Real Sex Ch. 02

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Something strange happened the next week; I did something I couldn’t remember doing since I had learned what sex was and had fucked my first pussy. I went a week without sex.

That doesn’t sound like much to a lot of people; but for me that was not only odd, it was weird. I usually get laid two or three times a week; so to go an entire seven days was not anywhere like me.

By Friday I was a hot mess. I was walking around with a permanent hard on that there was no way I could hide. I took off work early to clean the apartment and pick up; Christ I usually didn’t give a shit.

My phone beeped about two that afternoon, and I saw it was from mom.

“Same place, same time?” I read.

“No, same time; my place” I quickly sent back.

A single question mark appeared on my phone. She wanted to know why the change. Why did I change my usual routine?

“I want more time” I typed in.

“How long can you go?” Jesus she was a horny freak.

“Have you ever been fucked all night?” I sent her.

“Never; I’ll bring a change of clothes.” I shuddered at her words.

I was so bad I even fussed over what to wear; finally settling on just jeans and a t-shirt. When the doorbell rang, I was so nervous you would have thought on I was on my first date.

When mom entered my apartment, I watched her walk through the door. She was wearing a buttoned pale yellow blouse and a short tight white skirt that showcased that fantastic ass.

She set her small bag and her purse on the small stand by the door, and turned to face me.

“Kiss me” she said with a husk in her voice.

I pressed my lips to hers as I pushed into her body, slowly pinning her to the wall beside the door. Our tongues swapped back and forth as we traded warm spit; God she was hot and ready.

When we pulled our mouths back, we were both panting heavily and staring into the others eyes.

“I’m not wearing panties” her eyes smoldered at me.

“Jesus Christ” I moaned as I slid one hand under the hem of her short skirt.

I felt her hand reach down and cup my hard cock through my jeans. God, if I got any harder I would rip the zipper off my clothes.

“I’ve thought of this cock all week” she whispered.

As two of my fingers sank into the swamp between her thighs, she cooed softly; her fingers working deftly to undo the front of my jeans. I added a third finger and felt her walls grip me; just as my cock sprang free and she wrapped a small hand around the thick shaft.

I began to pump my fingers in and out, her juices coating my hand; her fist matched me as she stroked my throbbing cock, my own pre-cum smearing across her fingers.

Pulling my soaked fingers free, I flex me knees, bringing the head of my cock just under the hem of her skirt.

“I can’t wait” I grunted.

Mom lined that fat head up with her pussy; I could feel hot drips on my head as she pressed the tip against her opening.

“Then don’t” she grated.

I straightened my knees as I watched her face. With an obscene slurp the fat head of my cock slid inside.

“Fuck” mom grunted.

“Damn right I’m going to fuck you.” I hissed in her ear.

I jammed my hips forward, sending every inch I had into her. I felt her trapped body try to give ground, but the wall behind her helped stop her. I stared into her eyes as I felt her walls contract, then stretch to take me in.

“Love that cock” she whispered.

“Then take it” I rumbled.

I pulled back and slammed hard up into her. My height was taller than hers, and when I slammed home, I kept going. Mom’s eyes popped open wide as her body lifted from the floor, pinned against the wall

“Steeeevvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee” I heard her scream.

I heard a heel clatter to the floor from her dangling foot; she hung there against the wall, impaled on my cock. She clawed at my chest as her body convulsed; I felt hot fluids flood around my cock as she orgasmed.

I pulled back slammed home again into her quaking body; feeling another hot splatter of her cream. I knew she had to be dripping to the floor but I really didn’t listen; my hips began to power my cock in and out of her again and again.

Mom’s head banged back against the walls as one leg came up and wrapped around my waist. I was giving her everything I had as I pounded her into the wall. Seven days of no sex ignited every thrust. It was base and primal, almost brutal as I fucked into her. I had been rough before with women, but never like this.

“Fuck me…oh God yes…fuck my cunt…” mom babbled.

I just pounded away at her as I watched her face. Her glassy eyes stared at the ceiling as juices ran out of her. I wanted to cum, and badly; but I wanted her to hit a height that would bring her back to me time and again. I didn’t just want her body, I wanted her mind.

I changed my angle slightly, letting my thick shaft drag across her throbbing clit. I watched her shudder as her walls began to tighten around my cock.

