Peyton and Mark Pt. 02

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*Sorry for the long wait, been a bit unfocused. I hope you enjoy the second installment of Peyton and her Daddy.*


“Oh my god!!” Peyton thought. Had that really just happened?? Peyton had known she wanted to be with her father but never saw herself making the move. She had talked big to her best friend Jen but this was beyond what she had hoped would happen. She figured it would remain a fantasy. She would have to thank Jen for the push.

Mark, her father, had not only watched her while she lay on her bed rubbing herself but had gone to take a shower and had been masturbating and called out her name. Hearing that gave Peyton a boldness she didn’t know she had. In that moment she knew her father had to have been having the same thoughts Peyton had been. How long she wondered?

As Peyton lay on the floor still shaking from two hard orgasms, she felt the cum her father had shot onto her stomach begin to cool. Everything in her wanted to run her fingers thru it to taste it. However, the sound of her father moving around in the bathroom broke thru the feelings of ecstasy and brought her back down to Earth. She knew she should move or try to cover herself but they were past that at this point Peyton thought.

Laying there with her eyes closed a moment longer Peyton delighted in knowing her Daddy had obviously enjoyed what he had seen. Knowing he was as turned on by it as Peyton was made her feel like she was on top of the world.

“He told me to keep going, he said I was beautiful!” Peyton smiled and opened her eyes.


Mark was wrapped in a towel and had one in his hand for her. She looked up at him sheepishly and sat up reaching for the towel.

“It appears we have somethings to talk about.” Mark said with an edge of guilt in his voice.

He knew he shouldn’t have taken things as far as he had. Mark was the adult and even if he was having these thoughts and feelings this was his only child, he should have acted better. What were they going to do about this? Mark loved his daughter with every fiber of his being but he could no longer deny the urges he had been having either.

“We are going to have to have a long conversation.” Mark thought.

Peyton took the towel from her father and wrapped it around herself, and remembering her phone and slide it under her leg. Looking up at her dad she could see the conflict in his eyes. She knew this was going to change them, hopefully, for the better.

“Please don’t be upset with me Daddy. I will explain everything.” Peyton knew her father would listen to her side of things, he always had.

“I’m not upset, baby girl. Confused, shocked and a little disappointed with myself maybe, but not upset.” Mark knew this was going to be a hard conversation to have but there was no other choice.

Normally the two didn’t keep secrets so Mark would have to tell her how he had been feeling as well. They would have to be totally honest if things were going to go down this road. Things like being careful, careful with each other as well as anyone finding out. People wouldn’t care how they felt, in the eyes of the world this was wrong.

Mark held out his hand to help his daughter off the floor. Peyton held the towel to her with her one hand and took the hand her father’s cock had just been in, with the other. That fact made her start to ache all over again. He saw her body shiver and figured she was getting cold.

“Why don’t we sit on the bed and talk about what has happened today. You are covered in goosebumps I know you are probably cold.” Mark couldn’t help being protective of his baby girl.

They walked to the bed still holding hands. Mark sat with his back to the headboard and Peyton sat beside him facing him. She had secured the towel and tried to slip her phone under her leg, but Mark just took it from her and sat it on his bedside table.

“Baby why don’t you tell me what’s been going on. I know something has been on your mind lately. I know I have some explaining to do as well.” Mark was the one blushing a little now.


Peyton would have to start at the beginning, tell Mark how things had started and how much she loved and wanted to be loved by him. He hadn’t been as shocked as Peyton had expected him to be, there were things her Daddy had been keeping to himself too. She smiled at the thought.

“Do ataşehir escort you remember the day we went shopping for the big swing and other things for the backyard?’ Peyton paused after she asked the question. Mark nodded his head. “That was the first time it made me excited when you touched me. You put your hand directly on the skin of the small of my back and it was like nothing I’d ever felt.” Peyton blushed and looked down at her hands.

Mark remembered that day as well. She had worn a light t-shirt that was pulled up higher by her rounded breasts. He remembered thinking how sexy she had looked in the shirt. He couldn’t help but touch her that day. Mark had no idea it had had that effect on his little girl. He smiled at the memory. Then he paused that had been last summer.

“I went straight to my room when we got home. That was the first time I touched myself and thought of you.” She looked at her father and blushed again.

While she was talking her phone buzzed on his bedside table. Peyton knew it would be Jen. She looked at her Daddy as he saw the notification pop up on her screen.

“Why does Jen want to know if you’re ok!? What does she have to do with all this? And further more why did you have your phone with you?” Mark asked as he sat her phone back downe that I just couldn’t help myself.” He knew he should have acted better but his desires had gotten the best of him.

“Daddy it isn’t your fault; I’ve felt this way for a while. Jen and I have been talking about it for months.” She hadn’t intended to bring Jen into it so soon, but she didn’t like hiding things from her father, and she didn’t want him feeling bad for something she had set in motion.

