Picture This Ch. 02

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Beth stirred. “What time is it?”

“Don’t know… but I think I’m getting hungry.”

She chuckled. “Men – all they think about is food. And that one other thing, of course.”

Beth sat up. “I think there was stuff for sandwiches.”

She rolled out of bed, heading for the stairs. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” I asked.

She shrugged. “We’re on our own in the house. If the postman comes you can grab a dressing gown or something.”

It was a slightly surreal experience eating lunch with no clothes, but afterwards we took mugs of coffee back up to Beth’s room. “Beth,” I ventured, “can I ask you something?”


“Well… your fantasies are amazing, but I don’t think we’ve imagined where – well, where anyone’s touched you, done anything to you. I don’t know why in my fantasy I imagined you masturbating for your Dad instead of letting him… you know?”

For only the second time since I’d known her, she looked genuinely shy. “Actually… nobody ever has… so it’s hard to imagine.”

I blinked. “Really?”

Beth’s expression was wry. “Dad’s… very protective. Especially since Mum wasn’t around any more, he’s pretty much decided where I’d be, who I could see…”

I gave her a puzzled look. “So how come he doesn’t seem concerned about – well, you and me? ‘Young limbs’ and all that.”

Beth smirked. “Because he’s distracted by your Mum – they’re like a couple of teenagers.”

I hesitated before I spoke again. “Beth… is there any chance… would you… could we?”

She smiled, reached to touch my hand. “Actually I was going to say tonight – the last couple of days has really got me wanting it for real. But we’ll need to wait till we have more privacy – I might fantasise about watching, or getting caught, but we don’t want Dad walking in on us for real.”

Beth grinned wickedly. “Not yet, anyway.”

My head was still spinning from her words – she really wanted to give herself to me – and I reached to hug her. “Sis, you’re the best.”

Our opportunity came sooner than we’d expected. Mum announced that she and Bill were going away for the weekend – “Sort of a mini-honeymoon, we didn’t go after the wedding” – and I saw Beth’s knowing glance at me, her face lighting up.

That night Beth slipped into my room as usual, snuggling close to me. “Tomorrow, then,” she murmured. “Can’t wait.”

“Me too.”

Friday seemed to drag, but finally we watched the lights of Bill’s car disappearing round the corner, and Beth grinned. “OK – nobody here but us chickens.”

She added action to her words by slipping out of her summer dress and bra, leaving just cotton panties. “Got to give you something to get past,” she teased. “Come on, lose your clothes too and we can go up.”

I obediently took off t-shirt, jeans, and followed her upstairs. “Let’s do it in their bed,” Beth’s words sent a tingle through me. “We can change the sheets before they get back.”

We went into the master bedroom, and Beth pulled back the covers. “No damp patch,” she sounded almost disappointed. “But I know they did it last night.”

She sprawled on the bed, and I joined her. “Kiss me,” she offered, closing her eyes, parting her lips, and I bent towards her, breathing in. “Mmm,” she murmured, and I thrilled again as I felt her tongue probing for mine.

I felt a sudden qualm, gently breaking our kiss and pulling back to look into her face. “Beth – I’ve just realised – we need some kind of protection. I – I didn’t see anything, when I was in here the other day?”

She smiled, shaking her head. “Don’t worry. You’ve pretty much made it clear you’ve never been with anyone else. And, feel here.”

She offered her arm, and I ran my finger over the tiny bump under her skin. “I told you Dad was protective. I’ve had implants since I started my periods.”

I felt a wave of relief and fresh desire for her. “So we can -“

“You bet. And don’t worry if I get a little loud – or we both do,” she grinned.

I kissed her again, sliding my hand across the smooth skin of her stomach. “God, Beth you’re gorgeous,” I murmured.

“Some other places that really want to be touched,” she hinted, and I moved my hand upwards until I encountered the curve of one breast. I felt her breathe in, her chest lifting. “Mm, yes, more,” she whispered, and I hardly dared breathe as I cupped her warm breast in my hand, the nipple pressing into my palm. “Mmm…”

I caressed her for a few moments, then drew my fingers together until they were pressing her nipple lightly. “Ohh, god,” she moaned softly, her hips moving. “You have no idea how wet you’ve made me.”

I let my hand slid downwards again, teasing her by dipping my fingers inside the elastic of her panties, just brushing the top of her dark fur, before pressing against the damp fabric between her thighs. “I like it when you spurt,” I murmured, and she nodded. “Don’t think you need to worry, it’ll happen.”

