Race to Eleven Ch. 03

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Kamna was breathing heavy and Raghav was brought to his senses by Pooja’s call. Raghav had one of the hell of a fuck. Raghav had a guilt now that he has cheated his wife. The phone was ringing continuously. He picked up the call.

“Honey, where are you? I have been calling since long. It’s my third call.” Pooja talked on phone.

“Mmm, I think phone was on silent mode. I am at home.” Raghav replied unconvincingly.

Pooja knew that Raghav was not telling the truth. She can sense the panic in his voice and was having a mischievous grin. She thought that her plan has worked but wanted to be 100% sure.

“Had Kamna thoroughly? I mean Kamna worked thoroughly?” Pooja grinned on phone.

“What? I mean, she is working.” Raghav panicked.

“Is she working hard? It takes lot to satisfy you. Although she has big assets to work with” Pooja started her game.

“What do you mean? Honey, I want to… Nothing.” Raghav replied.

He couldn’t lie to her. He had guilt of cheating his wife and actually he enjoyed it thoroughly, forgetting completely about her.

“Raghav, I hope you will have best to your appetite. Don’t remain hungry dear.” Pooja again grinned.

Raghav felt guilty and also turned on with her wife’s comments. He was a bit pissed. He knew Pooja was playing games.

“You are such a bitch. When you are coming back home?” Raghav asked annoyingly.

“My hubby wants time at home alone. Don’t worry. Will take few hours more. Have your lunch fully and properly. Don’t have regrets.” Pooja answered and cut the phone.

“She is impossible.” Raghav said to himself. His guilt has somewhat subsided but he felt that he should have told Pooja. Rather confess to her. He thought to dial back. He turned back to see Kamna standing behind. She was putting up her blouse and her cleavage was still in display.

“Madam called? Is she already back?” Kamna asked with devious smile.

She knew Raghav liked the view and surely would give her one good fucking if they have time. She had a fucking of her life time just few minutes ago. But her cunt wanted more. She wanted Raghav to fill her fertile cunt with baby making juice.

“It will take few more hours for her to reach home. So I can cook you up properly for the lunch.” Raghav grinned.

“How much you eat sir? You have already boiled me up. How much you want to cook more? You could had me raw, too. I will not complain.” Kamna gave a shy smile.

“I loved boiled food. Where the food is fleshy and juicy. You would taste raw also good, though.” Raghav smiled, moving closer towards Kamna.

“Sir, can I call you Sahabji? You can have your lunch the way you want Sahabji.” Kamna stood completely surrendered with hands held high. She needed to be taken. She needed to be fucked and used.

Raghav didn’t wasted a second and made her completely naked. He also came out from his clothes and stood there naked with cock throbbing hard. Her boobs and well fucked cunt was on display. He picked her up through her thighs and bend her on his shoulders. Her buttocks were swaging as he took her to his bedroom. With one hand on her buttock, he mauled it roughly. “hmm.. Juicy and fleshy.”

Kamna gave a moan. Her cunt, which was freshly fucked, started oozing more juices. She was ready to get fucked once again with his Sahabji’s hard cock. She wanted it to rip her cunt open.

Raghav kept mauling Kamna’s ass, till he reached the bed and threw Kamna on the bed. Kamna’s boobs swayed vigorously as she hit the bed. Her breathing had become fast. Her anticipation of getting fucked again by her Sahabji was making her go wild.

“Kamna, your boobs make me crazy. I just wish to keep drinking milk from it.” Raghav started mauling her left boob with one hand and took the right nipple in his mouth and started sucking it as if milk would come out from her milk tankers.

“Oh, Sahabji, keep sucking it. Oohhhh… it feels so nice… I would love to produce milk from my jugs for you Sahabji. You breed me and I would be in heaven to have your baby.” Kamna was in ecstasy and her cunt was on fire.

