Rebecca’s Adventure Ch. 02

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I want to thank my editor for all her help. She has put up with my bad grammar so I give her a lot of credit. thank you.

The next morning Becca’s parents returned and both went straight to work. Everything went back to “normal”; she snuck into her brother’s room at night to have a quickie once and he did the same in her room but that was all. Thursday morning began the same as the rest of the week. All woke and had breakfast before mom and dad went to work. Becca’s brother left too so he could look for a summer job.

Becca decided she wanted to do some shopping so she drove to the local mall. Around lunchtime Becca was bored, she had only shopped for two hours but just wasn’t in the mood. So she went straight home. In the driveway, that should have been empty, she saw her dad’s car.

She walked into the house thinking he was home for lunch and was surprised when he wasn’t in the kitchen. She started to go back to her bedroom and while passing her parents bedroom door, which was slightly open; she was greeted with a fantastic sight.

She looked in to see her stepfather naked on the bed, eyes closed and stroking his hard cock, she couldn’t believe it. She had always harbored secret fantasies about her stepfather and loved to catch glimpses of him naked. But this was too good; she was seeing him in all his glory, hard and stroking his shaft.

She watched as he slowly stroked up and down, and with each stroke he would murmur a little. The shades in her parent’s room were drawn closed but there was a subdued light that she could see very clearly from her vantage point at the door.

At this point she was getting very tuned on and her mind didn’t think at this point she just reacted. She just took off her clothes and while one hand went straight to her wet pussy and began rubbing her clit the other went to her nipples, pinching them and getting the puffy nipples erect. It was only a few minutes later when she made up her mind and she boldly stepped into the room silently. She closed the door, not all the way but so that no light from the hall would come in.

She silently moved closer to the bed where she could see her stepfather was lying there enjoying the stroking but that his eyes were still closed. She was in for it all at this time so leaning over in one motion she enveloped his cock head with her mouth and she replaced his hand with hers. At the feeling of her mouth on his cock he just moved away.

He spoke softly and said, “Honey I didn’t think you were going to make it home for our afternoon rendezvous.”

She stayed silent, mouth full of her dad’s penis and thought “He thinks I am Mom” as his eyes stayed closed. She could feel him getting close to cumming but she did not want that, she wanted to feel his cock in her cunt. She slowed. She was enjoying the sensation of her mouth and hands stroking her dad’s cock.

His cock was larger and thicker than her brothers’ with nice purple veins running up the length and a nice round cock head. She licked his pee slit as she prepared herself to take the final step. It was a quick motion that moved her from sucking his cock to straddling his legs and impaling her pussy with his stiff member.

Instantly he realized this was not his wife’s pussy, as Becca’s was extremely wet and he slid in very easily but she was so much tighter than his wife’s pussy. He opened his eyes to find his stepdaughter impaled on his cock. He started to stammer and push her off but Becca just started to move up and down and pushed his hands away as he spoke, “Becca this is wrong on so many levels, what do you think you are doing?”

She replied “I am fucking my daddy, something I have wanted to do for a long time.”

He continued to resist but at each stroke of her cunt on his cock his will just broke down and he let it continue. As he was very close to cumming, before she hopped on his dick, wasn’t long before he was telling her he was about to cum.

She said, “Fill up my pussy with your cum daddy.”

That did it. He came and he filled her up, he hadn’t been so excited or cum like that in a while so he just lay there while his stepdaughter milked his cock dry with her tight pussy. After he was done she just lay in his arms as he wrapped them around her holding her tight to him. As much as he felt this was wrong he had enjoyed it too much to regret it. They lay there for what seemed like an eternity before sanity crept back into his mind and he realized he had to go back to work.

Getting up he dressed and said to Becca, “We will talk about this later, this was not right and it will never happen again.”

She nodded but had other plans in mind.

