Pastor John and the Three Temptations

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John tugged at his collar, his tie a little too tight. He stood patiently outside the door, his suitcase sitting on the warm concrete as he waited, hearing footsteps approaching from inside.

John was the new pastor for God’s Hope Community Church out here in the beautiful city of Hallover. He’d spent his youth and much of his adult life in New York city, falling in love with its sights and sounds, loving the constant rush and swell of people running throughout it, but he was in need of a change. The senior pastor at his last church, Sacred Love just outside Manhattan, recommended John for the position here at God’s Hope. Their last pastor had tragically injured himself turning a recent town flooding which had also damaged part of the church, most notably the pastor’s quarters.

They hired John almost immediately but warned him that they didn’t really have a place for him to live until the renovations were complete. He told them that it was fine of course, there’s no reason he can’t stay at a hotel but the congregation insisted he stay with them. He felt a burden but Anri Yoshihara, one of the wealthier members welcomed him to stay at her home until the church was fixed.

So he got off the bus and took a cab to Anri’s home. It was when he was standing outside her door that John realized he had no idea what he was doing. Running his own church at such a young age? Most pastors are well into their 40s by the time they lead their own flock, but here he was at the tender age of 25, tugging at his collar outside a wealthy woman’s door about to lead his own congregation.

All of his nervousness washed away when Anri opened the door. She smiled broadly, her eyes crinkling up in the corners. Anri was an Asian woman in her mid 30s, busty, with a killer body. She was wearing a pink sundress and sandals, the low cut top showing off an impressive amount of cleavage, especially for an Asian woman. John reached out to shake her hand, beginning to say a greeting before she flung her arms open and crushed him with a hug.

“Pastor John, so glad to see you!”

When she wrapped her arms around him, his handshake attempting arm ended up folding and landed against her breast. He blushed, quickly pulling it out of the way.

“Thank you so much for having me. I truly wish to not become a burden,” John said as Anri broke the hug.

“Burden? No, of course not, don’t be silly. I’ve got this big ol’ house and few people to share it with, just me and the girls,” she said reaching down to grab his bag.

“Please, let me,” John said, reaching for his bag as well but Anri swatted at his hand.

“Nonsense, you just had a long flight out to the middle of nowhere and you’re a guest. Let me take it for you.”

John reluctantly allowed her to take his suitcase and they walked into her home. It was rather large and obvious that she came from money. The foyer floor was made of either marble or a very good imitation and cutouts in the walls held small white statues of Venus and Aphrodite, their blank eyes watching John as he walked in, shutting the big oak door behind him. Ahead was a staircase that lead up to the second floor, flanked on either side by doors leading deeper into the home.

“Your house is gorgeous,” John said honestly, looking around. He’d always been fond of architecture, telling himself that if he didn’t get into the ministry he would have loved working on buildings.

“You’re too kind. My husband Arnold designed it himself,” she said, carrying the bag up to the edge of the stairs. It was here that John, absentmindedly looking up at the great glass chandelier, bumped into Anri, his crotch pressing into her ass. She stumbled a little and gave a little yelp as he quickly caught her in his arms, his left arm on the small of her back and the other against a smooth thigh. Her dress had ridden up and exposed the tiny pink thong she had on underneath. It was lacy in the front, just barely covering her and it was obviously she didn’t have any hair underneath it. John quickly looked back up, seeing Anri smirking at catching him looking.

“Well, I usually save the dancing for during the date,” she laughed as John helped her right herself. John stammered out an apology but she put a finger to his lips, smiling, “It’s OK, accidents happen. Let me show you to your room.”

John nodded, blushing. His mind kept going back to that little piece of fabric hiding her bare pussy underneath. He tried to shake the image from his mind as they headed up the stairs and to the right, following a hallway. He was a man of the cloth and these impure thoughts would be the end of him, especially if he was new here. Although his denomination did allow clerical marriage, John thought it to be a little soon for that.

I can’t believe how small that thing was!, John thought before finally pushing the image out, reminding himself that he was a grown man in control of himself. He wouldn’t allow some thong, however small and great it looked, to ruin anything for him at this new place, kartal escort bayan especially with a married woman. Or… is she?

“I notice you don’t wear a ring,” John said, seeing the bare finger on her left hand. Anri turned and nodded over her shoulder at the question.

