Raja, Rani and Others Pt. 01

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Note: What started off as a story of a young couple, turned into a tale involving others in their family.

Raja and Rani were a young couple living in a small town on the outskirts of the South Indian city of Madurai. At twenty-one, Raja was tall and dark and brutishly handsome. He was muscular, fit and toned and had a full head of curly black hair which he oiled religiously, giving them a shiny look at any time of day. Rani was nineteen and a head shorter than Raja. She had a petite, svelte figure. She was a dark and dusky beauty, with big, bold, beautiful eyes. Like most girls, she had taken to wearing the sari after marriage, but her clothes did nothing to hide her fantastic figure. She was aware of the effect she had on men and boys in the town. Her thick prominent thighs, her swaying wide hips, slim waist, tight ass, and long hair she wore in a single plait down her back were enough to have men and boys of all ages turn and take a closer look.

But whatever she had was only for her husband, Raja. In fact he was her cousin, being her mother’s elder brother’s son. It was quite normal in her village to marry one’s cousin so it was not a big deal. Raja had dropped out of school after the tenth grade and now worked as a daily labourer in the steel factory which provided him a salary that was more than enough to support him and his wife.

Raja and Rani had met a few times during the days leading up to their wedding. On one of these occasions, Raja and Rani had confided to each other that they were virgins. Raja expected her to be one, but Rani was surprised that such a handsome, sexy, lively man like Raja was also a virgin. She expected him to be experienced in matters of sex and have him teach her stuff. But Raja had told her he had read books and watched porn and knew what had to be done. She had pooh-poohed him for watching porn but he said, naughtily, that he had learnt a lot from porn and she had no idea. She remembered she had blushed at this.

The met for one last time before the wedding at her parent’s house. Raja could not hide his desire. And neither could Rani. It was in the early evening and they were chatting on the terrace. She had prepared masala tea for him as was watching him adoringly. He had removed his shirt and was in his sleeveless vest and she could see all his bulging muscles, biceps, triceps, pecs and abs. She was aroused and her mind also wandered and longed for the wedding night, imagining how it would be under his body as he plunged himself into her. She had only a vague idea of how people had sex. Her mother had tried to explain it to her once, about a man’s cock getting big and thick and the like. Rani herself had tried to masturbate but had not gotten far.

Raja, for his part, was trying hard to conceal his hard-on. His dick was throbbing painfully inside his shorts. When Rani was not paying any attention, he quickly put his hand inside his shorts and straightened his cock. Such a young, beautiful girl. Just for him. She was his to do whatever he wanted! He masturbated regularly, imagining fucking the girls he saw in town. But lately, after their marriage was fixed, he only fantasized about Rani, thinking of ways they’d fuck. On how he would educate her, draw her out of her shyness and make her do things he wanted. Oh! How nice it would be to feel her mouth on his cock! What about her cunt? He hoped she kept herself clean. He wanted to lick her cunt like the men did to their women in porn. Oh! The things he wanted to do!

He looked up from his tea cup and caught her looking at him. It took a few seconds for either of them to realize that they were ogling each other. Then Raja smiled, and Rani responded likewise. And Raja went up to her and hugged her. She pushed back, but he did not let go. And when he crushed her to him, they both felt his thick cock against her thighs. He let go of her arms and crushed his palms on her chest, feeling the supple, yielding flesh of her breasts.

She gasped, and pulled back. “Aiyo, what are you doing? No. No! Not here!” she hissed.

Raja laughed, “Come on. I can’t wait. Just let me touch. Or at least take a look! What is the problem? We are going to be husband and wife, anyway.”

“No! Wait till the marri…,” she tried to say, but could not finish. Raja had already plunged his head into her bosom and was trying to nibble at her tits. She twisted this way and that, but could not escape his tight grasp.

“Aiyoh! Wait. Wait.. appa and amma are downstairs! They will come…”

But Raja had to have his way. She finally relented. Raja lifted his head from her chest as he felt her relax. Rani was wearing a half-sari and the pallu covered her blouse. She moved it aside and for the first time in her life she offered a man unfettered access to her boobs. Raja looked at her and she could see his desire and lust in him. Her chest rose as he gingerly placed his mouth on her left tit. He could feel the material of her bra, but could also sense the soft tissue of her kızılay escort breast. His hand went to her other breast and he kneaded it. He moved from one breast to the other. He was also rubbing his crotch against her and she could feel the thickness of its flesh.