That evening, after a dinner that was uncomfortable for her stepfather, her parents went to bed. Her brother told her he was going out with a buddy from college and invited her along but she declined. It bursa escort wasn’t long after her brother left that she could hear footsteps approach her door.

She knew this would be her stepfather and in preparation she had been reading naked on top of the sheets so when he softly knocked and entered she made no move to cover herself. Even after her dad looked away and said, “Do you want to get dressed?”

She simply stated, “Dad you’ve seen me naked already what’s the difference?”

But she could see that it did make a difference as his cock began to swell beneath his pajamas. He stepped closer now looking at her right in her eyes. He said “Rebecca what happened this afternoon can never happen again, it was wrong and I feel so guilty and what would your mom think of me if she knew?”

Becca shifted on the bed parting her legs slightly so that he could have a better view, she could see her move was having the desired effect. She said “Dad it wasn’t wrong, I loved it when you came inside of me. I want it to happen again and again. I love you and think you are so sexy, you get me wet just thinking about you.”

With that she took two fingers and ran them up her slit inserting them just enough to get them wet, she held them up to show him. That did it, she could clearly see the tent in his pajamas and he couldn’t deny that he lusted after his stepdaughter. She knew she had him when she softly said, “Dad my pussy needs to be licked, I need you to make me cum, please daddy?”

He took the last step to the bed and lay down between her legs, which she now spread wide open so he could crawl up and began to lick her sex.

Rebecca had always liked older men for the reason that they knew how to please a woman and took their time doing it. To the older men she had slept with it wasn’t all about their pleasure, it was first about hers, then theirs and then both of them would enjoy it more.

This was no different except it was so naughty to have her dad licking her pussy while her mom was asleep in the next room. She had always had the hots for her dad as long as she could remember and when his tongue finally made contact with her clit it was even better than she had dreamed.

She instantly exploded into her first orgasm but he didn’t stop there. He continued to bring her clit to new heights, as each successive orgasm was more intense than the last. She was soaking her sheets and her father’s face as he kept up his oral onslaught of her clit.

Just when she thought she couldn’t cum anymore he had her climax building higher and higher until, this time she exploded, she literally flooded his face with a torrent of girl cum. So much so you would have thought Becca had emptied her bladder but she hadn’t and her father eagerly drank as much as he could. He even knew that this was the time to stop but he got up and slid down his pj’s revealing his stiff cock in all its glory.

It looked bigger than this afternoon and as he knelt between her legs she grasped his cock and guided it to her slick velvet cunt. He slid in easier than before and began with steady strokes in and out. She could hear his cock slide in and out as each stroke make a squishy sound. She wrapped her legs around him drawing him in close to her. He was also fondling her breasts and as her nipples hardened under his touch she smiled in pleasure.

After a few minutes, as her stepfather was leaning down sucking on her nipples while thrusting in and out of her slick cunt, she felt the warmth spread throughout her whole pussy.

Then he abruptly got off and lifted her up and wordlessly motioned for her to get on her knees, which she did and he entered her from behind, doggie style. As he was larger than most men she had been with every stroke rubbed right up against her g-spot and the warmth was now spreading to her clit.

She could feel the excitement rise in her as another orgasm approached. He reached around to tweak her nipple as Rebecca reached with one hand to tickle her own clit. Her breathing became more labored and she could feel her orgasm build.

This one was the deep kind of orgasm, one that she had had very few times before. Even though it started with the walls of her cunt contracting around her lover’s cock, it continued and had her squirting again, this time all over dad’s cock and balls, such an intense rush that she felt as though she would pass out.

This combination also brought her father to the edge, as he added to the puddle surrounding their lovemaking by adding his sperm to her drenched pussy. They collapsed him still in her pussy, side by side. As they caught their breath she said to him, “Dad how can something that feels so beautiful, so good ever be wrong? I know you love mom and I don’t want to hurt her but I know you need more sex than she is willing to give you, so I want you to have me whenever you want. It’s what I want bursa escort bayan and I won’t take no for an answer.”

