as he had not fully unlaced the last boot enough!

He kicked his pants free of his legs.

He move to Rebeka and began to move his face between her legs.

She stopped him with a shake of her head and lay back on the bed, with a wag of a finger she beaconed him to follow.

He moved over her and placed himself between her legs.

He bent his head down and licked her other nipple, which caused her to arch her back and moan.

After a few moments, she pulled him up her body.

He went slowly, almost maddeningly slowly for her.

First, rubbing himself up and down on her vulva.

The contact was exciting, but she wanted more!

She reached up and pulled him onto and into her.

Rebeka felt a brief moment of discomfort as it had been quite some time since she had had someone inside her.

Robby watched her face, feeling her tense.

Rebeka sensed him looking at her, opened her eyes and nodded at him that she was okay.

She shifted her body, receiving him fully.

His pelvic bone pressed against her engorged clitoris, sending a pleasant shock through her body.

She rocked her body beneath him a few more times before he realized it as he was lost in the feeling of the moment.

Robby picked up the pace of her thrusts, their bodies moving in rhythm.

Robby began to sense that he was about to lose control and stopped. It had been quite some time since he had been with a woman and his old method of maintaining control, thinking about baseball, was not working as Rebeka had his total attention.

Rebeka opened her eyes to see what was wrong and smiled. She could tell what had happened when she saw him biting his lip!

Robby saw her looking at him.

“I’m about to lose it here.” He explained. “Let’s roll over for a bit.”

“Okay,” She replied uncertain of what he meant.

Robby pushed her leg off his hip where she had placed it as she had been pressing both heals of her feet into his butt.

Their legs straight on one side, Robby used his weight to roll to that side pulling Rebeka on top of him. He only pulled out of her slightly as they moved.

Rebeka bent her legs alongside of Robby, but held her body close to his in a sudden self-conscience moment.

Robby began to thrust again underneath her. His hands free from maintaining balance and keeping his weight off of her while he was on top, they were now free to roam.

He hugged her to him and ran his hands and fingers through her hair.

He gently traced ankara escort her face with his fingertips as he kissed her and licked her lips.

She began to rock her body against his, increasing the tempo and depth.

His fingers in her hair again as he guided her mouth to his.

Her rocking became more insistent, but still she held her body next to his.

Robby’s hands moved down the back of her neck, over her shoulders and delicately danced down her back and over her butt sending tingles everywhere as they went.

He then surprised her by firmly gripping her butt and guiding the rhythm.

Rebeka’s head began to swim as she became lost in the sensations.

Forgetting herself, she rose up slightly to change the angle of their union.

Robby’s hand came around the sides of her hips, up her ribs and moved to feel the fullness of her breasts.

Rebeka began to shift her hips back and forth at the new angle and moved her hands to touch her own face and push her fingers back through her hair.

She caught her breath as she seemed to hit a new spot within her that sent euphoric shock-waves throughout her body.

She did not stop, but shortened her movement in order to maintain contact. She became aware of the hands on her breasts and placed hers over them.

She looked down on Robby who was intently staring at her body and she smiled.

She wanted to please him and he did look pleased!

He looked up into her eyes and smiled.

She closed hers and focused on the contact, the rhythm.

Holding his hands she guided them down between them.

The added sensation and pressure of hands on sensitive skin was too much and she began to shake as another wave crashed upon the shore!

Her body fell onto Robby as she shook.

Feeling the reverberation of her release, he increased his thrusts as she shook. Soon he joined her in the euphoria of their simultaneous release.

They held one another for some time as they slowly returned to reality, very slowly. He stayed inside her the entire time and when he became revived, he began to move inside her again.

Rebeka smiled down at him.

“Please, stop.” She asked. “I’m a little sore right now.” He did.

She kissed him and slowly moved off of him, never breaking the kiss.

Chapter 2

Rebeka drove across the Post in her 956 Porche with the top down, Robby in the passenger seat.

Robby could not keep his hands off her and she didn’t mind a bit. Her bra was in her purse and the dress did nothing to hide her erect nipples.

Kissing at stoplights, they had been honked at more than once when the lights turned.

Robby ran his hand up her leg as she ran through the gears and quickly found that her panties were in her purse too!

He continued to rub her and trace her nipples through the dress until she missed a gear shifting and playfully slapped his hands away.

They pulled into the storage facility, so that Robby could get a change of cloths before they enjoyed their long weekend together.

Robby jumped out of the car, adjusted himself and opened the gate to the storage area.

Rebeka drove around the storage complex and tried to keep Robby’s hands off of her, but only half heartedly. She wanted to feel his hands running all over her body. She wanted to feel him inside her again!

The storage unit was large and everything seemed to be covered in dust.

Robby was focused on finding a change of cloths and Rebeka had mentioned wanting to see his book collection. Robby had pointed out a box on the shelf that he honestly thought that she might be interested in.

Rebeka opened the box and gave the contents a cursory glance. What she was interested in had just taken off his shirt as he sorted through his cloths.