“My Arnold passed away a number of years ago, just after the girls were born,” she said.

“I’m sorry to hear that. The Lord will take him well in Heaven I’m sure,” he replied as they reached a closed door.

“Thank you pastor, I appreciate that.”

“You mentioned the girls?”

“Yes, Amy and Jenny, my daughters.”

“Oh that’s wonderful, I didn’t know you had daughters before I came,” he said, realizing he really didn’t get enough information before flying out here, now thinking that he should have done a lot more homework. Hell, this lady might want to kill and eat him!

“They won’t bother you… I hope,” she laughed as she opened the door, “they’re good kids, I did my best to raise them right,” she said, leading him inside.

“I’m sure you did a good job,” he replied as they walked in. The room was modest for the size of the rest of the house, containing a King sized bed and walk in closet. Anri set his suitcase on top of his bed and turned and smiled.

“Well, this is it. Make yourself at home of course, feel free to rearrange the furniture or whatever you like, I have no problems.”

“Thank you so much for your hospitality. Have you spoken with Jim yet about the renovations? I tried reaching him but he hasn’t gotten back to me yet,” John said, looking around the room and admiring the bookshelves set into the wall filled with first edition copies of many classics.

“Jim is always galavanting out in the woods, I’m sure he’ll respond soon. Last I checked they said it would be at least two months until it was done.”

“Two months? I really don’t want to be a-” John began to say before Anri interrupted him.

“Don’t you go saying that you’re a burden again! Trust me, having a man in the house will be nice. Tough to get any dating done with the girls home from college.”

“Well, I can’t be that kind of man for you,” John said, turning around and seeing Anri smiling at him. He felt like his eyes were being drawn to her cleavage.

“Of course of course, there’s just a certain energy around when there’s a man about. Not saying you need to, you know, take care of my needs. I’m sure I can do that on my own as usual,” she said, her eyes twinkling. John blushed at the idea, another thought forming in his mind. Anri on her back, legs spread, that tiny pink thong pulled to the side. Her fingers reaching down and rubbing slow circles around her clit as she cooed, one hand up and cupping her breast, her head thrown back as she plunges a single finger into her wet pussy, slowly sliding it in and out before rubbing her clit in lazy circles again, teasing herself.

“Pastor?” Anri asked. John snapped back to reality, smiling at the woman.

“Sorry, yes, I’m sure everything will be fine,” he replied and realized with a certain horror that a bulge had begun forming in his pants from the image of Anri playing with herself running through his head. John turned back to look at the bookshelf, hoping his hostess hadn’t noticed.

“I’ll leave you to unpack. If you need the bathroom there’s one right next to your room,” she said to his back. John could feel the warm smile in her voice, “I’m going to go downstairs and start making us some lunch.”

“Thank you ma’am, I appreciate it.”

“Oh don’t start calling me ma’am now, I’m not old yet!” she laughed as she walked out of the room. John quickly shut the door as she walked away and sat on the edge of the bed.

Try as he might, that bulge just refused to go away. He did everything he could to change his thoughts: silently singing a song, muttering bible verses, pinching his thigh, but nothing would alleviate it. He sighed and stood up, heading out to the bathroom, hoping a splash of cold water on his face would help.

On either side of John’s room were doors. He looked at each, not sure which was the bathroom and grabbed the handle of the left one and opened it.

John froze as he saw Amy and Jenny. The girls were young, just barely 18. They were completely identical from head to toe. John had walked in on them just as they were changing into their bikinis to go out for a swim. Amy was bent over picking up her bottoms while Jenny was putting on her top. Amy’s pink pussy and tiny puckered asshole were on full display for John, which Jenny’s small stiff nipples were pointed right at him. His eyes darted back and forth as Jenny giggled, seeing him blush and causing her sister to stand up straight, turning around, her well sized B cup breasts jiggling as she did.

The girls were both bare just like their mother, something they kept up with regularly. Amy smirked, a family trait, at seeing how embarrassed John was as he tried to sputter out a sentence.

“Um, I was, escort maltepe uh, the bath, um, sorry for walking in,” he said, his face beet red as he realized he was ogling both the girls’ nearly naked bodies. He quickly averted his gaze to the ceiling as they both laughed.

“So you’re John right, the pastor?” Amy said.

