Prized Inheritance Ch. 02

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Brandi awoke from a deep sleep, when her ringing cell phone shattered the morning quiet. It was her boss calling to beg her to attend a conference for him this week. She would need to leave this afternoon from the airport. After offering her some extra days off she accepted his request.

The trip shattered her short term plans. Her tall handsome friend Jake had asked her to help him with running off his stepmother, Janet who had lifetime rights to his inherited family house. Jake had described Janet as a plain looking prude, who was ruining his lifestyle. But the sexually uninhibited Brandi had seen through Janet’s conservative looks.

Brandi saw a burning fire in the dark brown eyes of the thirty-eight year short slender brunet. The curvy tanned redhead Brandi had kissed Janet the night before. Although Janet had seemed very physically excited, she had kept herself from kissing Brandi back. This had puzzled Brandi at first, until she realized Janet’s primary desire was for her twenty-six year old stepson.

Janet’s strong submissive nature had been detected the night before by Brandi. Brandi thought if she could get Jake to see the potential of Janet; the house she just woke up in could become an exciting place to visit. As Brandi talked on the phone, Jake left Brandi alone in his bed, so he could take a shower.

Brandi lay naked in the bed pondering her next move. She stood up and walked over to the full length mirror hanging on the wall. Her long hair was mussed up from a night of sex. She could smell a hint of sweat, cum, and her pussy juice. She used her fingers to straighten her hair just a little, wanting to keep the sex worn look. Brandi admired her allover tan; especially on her 32B breast. She rubbed her nipples to perk them up.

“Now is a perfect time for a visit to Janet,” Brandi said to herself. She turned and strolled out of the room. She swayed while walking down the hall towards Janet’s master bedroom, like she was on a runway, although she wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing. She hoped to surprise Janet.

Janet’s master bedroom was at the end of the hall on the second floor of the house. Janet’s bedroom door was wide open.

Reaching the end of the hall, Brandi leaned in and said, “How inviting to have your door open.” There was no reply, as Janet was no where to be seen. Brandi could see Janet’s elegant taste in the decor of the room. The sturdy king sized four post bed positioned in the center of the room stood out like a mountain. The Bathroom door to Brandi’s left was open. She hurried over hoping to catch Janet in a compromising position. But the bathroom was vacant.

Brandi looked the bathroom over. The huge bathroom had a shower and an oversized Jacuzzi bathtub. However the object that caught Brandi’s interest was the large vanity makeup set next to the sink.

Brandi herd foot steps behind her and she held still. Soon she felt the strong hands of Jake sliding around her mid section. He pulled her close. She could feel his bare chest on her back, but Brandi didn’t like it when she felt the towel he had wrapped around his waist on her backside. He was too modest sometimes Brandi thought.

“You’re looking for her,” Jake whispered in her ear.

“Yea, where is she.”

“She goes on her errands every morning, except Saturday. Today is Sunday, so the prude is at church and then she will go grocery shopping. She won’t be back for a couple of hours.”

Brandi pulled herself free from Jake and walked over to the vanity. “Why would a woman who doesn’t wear makeup have such a well stocked vanity?”

“I don’t know,” Jake replied. “I don’t understand a lot of things she does.”

Then Brandi gently shoved Jake aside as she went back into the bedroom. She walked over to a dresser on the bathroom side of the room and started opening the drawers. “I think there are a lot of things you don’t understand about your stepmother. She’s special.” Brandi left two of the drawers kızılay escort open. She reached in and pulled out a g-sting. “Did you know that your prudish mother only has g-strings and thongs.”

“I can’t believe that,” Jake replied, as he walked over to the dresser. The open drawer held numerous g-strings and thongs folded perfectly and stored neatly. In the corner of the drawer there appeared to be a stack of panties with more material than the rest. Jake pointed to the stack. “How about those?”

Brandi grabbed the black panty on top and held it up. “You mean this see through lacy short boy short.”

“I don’t know,” Jake answered. “Maybe she doesn’t like panty lines.”

“Take a look at this,” Brandi said, pointing to the other drawer. “Your mommy doesn’t have any pantyhose. Everything she has is stockings and laced thigh-highs. There are even six garters in here.”

“So she doesn’t like pantyhose. You don’t either.”

“I’m not crazy about too much clothing of any kind,” Brandi said pointing to herself. “Just look at me.” Jake glanced at Brandi. He had forgotten she was naked. Brandi didn’t like to be over clothed and seldom wore a bra or panties of any type. “Now I’m a fun girl aren’t I? I think your mommy is too.” Brandi liked calling Janet, mommy to Jake. She could tell she was starting to get to him by his facial expressions.

