Quickie: Late Night Snack

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Once again, special thanks to Ciguardian for his invaluable insights and his editing. I appreciate the efforts my friend. All character over the age of 18.

With a weary grimace, Harold opened the fridge, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he reached for the carton of milk. His fingers didn’t close on the expected object though, with a grunt, he looked to see that it was missing; sure it was there a few hours earlier. Looking up, he saw his daughter, Eileen, standing at the counter. The cold light of the refrigerator illuminated her lush figure, the over-sized t-shirt hiding her growing belly but not her breasts and the hard nipples making large round points in the cotton.

Rubbing his face, Harold took in the sight of her, his body reacting swiftly to the forbidden desires that were never far from the surface when she was around. Her well-toned legs and mouth-watering ass, the cheeks of which peeked out from under the hem of the shirt, all conspired to send the blood to his lower head. His eyes worked higher, to the round swell of her belly. The baby three months in the works, residing just beneath the surface, was the reason she had returned home and thrown the wrench in his plans for the empty nest. Two years out of high school and she was back home, the father of her baby nameless and long gone.

“Looking for something, daddy?” she asked, turning her head to look at him. Her crystal blue eyes locked on his, and she flashed him that lilting smile that made every man think she was considering taking him to bed, not even Harold was immune to her considerable charms.

“Well, I came down for some milk,” Harold said slowly. His voice trailed off as he continued to drink in the vision of her, his cock beginning to push out against the soft material of his boxers, his fingers scratching idly and jostling his growing hardness.

“I’m making some milk,” Eileen joked, her hand sliding over her burgeoning breast, “but it won’t be ready for a while.” She could feel his eyes upon her, the familiar feel of a man looking her over sent the usual thrill through her body, the growing tingle in her pussy not caring that it was her daddy.

“Here let me pour you a glass,” she offered.

Shutting the fridge Harold moved to her side, his hair standing on end as he could smell the soft scents of her shampoo and the lotion she rubbed on her belly. Just being near her was a sweet torture. Three months of exile from his wife’s sweet embrace had taken its toll, and he wasn’t sure how much more he could endure. Eileen poured the glass full of milk, holding it up for him. His hand brushed against hers as he took hold of the glass, and he caught her eyes watching him intently as he took a long drink.

“Mom not being cooperative again?” she asked slyly.

The single grunt that formed Harold’s reply elicited a bright smile from her.

“Oh, poor daddy,” she said softly. “My coming home has put Mom back into deep freeze, huh?”

His growl only made her eyes widen, her suspicions now confirmed. She touched his chest through his t-shirt, and the feel of his muscular body next to her tiny frame made her feel that special warmth, and not the kind a girl usually gets from her dad.

“You know, pregnancy does weird things to a woman’s body.” She began hesitantly.

Harold took another gulp, looking at her questioningly. Pursing her lips, Eileen rubbed her knees together, searching for an angle to scratch the growing itch. “The hormones sort of run wild, and they can drive a girl crazy if she doesn’t have a release.”

“Yeah, I feel you there,” Harold said, finishing off the glass, though he didn’t move away. He stood almost directly over her, trying not to be obvious while he took in the clear view of her tits, the soft skin of her bosom calling out to him hypnotically.

“I bet you do,” she said, her hand coming to rest on top of his. “You know daddy, I’m a woman.”

Harold’s eyes narrowed as he turned to consider her carefully, her words sounding alarms in his head, though he was choosing to ignore them for the moment.

“And you know I’ve had steady boyfriends in the past. Heck,” she patted her growing belly, “I’m pregnant right now. I’m used to certain things and since I’ve been home, well, I’ve been going without, just like you.” Her finger tips traced along the sides of his index finger, the tiny sensation sending jolts throughout his body.

“Baby, your mother–” he began unsteadily.

“Neglects you and has for years,” Eileen whispered fiercely. “I know what goes on, or more importantly, what doesn’t go on, in this house!” In her anger she gripped his hand firmly and then softened, covering his with her smaller hands.

“You have needs, as do I, Daddy.” Eileen lifted his hand up to her lips, kissing it softly before bringing it down to rest in the valley between her breasts. “There is no shame in helping each other out with our needs.”