He didn’t know what to say, he knew his capacity to make love to his wife was greater than she wanted and the logic was sound even though he knew it was wrong. He enjoyed it too much, he realized, to let it end. They lay there for as long as he dared then got up, put on his pj’s and walked out after kissing Becca full on the lips to seal the deal.

She lay there in her bed, in a wet mess of soaked sheets and the warm afterglow of illicit sex with her father and a series of incredible orgasms and she soon was fast asleep.

Becca awoke to her brother speaking to her from the foot of her bed. The sheets long dry she was still lying naked on her bed as he said,

“Sis what the hell happened in here? It smells like you had an orgy in here, who did you invite over?” She detected a note of jealousy in his voice. This pleased her. Then she decided she would tell him everything.

She started “I didn’t invite anyone over, I seduced Dad! “

Shocked, her brother got very interested in hearing the story. As she told it she became aroused and she could tell her brother was too as his pj bottoms were now tented like her father’s were earlier. She reached for him and he gladly let her take him in her mouth. She sucked only for a short while till he said he wanted to hear more.

He motioned for her to lie back as he too got between her legs and split her pussy lips with his tongue, soon finding the little button of her clit at the top and concentrating on that. She now realized that his technique was almost as good as her father at licking her pussy, he just rushed like younger guys. She instructed him to slow down. He did and she continued her story.

Soon she was cumming, though not like earlier, she didn’t know if she could stand another orgasm like earlier right now. It was just what she needed at this time and she finished her story as her brother’s cock penetrated her and slid right up, filling her.

She didn’t want this to last too long so she told him to fuck her quick. He was only too glad to pump his seed deep into her vagina and pull out. He kissed his sister and told her to get up, it was almost noon and the parents had left long ago. He needed to take a shower and go look for a job so he too would leave her alone.

Soon Becca had the place to herself. She was satisfied sexually for the moment and was smiling ear to ear as she was fulfilling her fantasies and loving every minute of it. Then the phone rang.

She answered to find Julie on the line. She asked Becca if she would go with her to a friend’s pool party. Becca agreed and went to find the only swimsuit she owned. While putting it on she looked at her naked body in the full-length mirror.

She looked at her nice athletic legs climbing up to her shaved pussy. She took pride in the fact it looked like she had never had sex. Her lips were tighter without the inner labia lips protruding at all. Sure when she was excited, her clit and pussy swelled you could see the pink folds of her pussy, now you couldn’t; it made her look like a young girl which she still was at 22.

Her mons was shaved clean and smooth and that just added to the sexiness that she knew she possessed. Her flat stomach and thin waist were in perfect proportion to her hips and she turned to look at her ass so small and smooth she knew it too was just right. She then looked at her breasts, first critically thinking maybe they are too small. She only filled out a b cup bra and her puffy nipples, which stood like little mounds on top of her breasts. But She had never had any complaints from any lover’s, only compliments and even the few girls she had been with, who had greater size breasts, had commented that they wish they were her size again.

Her’s did not sag a bit; they were always pert and looked lovely. She decided that bigger was only better in some cases but not her bosom. She smiled as she realized her breasts were one of her best features. Enough without being in the way. It also gave her a very athletic look, which Rebecca loved.

She finished putting on her suit and covered it with a t-shirt and pulled on her white shorts that really displayed her ass. She stepped into her sandals and went outside to wait for Julie.

Soon she arrived and they sped over to Jason’s house, another of her brother’s friends. He had a pool and when they arrived there were already 20 people there. Mostly boys but all in college and home for the summer.

It was hot and everyone was in various stages of swimwear whether in shorts or a swimsuit for the guys and the few women all wore bikinis. Julie and Rebecca took off the outer layer and sat down in nearby lounge chairs to sun themselves.