I pressed in a little more firmly, feeling the outline of her entrance, ataşehir escort soft lips, and she flexed against my hand. “Keep your fingers there, but touch my breasts too,” she begged.

Only one way to do that, and I bent to kiss each breast, then took one nipple between my lips, suckling gently. “Ohhh…” I heard, and her fingers searching for me, wrapping round my erection through my boxer shorts.

I moved from one nipple to the other and back, sometimes trailing my tongue in the inviting valley between them, and I felt the warmth and wetness against my fingers increase. “Oh god, take them off,” Beth’s voice was insistent, and I drew her panties down over her feet, dropped them aside. I slid my hand back up between her thighs, and – mmm – this time nothing came between my fingers and her so-wet entrance. My fingertip brushed something hard, and Beth gave a quiet cry. “Oh – when it’s not me touching, it’s so different.”

I dared to dip a finger a little way inside her, finding the expected barrier, then circled her nub again. “Ohh… what I really want is your mouth there,” Beth gasped. “Make me a soaking mess, then you can do whatever you want to me.”

I shifted between her parted thighs, hardly able to believe I was in such an intimate position with this young woman, and my senses were almost overwhelmed – the nearness of her dark tangled fur, the scent of her arousal, the so-soft skin on the inside of her thighs as I kissed her there, the inviting wetness of her entrance…

I dared to explore her with the tip of my tongue, tasting musk and honey, and Beth moaned again. “Yes, don’t stop, just like that.”

I used my fingers in and around her entrance again as I started to lap gently, and I saw her hands drawn to her own breasts. On impulse I caught some of her wetness on my fingertips, reached up to moisten her nipples, and as her fingers returned to touching them, she gasped. “Oh, that feels good.”

I brushed my tongue over and around her nub more insistently, and I could see the tension in her muscles slowly growing. “Oh god,” she gasped, and I thrilled as I heard her imagining for the first time what would surely happen very soon. “I can’t wait until I feel your hard tip there, brushing like your tongue is – you could definitely make me come like that. But then you’re pushing into me, filling me, and you start to thrust, your hands on my breasts then your mouth…”

Her words tailed away into a loud cry of ecstasy which would surely have been heard throughout the house, and her thighs tightened around me as her body arched. “Ohhhhhh…”

I blinked as warm wetness spurted from her to splash my lips, tongue, running down my chin. “Mm, yes, Beth…”

Finally she subsided. “Mm… that was a perfect first time.”

She sat up, and I drank in the sight of her breasts all over again. “Lie down for me,” she requested, and I moved onto my back. Beth bent down, and I felt the exquisite sensation of her lips then her warm wet mouth surrounding my erection. “God, Beth,” I gasped, “careful or you won’t get what you really want.”

She moved back, running her tongue over her lips. “It’s OK – I just wanted to taste, to feel what it’s like.”

She grinned. “We have all weekend, another time I’ll find out what it really feels like struggling to swallow all your stuff.”

Beth slid her body across me, and – oh my goodness – the feel of her wet entrance against my shaft was even better than her mouth. She shifted her hips back and forth, and I wondered if she would lift up, finally guide me into her. But her face showed only bliss, and after a few moments, she looked at me hopefully. “I… Would it be greedy of me to want your mouth again?”

I shook my head. “Whatever you want.”

I drew her upwards until her delicious wetness was once more within reach of my mouth, and this time it was my turn to reach up and gently grasp her breasts in my hands, fingers pressing and rolling her nipples. “Oh – oh god -” she gasped. She slid a finger into her mouth, wetting it, and looked at me, her expression lost in desire. “Can I…?”

I nodded, and I watched as she reached her hand back, her mouth forming an O as she slid her finger into her other opening. “Mmm… One time I want you there…”

I used my tongue on her slowly, teasingly, and she moaned, balancing the need to reach her climax with obvious enjoyment. Finally she looked at me, her eyes almost begging. “Now?”

My response was to lap her more quickly, insistently, and once more I saw the delicious tightening of muscles under her smooth skin. “I – I’m – ohhhhhhhh!” she gasped, and this time the spurt of liquid onto my lips, tongue, was almost overwhelming. I kept tonguing her until she shook her head, the pressure of her fingers letting me know it was enough.

She looked at me, her expression almost bemused, her dark hair mussed, a few strands caught in the sheen of perspiration that had formed on her forehead. “Oh my goodness.”

She swallowed, smiled. “Now kadıköy escort bayan for what you’ve been waiting for.”

I breathed in. “Mm, yes. You want to slide back down, put me in…?”

