Perfect Lookalikes Inc. – Cheryl

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Dear readers,

This story takes place in 2024. Our 44-year-old hero has been secretly in love with his 35-year-old sister. Ever since she was a teen.


Over lunch at our usual 34th Street East restaurant, Peter was talking about his company to Howard Banting, one of his west coast business contacts. Banting was listening to Peter intently but my mind was elsewhere. I’d heard it all before, as Peter Duncan is one of my best friends.

‘As you know, Howard, Perfect Lookalikes was founded in 2018 and today, only six years later, it has become the world’s leading sexual experience company. It introduced an entirely new approach to dedicated sexual entertainment. The idea was born when a new technique based on computer animation allowed the creation of an extremely realistic way of seemingly turning a person into someone else. Men and women could now simply provide a clear photo of somebody they wished to have sex with and Perfect Lookalikes would turn to one of their many models and, within a day or two, transform that model into a temporary lookalike. This transformation was so stunningly realistic that, when clients interacted with their model, they would see and feel the perfect illusion of experiencing the sexual act with the actual person of their choice. News reporters told how they had provided pictures of their actual wives or girlfriends to Perfect Lookalikes and, upon meeting the model assigned to them by our company, they were unable to see any difference worth mentioning.

It all has to do with a mix of computer animation software and holography and, because of this, the model you are having sex with does not have to be altered in any way physically, what you see is sort of photographically superimposed on her body, or his, as we now have a number of male models as well. So, when you get to meet your model, what you actually see is their body’s skin overlaid with a computer-generated image so perfect in color saturation and texture that the illusion is complete and, to put it mildly, truly astonishing.’

As Peter kept talking, my mind drifted back to the year 2006, some eighteen years earlier…

“I’m at home, and restless; the fearsome Second Millennium came and went six years ago. I’ve just turned twenty-six and I’m still always hot and bothered. Sex is on my mind all the time. I’m married but things between my wife and I have not been going well. My sexual obsession is about Cheryl, my kid sister, who’s been in my thoughts for years, ever since she became a teen. She’s such a beautiful girl, almost a woman now, rather. Okay, I don’t think she’s quite five foot tall because, as I arrived at my home recently and I saw her from the back standing next to our backyard pool, she was barefoot and wore a bathing cap and I mistook her for our neighbor’s 10 year-old daughter! But occasionally, like that time when I saw her trying to walk with high heels, I found her very sexy. She might look very young yet she’s quite a sight, with a small yet perfectly shaped body, vivacious brown eyes, a pert little upturned nose and delicious, dark auburn bobbed hair. As a young teen, she used to be our son’s regular babysitter. For some reason, I can’t help thinking about her. I know she’s my sister and all that and I’m kind of ashamed of my feelings for her so I don’t dare speak a lot to her when I see her almost every weekend at our parents’ house, where she still lives. Fortunately for me, she often comes over to our house to say hello. I keep dreaming of having sex with her, I just can’t help it.”

And now, eighteen years later, my thoughts came back to the present as Howard, due at Newark International, pumped our hands and left. Peter and I lingered over cognac and he was now speaking directly to me…

‘You really should think about this too, John. I know you’ve been divorced a couple of years and that you live like a recluse but this is 2024, man! You’re not getting any younger; I can’t understand why you won’t at least try our procedure, especially as I can let you have it at cost!’

And this was how I, John P., a trim forty-four years-old, was now standing at the reception desk of Perfect Lookalikes Inc. on this rainy Tuesday, red-faced and feeling awkward as hell. Peter had finally managed to pique my interest with his repetitious tales of sexual lookalikes and it got me thinking. I finally decided to tell him about this woman who I just couldn’t get out of my mind. Fortunately, Peter did not know my sister. He had urged me to provide some pictures of the woman I had in mind and I had found a few recent photographs of Cheryl, now 35, throwing baseballs in our yard with my teen-aged son. Peter had taken the pictures with him, promising to return them, and he’d asked me a few questions about my fantasy woman. He’d called back the next day and said their computer had a match and the woman would be available on the following Tuesday. This Tuesday!

‘My name is John P. and I made arrangements last week with Peter Duncan.’

