Race to Eleven Ch. 07

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“Bastard, did you even nailed Kavita? You are impossible” Pooja whispered in his ear, rubbing his cock for a second.

Raghav looked at Pooja like an innocent child, whose prank has been caught up. Pooja gave a poker face to Raghav.

Reena caught hold of Raghav’s hand and pulled him to sit down on sofa, next to her.

“Jiju, I want you to be there for my wedding preparations and celebrations, at least a week before the wedding day. No excuses.” Reena said.

“A week. Will surely try. Cant assure you, right now.” Raghav said.

“Oh Jiju, you need lot of persuasion. No worries, I have some time down here to persuade you. And jiju, I am damn good at it.” Reena said, placing her hand on his upper thigh and squeezing hard enough to make Raghav jump in his seat.

“Yes Reena. I think you need to persuade him hard. I will help you to persuade him. He can’t deny to her saali (sister in law).” Pooja said.

Raghav gave a look to Pooja to stop it. Pooja smirked as if trying to revenge him.

“I always wanted to meet you after Pooja got married. But never got the chance. I always wanted to know how you could tame my wild sister. Now I have got a chance to know it.” Reena said, blinking her eyes.

Raghav was worried that he was being taken to dangerous territory and the hunter is too sharp.

Raghav excused himself to get a shower and change. Pooja and Reena continued their tomorrow’s planning. As soon as he entered the bathroom, Raghav couldn’t believe that his cock was semi hard. What is getting into him? Why he can’t keep his cock down around the women? For god sake, Reena is Pooja’s cousin.

As Raghav came out from the shower, only towel tucked around his waist, he was startled to see Reena sitting on the bed. She whistled at Raghav.

“Someone help me. Jiju, you are damn hot. Pooja must be having difficult time to keep clothes on her body.” Reena said, grinning.

“Does your entire family talks same? Girl, manners.” Raghav said, trying to look for his clothes.

“Same genes. Hot man makes woman in our family go weak in knees.” Reena giggled.

“Can understand. I know such one.” Raghav said, waiting for Reena to leave.

“Don’t give me that look. I am leaving. I came to ask you, whether you will like to have coffee? Do you prefer sweet and mild? Or strong and hot?” Reena said seductively.

“Strong and hot.” Pooja said, coming into the room.

“Raghav, be decent enough in front of my cousin. Roaming around in just a towel.” Pooja said, mocking anger in her voice.

“I have no complaints.” Reena said, giggling, and left the room for husband and wife to talk.

“Bastard, keep your cock in pants. Or I would need to lock it up. It is looking for too many adventures.” Pooja said, pulling away Raghav’s towel.

“Hey, what are you doing? Reena must be outside.” Raghav said covering his cock.

“Fucker, definitely you would love her to watch your cock. Don’t behave so innocent.” Pooja said.

“Please Pooja, at least let me close the door.” Raghav said, moving to the door to shut it.

As Raghav closed in, he saw Reena peeping from the hall. Her mouth went wide open to see Raghav naked, his one hand covering his cock and other shutting the door. A mere glimpse of a second made Raghav embarrassed.

“Slut, she was outside, peeping at our room.” Raghav said facing her.

Pooja gave a big laugh.

“Her lucky day then. Or should I say unlucky. Because now, you might want to rip apart her pussy too.” Pooja said.

“What, she is your cousin. She is about to get married.” Raghav said, trying to look for his clothes from cupboard.

“Mother fucker, your cock wants a pussy to fuck. Then it doesn’t matter, whose it is. How did you end up banging Kavita? She doesn’t seem to be a slut.” Pooja said.

“Definitely, she is not a slut. But she needs to be loved, fucked and felt desirable. Mr. Malhotra is the most idiotic person.” Raghav said, getting his clothes.

Pooja took away clothes from Raghav. She went down on her knees and took his cock in her mouth. Raghav didn’t expected it, where Reena is just outside the room. However, Raghav knew that Pooja’s actions can never be predicted.

Raghav’s semi hard cock came to life in Pooja’s mouth. It was gaining its full glory.

Pooja withdrew her talented mouth from Raghav’s cock.

“Tell me how you were able to bang Kavita and how many times did she cum?” Pooja said in a hurry and got back to work her mouth on his cock.

“Fuck, slut, you are impossible.” Raghav said, as Pooja’s mouth galloped almost entire cock.

“Oh, bitch, you are the best cock sucker, I have seen. Fuckkkk. I didn’t expected to bank Kavita. But something happened. Fucckkk. It just clicked. She wants to be desirable again. She wants to be an object of lust. Fuckkkkkkk. You are amazing bitch.” Raghav narrated, breathing hard.

Pooja deep throated Raghav as a reward and signaled to continue.