Jack slowly walked away towards the hall door. Then he turned and started walking toward the open walk-in closet. “You almost had me — but just look at these granny outfits.” Jake was viewing the neatly positioned long skirts, thick blouses, Jackets, and thick short heeled shoes beneath them. He had seen Janet wear such clothing the whole time he had known her. But Jake could only see what was on the left side of the closet from where he stood.

Brandi walked over to closet standing on the other side from Jake. She started laughing uncontrollably. With one motion she tuned on the light switch and pulled the towel clad Jake into the closet. His mouth gaped open from the sight before him. The right side of the large closet was filled with the sexiest assortment of clothing imaginable. There were corsets, baby dolls, chemise, costumes, and sexy dresses. The dresses were all short with plunging necklines, some even made of leather. Shoes and boots with high thin heels lined the floor.

There was a shelf above the clothing, which had four wigs. One wig was a redhead and the other three were blond formed in different styles.

“Somebody likes to play dress up,” Brandi said.

“Those can’t be hers.”

“Their all her size,” she said, holding a dark blue dress up to her body. The redheaded Brandi thought she look good in it. “I bet she wears this with the red wig.” Then something caught her eye.

“What’s this?” Brandi said, walking down to a small dresser at the back of the closet. The old warn wood dresser had three drawers. She opened the two small top drawers first. They held lacy and satin gloves on one side and more lingerie folded in the other. Then she opened the third and larger drawer on the bottom. She turned back to Jake. “You need to see this.”

The drawer contained a large assortment of vibrators dildos, restraints, and two picture albums. Jake stood motionless. Brandi picked up one picture album and started flipping trough the pages. The pages were of Janet dressed in all the clothing and lingerie from the closet. In some pictures she appeared bound to the bed or restrained in some manner.

“Quite a body don’t you think,” Brandi said. She handed the album to Jake. “She has an incredible face too, when she highlights her features with makeup.” Jake had to sit down on the closet floor as his legs grew weak. His jaw held open.

Jake could see, Janet had a toned body. And despite being thin, her legs were very shapely and the stockings she wore in most pictures accented them perfectly. Her behind was incredibly round and firm looking. etlik escort Brandi marveled in how she could have kept it hidden.

“Now her breasts are probably 32c,” Brandi said pointing to a picture. “But those small dark pointy nipples look like they could be great fun to suck or pinch. I bet they are sensitive too.”

Brandi left Jake to view the album. She could see the towel rise on Jake from his stiffing cock. There was a warmth and wetness growing between her legs also. She reached down and picked up the other photo album from the drawer. The first page of pictures showed Janet standing with an attractive younger light skinned black girl, both dressed conservatively.

When Brandi turned the page her legs almost gave out and she had to sit down. The black girl and Janet were making out passionately on a couch while taking off their dresses. The next page had them only in stockings and garters kissing on the bed. Brandi couldn’t help using her fingers on her soaked pussy as she looked at the pictures of Janet. Janet was everything Brandi had hoped she was, and maybe more.

Brandi slid herself over to Jake. He was staring at ever picture in the first album hard. She opened the album in her hands to the g-rated page to show Jake.

“Have you ever seen this girl?” Brandi asked.

“Yea that’s Carol,” Jake replied. “She’s some uptight friend of Janet’s. They use to go to Church together before dad died. I haven’t seen her since the funeral. Janet and my dad tried to get me to ask her out. But I wasn’t interested.”

“You don’t like sexy black girls?”

“Yes I do. I think they are really hot, but I like my women more uninhibited than her.”

Brandi turned the page to show Jake the pictures of the two women kissing. She said, “That’s too bad. She looks like fun.” Jake sat motionless while he viewed the pictures.

His perception of Janet was changed from that point on. In the pictures the fair skinned Janet had on dark stocking and the black girl had on white stockings, making the sight of them intertwined in a sixty-nine an erotic sight to behold. Brandi undid the towel wrapped around Jake’s waist exposing his erect cock. She then dipped her fingers from her right hand into her wet pussy, wetting them with her abundant juices. Then she removed her wet fingers and grabbed Jake’s cock with them.

Jake sighed the moment the wet fingers touched his stiffness. Brandi then turned the page with her left hand.

“I really like that picture,” Brandi said, pointing to a picture. The photo was directed at Janet face while the black girl fucked her from behind with a strap-on. A small trickle of cum could be seen streaming from Janet’s mouth.

