Princess Sub Journal 01

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Glamourized Chronicles and Fantasies of a New Submissive: Part 1

Day One

Today I met my new dom. He is awfully attractive. He’s of average height and a stocky build. You can see where the muscles are hiding just under a nice layer of yummy. I am a chubby chaser so he isn’t my usual body type, but he’s gorgeous to look at nonetheless. Ice blue eyes that show intelligence and maybe a touch of cruelty. An easy smile. Well, maybe more of a smirk than a smile. Today his hair was buzzed and his face was shadowed with stubble but he said it isn’t always kept that way. I’m excited to see how he changes in looks with different grooming styles, if at all.

I went to meet him at his apartment. He lives in a motel room that’s been done over again as a bachelor apartment way out in the middle of nowhere. It was better than you’d expect from a motel room, at least on first inspection. It took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the dim lighting in the center of the room. Once it did I was able to pick out flaws in the place, like missing frames around the window and door. Anything to keep my eyes off of him. I wasn’t sure how he felt about eye contact but didn’t want to risk ruining the first visit by offending him.

His place wasn’t small but it was cluttered. A queen size bed set between a computer on its desk and a nightstand with a toy chest under it took up most of one wall. The opposite wall was occupied by a bar fridge, dresser with a microwave on it, and an entertainment center fitted with a flat screen tv and four game consoles. The walls were plastered in posters and wall scrolls from various games and animes. Two bookshelves full of books, manuals, assorted odds and ends, figurines and random other items were against the back wall. A small round table with folding leaves sat under the front window to complete the room.

He started talking and conversation came very easy, surprisingly. Maybe it was being in his own environment or maybe he is just like that. Time will tell. Before we finished the first topic I decided I liked being in his home. Being surrounded by the proof of his nerdity made me comfortable and more than a little wet. I do love me a good geek.. By the time the casual conversations had ended I was completely at ease. Thinking back, I wonder if maybe that was his plan all along. Either way, the jitters I felt upon entering his domain were all but gone, replaced with a slight fluttering. I had butterflies. Butterflies!

When he stood up abruptly and walked over to lock the deadbolt on his door, those butterflies disappeared. Along with my stomach. My nerves had me on edge, in anticipation and excitement. As he turned to look at me, our eyes locked. He gave me a wicked grin and walked over to stand directly in front of me as I sat on the edge of his bed. I raked my eyes down his body and back up again. He reached up and braced his hands against the beam running across the center of his ceiling and leveled a gaze on me that promised many dark, delicious things.

“Take my clothes off.” eryaman genç escort bayanlar The demand sent tingles down my spine and into my belly that decided to suddenly reappear. Now, I have never had a dom before. He is my first and I am new to submission, but I get the basics. I was to do as I was told and not question it. That was fine with me! After my arrival earlier I had went to the bathroom and stripped, setting my clothes on the counter when I came out to sit down. So I was gonna get to see him naked too.

I placed my hands on his hips and ran my fingers along the inside of the elastic band on his satin shorts, which I secretly hope I get to try on in the future. I slid them down to his knees and let them fall around his ankles. Apparently he prefers commando, as there was nothing else on under them and I was suddenly staring at his slightly hardened manhood. I suspect this was the effect my nudity had on him as I don’t suppose it was a result of anything I had said. I pushed the hem of his shirt up almost to his chest, but sitting as I was, I was too short to get the shirt up over his head. He laughed at my struggle before bowing slightly and pulling over his head himself.

I scoot back slightly on the bed as he takes a step closer. He kneels on the bed, leaning forward over me, his body language encouraging me to lean back as well. He looks into my eyes as I lay back and covers me with his body, his forearms supporting most of his weight. He leans in and his lips touch mine. I’m in heaven! It starts tentatively, then his lips firm and the kiss becomes more demanding. He reaches up to cup my face as his tongue enters my mouth. I try to meet him as intensely, eager to please. I can feel him hardening against my thigh. He pulls back and holds my gaze.

“Kissing turns me on,” he said. “Makes me incredibly hard.” Pretty sure there’s a puddle between my legs at this point. I grin and say, “So I’ve noticed.” Then he tells me he is going to eat me, but wants to check something. He pulls himself back and lifts my hips up to meet his face, then buries his nose between my legs and takes a deep breath. What sounds almost like a growl comes from his throat before he gives me a quick lick.

“Yeah, I’m gonna come just from the taste of you. So you’re gonna have to suck me off first.” Suddenly, that puddle is a fucking pool. Surprised it didn’t run right down my leg when I sat up.

He stood back up at the edge of the bed and put his hand behind my head, guiding me to where his member pointed straight at me. I slid forward to the edge of the bed clumsily and placed my legs on either side of his thighs. Gripping him with my left hand, I placed the tip of him in my mouth, swirling my tongue over his head before inching him further inside, wriggling my tongue back and forth as I did so. I don’t have much experience with blow jobs, but I know where the nerves and sensitive spots are, so I focused on rubbing my tongue along his intact foreskin. A slight “mmm” noise told me I found a good spot.