Then Raja said, “Open it! Let me see your tits! I want to be your baby. I want to suck your milk!!”

“What!” she almost shouted. “No. Dirty man. Not now…”

But Raja would have none of it. In a flash his hands went to her blouse and he started undoing her buttons. She gave up. After he had undid all the buttons, he pushed the flaps of her blouse aside and feasted on her bra covered breasts. He had never come so close to a girl before. Rani’s chest was rising and falling. He had no doubt that she was aroused as well. Her bra had the clip at the front, and she reached up and unfastened it and spread the two halves apart.

Raja was stunned. Rani’s tits were glorious! They were firm and rounded and big. Yes, bigger than he had imagined. Her nipples were erect, and her areolae surrounding them were dark. Raja put his hand out and cupped a breast.

“Oy! Amma!” Rani hissed.

Then Raja bent his head and put his mouth to a nipple and sucked. Intense bolts of pleasure went through their bodies. Raja felt her nipples to be hard as stones. Rani felt the coolness of his spit, and his tongue course through her entire being. There was no stopping Raja. His hands and mouth alternated between her breasts. She was holding on to his head, and then cupping her breasts and feeding it to him like he was a baby.

She thought, “Oh! This is what it feels like! Fuck! Come on Raja! Suck me, drink me…yes yes!”

Raja lapped at her breasts with his tongue. Soon, both her tits were slathered with his saliva. She palmed them and spread his saliva all over her chest.

He turned her around so she faced the wall. She could not see what he was doing but felt him kneel down. And suddenly his rough hands were on her ass cheeks. He pressed his face to her ass and rubbed it all over.

She thought, “What the hell is he doing? Does he really like to touch me there?”

Raja placed his palms on her ankles, and in a flash, he rode his hands up each of her legs. Her long skirt was now bunched at her waist, her legs and thighs and ass completely exposed to Raja. He stared at her full panty covered ass. So thick and tight. Oh! The wedgie that ran up her ass crack. The dark, dark skin where her buttocks met her thighs and the cleft between them! Raja almost ejaculated in his shorts. He dug his face between her ass cheeks and inhaled.

Rani twisted and turned and tried to get away but she couldn’t. Raja held her tightly, one hand still holding her bunched up dress at her waist and the other exploring her legs, moving onto the place where her thighs met, cupping her crotch.

“Aiyooo, what are you doing? Someone will see. This is not the place. Uff ho, pleeeease! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

The last outbursts were in reaction to what Raja was doing. He was now standing, pressing his crotch against her ass. She could feel his thick stub rubbing up and down. His other hand was now cupping her crotch, digging deep, his fingers exploring and trying to find a way to enter and touch her cunt!

Then Raja did something that took her breath away. He pulled away, and hastily undid his pants and pulled them down to his knees. His thick cock poked out from his shorts. He just stood there like that and looked at her as she gaped open-mouthed at his jutting, throbbing member, waiting for him to expose it to her. Just as quickly he grabbed and pulled down his shorts. His distended member jerked up at an angle, jutting from his pubic hairs, all thick and veiny. A little part of the foreskin was still on the shiny purple head, and as both of them looked at it, his cock jerked a bit and the foreskin peeled off completely from the head of his cock and arranged itself under the head. His cock swayed up and down. A little bit of precum oozed and fell to the ground, a thin trail extending from his cock to the ground.

Rani was stunned! She could not say anything though her mouth was open. She involuntarily put a hand to her face and gasped. “Oyoh! What is that! Oh my god! It .. it.. Is so.. Big! Aiyooo!”

“Touch it,” Raja managed to say.


Raja fisted his cock, and started stroking it. “Come on, my darling Rani. At least touch it. Let me see your hand on my cock! We won’t fuck. Come on! I can’t wait. Ah! Ah!” He did not wait for Rani. He turned sideways and started stroking his cock with one hand, and kneading Rani’s tits with the other.

Rani was in a trance. She did not know what was happening to her or what she was supposed to do! She could feel a coldness in her crotch. She was sure she was leaking from her cunt. But it was a new sensation, a feeling of pleasure was radiating from between her thighs and spreading across her body. In an instant she clutched her thighs together. With etlik escort One hand she held onto Raja, and she found her other hand between her thighs, pushing deep, feeling her own cunt hairs through the layers of clothing. She closed her eyes and started rubbing herself there involuntarily. Fuck! It felt so good.