Harold tried to pull his hand back, but Eileen bursa escort held it tightly, not allowing him to escape, as she lifted her eyes to look into his. She could see the desire hidden there, had always felt it in his gaze, but knew that he kept it in check, despite the cold world of denial in which he lived.

“Daddy,” she whispered, molding her body to his. With the soft press of her boobs against his ribs and the smell of her hair filling his nostrils, Harold couldn’t control the way his body reacted any more than he could have controlled the tide.

“Oh daddy,” Eileen cooed with delight, feeling his hardened cock pressing into the soft underside of her belly, “I know exactly what you need.” She slid her hand up his leg, her fingers lightly scratching his inner thigh as she lifted higher, cupping his hefty balls in her hand.

“Eileen, don’t-” Harold said, trying to brush her hand away, but she pressed tighter against him. To reach her hand he’d have to wrap his arm around her, and that would only pull her body closer. He sighed heavily, ashamed that he couldn’t control his reaction, as he felt the last of his will being shredded slowly by her insistence.

“Shh. I’m a mommy now; I know how a daddy needs to be taken care of,” Eileen said softly. “Let this mommy take care of her daddy.”

Closing his eyes, Harold turned so that he was leaning back against the counter, trying to convince himself that he was only an innocent bystander, a victim of circumstance. With her quirky smile set upon her lips, Eileen slid her body against her father’s, her breasts dragging from the lower half of his chest down across his stomach, her nipples burning streaks into his flesh. Harold wondered to which circle of hell he would be relegated for this sin, but, as his daughters hands pulled at his boxers and freed his aching cock, he knew that, whatever punishment he was given, it would be worth it.

“Oh,” Eileen gasped with delight, “it’s so big and hard! I’m gonna love taking care of my daddy!”

Her fingers curled around his shaft, the feel of her touch causing Harold to groan in disbelief. She watched as a drop of clear liquid gathered at the slit, a glob of sweet desire that she couldn’t resist tasting. He felt her tongue swipe over the crown of his cock, his knees nearly buckling with the unexpected sensation.

“Oh, daddy liked that, huh?” she asked, stroking him gently, her fingers sliding across his humid flesh. “Then you are gonna love this.”

Eileen opened her mouth, her tongue pressed forward, sliding along the underside of her father’s cock as she pushed it into the wetness slowly. Her lips relented as the crown pressed against them, her watered anticipation of this act coating him liberally as he slid into her face as easily as if it was a well-juiced cunt. To Harold, the feeling was beyond anything he could remember. His wife hadn’t bothered to give him head in ages, since well before Eileen had entered high school.

She took him in slowly, savoring the delicious sin of taking her father’s cock into her mouth.

The taste and smell of this, the most forbidden of penises, was not something she could rush. She knew she’d do this again, if her father let her, but there would never be another first time. So, with deliberate slowness, she suckled upon her father’s sex, working more of it into her wet mouth in gradual steps. Harold listened to the slurping, felt the suction on his cock, her lips and tongue squeezing and licking at a quick, steady pace.

Breathing deeply through her nose, Eileen pushed forward, her own desire threatening to make her rush through this act, though she tried to tell herself that she was only going faster for her father’s sake. At last the tip of his cock nudged the back of her throat, causing her to cough just the slightest bit. Harold tried to pull back, fearing for his daughter, but she brushed his hands aside, wordlessly assuring him that she was perfectly fine. Taking another deep breath, Eileen stopped sucking and just pressed forward, allowing her father’s cock to slip into her throat.

“Oh fuck,” Harold groaned, never having felt this sensation before. The fact that it was his daughter performing this feat on him made something snap in his mind and he could no longer hold back the explosion that had been growing since he first spotted Eileen standing at the counter.

The spurt of jizz that poured into her throat surprised Eileen, and she pulled back, another blast landing on her tongue and sloshing in her mouth. Stroking her father’s cock, she moved it so that the spitting tip was pressed against her lips, another glob of cum oozing out and coating them before she opened up and licked the slippery seed into her mouth.

Harold huffed and puffed, trying to catch his breath from the most intense orgasm he’d had in years. His mind was numb, unable to believe that his little girl, his pregnant daughter, knew how to do such a thing, and that she had just done it to bursa escort bayan him. He opened his eyes at last, looking down at her where her satisfied smile made his heart quicken.

“Baby, we shouldn’t have-” Harold started.