Raghav’s cock was standing straight for the action. It needed Kamna’s cunt to rest. He kept sucking the nipple and placed his cock at her entrance, one more time. She gave away a moan, anticipating her Sahabji’s cock will fill her completely. Raghav gave a hard thrust and deposited entire cock in her wet pussy at one go. Kamna’s mouth was wide open and she screamed her ecstasy out.

“Sahabjiiiiiiii.. Oh my god… Its filling me like nothing has filled me before… fuuucckkkkkk mmeeeee.” Kamna shouted.

Raghav started pounding her really hard from beginning. She was taking his hard strokes without any complaint. But Kamna was breathing very hard to adjust those strokes. Raghav continued his onslaught on her nipples with his mouth. Both nipples were erect and had become red due to the rough biting from Raghav.

“Bitch, your husband doesn’t give you the baby? He doesn’t cum in you? Bitch, who is the father of your second child?” kızılay escort Raghav said, continuing his onslaught.

“Fuccckkkkk… Oh sahabjiii. He would be ready to cum in me anytime. But I don’t allow him. Hardderrrrrr… My second child is from my lover. hmmmm… Donttt stopppp plleassseee sahabjiiii.” Kamna was now breathing harder and was covered in full sweat due to hard pounding from Raghav.

“Bitch, you are a cock hungry slut, don’t you? Your cunt needs good pounding.” Raghav continued his onslaught. He knew he could last now for a long time as he has cum already once. Kamna was now on the verge of her climax.

“Sahabji, what to do? Hmmmm… Pllleassseee dddonnnnttt stttoooppp… My cunt is hungry for cock and my fertile womb needs the cum. Fucckkkkk… cummmminnnggggggggggg.” Kamna came hard and her moans could be heard in the entire house.

Raghav continued ramming hard and didn’t slow down at all. Kamna was now shaking vigorously. Her climax was not subsiding and Raghav’s onslaught was not allowing her to cool down.

“Take it slut. You cock hungry whore. Take it all.” Raghav roared.

” Hmmm… Oohhhh fucckkkkk… Ittsss too much… fucckkkkkk… cummminnngggg.. pllleassseeeee stopppppp.” Kamna mumbled. Her eyes closed.

Raghav continued pounding her hard. His orgasm was nowhere near and his inside monster was showing no pity to Kamna. Kamna was mumbling and her words couldn’t be understood. She was shaking vigorously. After few minutes of continuous pounding, Raghav took a break.

His cock was still buried deep in Kamna’s pussy. Her pussy was oozing her juices and Raghav’s cock was well lubricated with it. Kamna came down from her longest orgasm of her life. She was still not able to speak and her face was covered in sweat.

“Is your cunt enjoying the pounding slut?” Raghav’s inner monster roared.

“Hmm. I went to heaven. I am your slut now Sahabji. From body and soul. You can take me whenever and wherever you want.” Kamna’s voice was slow and hard.

“Are you sure? I may demand your cunt or any of your holes anytime.” Raghav demanded.

Raghav removed his hard erect cock from her cunt and it made her hole and mouth wide open. The empty feeling in her cunt made her ache more hard cock and pounding in her draining pussy. Raghav swiftly tuned Kamna back on her stomach and gave a smack on her ass. She shivered with the slap and turned her face to see what his Sahabji is up to.

“Get on all four, slut” Raghav put his hand around her waist and pulled her bod up to make her come in her hands and knees.

Kamna was excited to get fucked in doggy style and raised her pussy to give more easy access to Raghav’s cock. Her mind and body were behaving really irrational. After getting fucked so hard, still her mind and body wanted more. Her exhaustion was making her dizzy but her ecstasy wanted his sahabji to make her cum more and more.

Raghav placed his cock once more at the entrance of her pussy and teased her with the tip of his cock. “Do you want it my slut?”

“Yes Sahabji. Please fuck your slut hard.” Kamna’s voice was hoarse.

