Pure Vanilla

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Author’s Notes: This story is deliberately short. The title refers to the style as much as to the “conventional” sex described . . .

Vanilla is a flavor derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla, primarily from the Mexican species, flat-leaved vanilla (V.planifolia). It is the second most expensive spice after saffron, because growing the vanilla seed pods is labor-intensive. Despite the expense, vanilla is highly valued for its flavor.

Vanilla sex is what a culture regards as standard sexual behavior. Different cultures, subcultures, and individuals have different ideas about what constitutes this type of sex. Often, it is interpreted as sex which does not involve such elements as BDSM, kink, or fetish activities, and is therefore considered plain or conventional.


Lily’s mother sipped her coffee while admiring her beautiful red-headed 21-year-old daughter across the dinner table. Carol loved her with every breath in her body, but she worried about her.

Lily was the proverbial “love child”—the unexpected result of a passionate affair Carol had had late in life. She’d never had any intention of getting together with the father, even when he left his wife, so Lily had grown up without one. Carol worried constantly that the lack of a male presence in the house had made her daughter skittish of men. Lily rarely brought boyfriends home, and never seemed to be that interested in the ones she did. She seemed more excited about her schoolwork than anything else.

Carol hoped that Lily would meet someone, but then again, she often thought, who would be good enough for her? The young boys she had brought home had been so agog at her beauty they could barely speak, and had not seemed nearly interesting enough.

Lately, however, she had noticed a change in her. Something, a small incident, had made her wonder, but if Lily didn’t want to tell her . . . “So what are your plans for the summer? Any dates lined up, dear?”

Lily smiled. “No, not yet . . .”

“What about your friends? I haven’t seen them around lately.”

“They’re off with their boyfriends. No time.”

“You should try and meet someone. Have some fun! Go out!”

Lily walked over and wrapped her arms around her from behind, while Carol reached up and held onto them. “I will, Mother, I promise.”

“So, are you off to the store?”

“Yes, I’ll close up tonight. Don’t worry about anything.” Lily kissed her on the cheek.


As Lily sped up the freeway from Orange County in the opposite direction of where she was supposed to be going, she cringed once again from the guilt of having lied to her mother. She hated it, but she was in the middle of something she knew she would not understand.

She had left someone else in charge at the store, and was on her way to see her lover. He had a little painting studio in Venice on the canals, their favorite place to meet. As she thought of Robert waiting for her, she pressed on the gas and forgot about her mother. Opening the window to inhale the scent of the eucalyptus trees lining the freeways, Lily’s body ached with anticipation.

The desert night air of Southern California swirled around her like a hot liquid bath. Los Angeles was a foul pit during the day, but the most erotic city on earth at night. The endless strip mall landscape clogged with cars disappeared when the sun went down, and a magical world took its place. Misted blue hills dotted with twinkling white lights emerged as a ring on the horizon to frame the star-filled sky. The glimmering ocean turned into a gigantic mirror reflecting the moon and clouds, the lights from the hills, and the lazily spinning carnival rides lining the boardwalk piers. A heavy scent of ocean mixed with jasmine seeped into every house. The city became softer and more primitive as nature reasserted its power. Bears, wolves, and coyotes wandered down from the hills. And everywhere was the promise of something secret, sexy, and seductive going on.

As long as she lived, Lily would never forget these nights.

She pulled up to Robert’s pink bungalow. Seeing a light on in the back, she walked around to the side door.

He met her there, opened the door, and pulled her in. In seconds he had her petite, ankara escort bayan voluptuous body pushed up against the wall, his massive arms pinning her as he kissed her mouth and fisted her thick russet ringlets with his paint-splattered hands. “What took you so long?”

Closing her eyes, Lily smiled and leaned against the wall like a rag doll, passive and weak as she sunk into a thick languor. She luxuriated in it as if she had just jumped into a deep pool.

Robert’s mouth found her throat and slowly licked and sucked its way down to her shoulder blades, stopping at the base of the neck and staying there with his hot breath against her skin. He whispered, “I’ve missed you, baby.” He kept his mouth on her neck, enjoying teasing her and making her tremble.

He brought her hands up over her head, holding them there, while pushing his cock into her belly through her dress and looking into her eyes. Their fingers stayed intertwined as they looked at each other. Powerful lust knotted them together—the raw lust of new lovers that Robert hadn’t known for a long time and that Lily was experiencing for the very first.

Robert leaned in to her wet, pink lips again, opened her mouth wide with his, and kissed her for a long time, as slowly and hotly as the desert night around them.

With her arms stretched above her, Lily felt the thick gold ring on Robert’s left hand and, being unable to do a thing about it, her nipples jumped with pleasure and hardened against his chest. He was so attuned to her body that he felt it immediately and smiled, “Mmmmmm . . . .” He brought one hand down and traced it down her throat to her breasts, and watched her nipples get harder.