“Didn’t know he’d be so cute,” he sister said just loud enough for John to hear. He wasn’t sure if he could blush any deeper.

“I was, um, looking for the bathroom, I’m sorry,” John said. He looked back down, seeing that the girls had finally pulled on their bikinis, a pair of red ones that were a little too small and tight. He noticed Amy’s eyes flick down, glancing at the even larger bulge John now had in his pants.

“It’s the other door next to yours,” Jenny said, her hard nipples poking through the thin fabric. John nodding and quickly left, shutting the door behind him.

He walked into the bathroom and sat on the edge of the white clawfoot tub, running his hands through his hair, thinking about what he just saw. Those girls! God, so young and just… he didn’t want to say how he felt. He knew in the back of his mind he’d love nothing more than to have both of them on their knees in front of him, mouths licking and sucking up either side of his cock, looking up at him with those brown eyes of theirs, bikinis tossed on the floor haphazardly.

He knew he shouldn’t be thinking of this. It wasn’t right. He was here as a guest and in the first half hour was already fantasizing about his hostess and her two teens! What kind of pastor could lead a flock that had such impure thoughts.

John shook his head and walked to the sink, drawing some cold water from the tap. He splashed his face a few times, giving himself a few light slaps before looking at himself in the mirror. He had had second thoughts about the church before, but he felt tempted now more than ever.

John pushed those thoughts out of his mind. He was getting way ahead of himself. Even if he had seen things that weren’t appropriate, that didn’t mean the women would all be wanting to throw themselves at him anyway. How arrogant of him to assume he’d walked into some house of sex craving ladies, ready to jump his bones at a moment’s notice. He chuckled to himself at the thought, reassured, and walked out of the bathroom. His cock was still hard, though not as hard as it had been when he saw the girls standing there nude.

The pastor returned to his guest room and set to unpacking, removing all his things from his suitcase. It was when he was putting his bible on his nightstand that he heard a curt knock at the door and looked up as the girls walked in.

Jenny and Amy stood in the doorway, wearing nothing other than smiles and those little bikinis. John gulped and forced out a smile back.


“Can we ask you something?” Amy said, lingering at the door. They had their hands behind their backs which caused their chests to stick out slightly, showing off their breasts.

“Um, sure. How can I help you?” John asked, sitting on the edge of the bed and crossing his legs.

“Well, we just wanted a man’s opinion. See, we’re having a pool party this weekend and we were wondering if you could give us some advice?” Jenny said as the girls walked further into the room, Amy shutting the door behind her. John nodded.

“We were wondering which you thought were better, the ones we have on, or these?” Jenny said as they both held up another set of bikinis. These ones were white and somehow even smaller than the ones they currently had on. The bottoms were G Strings and the tops were tiny triangles that had no hope of staying in place and covering their nipples properly.

“Oh Lord, um, I’m not sure,” John stammered, looking back and forth between the clothing.

“Really? We thought you’d know, I mean, the red ones are cute, but the white ones are so slutty, like, maybe too slutty, you know?” Amy said.

“Yeah, like we want to look hot, but maybe we should save the white ones for when we’re at some rager or something, not just a party with the girls,” Jenny added.

“I’m not sure I’m the right person to ask,” John replied.

“Well, Mommy won’t care one way or the other, her’s are about this size though,” Jenny said, holding up the white one and giving it a little shake. John immediately pictured Anri in that tiny thing, her huge tits barely covered by that little top and her round ass in the little G String and shook his head.

“I’m sorry girls, this um, isn’t really my expertise,” John said.

“Really? Are you gay?” Amy asked.

“No dummy, pastors aren’t gay,” Jenny laughed.

“Well we go to a progressive church, you never know!” her sister replied.

“I’m not gay, girls, but I’m still a pastor,” John said, feeling that his cock had hardened completely again. He shifted, tried to get comfortable, feeling the pressure of his slacks against the head.

“Oh, so? Not like you’re gonna do anything pendik escort with us… right?” Amy asked, smirking. John blushed.

“No no, of course not, that would be wrong.”

“Well then, what’s the big deal? They’re just bikinis. Unless you think we shouldn’t wear any!” Jenny giggles. John thought about the girls changing again. The Lord is strong with his temptations. Or the devil himself is here.

“Um, well of… of course you should wear something!” John said.