“Yes, we should have,” she interrupted again. She seemed to be doing that a lot lately. “And we aren’t done yet.” Eileen took his hand and led him to the couch where she sat down and pulled at him until he sat next to her.

“Baby I can’t do this to you, it’s wrong,” Harold objected. “I’m your father.”

“I know,” Eileen answered simply, taking his hand and placing it on her left tit, pushing his fingers until he was groping her tenderly. “Oh god, I need this,” she moaned. “I’ve been going nuts, dying for you to touch me daddy. Do I feel nice daddy? My titties have been getting bigger since I got pregnant. My bras are getting too small to hold them.”

Harold tried to speak, but the words would not come and he was left with his mouth hanging open as he tried to deny how much he loved touching her this way.

“You knew that, huh? I’ve seen you staring at me, at them,” she squeezed his hand tighter about her tit, “when you think I’m not looking.”

Harold brought up his other hand and cupped her right tit as well, squeezing them and then pushing them together. Their soft roundness, the sweet weight of them, rolling in his hands was more than he could have imagined. Eileen just sighed, closing her eyes and enjoying the feel of her father’s forbidden touch. After some minutes, Harold slid his hand down across her tummy, lovingly caressing the bulge that was beginning to show. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to the top, Eileen sliding her hands through his hair and stroking him as he peppered her with kisses.

“Do you find me sexy, daddy?” Eileen asked. She felt him nod his head, her smile beaming in the darkness. “Am I sexier now because I’m pregnant?” Once again he nodded, vigorously. “I’ve always known that you thought I was sexy. That’s why you hardly gave me any hugs growing up, huh? You were afraid I’d find out your secret.”

Harold just held on to her, his hands clasping behind her back as he hugged her tightly. His mind reeled, “How could she have known?” he wondered. He’d tried so hard to hide his feelings, but apparently he was easier to read than he had guessed. In his attempt to protect her from his deviancy he had pushed her away, possibly causing her to seek out destructive relationships like the one that had left her pregnant and alone.

“It’s alright, Daddy,” Eileen whispered, her fingers still sliding through his hair as she leaned to kiss the top of his head. “I’ve known, for years, what I do to you. I longed to be more than just a daughter to you, but I saw how hard you fought against it, so I never made that move. Now? Now, I see that we need each other more than ever – and I’m not gonna let you suffer alone anymore!”

Harold looked up and knew that, at that moment, his fate was sealed. Eileen looked down at him and, even in the darkness he could see the fierce love in her eyes, not just that of a daughter, but of a woman. She pulled his face close and her lips pressed against his, her mouth opening and her tongue pushing against his lips until he relented and let her in. It was the kiss of a long-lost lover, suddenly found, and the fear that they might slip away again made it desperate and harried. Whimpering, she pulled at him, tugging at his shirt until he leaned back and pulled it off in a hurried frenzy.

While he was taking off the shirt she had removed her own. When he looked down, she was sitting before him, naked except for the boy shorts that she wore.

“Take me, daddy. I’m yours, make me yours,” she urged, turning to the side so that she was lying lengthwise on the couch. Her thighs rubbed against each other unconsciously, once again trying to scratch that itch inside. He could smell her now, strong and pungent, the scent of a woman in heat.

“I want to taste you,” Harold said hoarsely, the words coming out of his mouth without thinking. His wife hadn’t let his face near her pussy in ages. It was something that he had dearly loved to do and now, with his daughter open before him, he couldn’t deny his urge.

“I want to eat your pussy, baby,” he said, looking her in the eyes.

“Okay, daddy,” she whispered, awed that her father would want to do something so intimate with her. She had worried that she might have to work harder to seduce him, but he had come along easier than she had guessed. Lifting one leg, she rested it upon his shoulder, opening her body to him, offering him unrestricted access to her kitty.

Harold’s hands shook as he took hold of the soft, lacy trim of her underwear, the feel of them so feminine that for a moment he was mesmerized. His fingers slid over the flare of her hip, lost in the sight and smell of her, his body reacting once again to their closeness. Looking into her eyes, he was moved by the escort bursa hunger there, her need clearly written on her face as she waited for him, her father, to take her. Pulling, he slipped the shorts of her body, Eileen lifting her hips so that he could uncover her ass and then he was slipping them off her feet.