Her head rolled forward and her eyes burned with bursa escort lust. No longer glassy she stared at me. I felt her tighten more, and a look of wonder crept across her face. One thing I had learned was how to tell just when a woman was going to orgasm. If her body wasn’t giving enough signals, her rambling was.

“Oh God…don’t stop…Steveeee…” she moaned. “Make me…oh fuckkkk…” she whimpered.

So close, but not there yet; I waited. I heard her give a soft grunt and then…I ripped my cock free. My sudden movement back dropped mom back to her feet and she stumbled to keep her balance.


Here is a tip for all you guys out there. They claim the old fashioned coitus interruptus, reduced pregnancy rates; I don’t know. What I do know is that when an older woman hangs on the edge of her orgasm, and you yank free; they come unglued.

“Oh God no…please…more…” I heard mom beg. “Oh fuck…so close…” she moaned.

“Steve…please…don’t leave me…” I heard her whimper.

I ignored it all. I grabbed her arms and quickly turned her in a circle. She whimpered and moaned as I shoved her forward to the back of the couch. Before she could move I bent her face forward over the back, and then reached down and jerked her skirt over the cheeks of her ass.

When it dawned on her what was happening, her head jerked up and she looked back at me. Now was the time to make my move. She opened her mouth to speak, but I moved faster. I lunged forward, driving every inch of my eight inch dick; straight up her cunt.

“GGGGHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” mom screamed at the top of her lungs.

Her arms waved wildly as her knees buckled; she settled onto her belly hanging over the back of the couch, she was now mine. I pulled back and slammed into her again, even as hot juice sprayed out from between her thighs and dripped down her legs.

I kept up the pressure as I gripped her by the hips, ramming deep into her again and again. I could feel her walls rippling as she came on my cock. Spit dripped down the corner of her mouth as she mewled in pleasure, I reached over the back of the couch and jerked on the front of her blouse, buttons went flying across the living room as her breasts sprang free. Not only had she not worn panties, she hadn’t worn anything at all under her blouse or skirt.

I gripped one swinging breast and lightly pinched her rock hard nipple as I levered into her. I know a lot of people who will say taking a woman like this is demeaning; but honestly it depends on the woman.

Some women; just like men; need to be in control; while others are into sharing. Some; like mom; just needed to be owned. How do you know? When a woman tells you to fuck her harder and faster when she’s spread over a couch, believe me, she wants to be owned.

“Fuck me…oh my God yes…ram it in me baby…” Mom groaned.

Her head finally came up and she turned back to me; her eyes were glassy and her face flushed. I pounded into my middle aged mother while she quivered and shook under me.

“Cumming…can’t stop…cumminggggggg.” Mom moaned.

I bent my body over hers, my chest pressing into her sweat slick back. My mouth was inches from her ear as my hips worked like pistons.

“I’m going to cum.” I didn’t ask, I simply told her.

“In me…dear God please…” Mom gurgled

“Is that what you want?” my voice filled her ear. “You want your son’s hot seed in your cunt?” I whispered.

“IN my cunt…your cunt…” Mom moaned. “Oh God Steven…” her eyes grew wider. “How…I’m going to…oh God…”

I felt her already tight walls suddenly slam down on me like a vise. Mom vibrated under me as another hot splash of pussy cream washed over my cock. Her eyes rolled back until only her whites showed as a third orgasm tore through her.

“Fuck” I grunted as my balls lit on fire.

“Yeeesssssssssss” I heard her moan as the first blast of hot cum washed her walls.

“Fucking hell” I whispered as a second volley fired deep inside her.

“God fill me Steven” mom groaned.

I did just that, I pumped every drop I had into her as she trembled under me. God, I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard or that much in my entire life.

By the time my balls were finally empty, thick white cum oozed down her thighs. When I pulled back and my cock slipped free, I watched as my cream oozed out from between her abused lips.

Pulling herself off the couch, mom stood on wobbly legs; turning she looked down at my still rigid cock. You could see the white froth that clung to it, mute testament to her level of pleasure.

“Jesus, you’re still hard” she whispered in surprise.

“I always am around you.” I said.

Mom turned and walked towards my bedroom door, she turned and faced me. I couldn’t reconcile the fact she was my mother; I saw a sex hungry woman is y hot seed dripping from her belly.

“Come and get it” Mom whispered; and then stepped into the bedroom.

God we did it doggy; and then missionary. bursa escort bayan Then she wanted it cowgirl; and I took her sweet tight ass for a ride. By five in the morning; mom finally dragged herself from the bed, and headed towards the shower.