Lily had no idea why his being married turned her on so much; she only knew that it did. She gazed at Robert’s body, taking in his soft, worn, plaid flannel work shirt hanging open over a too small t-shirt and faded cords. He was tall and lean, and the dark curly hairs on his stomach formed a trail downward to his creased leather belt. As her gaze went lower and she thought of his cock, a sharp, intense ache ripped through her. Knowing he was married, that he was hard, that he was here, and that he was staying late so he could fuck her made her groan involuntarily.

She hadn’t sought this out. She never thought she would have been the type to be the “other woman.” It had just sort of . . . happened, when he kept coming into the store. He was the first man she’d ever really wanted. Lily didn’t understand it; she only knew that once it had started, she couldn’t stop it.

Robert reached down to her waist and held it where her hips began to curve and then grasped her and lifted her up like it was nothing, hoisting her up so she was wrapped around him like a vine, her legs straddling his hips, her face buried in his neck. The few minutes it took to get her to the couch seemed much too long.

He sat down on the couch, leaned back, and pulled Lily down so she was lightly straddling his lap. This was where they had first had sex, and it was still the most erotic place for them to be. The smells of paint and turpentine and fresh canvas had become a permanent part of their bodies and minds. The sharp chemical odors would forever evoke jasmine and ocean and eucalyptus, hot winds, and sex.

Robert looked up at her wild red hair spreading out behind her and her creamy skin glowing like a lily, and groaned as his cock swelled. Lily made him harder than he had ever been in his life. The illicit nature of what they were doing made his cock harden and pumped up, pulsating with the intense desire that had hit him the moment she walked through the door. He whispered, “Spread your legs.” He needed to feel her through their clothes.

Lily moaned when she pulled her thighs wide open and moved forward to position his cock directly between her legs.

As Robert fondled and caressed her breasts through her dress, he started grinding up into her white cotton panties.

He loved this moment. Not fucking yet, but already fucking with their eyes as he pumped up into her in slow circles while they smiled at each other.

Lily rode him like this for a long time, reveling in their building passion until Robert couldn’t stand it anymore elvankent escort and pushed her gently backwards and off him.

Lily’s pussy throbbed to the same rhythm as her thumping heart as Robert unbuckled his belt, reached into his briefs, and pulled out his thick, hard cock. It was so engorged it curved up in an arc like the stinger of a dangerous insect, glistening with cum, hard and throbbing, all for her. Her pussy contracted violently at the sight and formed into the perfect sheath, eagerly anticipating feeling it inside her.

Robert enjoyed looking down at himself. It had been years since he’d been this hard, or had felt this pure, natural lust. Did he feel guilty? No. He’d had affairs before, but only when it was truly worth it. Lust improved life, in his opinion. He only wished his wife would go out and experience it. It could only help their marriage in the long run. He wasn’t just fucking some hot young thing; he’d never done that. But when real passion showed up, as rare as that was, he took advantage of it. And right now he wanted to see it unfold right in front of his eyes. He wanted to watch it, luxuriate in it, and completely surrender to it.

He reached down and touched Lily’s dress. “Take it off.”

Lily slid her embroidered white cotton dress up past her thighs, pulled it over her shoulders, tugged it past her tangled curls, and threw it in the corner. Shaking her hair free, she unclasped her bra while Robert pulled her panties down.

Finally, she was free and naked before him, and he sucked in his breath at her loveliness. She looked to him like a pure white flower leaning slightly back against his muscled thighs. His calloused painter’s hands ran over her pink-toned flesh, circled her stomach and hips, and flattened against her hard, dark red nipples. God she was beautiful! Haunted by the colors of her body, he wanted to paint them all, but he knew he could never get close to the reality. He reached up with one hand to caress her cheek. Lily kissed his palm. Looking him in the eyes, she brought it straight to her pussy so he could feel how wet, open, and ready she was.

Lifting Lily up by her hips, Robert pulled her forward and opened her legs. He snaked a trail of little kisses from her feet and ankles to her calves to her knees while reaching up to flatten each hand on her inner thighs to keep her spread wide for him. At the sight of the swollen pink pussy Lily was offering freely and lovingly to his eyes, lips, and tongue, Robert emitted a hot masculine groan as he continued to kiss his way up her thighs.

When his rough hands finally grasped her hips and brought her to his mouth, Lily pushed herself up on her elbows so she could look down and watch him.Oh Fuck! There was nothing more erotic in this world than the sight of the man you loved going down on you—unless, she thought, he happened to be wearing a wedding ring at the same time. She almost erupted into an orgasm right then. She groaned loudly and threw her head backwards, panting.God!This was a dark little secret she kept even from him—how much it turned her on to know he was breaking his vows while he moaned and groaned with lust, licking and sucking her wet, succulent pussy!