Looking down, Eileen had pushed her knees apart, her pussy covered in dark, wispy hairs that curled around the lips, Harold had never seen a more beautiful sight in all of his life. There was a gleam of moisture where she was opening for him, a flower unfurling its petals as the sun came out to warm its soft leaves, beckoning him inward. Kneeling on the floor before her, Harold lowered his face between her thighs, taking a deep breath, the smell of her aroused body washing over him and sending his mind into a whirlwind of colors and emotions as he experienced his daughter in this new way for the first time.

“Oh, Daddy,” Eileen whispered, her hand cradling the back of his head as he dipped his tongue into her slit. The wetness that seeped from her sex was thick and sweet, like honey and wine. She twisted her hips, hunching her pussy against his exploring lips, covering her father’s face in her cream as he swiped at her clit before diving into her opening.

Eileen’s moans and whimpers were punctuated by the loud slurping of her father feasting on her cunny. Three orgasms racked her body, forcing her to bite into the pillow to keep from crying out loudly and possibly waking her mother, before she finally pushed her dad away, unable to take his oral assault on her pussy any longer.

“I want to eat you more,” Harold said, his voice regaining some of the firmness that she remembered as a child, the tone he seemed to have lost in the last ten years or so.

“I know,” Eileen said sweetly, “and you will. But right now Daddy needs to fuck his little momma. I need your big, hard dick in my cunt.” Her words had cut through his haze, the curse words making him flinch coming from her sweet mouth. “You do want to fuck me, right?” she teased. Sitting up, she pushed him back and reached down between his legs, finding his dick standing straight up and rock hard. “Ahh, that’s what I thought. Daddy does want to fuck his dirty little girl.”

Eileen guided him up onto the couch where Harold sat, staring wide eyed as she backed up on him, her legs straddling his and then she lowered her pussy to his upright rod. Harold’s eyes rolled back in his head as his cock was enveloped by the soaked, velvet grip of his daughter’s sugar walls. Slowly she sank down, letting the weight of her body drive him into her until at last his balls were squished up against the plump cheeks of her ass, their pubic hairs nestling together. He could feel her flexing, the grip of her cunt squeezing his cock in a slow, steady rhythm.

“Oh baby, you are so bad. I love it,” he admitted.

“I knew you would, Dad,” she cooed, leaning back and kissing him deeply on the mouth, their tongues battling back and forth lewdly, their slurps mingling with the wet sounds of their fucking. He lifted her up, giving her room to shift her hips so that she could slide him in and out easily.

Eileen grabbed at her breasts, squeezing them tightly and pinching her nipples until the pain matched her pleasure. Soon the sound of her ass slapping against her father’s stomach filled the room, a counter-rhythm to their gasps and heavy breathing. Harold felt her pussy clamp down on him, signaling her orgasm as she pushed down against him, driving his cock as deep into her as she could manage. As it passed she began to fuck him furiously, her hips a blur as she worked to claim his second load.

“Oh god, baby, I’m gonna cum! You need to get off! I can’t cum in you!” Harold gasped.

“Yes you can, dad,” Eileen huffed. “I’m already knocked up! You can’t get me more pregnant. This is the best thing about being preggers: you can cum in me all you want, and no one will ever know!”

Her words triggered his release, and he pulled her down onto him, his hands holding onto her hips tightly, Harold thrust up and felt his seed rocket from his body, spurting deep inside his baby girls’ gasping pussy. Eileen exploded in another orgasm of her own, their wetness leaking from her and soaking Harold’s lap and the cushion below.

It was a long while before the living room was once again quiet with the sound of their soft breathing. Eileen curled up on her father’s lap, his limp cock pressing into the cheek of her ass as she held onto his neck, cradled in his arms. The smell of their coupling was strong in the air, though neither seemed to mind or had any concerns regarding it.

“You remember how the sewing room and the painting room used to be bedrooms?” Eileen asked without preamble as she held onto her father. Her mother’s crafts had seemed to take over most of the house, her hobbies having obviously become more important than her marriage.

“Yeah, why?” he asked quizzically.

“Well, I’m thinking that we may want to make them into bedrooms again,” she said, chuckling softly.

“We already have a room for the baby,” Harold explained, confused as it seemed he was pointing out the obvious.

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