“The wine made her loose her inhabitation. Mr. Malhotra, that bastard, completely ignores her. She wanted bursa escort to be taken. Oh, my god. Oh my god, you please continue. She asked me to take her. Fuckkkkk… I went down on her and made her cum. Fuckkkk. She came as her flood gates opened after decades.” Raghav said.

Pooja removed Raghav’s cock from her mouth. It was glistening with her saliva. She started stroking his cock with her one hand and her own pussy with other hand.

“Fuckk. Bastard, you will down on me tonight at make my flood gates open and complete dry. You understand fucking cheating bastard. Continue.” Pooja shouted.

“Ohhhh…. I am close. Then I threw her on bed and fucked her brains out. She was reluctant to talk dirty but it made her horny. Finally, her restraint broke and she started talking dirty. Duck, she is a hell of a woman. She came thrice on my cock and I filled her pussy. Fuckkkk. I am close… yes baby.” Raghav said, on the verge of coming.

Pooja suddenly withdrew his hand from the cock and kept him hanging.

“Bastard, your cock has made a habit to fill other women’s pussy. Mother fucker, you want a child at every neighbour’s house?” Pooja said, breathing hard as her orgasm was denied.

“You bitch, I was about to cum. Fuckkkk. Finish me off.” Raghav shouted. He didn’t care that Reena was outside.

“You deserve it honey. You don’t dare to cum till I tell you. And, I think coffee might be ready. Strong and Hot, doesn’t it.” Pooja said, smirking.

She opened the door and left. Raghav’s cock was standing erect. He surely can’t go out taking his pole hanging in his paints. He desperately started bringing it down.

“Bitch, she likes to torment me.” Raghav said to himself.

Raghav managed to come out of the bedroom after few minutes, where his erection subsided to the extent to make it presentable. However, a good observer could notice his meat in his paints, outlining the boundaries.

Reena handed him the coffee.

“You should taste me, jiju. I mean my coffee. Hot and strong.” Reena said slowly in his ears.

Raghav didn’t wanted any more teasing for the day. He looked at Pooja. Pooja’s own pussy was tingling due to earlier escapade.

Raghav settled on sofa with a mug of coffee. Reena, immediately sat beside him. Raghav knew that Reena would make it more miserable for him. Pooja took a seat opposite to them

Reena started conversing with Raghav generally. She behaved like a teenager, having her crush in front of her. She giggled and swirled all the time. At every giggle, she placed her hand on Raghav’s thighs, much higher, making it further more difficult for Raghav’s cock, not to roar.

Pooja was enjoying Raghav’s predicament.

After letting Reena play with him for a while, Pooja asked, “How was your day honey? You looked tired.”

Raghav gave a relief. He thought finally his wife came to his rescue and will get an excuse to retire for the bedroom.

“Yea, a hard working day. Got very tired. My body is aching.” Raghav said spontaneously.

“Oh my poor baby. He works so hard. Let me sit in your lap. Your legs will feel better.” Pooja said, giving a cunning smile.

Raghav was shocked. He wished to kill her. He could never win to her cruelty.

He just managed to say, “No baby, its fine.”

But Pooja was already up from her seat and sat down in Raghav’s laps. Her ass, purposefully pressing hard on his cock.

Reena, understood Pooja’s intentions. She didn’t wanted to lose the opportunity to torment her jiju. She got up and went behind the sofa. She placed her both hands on Raghav’s shoulders from back.

“I massage really good jiju. I will surely make you stress free.” Reena said, massaging his shoulder.

“Oh, no need for that Reena. I will just need a good sleep.” Raghav said, knowing he was in big trouble.

“Oh baby, her hands do magic. You will not be able to resist her honey.” Pooja said, moving back on his growing cock.

“Hmm. But, why to trouble her?” Raghav said, trying to control his erection.

“Oh come on jiju? Am I not a family? Saali is always half wife. It is my duty to serve you well.” Reena said, grinning.

Reena’s massage was getting a bit sensuous as her hands were roaming on Raghav’s neck and chest, insider his shirt.

“Rightly said Reena. It’s difficult to satisfy Raghav. I may not be enough. Your expertise is needed.” Pooja said, literally moving in his lap to rub his erect cock with her ass.

“Hmm. But, she must be tired too?” Raghav tried his best to get released from the torment.

“Oh jiju, saali can never be tired for her jiju. She is ever ready for whatever her jiju wants, wherever and whenever. I will not deny you anything my handsome jiju.” Reena said, rubbing her hands all over his chest.

It was not impossible for Raghav. His cock was literally poking in Pooja’s ass, trying to enter it.

“Reena, don’t commit to him. You don’t know how demanding he is. It’s not easy to satisfy his demands. He makes me wear out completely, still I doubt whether he is satisfied or bursa escort bayan not?” Pooja said, rubbing him.

Raghav just wished to kill his wife.

“Shut up Pooja.” Raghav said, really frustrated with the torture.