The receptionist shuffled some files, found mine and asked me to have a seat and wait.

A few minutes later, a woman came in and, as I was the escort kartal only client present, asked me to follow her. She was in her early thirties and fairly good-looking, with a slim, medium height figure and black hair drawn back in a low bun. She wore a white nurse’s uniform with white nylons and no-nonsense sandals. As I noticed later, she had great legs, artful make-up and beautiful, carefully manicured hands. Could she be the model assigned to me? She did not look anything like Cheryl to me but I found her attractive nonetheless. However, as I soon found out, the nurse was just a regular employee.

Duncan had explained the procedure briefly but the nurse now took me inside a small office and explained a whole lot more about what I was about to experience. At Duncan’s request, I’d given him details about Cheryl like her height, her weight, the color of her eyes, the color of her hair and its style, things like that. Duncan had said the company had several hundred models in the greater New York area and, through computer analysis software, one of them would be chosen to become my Cheryl temporarily. She would be about the same height and weight, with like hair, and altogether matching as much as possible the woman in the pictures, with the stipulation, of course, that through computer aging the model would be in her thirties, to match Cheryl’s present age.

The nurse now explained that the model had been readied for her sexual assignment with me and that all company procedures had been observed. I was told that following a very thorough showering and genital disinfection, the model was waiting in one of the sexual rooms. The nurse took me to a small toilet and said I should try to use it now if possible. I did so and rejoined her at which point she led me to another room with a shower and asked me to strip. Her manner was very professional but, as she had a nice, slim body and fine features, I felt the beginning of an erection and my penis sprang up as I was shedding my pants in front of her. The nurse did not seem to pay attention as she ran the shower, tested the water, moved me under the spray and lathered me all over. She washed every part of my body and paid particular attention to my erect penis, washing it thoroughly with some kind of antiseptic jelly. After asking me to finish showering, she left a thick towel on a chair and left the room. After drying myself off, I put on a white terry robe and slippers she’d also left there for me, then sat on the chair and waited.

The nurse finally took me to the sexual experience room. It was a large room with a long white curtain blocking my view of the far side. Asking me to remove my robe and slippers, she had me lie on my back on a narrow padded table, a contraption that looked like a doctor’s examination table but with two extensions for the legs with footrests at the end. As I lay on the table, nude and flat on my back, the nurse placed my legs on the extensions and pulled the two footrests against the soles of my feet, where she locked them in place. She fastened my legs securely to the extensions with thick straps then she moved the extensions until my feet were about eighteen inches apart and locked them in that position. She next strapped the upper part of my chest tightly to the table and, finally, she strapped my arms down flat alongside my body. By now, I found the only movement I could make easily was to move my pelvis upward a few inches. But I wasn’t worried about this. Peter had explained earlier that during the sexual experience, though the client and the model necessarily have to be in close proximity to one another for the sexual interaction, no physical contact is allowed between them except for their genitals. My penis was sticking up, of course, what with all my expectations and the woman’s ministrations.

The nurse now pushed the apparatus I was on was toward the long curtain, which she pulled open completely to one side. It was at that moment that I saw Cheryl. I realized, of course, she was only a model but the illusion was so well done that I was simply stunned, as I could have sworn the model was my sister.

She was completely nude, her body spread-eagled in the shape of a large ‘X’ as she lay strapped on her back to a sort of table that looked a lot like mine but with four extensions instead of two. The model’s arms were drawn upward and tied to the two arm extensions of the table so that her wrists were level with her forehead. Her machine was almost vertical and the only reason she was not hanging from her arms was that they were securely strapped to the two extensions, her upper thighs were strapped tightly to the lower extensions of the machine, and her knees and ankles were tied down tightly enough that they could not move. In addition, footrests under her bare feet supported her body, allowing her to be comfortable as she was maintained firmly in the proper position, feet spread at least three feet apart. Because her arms were extended upward, the model’s breasts were pulled and pointed upward, they were small rather than heavy but very beautifully shaped, with small, protruding dark nipples. The woman seemed very maltepe escort petite, so the size of her breasts was a perfect match.

Seeing my model nude like this had an immediate effect and I felt my penis hardening even more. The model posing as Cheryl was watching me with a slightly fearful expression but said nothing, as she had been instructed.