“You two are diabolical. Evil even.” Mark couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of the two girls trying to put this together. “Peyton, I want you to tell me what you want to happen. Has your curiosity been satisfied or is there more to it?” Mark realized he was holding his breath, awaiting her answer.

“Daddy, I love you more than anything in this world. You have always been there for me and I never want that to change, but I also want you to love me a different way. I want to know what your hands feel like on me and what..well you would feel like inside me. I haven’t ever been with a boy; it just didn’t feel right. I’ve tried not to think about it. I know it should be wrong to feel the way I do, but I can’t stop thinking about it and I really don’t want to.” Peyton’s voice shook as she told her daddy how she felt. What if he didn’t feel the same. What if he didn’t want to take the risk of someone finding out.


“HOLY SHIT!!” Mark couldn’t believe his daughter was a virgin for one and for two she only wanted to be with him. This changed things.

Mark knew it was time for him to come clean and tell Peyton his side of things. He hadn’t exactly been a saint. He had taken peeks here and there. He would offer to help stretch her legs so he could feel them against him and would let his eyes wonder to the spot between her legs. There had even been a few times she had been at Jen’s for the night that he had gotten into her laundry and used her panties to jack off with.

“Peyton, I have been having the same thoughts and feelings about you too. I would like to think I wouldn’t have acted on them but I don’t think I could have held out much longer.” There was a small amount of defeat in Mark’s voice.

There had been women in his life over the 13 years that Rachael had been gone. They never stayed long as Peyton was always his priority. He put her first and always would. He had his favorite porn sites and Peyton was out enough with Jen and softball that he could keep himself taken care of. There had been times he had meet up with one of the single moms from school to quench his needs, but that’s all it was. Once he had started thinking about Peyton the other women just didn’t do it for him.

“Peyton, are you sure about this? This isn’t something you can take back. There is eventually going to be a man in your life that makes you feel that way.’ Mark knew she was young and he wanted her to think about it. ‘I am proud of you for waiting baby and I’m flattered you would feel that way about an old man like me.” He chuckled as he said the last bit.

“Oh, please Daddy, you are hardly old.’ Peyton giggled a little as she spoke. She paused for a moment then answered kadıköy escort bayan his question. ‘Yes, Daddy I’m sure. Like I said I have been thinking about this, about you for a long time.” Her tone had changed, her voice was soft and shy.

“Baby girl I won’t lie and say I’m not happy to hear that. Watching you today was something I’ve dreamed of for a while. I love you and we will take this slow and go at your pace.” Mark knew it would change them but he knew they would be ok.

“Oh, Daddy I’m so glad you aren’t angry with me. I was so worried and now I’m just so happy.” She looked into his steel blue eyes and hopped into his lap. She forgot they were both in towels and felt his hard cock against her ass.

Peyton wrapped her arms his neck and for the first time since she was a little girl, she kissed him on the mouth. Mark had not been prepared for her response but groaned as he held her in his arms. The kiss had started innocently but Peyton let out a small moan as she shifted against him and Mark slipped his tongue between her full lips and savored the taste of her mouth. He let her tongue explore his mouth as he ran his hands up her sides and into her thick red hair. He broke their kiss long enough to look into her eyes.

“You are so beautiful princess.” His voice was getting deep and he knew if she stayed on his lap, he would shift her so he was inside her tight little box.

“Daddy please touch me. Please make me your special girl.” Peyton straddle his lap as she looked at him.

“Oh God princess!!” Mark all but growled. The towel had come open as Peyton had straddled him and her wet puffy lips were pressed against his hard shaft.

“Please Daddy, I’ve wanted this for so long. You feel so good against me.” Peyton couldn’t control herself now that she was so close to getting what she wanted. She pressed her mouth to his again and rocked her hips just slightly.


Peyton felt his hands fist in her hair. He pulled her face back but not hard enough to hurt. He looked at her and began kissing down her chin to her neck. His lips so gentle on her skin. Mark kissed and licked his way to her ear; he gently bit her ear lobe. Peyton gasped.

“This may hurt a little baby. I will go slow. I will stop if it’s too much. You just have to tell me.” He whispered in her ear as he lifted her up and positioned her so he could slip inside her.

“Oh yes Daddy please. My skin is on fire. Please touch me.” Peyton was removing the towel as she begged her father for more.

Peyton’s firm tits swayed as she removed the towel. Her pink nipples were hard as they touched her Daddy’s chest. Her heart was racing and she was so nervous and excited she didn’t know what she was saying. She only knew she needed more of him. Peyton looked into her father’s eyes once more and wiggled her hips. His thick head entered her and they both groaned. She was slick with excitement and had her cherry not been intact he may have slid all the way inside her. It would be a tight fit for sure but she could feel her cunny pulse around his thickness.

Mark had to fight to control himself. He felt how wet she was but knew the next few minutes would shape how she would feel about sex. He wanted to pump into her hard and fast but knew he needed to take it slow. He wanted this to be something she would remember and feel good about. Peyton leaned in and again began kissing her Daddy. She moved her hips gently as she felt the pressure of his head.