“Which?” they said in unison, holding the bikinis up close to John. He looked back and forth between them, knowing they won’t leave him alone until he answered.

“Well… the ones you have on now look great. The white ones are a little too small,” he said.

“Too small? That’s the first time I’ve heard that,” Amy laughed.

“Yeah, most guys would love rather have us in the white ones. Well, they’d rather have us in nothing at all,” Jenny said.

“I bet you’d like that too,” Amy giggled, making John avert his eyes.

“What? No of course not!” he lied, looking at the wall next to the girls, hoping this torture would end soon.

“Really? You don’t think we’re sexy?” Jenny pouted, putting her hands on her hips.

“Oh no, he thinks we’re ugly,” Amy said, crossing her arms, pushing her tits up a bit.

“No girls, you’re not ugly at all,” John said, looking back, his eyes drawn to Amy’s breasts, the fabric of the bikini clinging tightly to her skin, “You’re very pretty.”

“That’s all, just pretty?”


“Cause that big thing in your pants seems to say that we’re a lot more than ‘pretty’,” Amy giggled, pointing at John’s lap.

John looked down and noticed that he had uncrossed his legs at some point while talking to the girls. A small wet spot marked the end of his cock, a large bulge formed down the length of his left thigh. He put his hands over it.

“Oh Lord, I’m sorry girls, please forgive me,” he said, looking at them both. He could feel it pulsing under his hand.

“Forgive you?” Amy asked curiously, “That’s a new one.”

“Really, it’s terribly inappropriate of me, I just couldn’t help myself,” he said as Jenny nodded sympathetically.

“Yeah Amy, don’t you see? He couldn’t help himself, you know how cocks are, they just get hard,” she said, pursing her lips.

“Oh I know how cocks are and I see one that is begging to cum,” Amy giggled, “It must be so hard, being a single pastor, about to run a whole new church in a new place, and now you’re stuck in a room with your cock hard and no way to relieve it.”

“It’ll go away on its own…” he said, knowing there’s no goddamn way that was true.

“You know, Mommy said we were supposed to be nice to him, help him with anything he needed,” Jenny said as she walked a little closer. John wasn’t sure what to do, get up and run or stay and talk it out.

“Yeah, and how can we do that?” Amy said, tapping her index finger on her lip as she thought. Jenny got on her knees in front of John, looking up at him.

“Pastor John, I want you to be honest… you want us to suck your cock, don’t you?” Jenny asked. John gasped through his teeth, frozen.

God he wanted nothing more.

“I… I…” he couldn’t get the words out. Jenny bit her lip and smiled.

“Come on, you need help. ‘Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act’,” she said, reaching out and gently moved John’s hands out of the way. He smiled at her quoting Proverbs and breathed in sharply as she ran her hand over his cock until she reached the base, buttoning then unzipping his pants. She gave them a quick tug and pulled them down slightly, revealing his blue boxer-briefs. She pulled those down as well and gripped his cock in her small hand and revealed it to her sister and herself.

Amy smiled when she saw John’s impressive cock. It was thick with a pink head that was already slick with precum that had been leaking since John first caught a glimpse of their mother’s thong.

“Oh look at that, he’s packing,” Amy giggled as Jenny stroked it slowly, her hand getting coated with precum. John closed his eyes, unable to believe them, and moaned softly.

“I think he likes it,” Jenny giggled, motioning to her sister to join her. Amy got down on her knees next to her sister and untied his shoes, removing them and his socks before pulling down his pants and boxer-briefs as well, getting him nude below the waist. Jenny continued to stroke as her sister undressed the pastor, smiling up at him and licking her lips.

Amy tossed the clothes aside and gently cupped John’s balls, leaning in with her sister. Their mouths were close to the head, so close he could feel their breath, warm and heavenly.

“Pastor, are you liking this?” Jenny asked, keeping her strokes slow and rhythmic. John nodded. His mind was mush, just experiencing a pleasure he hadn’t had since he was a teenager.

“Tell us what you want,” Amy giggled.

“Don’t… don’t stop,” he said, looking down at the two smiling faces.

“That’s it? You don’t want more?” Jenny asked. John bit his lip and nodded.

“Say it then,” she smiled. John swallowed.

“Girls… please…”

“Come on.”


“Say what you want.”

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