I knew, of course, that she was not the real Cheryl that I loved and desired but, because the resemblance was so uncanny, I was almost fooled. I decided to play along and force myself to believe she was indeed my sister Cheryl, in order to increase the intensity of my sexual sensations. At this point, my nurse wheeled my table toward the model and she positioned it until, still flat on my back, I was directly facing her.

Using some kind of remote control, the nurse did something to the table at this point, as it began to tilt and I felt myself being brought to a vertical position. As my feet were supported by platforms, I did not feel uncomfortable. The nurse wheeled my table toward the model until my erect penis was only inches from the woman’s pubic area. We were by now facing each other, both in an almost vertical position.

The nurse, standing to one side between our two machines, slowly pulled my table forward and, using her remote control, she moved it up and forward, until the tip of my penis began to touch the woman’s pubis. As the tables were now close together, the nurse moved aside and reached between our bodies for Cheryl’s cunt lips and she spread them apart with her fingers at the same time that she took hold of my penis and wiggled it until it felt like the tip was in line with Cheryl’s vagina. At this point, the nurse placed her remote control under my right hand and explained how I could, by pressing various buttons, control my table’s forward and backward movement, height and inclination.

The nurse said ‘Remember, both of you, no talking at all, you’re not allowed to speak to each other’. I saw her smile faintly as she left us and closed the door.

Following instructions, I remained silent, savoring the moment. I knew the models are forbidden to speak with their clients and the reason for this is apparently to avoid shattering the illusion. Cheryl was looking intently into my eyes and I was completely engulfed with the feeling that this was really my sister, the girl who had been in my dreams all those years and who was so beautiful and desirable. Her scent was intoxicating and seemed vaguely familiar. And here I was, my stiff penis pressed slightly in the model’s vaginal opening! Waves of pleasure spread through my body and I squirmed involuntarily. The woman was breathing rapidly and I could tell the situation was getting to her too.

At last, I tried pressing the control buttons. Fortunately, I found the motors were very low-geared so that pressing a button moved my table very slowly. It was probably the nurse’s intention that I penetrate the model immediately when she left us, otherwise, if I moved my penis away from the woman’ vaginal entrance, I would not be able to get my penis into her again. With my penis tight against Cheryl’s vagina, I could probably push my penis into her easily but, for some crazy reason, I moved the table back slightly and then up and down, trying to massage the model’s clitoris with my exposed glans. I did not succeed, of course, due to the pulsating springiness of my penis, but the model smiled slightly at this and closed her eyes. I saw her beautiful breasts heaving and she moved her head from side to side as her tongue moistened her lips.

I then decided I would have to penetrate her immediately as I realized I would no longer be able to restrain myself. Looking down, I moved the table until I thought my penis was positioned correctly in front of the model’s opening and I moved the table forward, very slowly. There was a kind of pop and I felt my penis slide inside the woman’s vagina. I moved my table a bit downward until the penetration angle felt just right. My body was kept upright, supported by the two platforms under my feet.

Cheryl’s body was not as upright. (Cheryl’s body! Well, blame the illusion!) Rather than being vertical, her body was reclining backward by a couple of inches, supported by the platforms under her feet. She could not move her pelvis forward or back but I could move mine a few inches and I began pumping slowly into my model, feeling an acute thrill I had never quite experienced before. The pleasure was so intense that I knew I would not last. And, of course I didn’t! I pressed my body into Cheryl as much as I could as my semen spurted into her. During my ecstasy, I was aching to kiss her but I was not able to reach her mouth. The model appeared to be a very small woman as the top of her head did not reach my chin. And a good thing too, as I knew kissing was completely forbidden.

I suspect the nurse had been watching us, somehow, as she now came in and, pulling my table away from Cheryl, she wiped my penis with a serviette and motored my table flat again. She also lowered Cheryl’s table so she could be more comfortable then she turned both pendik escort bayan tables toward a large flat monitor and started a presentation. Again, she left us alone. The model and I did not talk; we just lay there side by side and watched the video. It showed an erect penis and a woman’s hands masturbating its glans delicately and slowly until the penis ejaculated, spurting semen high in the air. The action lasted about three minutes then re-started from the beginning. As the short presentation was ending for the third time, the nurse came back and turned my table, wheeling it close to the model’s own table.