“Please Daddy. Please make me a woman.” Peyton was all but breathless as she sat on the tip of his cock.

Peyton closed her eyes and took in all the sensations. Her body was humming with excitement. She felt her Daddy’s hand slide down over her breasts and gently pinch and pull her nipples. He flexed his hips and pushed against her thin barrier. She leaned her head back and moaned.

“Oh, yessss Daddy!!”

Peyton whimpered as Mark moved his hands down her body. She could feel his lips replace his fingers on one nipple then the other. She let out another moan. She had never felt this good. Her daddy was going to make her his. Mark sucked and flicked her hard nipples as his hands made his way to her thick hips. He grasped her firmly and pulled her up.

“Take a deep breath baby, if it’s too much you have to promise to tell me princess.” Mark had stopped licking and kissing her nipples. He didn’t escort maltepe want to hurt her but he knew it would for a moment.

Peyton shook her head and took a steady breath. In one swift movement of her father’s hips she felt a burning and fullness as he pushed thru her Hyman. She whimpered and put her hands on her father’s chest. He was inside her and with that feeling Peyton had her first orgasm. She had wanted this for so long the act had sent her over the edge.

“Oh god Daddy I am coming!!” Peyton called out as Mark moved in and out of her slowly.

“Fuck baby girl!! You are so tight and when you come on Daddy’s cock your so much tighter.” Mark growled as he felt his baby cum from him taking her cherry.

Peyton was lost in overwhelming ecstasy. She hadn’t expected to cum but to feel pain as her father pushed his shaft deeper into her wanting sex. Her pussy stretched around him and she rocked her hips to take more.

“That’s it princess, take all of Daddy’s cock. You’re such a good girl baby.” Mark’s voice was shaking and he was holding on so he wouldn’t shoot his load so fast.

Peyton and her Daddy began to move together. Him pushing up as she was pushing down on him. In a few strokes she could feel his balls against her ass. She was in heaven as she rode him. Mark took one of her nipples back into his mouth as he began to pump into her faster. She could feel the next wave of orgasm building inside her. She dug her nails into Mark’s chest and began to bounce on his hard cock. Her body was covered in a thin layer of sweat as she rocked and moaned.

“Yes Daddy. Fuck your little princess. Make me all yours Daddy.” Peyton had never said fuck in front of her father and right now she didn’t care. All she knew was how she felt and she wanted him to make her his.

“Oh, baby you are all Daddy’s!! God you feel so good on my cock.” Mark couldn’t hold out much longer. The combination of his baby girls tight little pussy and her naughty begging was more than he could take.

Peyton rocked harder and faster as Mark fucked her from below. He kissed her chest and up to her collarbone, as Peyton wrapped her arms around his neck. She hung on for dear life as her next orgasm began to take over her body. Her pussy tightened and pulsed around the cock deep inside her.

“Oh, fuck Daddy I’m fixing to cum again. Oh, please Daddy don’t stop!!” Peyton begged as she moved her hips faster.

“Daddy’s going to cum to baby. Oooo fuck Peyton!!” Mark pushed her down on the full length of his cock as the first ribbon of cum shot inside his sweet little girl.

Peyton could feel her Daddy thicken and throb as he began to fill her with his seed. She had been on birth control since she was 16 so she didn’t have to worry. The heat and force of him ejaculating inside her sent another orgasm ripping thru her. All she could do was moan and beg him not to stop. Mark slowed but didn’t stop as his little girl writhed in his lap. He could feel their mixed juices run over his balls as Peyton continued to cum.

Peyton felt her father’s arms pull her close to him as she began to come down from her fifth orgasm in less than two hours. Her whole body shook as she felt him still inside her. Peyton rested her cheek against her daddy’s chest and let the feelings flood thru her. She was so overwhelmed she felt tears running down her cheek.

“Baby are you ok? Did I hurt you?” Mark was overcome with worry. He felt her tears and pulled her back to look at her face.

“Oh no Daddy you didn’t hurt me. I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world. I love you Daddy.” Peyton smiled into her father’s eyes.

Mark reached up and wiped her tears. He was the lucky one. She was the love of his life and always had been. As they sat there holding one another Mark’s now soft cock slipped out of his daughter. He held her close. They were about to doze off when Peyton’s phone rang. She leaned over and grabbed it. It was Jen.

“Hey sorry I was a little busy.’ Peyton was still a little out of breath. ‘Yes, everything is fine, better than fine actually.” Peyton smiled at her father while she spoke to her best friend.

“I’ll fill you in later. Bye” Peyton pushed the end button on her phone and giggled.

“Better than fine huh.’ Mark laughed as he rolled his daughter onto her back. You know I’m going to have to have a talk with Rick about the bad influence his daughter has become.” Again, Mark laughed.

Peyton laughed with her father. Maybe if he did talk to Rick it would help Jen out. Peyton thought maybe she could talk her father into helping. That would have to wait till later though, right now she was basking in the glow of being with her Daddy…

To be continued…

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