I thought about following her, but Christ I had dumped four hot loads into her during the night; I wasn’t sure I had any left in my poor aching balls.

When mom came out she was dressed in tight jeans that followed the contour of her ass like a second skin; her fresh blouse was buttoned halfway up, letting me see the deep cleavage between her tanned breasts.

I rose from the bed and slipped on my robe; it was evident she had decided it was time. Mom watched as I covered my still half hard cock, a soft smile on her lips.

“You could do it again, couldn’t you.” She seemed a little awed.

“Take your clothes off and we’ll find out.” I challenged her.

“I would love to baby” mom chuckled. “But his flight is due in at noon, and this old lady needs some sleep.” She sighed.

“Fuck his flight” I said softly. “And you can sleep here.” I looked at her.

“You mean that don’t you?” her voice was soft.

“In a heartbeat” that seemed to be my go to phrase with mom.

I silently followed mom back to the living room where she gathered her purse and bag. As she walked to the front door I called out to her.

“So the same time next Friday?” I had to know.

Mom turned and looked at me for a moment; her eyes seemed to be searching mine.

“No” God my heart dropped right there. “I’m not waiting that long; why don’t you pay your mother a visit say Wednesday afternoon.”

My semi hard cock shot to steel hard in seconds as I realized she was inviting me into the house this time.

“Mom” I said as she reached for the door knob. “I’m getting addicted to you” I admitted softly.

“That makes two of us” Mom sighed; and then she was gone.

Sunday I had the opportunity to spend some time with Carol; I admit she has a great body, and I did pump a hot load into her, finally. When we were done and she was dressed to leave, she looked over at me.

“So when do you see her again?” she asked me.

“See who?” I glanced up.

Who…dear God Steve” she laughed. “I’m not just her co-worker, I’m her best friend.”

“Wednesday” I admitted softly. I looked at Carol; “How much do you…” I couldn’t ask the whole question.

“How much do I know?” Carol had a twinkle in her eyes. “Which part, that her name is Sheila not Stella” Carol stepped closer. “Or the fact that you are fucking the living shit out of your mother?” she said.

“Jesus Christ” I whispered.

“Its OK baby” she reached up and stroked my cheek. “I haven’t seen her happy in years; and honestly I know love when I see it” she said softly.

“Carol…” I stuttered at her words.

“Steve; the way I see it you’ve got two choices. Door number one; break it off now before both of your break your hearts. Door number two; give up the game and settle down.” Her words were soft but firm as she stared into my eyes.

“Personally, I’d take door number two.” She said quietly.

I stood rooted to the living room floor as Carol walked out of the apartment. Did I really love her? Was it that evident that even Carol could see something I couldn’t?

I spent the rest of the day and all through Monday trying to sort out my feelings. I loved my mother, I mean shit she’s my mom. But did I love Sheila? That was a tough nut to hit.

My answer actually came Tuesday after work. I could have gone with the guys to the bar, hell I know I would have gotten laid. Instead I passed and headed home. When I entered my apartment, I went to the small dining room table and picked up the small post-it notes from Carol that night; with the various names. I glanced at the photo of mom I kept on the small table by the couch, the same couch I had fucked her on; and crumpled them up and threw them away.

“Game is on Dad” I whispered the empty room.

Wednesday, I showered and shaved, cleaning myself in every nook and cranny. As I slipped into my jeans and t-shirt, my phone beeped.

“Bring your suit” mom’s message said.

I opened my dresser drawer; starting to reach for the normal suit I took to mom and dad’s house. I hesitated, and instead picked up the tighter bright blue speedos; time to fire round one, I thought.

When I pulled into the driveway and stepped out of the car, the warm eighty-five degrees reminded me why my parents had a pool put in. I stepped into the house without knocking, and looked for mom. She wasn’t in the living room or dining room, when I entered the kitchen I saw her through the kitchen window.

She was stretched out on a lounge chair lying on her stomach taking in the sun. Her skin had a light bronze to it I had never noticed before. I followed down her bare back, realizing either she was topless or she had untied her bikini top.

My eyes drank in the perfect curve of that mature ass, barely encased escort bursa in a tight yellow bikini bottom. Standing there, I could feel my cock thicken at just seeing her. I quickly stripped out my jeans and shirt, pulling my suit on; I slid open the patio door and stepped outside.

