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Marina’s cousins, Lisa and Robert, would be staying at her house for a full week. I thought this would be an end to our sex education tutoring, but I was very wrong. Marina instead told me that she had told her cousin Lisa everything about our little sessions, and that Lisa was interested in “being tutored” too. Robert would be another story, although Marina did want to see if he would go along with what we had planned. My plan was to have sex with both girls!

Marina and I decided a game of strip poker would do the trick. That way each of us would undress little by little and the embarrassment would be spread around. Marina and I fixed it so we would win the first two hands, so we could get things started. The way we played, whoever won the hand got to tell someone else at the table what piece of clothing to remove. When her cousins arrived we spent a little time getting to know each other, but when Marina’s parents left for the night we got down to business.

I won the first hand, and told Marina to remove her jeans. She stood up next to where Robert was sitting and began to peel off her Levi’s slowly, she knew exactly what to do. Robert watched intently and began to squirm in his seat, I’m sure he was getting an erection, I know I was. Marina’s tiny little panties barely covered her tight ass, and her pussy hair was visible through the sheer material. When she sat down she let her hand fall to between her legs and she nonchalantly rubbed her inner thighs.

Marina dealt next and won the hand as we planned-she said “I’m not going to be the only girl undressing, Lisa take off your blouse.” Lisa looked embarrassed but began to unbutton her blouse, when she opened it and took it from her shoulders, I could see that she had a beautiful pair of tits just like her cousin. Her nipples were already hard and ready to burst from her bra which pushed her breasts together and up.

Robert now was definitely in some discomfort because of what was happening in his pants, my cock was already hard and ready to be let loose. Robert dealt, and I won ataşehir escort bayan the next hand. “Robert you look a little uncomfortable, why don’t you take off your pants” I told him. He got to his feet and turned his back to the table, letting his pants fall to the floor. When he sat down it was obvious his cock was large and already hard as a rock.

Both girls stared at his crotch. Next hand went to Robert, who didn’t want to be alone so he told me to remove my jeans. I gladly stood up proudly and undid my belt, I faced Lisa and pulled my zipper down, when I pulled down my pants I “accidentally” caught my underwear and pulled them down halfway, giving Lisa a good look at my throbbing hard-on. She smiled when she saw it and looked me in the eye when she giggled “can’t you control that thing?”

The hands continued-Marina, Lisa, Robert, and me losing our clothes until we all sat in nothing but our underwear. That’s when Marina and I explained how the game would end. When only one of us was left with our underwear on the winner of the hand would have a decision to make. The game could come to an end, by having that person remove their last piece of clothing, or the winner could tell anyone at the table to do anything, short of intercourse, to any other person at the table.

Lisa lost her panties first, her cunt had a patch of soft brown hair around the lips, her outer lips pouted. Robert was next, he seemed relieved to be able to let his cock spring free, it was about 7 inches long and looked ready to pop, then my lovely Marina lost her panties, her pussy lips were already wet and she let a finger disappear inside her cunt while I dealt the next hand. Excellent! I won the hand and since I was the only one left wearing anything I wasn’t about to make myself strip.

“Marina I want you to sit on Lisa’s lap facing her, and play with and kiss her tits for five minutes.” Marina smiled and walked over to Lisa, she spread her legs wide and sat on Lisa’s lap facing her looking into her eyes. Marina’s nipples brushed escort kadıköy Lisa’s and both girls caught their breath. Marina took both of Lisa breasts in her hands and began to massage them gently from the outside toward the erect nipples. She let the tips of Lisa’s tits slip through her thumb and forefinger, squeezing each nipple softly. Lisa closed her eyes and moaned softly while her hand fell between Marina’s legs.

Robert had begun to stroke his hard cock with the palm of his hand, a drop of cum emerged from his dick head and he rubbed around his tip, he was watching his sister and cousin intently. Marina leaned her head down and began to suck on each of Lisa’s hard little nipples making soft sucking noises as she did. Her whole mouth covered one breast while her hand tweaked the other nipple, pinching it and making it red, Lisa could only moan. Lisa’s hand was now between Marina’s legs her thumb rubbed the clit idly while she was lost in her own pleasure. I hated to do it but I had to tell them five minutes was up. Before Marina got up she put her mouth over Lisa’s and kissed her deeply, their breasts crushed against each other, both pussies wet now with juices dripping.

Next hand went to Marina, “your brother looks very uncomfortable with that big erection, Lisa, I want you to go kneel between his legs and suck on his cock until he cums.” Lisa started to protest but we reminded her of the rules of the game, Robert just sat, smiled, and spread his legs.

A little tentatively at first Lisa made her way to Robert’s chair and knelt down between his legs. She put her hands on his thighs and moved her head toward his hard cock, her lips opened just enough to take the tip of his dick.

She laid little kisses all along the length of his tool, and then slowly licked him from his swollen balls to the top of his shaft and let her tongue roll circles around his meat. Robert could only moan and lean back in his chair, Marina meanwhile had put her hand down my underwear and had a firm grip on my cock which she stroked in maltepe escort time to Lisa’s licking. Lisa then opened her mouth and took his entire 7 inches between her lips, it disappeared into her throat as she bobbed her up and down.

She was now really getting into, it giving her brother a blow job. His cock glistened with her saliva, one of her hands coddled his balls and squeezed them each time his cock went down her throat, the other held his cock moving up and down and forcing his dick deep down her warm throat. Robert stiffened up and grabbed his sisters head to hold it down on his cock, he fucked her face hard now, his balls slapping her chin as he started to cum. Lisa began to swallow as soon as the first shot of hot cum hit the back of her throat, she took all her brother had and then milked his cock for more until he was spent.

She sucked the last drop from his cock, licked her lips and went back to her chair, “deal” she said with a filthy grin. I think Robert really wanted to see Marina in action because when he won the next hand he said “Marina I want you to do a 69 with your boyfriend” hey that was o.k. with me, I hurried to lay down on the floor. Marina came over to me and squatted over my face, leaning forward so that her mouth was inches from my cock. Her pussy was already wet and I could hardly wait to taste it. She lowered herself so that my lips and tongue could reach her. As her mouth opened for my cock, my mouth took her cunt lips and began to suck on them one after the other.

Her juices made my chin and face wet and sticky, while her mouth sucked at my cockhead. Marina let her tongue explore my peehole while her hands played with my cock and balls. My tongue meanwhile entered her cunt and found her little love button, I flicked at it with my tongue and took little bites of it, sending shivers down her spine.

Each time I sucked on her clit she took my cock deep in her mouth. Soon our movements matched each other her head bobbing up and down on my cock, her fingers now playing with my asshole, my mouth and tongue eating her while my fingers pinched her erect nipples. We came together; my cock shooting cum into her mouth and all over her face, her pussy making my whole face wet with her sweet juices as she rubbed her cunt all over my face. The games continued the rest of the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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