She was moaning, “Uhnnn, Uhnnn, Uhnnn, ooooo!” She heard Raja grunting, “Ah! Ah! Ah! Yes..Yes.. Yes!”

She opened her eyes and saw Raja looking at her as she kneaded and crushed her tits with one hand and rubbed her crotch with the other. Raja could not hold it any longer. He slowed down his stroking, and then stopped altogether. They looked at each other for sometime and then Raja resumed stroking.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! I am going to finish! Look at my cock! Oh Rani! I can’t wait to put it inside you.. Your cunt.. Your mouth.. Your ass.. Ahh ahhh aaaahhhh!”

Rani heard what Raja was saying but nothing registered in her mind. She was only conscious of Rajs stroking his dick, the soft sound his hands made as they flew down the length of his thick shaft. She was also aware of the intoxicating smell that filled the space they were standing. She was sure it was the smell of sex and it came from his cock.

The Raja stiffened and let out a long grunt, “Oooooh, here it is!!”

Rani had never seen a real cock or a naked man, or even been close to a man like this in her life before. She had of course seen bare chested men in her village. He father, uncles and other men who worked on their farms and land. But that was different. And here she was, looking at the man who would be her husband in a few days as he stroked his thick stub. She did not know what was to come next. She knew that something came from a man and went into the woman and made a baby. But she had no idea of a man’s ejaculation.

So when cum erupted from Raja’s cock, she let out a yelp of horror, almost too loudly. Raja’s first spurt was a bit weak and it fell to the ground about a foot from where he was standing. But his next four rocketed out of his cock in long, thick, white, glorious ropes. His whole body shook with pleasure. He did not look down at his cock ejaculating his cum as he had seen this hundreds of times before. He was looking at Rani, at how terror stricken her face was as she stared with eyes bulging at his thick cock in his fist, as spurt after spurt erupted and fell against the far wall.

Finally, when his cum subsided, both of them let out deep, deep sighs and then gasped for air.

“Aiyoh! What was that?! Is that what… oh my god.. It is ,… is.. ,” Rani couldn’t finish her thoughts. Raja was just laughing softly. She looked at him and huffed, “Oh you dirty man..hmmmph…!”

“Oh! Come now. This is just the beginning..you and I .. we have so much to do…”

“Aiyoh! Amma will come! I am going back,” Rani said. She quickly fastened her bra and buttoned her blouse and ran down the stairs adjusting her clothes as she went.

That night, for the first time in her life, a week before her marriage, she mastubated. She slept in the room with her widowed grand-mother. She usually had her panties on at night, but tonight she slipped them off her as silently as she could, without disturbing the old lady. She replayed what had happened that evening with Raja. The sights and sounds of that evening were vivid in her memory. As her hands and fingers rubbed her hairy crotch, she heard Raja’ saying.. “Oh Rani! I can’t wait to put it inside you.. Your cunt.. Your mouth.. Your ass.. “

Aiyooh! Is he going to put that big thing inside me? Does he want me to put that in my mouth? And my ass!? How thick it was! And it smelled heavenly! Yes, it would really be nice to touch it, feel it, put it in her mouth! Oh, why did she not touch it when he asked? And as her fingers sought her cunt hole, and as her palm rubbed her sensitive knob, she softly said, “Yes, Raja. Put that thing in me! Yes! Anywhere you want it. I will give myself to you. I will suck it.. suck it.. suck it…Teach me everything.. Yes! Yes! Yes!” She beat and rubbed herself to a point she had never gone before in her life. As she came, as the intense bolts of pleasure rocked her body, she turned away from her grandmother, doubled up and held her body tight. She felt herself go rigid as a steel pipe and then unwind like a spring as waves of pleasure passed over her.

Raja too masturbated that night though it was only a few hours since his last jerk off session. He was young and virile and had no problem. In fact, there were days when he had jerked off two or three times in quick succession. Fuck! What a feeling being with Rani. Her tits were big and firm and soft. And her cunt! It was wet when his hand touched it. He could feel her cunt hairs through he panty. What a beautiful girl! I am sure she will do as I say. I will make her suck my cock every day! Suck and fuck! And then swallow. Then fuck her ass. Man! That would be the best!