“Really? If you are my slut, then I will fuck you in either of the holes? Do you agree?” Raghav entered the tip of his cock in her anticipating pussy.

“Yessss. Any hole you want Sahabji.” Kamna pushed backwards for more cock.

“Any place of the house? Kitchen, dining table, bedroom, bathroom or even balcony?” Raghav pushed half of his throbbing cock in her cunt.

“Yesss Sahabji. Fuccckkkk” Kamna’s cunt was once again dripping juices.

“I will fuck even if other people are around. Even Pooja in the house.” Raghav bottomed his cock in her ever accepting pussy.

“Yesssssss. Whatever you want Sahabji. Fucckkkk. I will never complain… Fucckkkk meeeee.” Kamna started rolling back and front to get fucked.

Raghav started pounding her cunt hard. He wanted to rip her cunt open. Kamna was moaning like a women possessed. She wanted it really rough and hard now. She pushed herself backwards on every thrust to get Raghav’s cock as deeper as possible. She started shaking vigorously again, her orgasm building one more time. She has lost the count of how many times she came today.

“Slut, are you going to cum again? You can’t cum until you tell me what all I can do to my slut.” Raghav giving long thrusts.

“Fucckkkkkk… Ohh Sahabjiii. Let your slut cummm. Pleaaseeee. Harrdeerrrr. Fuckkkk.” Kamna begged looking backward to Raghav. Her eyes were pleading Raghav. But her eyes had pleasure too, for delaying her orgasm.

Raghav pulled her hair with one hand giving a deeper angle and Raghav’s cock almost entering her womb. She groaned like a wild animal. It was too much for her to control now. Raghav smacked her ass hard with his other hand.

“No slut, not until you tell me.” Raghav enjoyed his inner monster.

‘Fucckkkkk. Oohhhhhh… hmmmm… You can fuck your slut day and night sahabji. Hmmmm… harderrrr… Your slut will suck your cock every day and swallow your etlik escort cum. Fucckkkk mmeeee… Harder, please harderrrrr… You can parade your slut naked at your home. Ohhhhh… Oh god… oh god fuckkk… Your slut will eagerly fuck you while cooking or cleaning. Let me cummmm pleasseeeee. Sahabji, you own your slut’s clothes. I beg you sahabjiii, please. Your slut will wear whatever my sahabji likes. fucckkkkkkkkk.” Kamna’s pleasure was unbearable to herself.

“More slut.” Raghav smacked her ass cheeks again.

“ooouuuuchhhh… Oh my god. Oh my god.. Pleassee… You can cum in my fertile pussy always. Pleasseee sahabjii… let me cummm. You can breed your slut always. Fuucckkk. I will bear your child as my husband’s… ohhh mmyyy goooddddd. Sahabji can suck and drink milk from his slut’s milk jugs after her slut gives birth to his children. fuckkkk meeee… ohhh… I can’t take any more sahabji. Pleaseeeee. Cummmmminnngggggggggg. Fuckkkkk.” Kamna couldn’t control herself and came like a flowing stream.

She was shaking uncontrollably. Her mind was like a thin vapour. No thoughts at all. She has passed away. Raghav was also on the verge now. Kamna’s words has made his cock pulsing vigorously. He continued his pounding. He wanted to cum. His mind was not working and just didn’t care of the consequences. He wanted to cum in Kamna’s fertile pussy and breed her for real. He started thrusting harder and was now ready to cum in her pussy.

And the doorbell rang at that moment. Raghav came to his sense and remained shocked with his cock still buried deep in Kamna’s leaking cunt. Kamna too opened her eyes from the halting of onslaught on her poor cunt. But still she was dizzy and her mind was not thinking properly.

Raghav’s mind came out of freeze and he became afraid. He started thinking whether Pooja is already home. But she said that she will take few hours. He looked towards the watch hanging on the wall. It was hour since he talked to his wife. An hour long fucking has worn out Kamna completely.