She stopped him. “Get inside me, baby,please!”

Robert caught the urgency in her voice, so he grabbed both of her thighs and pulled her down onto his cock in one smooth movement, sinking halfway into the most perfect wet glove. It was made for him; it sucked him in, invited his cock, and surrounded it with the most unbearable pleasure.

Holding her hips with both hands, he pushed all the way in until his veiny hard cock had entirely invaded her smooth body. Lily felt him filling her up … slowly. His cock was so THICK. It spread pleasure out from every contact, every inch, hitting her G-spot relentlessly. They both watched to take in every detail.

She rose to a straddling position and sat down hard and deep on the cock now buried entirely inside her. They began to fuck, slowly and deliciously. The old velvet couch scratched against Lily’s shins as she rocked back and forth, but she was used to it. Robert tightly held her waist, keeping her in place as he whispered, “Go slow … go etlik escort bayan slow.” They fucked languidly; neither was in a rush, and both enjoyed being saturated with pleasure as she rode and rode and rode.

Robert and Lily had made love as intimately as possible, and they had also fucked like animals. They gave in to whatever the mood happened to be. Tonight, the wind and the rich smells blowing in through the open windows made it slow and erotic. The whole city seemed to be encouraging them to take their time.

She continued to ride him as he held her hips, watched her, and whispered how hot she looked, how beautiful she was, how good she felt on his cock. Beads of sweat formed on Lily’s skin as she began to grind faster and her moans grew wilder. Each groan went directly to the cock throbbing inside her, making it twitch and swell and harden. “Oh, that’s it!” he hissed, when closer to coming, she began to gush and spasm. Lily’s wetness and escalating moans made the need to fuck harder uncontrollable. “Come here, baby.”

Robert sat up, pushed himself to the edge of the couch, and yanked her hips tight around his so he could get in deep and hard. Lily wrapped her arms around his shoulders and buried her face in his neck as she felt the thick, throbbing cock pierce her very center.

He began to rake the base of her pussy with short, hard strokes, slamming his hips into her petite body, making her moan and sweat and gasp with each one. He pulled back and took hold of her face, pushing her hair back and looking deep into her eyes. He wanted to watch the effect he was having on her and take in every detail of her escalating pleasure.

He let out a groan when he felt her pussy begin to spasm in the way he knew meant that she was just about to come. He gripped her face tighter and fiercer as he fucked his cock into her hard and fast.

Lily felt the building pressure and thought “Oh God, oh God, it was coming, it was here!” She could see the hard, curved, stinger of a cock so deep inside her; it was going to make her come!

HE was going to make her come—Robert, her hot, sexy, married lover! She could not help a loud moan escaping her mouth. The knowledge of who he was and what they were doing penetrated the deepest level of Lily’s mind as thoroughly as Robert’s cock was penetrating her pussy, and it made her slip easily into a soft, melting orgasm. It erupted from the center of her body, from the touch of his cock, in wave after wave. She groaned “Oh, honey . . . ” as the liquid pleasure flooded her body and gushing wetness spilled down her legs.

Groaning, Robert held her violently spasming body tight in his arms, to keep her still and immobile as his own orgasm shot from the base of his spine, into his balls, and through his cock. Lily’s word of endearment was the only thing he needed. He let out a deep moan when he thought her name.Lily. The cum exploded from his cock and dripped down Lily’s thighs. They moaned, both collapsing on the old couch, exhausted and happy.

They held each other for hours, talking and listening to the gentle sounds of the palm trees outside the window. The dark, velvety night was made for secret lovers. Los Angeles, spread out and sprawling, quietly pulsated, glowed, and throbbed, in sync with Lily’s orgasm-wracked body. The ocean nearby whispered as the coyotes roamed the streets looking for food to keep them satiated until the following night.


The next morning, Lily came down to the kitchen fresh and clean from a shower. She kissed her mother and hugged her familiar body through her warm, fuzzy robe.

“Morning, Mother.”

“Good morning, darling. How did it go at the store last night?”

“Oh, the usual . . .”

Carol eyed her closely. “You know, there was a man in the store the other day asking about you.”


“Robert something or other. An artist. He seemed like he knew you—”

“I have no idea who that is,” Lily said, interrupting her. “Well, I better get going. Love you!”

“I love you, too, sweetheart.”

Carol smiled to herself. So she had been right about the married man. How very odd. Had she passed something along to her daughter without knowing it? She’d never told Lily the whole story.

Her mind traveled to the past and warmth spread through her body. She thought about Lily’s father, and of the love and passion that had brought her daughter into existence, and she smiled again. Ah, well . . . THAT hadn’t turned out so bad, so who was she to judge?

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