Julie’s bikini was larger then Becca’s only because her breasts were escort bursa larger and therefore had more to cover. Both of the girl’s bikini bottoms were more or less g-strings with the addition of a little fabric to cover their small butts. They drew stares as they sat but soon the hustle and bustle of people swimming getting beverages and snacking on chips returned to what it had been when they arrived.

It was hot and she knew she would sunburn if she didn’t apply lotion so Rebecca reached into her bag and squirted some on her hand. She was about to rub it in when Julie asked her to rub some on her back. Becca then asked her to do the same, so Julie rubbed her back and she lay down to sun herself.

After thirty minutes or so Becca needed to pee, so getting up and asking where to go she was told the pool house on the other side of the pool. She went in closed and put the latch on the door, removed her bathing suit bottom sat down and began to pee.

When she was done she wiped and was standing up, before she was able to pull her bottom back on, the door burst open and there stood John one of her brother’s friends. He stared right at her shaved pussy and as the door closed behind him she scolded him,”Don’t you know how to knock?”

Seeing he was staring at her shaved pussy she then said, “Get a good look; you’re never going to see it again.”

She could see by the rise in his bathing suit that he had a great look and as she pulled up her bathing suit and brushed past him she smiled to herself content, she knew he was thinking about fucking her. This thought pleased her greatly as everyone wants to be desirable.

She returned to her chair and was putting sunscreen all over her front when John came barreling out of the pool house and in a blur dove in the pool. She laughed again because he was no doubt sporting a woody and wanted to hide that fact. He was still looking at her from the pool when she decided she would tease him a little.

So still rubbing sunscreen on she made it a point to rub all over. When she got to her breasts she slipped her hand under her suit top and rubbed the lotion all over her breasts, even the parts that were not exposed to sunlight. This just made her nipples hard and she could see the discomfort in John’s eyes as she finished.

Later Julie and Becca took a dip in the pool to cool off and when it was time to leave they both went to the pool house to change. Becca took off her suit and just put the shorts and shirt on. The fabric stuck to her skin, as she had not toweled completely dry. She did this on purpose and when they both left the pool house all eyes were on her. As she walked by John she just smiled and said, “I hope your memory is real good.”

He just stammered something she didn’t understand. She made it home to find dinner on the table and everyone ready to eat, so she sat down, much to her father’s and brother’s delight. Her mom didn’t notice.

After dinner her parents went to watch television and she went to her room, her brother followed her in and asked, “What were you doing today? All my friends are telling me what a tease you were today at the pool party.”

She told him what happened and laughed at what had transpired. She then leaned over to kiss her brother as his hand found her breast through her shirt. He was just about to remove her shirt and go further when there was a loud knock on the door and in marched her mother. They had separated seconds before she entered so it looked as though they were sitting on the bed talking. Her mother asked her brother to leave saying she wanted to talk to Becca alone.

After he left her mother sat on the bed and started to talk about her stepfather like she had never done before. First she said he has an insatiable sexual appetite and her mom could not keep up with him.

She also stated that she was afraid that he might go elsewhere to get sex and she was very concerned, as she loved him very much. Then she laid the bombshell on her.

She said “Last night I woke up and your stepfather was not beside me. I wanted to see where he was so I went to the hall and heard voices coming from your room. I peeked in to find him fucking his stepdaughter.”

She said this without any hint of anger in her voice and continued, “At first I was very angry and was going to come in there and beat him silly but the situation made me horny, seeing him fuck another woman and the fact it was you just made it more exciting. So I continued to watch and when you told him that I don’t give him as much sex as he needs, I had to agree. So I want him to go to you for sex. I would rather that than him going to some other woman or a whore.”

This floored Becca she had thought her mother would kill her if she found out. But her mother continued, “I also know you fuck your little brother too. I watched that one night when you thought I was sleeping. But I don’t want you to tell either your brother or father I know.”

Rebecca agreed as her mother kissed her goodnight and as she was leaving she said, “I will send your brother back in, make sure you lock the door.”

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