Recently he had seen something demetevler escort in porn that he had not seen ever before. It was dirty and obscene, but it excited him to no end, nevertheless. The man licked the woman’s asshole. And she returned the favor! Fuck! And then after he ass-fucked her, he came in her mouth and she swallowed. Motherfucker! What a lucky guy! I will ask Rani to do it. Will take some time and convincing, but what the fuck! She is my wife. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” he screamed quietly as cum spewed from his cock.

Raja was the youngest of four children, all born before their mother was twenty-five and father twenty-eight. The eldest was Raja’s brother who was five years older and had one child. His name was Ramu and he took Raja aside a couple of days before the marriage and tried to give him some advice.

“So, Raja, have you thought about having children?”

“What?” exclaimed Raja. “Anna (big brother), I am not married yet and you are…”

“No, no. What I meant is.. Do you know how to, you know, use a ..a. condom?”

“No, no, I mean.. I think I do.. I will .. but.. I haven’t”

“So, Raja. Do not hurry to have kids. Don’t be like appa (their father), having a bunch of kids before you are thirty. Take your time. You know, in the beginning, use condoms while fucking, then let your wife take care of that. Let her talk to anni (big brother’s wife), she will teach her everything.” Ramu’s wife, Meena, was Rani’s elder sister. It was not uncommon for brothers to marry into the same family.

“Ok, anna. Do .. you, I mean, do you have a…a… condom. I can use..”

“Oh! You don’t have it? I will give you some. I haven’t used them in a while, you know. They are Ok but the best is to do it without a condom.. So let your wife do the things that women do, ok? Your anni will help Rani.”

“Ok.” Raja said.

“And, Raja? You know, practice with a condom first. Learn how to put it on. Maybe even jerk-off with one …”


“What!? We are taking about fucking, right? You need to do it correctly, so practice. I did before my first night. So why shouldn’t you? Don’t tell me you haven’t jerked-off ever…”

Raja got the condoms from his brother and a couple of his friends gave him a bottle of lubricant to use. Two days before the wedding Raja once again masturbated with a condom on. He started thinking about Rani, but suddenly she was replaced by another woman – his anni! His brother’s wife!

“What the fuck!” he thought to himself. “Why?” And then he realized why. When his brother had talked about condoms and his wife, images of his brother and anni havig sex had flashed through his mind. He imagined them fucking, fully naked, his brother on top of Seetha. Seetha lying spread-eagled and accepting his thrusts. Both of them grunting and sweating and panting. Seetha taking his brother’s cock in her mouth!

During the early years of his brother’s married life when they all shared a home (His brother had since moved away after about six months), he had always fantasized about Meena. She was the only other woman at home, so naturally she figured in his jerk-off sessions. He remembered walking behind her just to take a look at her tight ass, straining to see her panty line, nicking her clothes, her bra and panties, smelling them and using them to masturbate. He recalled she used full back panties and they were big and wide enough to cover her entire backside. But that was years ago, but all those feelings and sensations came flooding back. Then he fantasized about fucking Meena and Rani on the same bed. Towards the end, when he wanted to come, only Rani was on his mind. He imagined standing in front of her and Rani in the classical blowjob pose, kneeling in front of him accepting his cum in her mouth and on her face as he spewed his seed in long, never-ending streams on her.

The marriage ceremonies started very early. During the day, Raja was in a state of constant arousal. He could only think of one thing and that was fucking this beautiful young being who would be his wife. He wanted the hours to fly and get into bed with Rani, strip her of her clothes and plunge his throbbing cock into her hairy cunt.

The few times that Rani looked up at Raja, she realized that his mind was elsewhere and she was sure he was thinking about what they would do that night. She was also thinking about it and was getting nervous and aroused at the same time.

But all the rituals and the nose and the crowd, meeting people and making small talk made both of them very tired by the end of the day. Rani had developed a splitting headache but she was afraid to tell Raja because she knew he was excited at the prospect of fucking that night. After all it was their wedding night and that’s what people do on their first night. But unknown to her, Raja was also in the same boat. The constant stream of people coming to meet and wish him, the heavy food that people forced them to eat throughout the day, the loud music and noise, all made him tired. He just wanted to rest and sleep for a while. But unlike Rani, he had the courage to tell her.

“Hey, Rani. Let’s just sleep tonight. We can start in the morning. OK? It is just that… I am too tired to do anything.”

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