Raghav panicked. He started to think. If Pooja was at home, then she could have come directly inside with her key. Why she will ring the bell. But then who was at the door. The bell was continuously ringing.

Raghav didn’t understand what to do. Kamna was also coming to her senses. Now, she too started to panic. Raghav wanted to cum so badly but he can’t anymore, at least before he answers the door. He removed his cock from her cunt. Her cunt didn’t wanted to get empty again. Kamna reluctantly let Raghav get up from the bed. He started looking for his clothes and went to the door.

He peeped from the hole and found out Pooja standing at the door. She was continuously ringing the bell. Raghav’s legs trembled. He didn’t understand what to do.

“Coming” He shouted at the door itself, without giving any thought. He collected Kamna’s clothes too and ran towards the bedroom. Kamna was still dizzy and soaking into her orgasms.

“Pooja is home. Get up and wear your clothes. Fuck, I am dead. Get ready quickly and make the bed too.” Raghav said in panic.

Kamna too, now came to her senses fully. She got up from the bed and started to get panic.

“Sir, what to do now?” Kamna took her clothes and started wearing them.

“Fuck, I don’t know. You get ready and make the bed fast. I will get to the door.” Raghav said and started putting his clothes. His cock was still not completely down. He was aware about it, but had no other option but to open the door.

Raghav, dressed completely, with semi hard cock making a good show, opened the door and let Pooja in. Pooja, somewhere aware of the reason for Raghav taking this long to open the door, came charging in with a false anger.

“What took you so song? What were you doing?” Pooja asked in mocked anger.

“Ah. Was asleep, heard your bell late. Honey, you came early.” Raghav managed to reply.

“Should I have not come early? Have I disturbed you in something?” Pooja asked again in anger. But a ray of smile came on her face. She went close to Raghav and whispered in ear “Honey, if you were asleep, then how come you shouted at door first and then took time to open the door?

Raghav had no words to say and was standing dumb folded in front of her. Pooja knew that he was somewhere deep busy and if she was right then he must have been busy with Kamna. Pooja noticed Raghav’s semi hard cock and gave a laugh. She quickly took hold his cock from above the trouser and started caressing it slowly. Raghav was took shocked with the words and action both, to reply or react.

“Oh honey, were you thinking about me in the sleep or about that slut Rita? Oh, or may be your new slut Kamna?” Pooja laughed stroking his cock.

Raghav just nodded his head, unknowingly, saying yes or no. his cock was getting fully hard again. Pooja was enjoying the torture and now took hold of Raghav’s cock. Pooja again whispered in Raghav’s ears

“Did you had your lunch properly or my arrival kept it incomplete? demetevler escort How she tasted?” Pooja gave a mischievous smile and pressed his cock hard.

“Ahh. No I didn’t had lunch yet. I, want to say something to you. You please don’t get angry.” Raghav said with a guilt.

Pooja understood what Raghav wanted to say or may be she was somewhat sure that maybe Raghav might have fucked Kamna. She was somewhere excited too, along with being jealous. Somewhere, deep in heart, she wanted this to happen after last night rough fucking she got from her husband.

“Where is Kamna? Is she working or was she too sleeping with you?” Pooja continued caressing his cock to make him more uncomfortable.

“Ah. What? I want to. I mean.” Raghav tried to say, but couldn’t get words.

“Is she still sleeping naked in our bedroom?” Pooja tested how deep the water is.

“No, I mean she is in bedroom, getting ready. I mean making bed and cleaning the room.” Raghav gave up completely.

“Fuck, did you fucked that whore hard?” Pooja asked mocking false anger.

“I am sorry Pooja. I am a bad husband.” Raghav started explaining but Pooja cut him down by placing her lips on her and gave a good wet kiss, still keeping her one hand on his hard growing erection. Raghav felt silent and didn’t speak anything.