Brandi removed the book from Jake’s hands and placed it and the other album back in the drawer. He sat motionless. Brandi knew Jake was in shock. She could see a little drop of pre-cum glistening at the top of his erection. She dipped her index finger from her left to dab it up. Then stuck two fingers from her right hand into her wet pussy and recoated them. She removed her right hand from herself and held her fingers up to Jake’s face. The aroma of her juices woke Jake form his trance and he turned his head toward her. She stuck the fingers in his mouth and stuck the finger with the drop of pre-cum in her mouth. They both sucked her fingers clean. She took her fingers out and smiled.

“We need some release,” Brandi said. Jake leaned towards her. She could see the lust in his eyes. “Not here.” A plan had formed in her mind. She stood up and walked out of the closet. Jake quickly followed behind her as she walked over to open dresser drawer. While pulling out an elastic red g-string and holding it up, she said, “This will do perfectly.”

“Perfectly for what?” Jake asked.

“You’ll see,” Brandi said, while putting on the g-string.

She walked over and snatched the perfectly made covers back from the bed. “Now I want you demetevler escort to fuck me on your mommy’s bed.”

“She’s not my mommy. She is my stepmother.”

“I know, but humor me. I always wanted to do a mother and son.”

Jake stood before her with his arms crossed. She knew she had pushed Jake a little far. Jake had a strong commanding presence and did not care to be trifled with. But when Brandi laid on her back on the bed, spread her legs toward him, and pulled the little triangle of material from the g-string to the side of her shaved pussy; he immediately climbed on top of her.

“You’re twisted,” Jake said in a coy voice, before kissing her neck.

“Yea and that’s why you want me.” Brandi grabbed Jake’s cock and pulled it toward her entrance. Jake took the hint and shoved himself inside her. Brandi loved the feeling of his hardness. She wrapped her legs around him and he began trusting inside her. She met every one of his trust and soon could feel an orgasm building inside her. She screamed as the waves of the climax flowed over her. Jake stopped trusting and started to pull out. Brandi wrapped her legs tighter around him to hold him.

“What are you doing?” Brandi asked.

“I’m a little tired and I’m no where near cuming. You drained me three times last night, remember.”

“Listen boy, you need to cum. It will be worth it in the long run, trust me. And when you cum I need you to pull out before you finish so some of your cum lands on my pussy lips.” Brandi looked into his eyes. She saw a twinkle in Jake’s eyes and watched his smile grow. He sat back on his knees but kept his cock inside her. He pulled her legs up, so the backs of them rested on his chest. Brandi liked the position as the cock could go deep inside her.

Jake began trusting in and out hard. The slopping sounds filled the air from her wetness as he drove his erection in and out. She loved the feel of his balls slapping against her bottom. After a few minutes; she could sense a huge orgasm building inside her.

“That’s it, harder,” she yelled. Jake responded with a faster motion. “Harder,” she screamed as the first waves of a huge orgasm rocked her body. This triggered him and he started to shot his cum. He was just able to pull out and get a little bit of his juice on her pussy’s inner lips. Brandi could feel the heat from some of his fresh seed trickle onto her clit, helping prolong her orgasm.

Jake collapsed onto the bed. He struggled to catch his breath. Brandi immediately pulled the g-string back into place over her wetness. She rolled to her side and run her fingers on Jake’s heaving chest admiring his muscles.

“I need to ask you a favor lover,” Brandi said in a coy voice.

“What ever you want, I think I owe you.”

“I need you to get dressed and take me over to my place so I can pack for a business trip. Then I’d like you to take me to the airport. I’ll leave my car here. And you, or better yet, Janet can pick me up on Friday. This week will help you to figure out how to handle your stepmother situation, if you’re alone with her for a few days anyway.”

“That would be good. I’m kind of confused right now. Things might not be what I thought they were. Janet defiantly isn’t what I thought she was.”

Jake went out of the bedroom. Brandi lay in the bed, while using her fingers to shove the little material of the g-sting into her wetness until it was soaked. She then got up and fixed the room and closet so Janet wouldn’t expect they had been in her room. Brandi took the soaked g-string and placed it in the bed. She left the bottom sheet all wrinkled from her and Jake’s encounter, but fixed the covers with great care so Janet would be surprised by her token.

“There you go sweetheart,” Brandi said to herself with much satisfaction. She was excited when she thought about Janet finding the surprise. Brandi had no desire to keep Jake to herself. It was the combination of Janet and Jake, that sparked her interest. She was hopeful things would work out for Janet and Jake. If everything worked out as she wished; there would be a lot of great times to be had in this house, she thought. “I’ll be back for you both soon.”

The End, for now.

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