Pick Me Up At The Office

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(Thanks to all who read and voted for my first story recently).

Charles closed his cell phone a little after 10 pm and felt a surge of pleasure and expectation run through him.

Melissa had just called from her office in the far northern suburbs, saying she was almost finished for the evening and would love to have him pick her up in a little while. There had been a tone to her voice during the brief conversation that Charles knew well… her voice was giving him an unspoken clue that made him leave for her work location quickly.

Charles entered Melissa’s outer office and was surprised to see that it was mostly dark, and totally deserted. Apparently, and this was not an unusual thing, Melissa had been there later than the other women in the office, working to finalize her database records before a looming annual review.

As he opened Melissa’s office door, he saw that the room was dimly lit only by the exterior building lights and the glow of the parking lot lights through the windows behind her large desk. Melissa was standing by her desk, and extending her arms to wrap Charles into a lengthy kiss she said, “Baby, like I told you on the phone I am ALMOST finished with everything I wanted to get done today.”

Their kissing grew in duration and intensity, mouths open hungrily wide and tongues slowly interlacing and caressing. Both of them loved to kiss, and it almost always inflamed them both to amazing hunger levels for the hot sex that they had almost every day of the week together since they’d met.

Melissa moaned into Charles’ mouth, as the longing she’d felt at odd moments throughout her long office day was surging through her, making her so hot and horny now.

Still standing by her desk, Charles moved behind her and stood with his hips locked tightly against her rounded, hot bottom. A woman eryaman escort bayan of 46, Melissa’s body was all developed curves, with the ripe shape of a female who was reaching her mature sexual peak and was totally built to act upon it with her man.

The heat of Melissa’s perfect ass pressing back against him made his cock quickly lengthen and thicken and harden inside his pants; he could feel the first sticky wet dots of his cockhead’s precum soaking into the pouch of his briefs.

Charles reached around Melissa’s upper body from behind and his big hands closed over the lush breasts which filled her navy blue silk business blouse. Lifting their weight and gently kneading them, he felt her nipples instantly harden and heard yet another moan escape from deep inside her.

Melissa could feel Charles’ big hard cock against the hot globes of her ass, separated only by the fabric of his and her upscale business slacks. Briefly thinking it rather obscene, but growing too damn aroused to care, she slowly ground her ass back against his cock as he caressed her lush tits and kissed the back and base of her neck, sliding the cleft of her ass slowly but repeatedly across his pants bulge in an ancient unconscious motion of enticement that seemed to happen automatically for her.

One of his hands reached down her front and cupped her mound over her pants, her legs parting just enough that he could press his exploring hand up between her labia.

She was aware of the sensation of her pussy growing wet and swollen inside the tight white Calvin cotton panties she usually wore to work, and she felt her hot hard clit now aching and sensitive. She turned her face partway over her left shoulder and said the words she’d often thought of saying throughout the long day, “I need your big hard cock in my hot cunt, Charles; I etimesgut escort want to fuck you right here, right now.”

Kneeling in front of Melissa, Charles unbuttoned her navy blue pants and let them drop to the carpet. As she stepped out of them, he tilted his face up and ran his tongue across her wet mound, tasting her juice through the darkened soaked panties and feeling the hard nub of her clit against his tonguetip.

Her legs shuddered as she felt his licking through her panties. Pulling the wet crotch to one side, he penetrated her wet lips with his tongue, then his fingers…opening her, tasting her, letting her feed him with her pussy.

Dropping his own pants and briefs to the carpet, Charles again stood behind her as she leaned forward over her desk and wantonly spread her legs apart for him, presenting herself for their coupling. He loved to see Melissa’s upturned pussy, lips swollen and looking like a soft pinkish funnel, an open inky black hole between them.

Rubbing his large cockhead up and down the length of her slit a few times, he poised it in the wet portal of her lips and slowly penetrated her, inch by inch into her very tight, silky tunnel.

A loud moan of sexual fulfillment escaped Melissa’s opened mouth as she felt her inner lips pushed apart by her lover’s big invading cock. Pressing back wantonly against him, she took the rest of his long, thick shaft to the hilt in one big push.

Melissa’s office was filled with the aroma of her hot aroused pussy as Charles pistoned his hard cock in and out of her from behind.

Liquid, squishing sounds of his big cock deeply invading her impossibly wet cunt blended with the animal grunts and dirty talk that lovers make when they are lost in their pleasure together.

“I love how you fuck me with escort elvankent your big cock,” she said. “I’m going to soak you with my hot juices, fuck me fuck me fuck me…,” she managed to gasp out between animal moans of joy.

Charles fucked her faster now, loud slapping sounds as he slammed his thighs against the back of her lovely legs– the pure pleasure of this fuck making him almost disoriented as he told her, “I love how we fuck baby, god you’re so tight, you’re such a hot wet fuck, I’ve got such a big load of semen for you tonight”.

Their dirty talk thrilled them both, spurred both of them on and on as it did every time they did it with each other. Whether they were actually fucking, or during their frequent phone sex, they knew all the words that inflamed each other so well now.

Melissa’s vaginal walls had been rippling along his thrusting cock, but then suddenly became a tight velvet vise as she arched her back and with a throaty cry of female triumph she began cumming hard, soaking Charles’ cock in a sudden flood of fragrant hot juices that dripped down her thighs and onto the sedate carpeting of her office.

The tight hard gripping of Melissa’s cumming cunt was all Charles could take as, with his own loud groan of ecstasy he slammed himself deeply into her and began cumming into her pussy, his ropes of spurting semen slamming against Melissa’s cervix and bathing all the deep crevices of her tunnel with his load as his big balls emptied into her cunt.

The impact of his hot cum jets against her womb set Melissa off into an even more powerful orgasm than the one she’d barely finished, as crying out, with her legs shaking and feeling rubbery, she exploded hot fragrant juices out of her ravaged pussy for the second time in a minute or two, mixing their cums in the cauldron of her just-fucked cunt.

As they collapsed against each other, gasping and panting from exertion, with both their faces shining with the perspiration of passion, Melissa kissed Charles dazedly and smiled, “I told you I had one more thing I had to get done in the office tonight, baby. I had to DO you!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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