The nurse grasped my penis, drew the foreskin back and fondled the glans, masturbating it gently with her fingers, until my penis was fully erect. She let go of me and I then saw the nurse apply a strap to Cheryl’s forehead and secure the ends to slots in the table on either side of her head. As I wondered why this had been done, the nurse came to my table and tied a thick strap solidly around my lower abdomen, so tightly I could no longer move my pelvis. She then changed my table’s inclination, raising the head end until, though still on my back, my body was at an angle of about 45 degrees. She then changed the inclination of Cheryl’s table as well, rotating it up vertically and continuing until her table was past the vertical and also at a 45 degree angle but with the model’s body suspended almost upside down. The nurse then moved Cheryl’s table, maneuvering it over my legs until she could bring the model’s face down over my erect penis.

As the nurse adjusted the height and angle of the table, I watched as my model’s beautiful face came down slowly over my rigid penis. The nurse guided my penis with her hand until the tip passed inside the woman’s mouth and I saw my glistening glans slide between her red lips. As soon as the nurse saw the model’s lips had reached the crease at the base of my glans, she stopped the table and nodded to the woman, who began masturbating my glans with her mouth, sucking it and swirling her tongue all around my glans. The nurse waited, sitting on a chair close beside us and watching closely, with one hand wrapped around the shaft of my penis tightly while her other hand held a towel at the ready. When the nurse felt that my penis was about to erupt she told the model: ‘Get ready, as soon as I tell you, let go.’ Expecting the woman to release my penis as instructed, I was surprised when she kept on milking me with increased mouth suction, despite the nurse’s asking her repeatedly to let go. Then I could no longer restrain myself and I felt my penis spurt in the woman’s mouth as I discharged my semen again and again, unable to raise my pelvis yet straining to push my penis further into her mouth during my long, exquisite ejaculation.

The nurse waited a few moments then she raised the model’s table about a foot; she fetched a plastic cup from a cupboard and placed it under the model’s mouth but the woman keep her lips closed. The nurse then rotated Cheryl’s table until she was flat on her back. Next, she wheeled me to the far side of the room and drew the curtain shut.

Having brought my table to a horizontal position, the nurse grabbed my penis and gently squeezed its glans repeatedly, probably to expel any remaining semen. Then, she washed my penis, dried it and untied me. She left me to recuperate for a while then she wheeled me into the other room, handed me my clothes and, smiling, said ‘I hope I’ll have the pleasure of seeing you again’. She was opening the door to leave so I thanked her and added that I’d found her not only a very good nurse but that I felt certain she’d be great as a model too. She smiled, waved and closed the door behind her. I rolled off the table, dressed and walked shakily to the reception area. As my sexual appointment had been paid in advance, I walked right out, feeling a bit groggy but nevertheless quite elated with the whole thing.

It was still raining as I stepped on the sidewalk and, right away, I saw my model, the woman who had just had sex with me, near the door. I could not understand why she hadn’t changed back into her own person and I felt a bit of a shock. She walked toward me and I was stunned when she spoke.

‘John, it’s me, Cheryl. I’m Cheryl, your Cheryl! You could not know this, of course, but it’s really me, your kid sister, it’s truly me! I’ve always loved you in secret but you were married and all and I tried to forget about you. But I still thought constantly about you, in silence. What happened was, Peter, whom I’ve known for a few months now, well, he recognized the pictures that you gave him, the pictures of me, and, because I had once told him that I’d always been secretly in love with you, well… you know, once you told him you had decided to try his company’s new kind of sexual experience by using my image, he called me and told me all about it. I saw a great opportunity and I seized it. I realized what you felt for me and I also knew you thought we could never be together in this way… It was a simple matter for Peter to arrange everything so it all looked genuine, like with one of their models, since he’d already explained the routine to you, and, you know, his company is the real thing, it truly works, it provides incredibly stimulating sexual encounters with make believe, look-alike persons, as has been reported by so many clients, as you’ve no doubt heard.

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