Robby was tone and well muscled but not to any extreme. He was just in really good sharp.

Rekeba stared at him from across the garage, imagining herself rubbing her breasts on his chest. She felt herself getting wet, again.

And then she did something that she had never done before in public. She reached up with her hand and gently teased her own nipple through her dress.

She caught her breath as her nipple grew to the touch. She gently pulled it sending sparks shooting between her legs. She pulled a little harder.

Robby was still rummaging through his cloths and had not noticed Rebeka’s attention. He had found the shirt that he wanted and was choosing between two pair of pants he had found.

Rebeka had moved her other hand down to pull up the hem of her dress. Her fingers found their way between her legs. She loved the contrast of the trimmed patch of hair on her pubic arch and the bare skin of her labia. Her fingers ran back and forth between her legs, her palm pressing against her clitoris.

Robby looked up to see Rebeka, eyes closed, leaning etimesgut escort bayan against the bookshelf as she pleasured herself. He quietly sat the cloths down and made his way over to her.

“Would you like some help?” He whispered softly to her.

Rebeka just bit her lip and nodded without even opening her eyes.

Robby kissed her on the lips, one hand moving to her unoccupied breast, the other joining her hand between her legs.

Rebeka was already close to the edge, the added sensation on her other breast and the additional fingers caused her to buck her hips hard twice, shudder and fall against Robby. He fell back onto a coffee table and Rebeka moved with him.

She pushed his pants off his hips and Robby sprang forth.

Rebeka was wet almost too wet as she quickly mounted him.

She sat for a moment as she shuddered again. Her soreness was gone.

With Robby seated on the edge of the coffee table, she began to rock her hips back and forth.

She kissed Robby and moaned into his mouth. At some point, her dress was pulled over her head and she realized that while in the back corner of the dark storage garage, she was basically naked outside! But she really didn’t care, this felt too good.

Robby’s hands where on her breasts, cupping them, gently squeezing them, and pulling her nipples as he had seen her doing.

Rebeka ran her hands through his hair and up and down his back, sometimes pressing on his back trying to pull him into her.

Having just barely recovered from one orgasm, Rebeka was soon on her way toward another.

Like before, their hands traveled down to the point of their union, but this time her fingers focused on Robby. Holding him, she rotated her hips forward and made several long thrusts. Robby was able to reach under her bottom and his fingers joined hers.

The two were not so focused on each others pleasure that they forgot their own, soon Robby announced that he was close. Rebeka only nodded in response as she leaned back.

Robby licked her nipple and sucked it into his mouth, the sensation sent them both over the edge! Rebeka bounced through her orgasm and Robbie stood slightly to increase his climatic thrusts!

The Sun was beginning to set as the two lovers held each other. It seemed that they could never get enough of one another.

They sat there as they had, him inside of her. They kissed and touched.

Rebeka’s nipples began to swell and so did Robby.

A mattress was placed on the floor and Robby gently lay Rebeka down on it.

They lay beside one another gently stroking and rubbing each other.

Rebeka wanted more and pulled Robby on top of her.

With her hand on his behind she tried to pull him into her.

He stopped, her pulling both of her legs up until they were almost on her chest with her knees bend, exposing her completely. This done, he entered her fully.

Rebeka was unable to move her hips much at all, but after a moment she was completely fine enjoying the ride.

Robby sensed his end approaching and let Rebeka’s legs down along his hips so the angle changed and her pubic mound was exposed to the pressure of his hips.

Rebeka began to move her hips up and down, now that she could, maintaining almost constant contact with her pubic arch and Robby’s pelvis.

They continued this motion for some time, Robby very aware of Rebeka’s level of arousal but his own moment had passed.

Robby stopped thrusting, winded and hugged Rebeka’s body into his. Light, sexy, perspiration covered their bodies.

For several moments, they simply held one another, gently kissing one another’s mouth and face.

Robby regained his breath and gently urged Rebeka over onto her stomach.

Rebeka looked over her shoulder nervously, not knowing what to expect.

Robby playfully bit her butt cheek.

She swatted back at him with her hand.

Robby moved his body over hers and kissed her shoulder and the side of her face.

Straddling her legs, he slid into her from behind!

He brushed against that particular soft spot on the inside of her pubic arch, causing her to throw her head forward and gasp!

As his thrusts repeatedly pressed against the softness of her G Spot, she began to feel a slightly different tingle.

With his free hand he gently reached around her to cup her breast and tenderly pull on her nipple.

She moaned again and began to pant. The primal action of Robby being behind her, bumping that new spot, was becoming too much!

She began pushing back against him in earnest, trying to maintain contact, trying to feel more of him.

She was focused on the feeling and not thinking about climaxing again, until Robby moved her hair and bit the base of her neck, causing her to lose all control.

As her body shuddered in orgasm beneath Robby, he could feel the fibrillation within her and lost himself too.

He moaned loudly, thrust twice more and collapsed on her, then fell to the side.

Rebeka turned toward him and they held one another as twilight faded into darkness.

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