I slowly ankara escort bayan pulled my head back, sliding him out of my mouth, then slid him back in, careful not to pull back too far on his foreskin. I don’t know if my dom likes pain or not and I wasn’t willing to find out during our first time together. I’m sure those topics will come up sooner or later. His hand that had been gently setting at the back of my head now pressed me forward each time I pulled back. Now it wrapped itself in my hair and pulled my head back and away, pulling me back down onto the bed. As I leaned, I slid back just the slightest bit to make room for him on the bed.

He pushed apart my knees as he kneeled on the edge of the bed, then slid his hands under my thighs and lifted my hips toward his face. There was no hesitation when he buried his mouth between my lips and licked my clit, swirling his tongue around and flicking it up and down. I couldn’t help but writhe beneath the assault on his mouth, glad for this laid back first encounter. No punishment for moving around or involuntary bucking was to be had today. When his tongue darted in and out, a moan escaped without my notice. I kept my hands fisted in the blankets pushed back above my head, trying to maintain control.

As sudden as he started, he stopped, setting my hips back down and crawling up my body to position himself at my opening. I spread my thighs a little wider in an effort to help guide him in as he slid himself in bit by bit, drawing back with each inch he entered. I’m pretty sure I was wet enough that if he wanted to, he could’ve just thrust in all the way in the first shot and it wouldn’t have made a difference. As he started to thrust long, even strokes inside me, he captured my lips in a kiss that could only be described as possessive. YES! This is what I had been craving since I walked in his front door.

Three times he brought me almost to climax, but shifted and slowed. After the third time, he pulled out, stood back up, reached for my arm and gently pulled me into a sitting position. Twining his fingers into my short hair, he tugged me to the edge of the bed again and led my mouth back to his swollen member. Hard and silky soft, it was coated in a layer of my wetness. I placed my mouth back on the head and started sliding him in and out of my mouth, sucking gently while my right hand held him in place and my left hand cupped his balls softly. Again, he pressed my head forward each time I pulled back.

This time, however, he pushed farther each time, forcing himself deeper into my mouth and then to the back of my throat. Every couple of seconds I would stop to nip the side of his shaft teasingly, or swirl my tongue around the foreskin on the edge of his head. Once I stopped to lick the full length of him and once over his sack before licking my way back up and sucking again. Oh gods, it felt so good to feel him vibrate in my mouth! I knew I was pleasing him. When I started sucking in earnest, he gripped my hair tighter, pushing and etimesgut escort pulling my head up and down faster than he had yet.

I could feel the twitching in his cock that told me he was close to finishing, so I did my best to keep up a steady rhythm, increasing in speed, until I felt the tell tale warmth of his orgasm on my tongue. I had saved some spit at the back of my tongue so that I could let him come in my mouth without setting off my gag reflex, and now let it all fall out of my mouth as I placed big wet kisses up and down his shaft. Unfortunately, my dom doesn’t seem to be very vocal. Either that or I haven’t earned his lusty expressions of pleasure yet. I will have to keep trying. Just then, the phone buzzed, taking his attention away from me.

I didn’t let it aggravate me, instead I focused on what I could do to entice a round two before I left. He went to the bathroom to clean up before I did the same. We came out and he dressed, but I stayed unclothed. Better chance of tempting him for another roll in the hay. It didn’t even take a full hour of conversation and a couple of playful ass slaps from him before I suggestively spread my legs, laid back on the bed, and the hunger was back in his eyes. I told him (maybe I should have asked but I was feeling bold) that I wanted him to take me from behind, that I was feeling like some rough sex would be just the thing to make the night complete.

“You think from behind is rough?” he asked me. I explained to him that when he’s thrusting into me hard and deep and fast, gripping my hips tightly or pulling my hair, that yes, that would be considered rough enough. He seemed satisfied with my answer. We started face to face again, which I liked, allowing the steamy kisses to make him hard enough to thrust himself into me again. After a few quick strokes, he stood up beside the bed, gesturing me to flip over. I rolled, edging close to him, waving my ass in the air in what I hoped to be an enticing way. When he slid himself in from behind, he groaned.

“I didn’t know you’d be this tight.” he commented, before he started pumping into me over and over. In this position I couldn’t control the noises I was making, or the volume level. Hope his neighbours weren’t home.. or maybe I do. Gonna have to reflect on that later.. The harder he thrust into me, the more breathless I became and the less vocal control I had. I couldn’t help it when an “Oh, fuck!” slipped out, he just felt so good inside me, thick and hard. Just when I thought he couldn’t get any deeper, he tensed and rammed hard into me a few more times, finishing off another orgasm.

When he pulled out and went to clean up, I was still breathless and panting. We dressed together once we were both cleaned up and I stayed for a few minutes after to make sure I didn’t do anything wrong. When he kissed my cheek and put me in the cab to go home without comment, I figured I had pleased him well enough that no comment is a good comment. Thinking about all this now, I can feel my twat throb in memory of the pleasure trip, and those damned butterflies are back again. If today was any judgement on the relationship to come, I think there’s much promise to the future.

I can’t wait for our next playdate, though I don’t know when that will be. Likley, not soon enough.


Sub Princess

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