“Oh jiju. Try me out. I will fully satisfy your all demands. Will not object to anything. You will not have any complaints. And it would be a good practice for me before marriage. I should know how to fulfill all the demands.” Reena said with a lust in her eyes. Her panties were fully wet.

“Ahh. I know you will be a good wife and will take care of your husband. Just like Pooja does. She is the best, one could ever ask for. I love her for whatever she does to me. Even if it means taking my toll.” Raghav said, trying to hold Pooja still.

Pooja felt pity for Raghav. She thought enough of the torment. She stopped moving.

“Reena, could you get me a glass of water. I am suddenly thirsty.” Pooja said looking back to Reena.

Reena was disappointed. She knew that she was getting into Raghav. She looked at Pooja annoyingly. But didn’t argue. She left to get water from kitchen.

Pooja got up from Raghav’s lap. His pole was standing fully erect. It had a pre cum mark on his trouser. Raghav covered it with the pillow. Pooja grinned and gave a peck of kiss to Raghav.

Reena was back with water.

“I think my thirst will be quenched with something else.” Pooja smirked to Reena.

“You are such a bitch.” Reena said slowly in Pooja’s ears.

“Dear, I had made all the arrangements in guest room. Let me know if you require anything, except my husband.” Pooja said, grinning, in her ears.

“You both grin and behave as if I don’t exist. What are you both discussing?” Raghav asked irritated.

“Nothing baby. It’s all girl talk.” Pooja said, again grinning.

“Oh my jiju. I can never ignore you. Good night. Have fun. I am just beside your room, if you get stressed again.” Reena said, bending to him, giving a kiss on his cheeks. Her boobs jiggled in front of his face.

Raghav jaws dropped and he couldn’t utter a word. Reena left to her room. Pooja pulled Raghav from the seat immediately.

“Hunk, get your fucking tongue and cock ready. I am going to cum in a record time.” Pooja said, literally pulling her man to the bedroom.

Pooja, started undressing, before reaching the bedroom. She was naked in no time. Her luscious body on display.

“Get your fucking mouth on my dripping cunt. You are on for good nectar to quench your thirst.” Pooja ordered Raghav.

Raghav didn’t need another order. He pounced on her pussy and starting sucking it hard.

“Fucckkkkkkk. My bastard fuckingggg hubbbbyyyyy… Make your wife cummmmmmm.” Pooja moaned, her cunt already on the edge.

Raghav kept swirling his tongue in her labia. Pooja started twisting and turning. Raghav held her tight.

Pooja held his head tight and started choking him as her orgasm erupted within no time.

“Fuckkkkkkkk. Cummmmminngggggg. Takkkkeeeeee ittttttttt youuuuuu fuckkkkkerrrr.” Pooja came hard in his mouth.

Raghav kept fucking her cunt with his tongue as it lead to last her orgasm longer.

“Bastarddddd, please stop. You will kill me…. Ohhhhhhh…. Fucckkkkkk.” Pooja came once again.

Raghav started drinking her nectar. Pooja took a while to settle down. She was sweating and breathing hard.

“Bastard, do you want to kill me? It was intense.” Pooja said, laughing.

“Bitch, you can’t leave me so early. Your pussy needs drilling of lifetime.” Raghav said and got naked.

His cock standing tall, to get rammed in Pooja’s cunt.

“Stud, take your wife’s whore cunt and tear it apart with your horse dick.” Pooja’s lust was beyond control.

Reena was standing at door and listening Pooja’s moans and curses. Her cunt was dripping juices. She has removed her panty and her two fingers were already working in her pussy.

Reena wanted to have a look at Raghav’s cock and she pushed the unlock door, just enough to watch action on the bed.

Raghav, unaware about the movement at the door, placed his cock at the Pooja’s entrance.

Pooja looked at the movement of the door, but couldn’t notice Reena. But she knew that her slut cousin would be watching them. Her pussy tingled further. She thought ‘Let give her a good show to remember. That bitch wants my husband. I would make her all horny, entire night.’

Reena got a glimpse of Raghav’s cock. Her mouth went wide open. It was biggest she ever saw. She had a couple of cock, including her would be husband. But none were a match to her jiju’s thick cock. She started rubbing her pussy harder.

“Ram your horse cock harder and faster into your slut’s cunt. Take me baby.” Pooja shouted, enough to hear the entire house.

Raghav rammed entire cock at one push into Pooja’s cunt.

“Fuckkkk” Pooja and Reena screamed together.

However, Reena’s scream could not be heard with Pooja’s scream. Reena imagined as if Raghav’s cock slammed into her own pussy and she pressed her two fingers escort bursa entirely in her cunt.

“Oh my god, honey. Your cock still stretches my pussy to full. Fuckkkkk. You never fuck any unmarried pussy with this cock. It would never be same again. Fuckkkk me harderrrr.” Pooja screamed, knowing Reena enjoying the show at the door.