Kamna came out of the bedroom, dressed again and saw Pooja kissing Raghav. She felt a bit jealous but she has got a good fucking today. Her body was feeling the ache of exhaustion. Pooja saw Kamna coming out of her bedroom and continued to kiss Raghav for a second or so to give a view to Kamna. She let go Raghav and his fully erect cock.

“Hey Kamna, what you were doing in my bedroom? Raghav said he was sleeping.” Pooja asked intentionally.

“Ah madam, I was cleaning the room. Sahabji, I mean sir was sleeping in the hall.” Kamna tried to cover up, though not that convincing.

“Oh. I thought something stupid. Is cleaning done? Got your work done properly?” Pooja asked innocently.

“Yes Madam.” Kamna replied and tried to adjust her clothes once again.

“Kamna, you must be tired with all the work done. Raghav at home, means, he might have made you work really hard. I hope you don’t have any complaints. You take off. Rest well. I will take it from here.” Pooja said to Kamna.

Kamna, didn’t know what to reply. She was puzzled what Pooja intended and how much she knows about the fucking she got from her Sahabji.

“Ok madam. But, I haven’t prepared lunch. Should I prepare it?” Kamna asked, avoiding eye contact with Pooja

“Oh, I thought you might have satisfied Raghav’s hunger. So bad Kamna, you kept Sahabji hungry. Now, I need to satisfy his hunger. I mean, I will cook for him. You take rest.” Pooja replied with an innocent face.

“No madam, I will never keep Sahabji hungry. I mean ‘sir’.” Kamna replied instantly, without noticing that Pooja was teasing her. Raghav didn’t understood what to say. Both the ladies were making him their toy for fun.

“It’s ok Kamna. I was just kidding. I know you can fully satisfy his hunger.” Pooja giggled.

Kamna gave a shy smile. Somewhere, she felt happy at those words. Kamna has got what she wanted from so many days and she was not disappointed. Her Sahabji can really make woman cum hard. Without saying further, she looked towards her Sahabji and gave him a smile and left the flat.

Raghav gave back an awkward smile and tried to adjust his hard on. Pooja gave a big giggle. She kissed Raghav hard again as soon as Kamna left. Pooja came down on her knees and her hand had already started unzipping Raghav’s trouser.

“Was Kamna a good fuck, honey? Or should I say Sahabji.” Pooja grinned.

Raghav couldn’t reply. He was silent. A guilt ran through his mind. But his cock was standing in attention.

“Honey, I am sorry.” Raghav could manage.

“Shut up honey. I know how big slut she is. I am super horny. I just kept imagining what all things you two might have done in my absence. Was she a good fuck?” Pooja smiled.

Raghav’s cock was already out of his trouser and was placed in the hands of Pooja. She stroked it and brought her mouth to the tip of the cock.

“Yes, I couldn’t resist. I fucked her hard.” Raghav said.

“Hmm. Could smell her on your cock. Her juices are still fresh on your cock. Bastard, now tell me how you fucked that slut?” Pooja said, her breathing hard. And she started sucking his cock, looking into his eyes.

“Oh fuckkk. I fucked her hard. Ohh… I fucked her on the dining table. Oh her boobs are so soft and big. Fuckkk.” Raghav started mumbling, having no more guilt. His cock was throbbing hard in Pooja’s mouth.

Pooja started sucking her cock hard. “You bastard. You fucked that whore. Tell me, did that whore enjoyed my fucking bastard husband.” Pooja shouted and started sucking his cock with a lightning speed.

“Fuckkkkkk… Oh… Yea. Your fucking husband make that whore scream all the way to many orgasms. She is a fucking slut. My fucking slut. Your husband’s fucking slut. Fuckkkk.. I fucked her on our bed. Where I fuck you bitch. Fuckkk… I am close.” Raghav was now in heaven. She took hold of Pooja’s head and started pushing his cock deep in her throat. Pooja started to choke and struggle.

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