Mom turned at the sound of the sliding door, watching me. She never said a word as I walked across the warm tiles to her chair. I bent down and picked up the small bottle of lotion off the table, and then slid onto my knees on the lounger between her thighs.

Mom adjusted by opening her thighs more as I got into position. Oiling my hands, I began a gentle massage of her back.

“Mmmmmmmm” I heard her murmur as I worked the muscles in her back.

Not a word of protest came out as my hands slid up along her sides, my fingers gently massaging the sides of her breasts. As my hands worked lower, molding her firm thighs, I could hear her breath quicken to my touch.

I slide my hands up along her inner thighs, listening to a soft moan as my thumbs just grazed the elastic edge of her swimsuit. I slid my fingers under the elastic of her suit bottom, kneading the cheeks of her ass.

“Ahhhhhhhhh” I heard a soft coo.

I slid back on my knees, settling between her feet. Without a word of direction, mom flexed one knee and then rolled onto her back. Stretching out she rested one leg on either side of my thighs, her suit drawing tight over her swollen lips.

I spread lotion up her thighs and sides, then across her taut belly. I have news, age does things to a woman; one of them is it gives her a soft malleable belly that presses so sweetly to you when you couple.

I heard her grunt softly as I kneaded her belly, slowly working my hands upward. Sliding my hands higher, I cupped her now bare breasts; her breasts were warm against my hands from the sun, and her nipples stood like two pencil erasers

I leaned down and softly kissed first one nipple and then the other. I could taste her sweat mixed with the lotion on my tongue.

“Steevvveeee” mom moaned at the touch of my lips.

Her hand came up and her fingers gently ran through my hair as I drew my tongue in slow circles around those hard nubs. Her back arched as she tried to push them into my mouth; not yet, I decided; I wanted her so ready she would cum when I slid inside her.

I began to slowly kiss my way down her trembling body. As my tongue swirled in her navel, I slid y hands up her thighs, gripping the top of her bikini; slowly I began to slide the small cloth down over her hips.

Her ass came off the lounger as I slid her suit down. Each foot came up to free the cloth, and when she brought them back down, she spread them wider letting each foot fall wider to rest on the warm tiles on each side of the chair.

I blew softly on those slick lips, feeling her quiver, and then extending my tongue slid it from the crease of her ass through her sodden lips and across her pulsing clit.

“Oh shit…oh God…never felt…” mom gasped as I used the tip of my tongue to tease her clit.

Her hand came back down; this time her fingers curling in my hair as I feasted on her. I felt her ass give a small jump when I sipped my tongue inside her.

“Oh God Steve…what are you…oh fuck baby…” Mom gurgled above me as I tortured her pussy.

“I’m stealing you Sheila” I whispered up at her.

Her head came up off the lounger and she stared down at me. I know the words registered in her lust filled mind; as did the fact I had used her real name.

I watched her eyes grow wider as I slid one finger into the swamp of her pussy; and at the same time pursed my lips and sucked her hard clit in. Her head suddenly dropped back to the lounger as her hips bucked. Her fingers tightened into talons in my hair as she hung there.

I had been slow and methodical this time, building her to this moment. I could feel her thighs quiver as I drove my tongue in deep. Curling my finger, I gently scraped the tip across that small rough spot.

“Oh God…Steve…Steeveeeee…STEEVEEEEEEEEEEE” mom’s voice climbed in volume

Her ass rose off the lounger as she rammed her mound into the bridge of my nose, Her head pressed into the lounger, her feet planted on the warm tile, her body hung suspended in the air for a brief moment.

“YOUUURRRSSSSSSSS” Mom screamed as her body convulsed.

Hot juices sprayed out to cover my face as a violent orgasm ripped through her. Her ass bounced on the lounger as first one wave and then a second pulsed out.

I thought she was going to pull my hair out by the root as she rammed her pelvis into my face. As my tongue lashed her throbbing clit I heard a low growl come from her. I used my other hand to support her ass suspended in the air as I devoured her juices; making a point to noisily lap up the flood that poured out of her.

As the strength ebbed from her muscles, I slowly lowered her back to the lounger. Her legs trembled and the muscles in her belly continued to flex as small aftershocks rippled through her.

I pulled my face from between her clenched thighs, and slid my body up her sweat soaked skin. I stared down into her eyes; glassy and filled with lust.

“I love you mom” I gently kissed her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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