Beth shook her head. “I want to feel you between my legs, your weight on me holding me down while you’re in me, I want to see your face above me, the way you look when you can’t hold back any more and your stuff is filling me…”

She slid off me, laid on her back, drew her knees up. “Now…”

I moved between her parted thighs, feeling her careful fingers position me at the centre of her wetness. I watched her face as I pressed so-slowly inwards, and I knew from the flicker that crossed her expression, that I’d passed the barrier my fingers had encountered, seemingly a lifetime ago. She gave me an encouraging smile, wrapping her arms around me as I lowered myself onto her, feeling her breasts against my chest. “Don’t hold back, this is for you,” she murmured.

I started to move in her, her velvety depths warm, surrounding me, and I felt a twinge almost of regret that this would have an inevitable end soon, everything we’d already done shortening the time I’d be able to hold back. As if she read my thoughts, Beth smiled again. “This isn’t the only time you’ll have me, don’t worry.”

I moved in her again, and as pleasure threatened to overwhelm me I thrust hard, then again, and heard Beth’s murmur of utter satisfaction as she felt warmth spurting into her depths…

Finally I was spent, and I stroked her hair, careful not to rest too much weight on her. “Hold me,” she breathed, as I slid off her and let her turn her back to me. “Mm, can still feel you,” she whispered as I pressed up against her bottom, wrapped my arms around her.

We must have dozed off, and the next time I opened my eyes, grey light was filtering through the gap in the curtains. Beth stirred, turned towards me, smiled. “It couldn’t be more perfect, our first time, then waking up next to you…

She stretched, her breasts enticing, and swung her legs out of bed. “Never mind how early it is – I need coffee. You stay there, I’ll bring it.”

She reappeared after a few minutes with steaming mugs, and I smiled thanks as I sipped. “So we have all day, what shall we do?”

Beth grinned. “The question is, what shall we do first? We’ve already imagined almost everything.”

I dragged my fingers through my hair. “Actually, what I need just now is a shower and some breakfast.”

Her face turned thoughtful. “I don’t remember us thinking about being in the shower together – that has definite possibilities. Wash my back for me?”

“Mm, sounds perfect.”

Despite Beth’s teasing, we managed not to go too far in the shower – “But tomorrow,” promised Beth as I watched her dress.

“How about McDonalds for breakfast?” I suggested. “Or we may never leave the house.”

Beth grinned. “I like your thinking.”

We walked to the McDonalds, and Beth found us a table while I ordered. “Mm, this is a real treat,” she managed round a mouthful of milkshake.

“Don’t give yourself brain freeze,” I cautioned.

I sipped at my coffee, and Beth giggled, making a gesture of wiping her top lip. “Oops,” I acknowledged, catching stray whipped cream on my finger and licking it. “Hmm, that gives me an idea.”

Beth flashed her eyebrows at me. “Maybe we should do some shopping.”

We finished our meal and carried on down the road to the supermarket. “We can get a small trolley,” suggested Beth. “You can push it, though.”

We went up and down the aisles, and most of what went in the trolley was treats – “Do you think they’ll ask us for ID?” queried Beth, holding a bottle of dark liqueur.

We walked past the ‘family planning’ section – “I bet we can get much more interesting things online,” mused Beth – then made our way to the checkout. I paid, and we took a bag each, starting to retrace our route home.

“Phew,” managed Beth as the door closed behind us. “That’s all the exercise I feel like today.”

She threw me a knowing look. “Well, that doesn’t involve being in bed with you – or on the sofa, or the rug, or maybe pushed up against a wall, or the glass in the shower.”

I pretended to fan my face. “I don’t think there’s enough weekend for all of those, sorry.”

Beth looked thoughtful. “We need a plan.”

She glanced at me. “You’ve done your uni application, haven’t you?”


“I’ll see if there’s a course that catches my eye there, then. We can opt to share a set or whatever it’s called – nobody will know we’re related.”

I looked at her open-mouthed. “Wow, Beth, you mean it, don’t you.”

She stepped closer, touched my cheek. “Of course. We – we seem to have just clicked, don’t we, and the way you touch me – mmm…”

She shivered with obvious pleasure and anticipation, and the look in her eyes changed. “Ready to try something else? I think after last night, it’s my turn to do something you’ll enjoy first.”