Pooja’s words made Reena ram those fingers harder. She was on verge now. She imagined her crying in pain and pleasure with Raghav’s cock pumping her hard.

Raghav was all charged up and fucking Pooja like a bull, slamming her balls on her ass cheek with every thrust.

“Oh baby harder. Harder. Make me cum again. Fuckkk… it’s coming… Harderrrrr.” Pooja moaned, her pussy raging for second orgasm.

Reena never thought a woman coming again so quickly. Her own orgasm building.

“Yesss. Yesss… My hulk…. Get me comminnggggggg. Yessssssssss… Oh fuckkkkkkk.” Pooja came on Raghav’s cock, knowing Reena must be rubbing her own pussy hard.

Reena couldn’t take it more and she too came. She tried to muffle her moans by shutting her mouth tightly with her hands. Her orgasm erupted like a volcano. She took a support of door to fall and it quirked.

Raghav and Pooja heard the noise. Pooja knew it would be Reena.

“It might be wind. You kept door open, idiot.” Pooja said, breathing hard.

Reena quickly left. Pooja got up, her pussy licking with her own juices. She reached to bolt the door. She looked around if Reena was still there. But she was not there. But, Pooja saw panties lying at the door. Reena forgot to pick it up in hurry.

Pooja grabbed the panties, smelled it and bolted the door. She went to bed. Raghav was lying back on bed, his cock standing up, glowing with Pooja’s juices on it.

“Hubby, we had an audience.” Pooja said smirking, throwing Reena’s panties on Raghav.

“Oh fuck. She saw us fucking.” Raghav said, holding her panties.

“She might have loved what she saw. Smell her on her panties. Bastard, you may love aroma.” Pooja said. She mounted on Raghav, held her cock with one hand and sat on her entire cock.

“Oh fuckkk.” Raghav moaned.

Raghav smelled her aroma on the panties. It was intoxicating.

“Do you like it bastard? She might open her cunt for you sooner.” Pooja said, riding his cock.

“She is about to get married. Oh fuck…” Raghav said, though imagining, how it would be to fuck Reena and make her scream.

“Shut up you mother fucker. You had already nailed three married pussies. Don’t give me lessons of fidelity.” Pooja started riding him harder.

Raghav smiled and started thrusting harder from below. His own orgasm building.

“Don’t you dare to cum. Ohhhh fuckkkk…. Harderrrr.” Pooja shouted.

Raghav didn’t knew how he was able to control himself. God has gifted him that self-restraint. But he wanted badly to cum in her wife’s pussy.

“Yesssss…. Yessssss. Harderrrr…. Don’t cum…… Yeesssssssssssss.” Pooja came again and fell on him, breathing hard.

As her orgasm subsided, Raghav thought to nail her hard and get her release. But before, he could pin down his wife, Pooja pulled herself from Raghav’s cock. Juices leaked from her cunt. Raghav’s mouth was wide open.

“Bitch, I didn’t came yet.” Raghav shouted.

“I know honey. It’s your punishment to nail Kavita without my knowledge.” Pooja said, as if it was nothing big.

Raghav just kept looking angrily at his wife.

“Oh honey. Your fucking cock had too much adventures today. Don’t dare to take it further. Sleep well now. You love your wife. You can take such a small punishment for her.” Pooja said, laughing and getting to sleep.

Raghav was angry but he didn’t said anything and tried to deflate his cock.

Pooja turned her back to Raghav and tried to sleep. Raghav was not able to sleep as he was denied his release.

After few minutes, Pooja said slowly, closing her eyes, “Honey, you can cuddle me from behind and rub your cock on my ass. But no cumming. I can do atleast this much for my loving fucking cheating husband.”

“Bitch.” Raghav said and cuddled his wife from behind. His cock atleast finding something to rest.

“Yours” Pooja said, smiling and fading to her tiredness and went to sleep.


Raghav got up early morning, horny and frustrated. Pooja was in a blissful sleep, lying naked on the bed. Raghav wished to pound her rough and get her much needed release. But he decided not to disturb her wife’s embrace with sleep.

Raghav got ready for the morning, had his yoga and meditation done, prepared the breakfast. He got his wife’s favourite breakfast ready. Raghav made to the bedroom to awake his beautiful wife. Pooja got up to find Raghav ready for the day.

“Oh baby, you already rolling for the day.” Pooja said, yawning, het entire naked body on display.

“Yeah, couldn’t sleep any further. Honey, breakfast is ready. It’s your favourite.” Raghav said, kissing her.

“Oh my. You are such a darling. And I am such a bitch.” Pooja said, grinning, getting up to get dressed.

“You are.” Raghav said, tapping her ass, leaving the room.

Pooja came in her robes to find breakfast served on the table. Its aroma brought a smile on her face.

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