I escort maltepe let her lead me up the stairs, back to the master bedroom, and she made short work of removing my jeans, boxers, t-shirt. She kept her panties on again – “I bet you’ll enjoy looking at my breasts while I do what I have in mind, then you’ll have something to take off me before you -“

Another shiver, and she sank to her knees, taking my hard tip into her mouth, wrapping her fingers around my shaft. I couldn’t help flexing my hips, and she smiled around me. “Mm, yes, fuck my mouth, I like it.”

I moved again, feeling her tongue swirling over my tip. “Mm, that’ll get me there,” I gasped.

She paused for a moment “You choose – I can swallow, or it’d be so hot to see your stuff spurt, splash on my tits so I can use it to touch my nipples.”

I chuckled. “What a dilemma. OK – if I stay in your mouth, you’ll know what I want.”

Beth renewed her movement on me, sometimes moving back to run her tongue up and down my shaft, then taking me back into her mouth, fingers moving. “Mm,” she managed round me, “I can taste you…”

I felt myself getting closer, dilemma still undecided, but the mental image of slippery whiteness on Beth’s breasts, her fingers dabbling in it then circling her nipples, brushing over them, glistening fingers sliding down between her thighs to pleasure herself… “Mm – Beth – nearly -“

I moved back, and she looked up at me, locking her eyes on mine as I stiffened in her hand, spurted, catching her throat, then one breast, another spurt hitting the other. “Ohhh…”

Just as in our shared fantasy, she arched her back, her breasts lifting while she spread the slipperiness everywhere, then concentrated on her nipples. “Mm, oh god that’s good. Oh, I want your mouth while I do this…”

I sprawled on the bed, but this time drew her across me so she was facing my feet, my tongue exploring her wetness from this new angle. Her other opening was so near, and without even thinking I circled it with my tongue, pressed the tip into the centre. “Ohhh…” I heard Beth’s voice, “that’s so good… next time I want you there…”

Her fingers moved to touch herself, sliding over her hard nub, leaving me to concentrate on the pink star in front of me. “Oh – I’m nearly there -” she gasped, then “Ohhhhhh…”

I watched fascinated as her star pulsed, tightened. “Mm, can’t wait to find out what that’ll feel like if I’m inside you there when you come.”

Her response was a fresh groan, fingers pressing almost desperately again, and another spurt of clear liquid wetting her hand. Finally she subsided, breathing hard, and lowered herself so her breasts were pressing against my stomach, her breath warm between my thighs. “Mm, Tim, wow…”

After a while she shifted off me, turning to come into my waiting arms. “Oops, still all sticky,” she grinned as I hugged her. “But I don’t want another shower, I like how this feels, where your stuff is, where I can still feel your tongue…”

“Maybe we should change the sheets now, like you said,” I suggested. “We can use your bed later.”

It didn’t take us long to strip the bed, put fresh linen on, set the washing machine going. “Ready for something else to eat?” I asked.

“How’s your cooking?” she queried, one eyebrow raised. “If we’re going to share a flat, I think I ought to know.”

“OK,” I accepted the challenge. “You make us some more coffee, I’ll get busy in the kitchen.”

I decided on spaghetti bolognese, something I was confident with, and a few minutes later a pan of sauce was bubbling on the stove while the pasta boiled. “I’m impressed,” nodded Beth. “You do look like you know what you’re doing.”

I found the parmesan, grated it over our plates. “Voila.”

Beth chuckled. “You do know that’s French, right?”

She tried a forkful of sauce. “But mm, that’s good. A man who can cook and – that one other thing, what was it again? Definitely a keeper.”

When we’d finished eating, Beth did the dishes, and I was reminded of breakfast – was it only a couple of days ago? – when I’d got my first glimpse of her deliciously-shaped bottom. I moved up behind her, cupped her breasts, and she relaxed into me. “But I do have to finish the washing-up.”

I reluctantly let her go, starting to pull the clean washing from the machine. “I’ll just put this out on the line.”

When I returned, everything was back in its place, and Beth glanced at me. “Want to come up and help me with my uni application?”

We went up to her room, and she indicated the high-backed chair in front of the desk. “Bet if you sit in that, I can fit on your lap with my tablet.”

I sat down, and Beth joined me, deliberately shifting her still-naked body in my lap to get comfortable. “Hmm, think I’m getting a reaction – still think you can concentrate on courses?”

I rolled my eyes. “We’ll see.”

Beth started to tap on the screen. “So you’re doing computer science -” she pantomimed something going over her head – “but I think I need something a bit less intense, fewer lectures. Psychology?”

I groaned. “What – and have you read my mind even more than you do.”

She mock-punched me. “I didn’t hear you complaining when I knew exactly how you wanted me to touch you.”

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