Part 02: Him

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He looked into her eyes and he couldn’t help himself. He reached out to caress her cheek with his finger and his hand trailed in its wake until he was holding the back of her head. As he drew her closer, he bent his head to bring his lips to hers. What was he doing? He hadn’t planned this but wasn’t going to pass on the opportunity fate had provided. He kissed her with growing desire and felt her respond by pulling him in tight. Her lips tasted cherry from her lipstick and he detected the faint smell of her perfume. He reached down her body with his free hand and used it cup her ass. She moaned at this and her tongue in his mouth became almost frantic in its movements. He was out of breath and broke free of the kiss and moved his lips to her earlobe. It was soft and supple and he was sure he’d find similarities elsewhere on her body that he wanted to explore for comparison. The thought quickened his breathing and eagerness.

He moved his hands to the front of her blouse and began to unbutton it while kissing his way down her neck, aiming for her breasts. He had to admit he was a breast man and from what he could see moving loose beneath her blouse, hers looked just the way he liked them. She seemed to have read his mind because she was guiding him right to where he wanted to be. He pulled back her blouse and stared at her openly as if he had never seen anything that beautiful in his life, which is exactly how he felt. He was already excited by their kiss and his anticipation of exploring her body, but right now his cock was so hard it hurt. His lips reached her breast and he moved the hand behind her head to her other breast to caress it while sucking her nipple into his mouth. She responded to his efforts by making one of her own—leaning her upper body back slightly so she could push her pelvis against the turgid penis trapped in his pants. This was both pleasurable and painful, but the mixture only increased his excitement.

He wanted to let his mouth continue its exploration of her body and told her so, to which she responded with a sigh. He found the zipper of her skirt and pulled it down until he heard the material fall from her and land softly onto the floor at her feet. Cupping her bare ass with both hands for balance, he knelt slowly as his lips and tongue released her hard nipple and moved down the soft skin of her abdomen until he reached the top of her thigh. As if he needed more proof of her own desire, the sarıyer escort smell of her sex added to the gentle panting of her breathing and quivering of her body as he descended.

He wanted to move straight to her pussy, but didn’t want to rush their pleasure, so he moved down the sensitive inner thigh until he reached her knee. Her skin was soft and warm to his lips. He looked up into her eyes and moved his hands up her body until they fondled her breasts and played with her nipples. His eagerness to taste her cunt overcame him though and knew he couldn’t draw this out any longer, so he put his mouth on her other thigh and kissed upward. Her quivering increased the closer he got to her core. She parted her legs to give him better access and ran her fingers through his hair to try and manage her anticipation.

The taste of her pussy when he reached it was everything he had hoped it would be! Her nether lips were soft and supple like her earlobe, but the comparison failed after that similarity. She was so wet already that his tongue just slide into the folds with no friction at all. He moved back and forth from her vagina to clit, sometimes with all of his tongue and other times just the tip. He paused at her clit each time to suck it into his mouth and she moaned. He wanted to bring her to orgasm with his mouth and he could tell she wanted the same thing, so he used his mouth to envelop her whole cunt and flicked his tongue rapidly back and forth between her lips, all the while moaning his own pleasure that came out as a hum.

Then she did something unexpected. So far, he had set the pace and was surprised when she pushed him away from her and told him to lay down on his back. He willingly complied and watched as she finished taking off her blouse and stood naked except for her high heels, which he definitely approved of. He didn’t understand how she could look even sexier than she had before, but she managed. Maybe it was the predatory look she had right now: hungry and on the hunt. Stepping out of her skirt, she came to stand directly over his face. He looked up at her body and had never wanted something so badly in his life.

He watched with excitement as she squatted and brought her pussy down to his lips. Resuming his previous cunnilingus, he found she was even wetter than before and moved his tongue quickly back and forth to esenyurt escort bring the orgasm she clearly wanted. After just a minute though, she pushed down until her cunt was pressed firmly on his whole mouth and began to rock back and forth and fucked his face, pushing the tip of his nose into her clit as she moved. This was so erotic that he almost came in his pants! Faster she moved until her heard her scream and a flood of her cum covered his face and entered his mouth.

She stopped moving and he could feel her pussy quiver while still dripping over his lips. He heard her ragged breathing and saw her chest rise and fall, knowing that he had given that pleasure to her. Then she moved off his face and down his body until her wet pussy sat over his still covered cock. He was aching for his own orgasm, but knew she was not done with him and that his turn would come. As she began to unbutton his shirt, she rocked her hips over his erection, but he couldn’t tell if she was doing it for herself or to tease him and didn’t care which—it felt glorious! She stayed that way for a couple of minutes while she caressed his chest and played with his nipples. He groaned and knew why she had liked having her nipples flicked and sucked.

She finally eased off, which he thought was a little cruel, but then felt her move further down and undo his pants and pull them completely off. His cock stood straight up and she wrapped it in her hand, squeezing and releasing gently. The warmth and tightness forced a drop of pre-cum to surface and he watched her lower her mouth to kiss the tip of his penis. He felt as if he had died and gone to heaven! She opened her lips to take more of him into her mouth and he twitched as she teased his small opening with her tongue, which produced several more drops of pre-cum for her to taste. He began to thrust his hips to force more of his cock in her mouth because he wanted to cum and ease his pleasured agony.

Despite his efforts, she remained in control and finally removed him from her mouth, but began to lick his erection and balls like a popsicle until he was drenched with her saliva. He had never felt anything this erotic in his life! From her impassioned efforts, he could tell she was enjoying this as much as he was. God she was good! He enjoyed another view of her complete nakedness as she stood up again and positioned herself over his crotch. Knowing avrupa yakası escort what was coming next, he held his breath as she descended. Balanced on her high heels, he felt her hand encircle his cock again and hold it in place as she brought her pussy down to where they touched at just this one point.

His excitement grew even more as he watched her use his hard cock like a dildo, rubbing it back and forth over her cunt until it was dripping with her juices. He was so close to being inside her that he groaned with pleasure and frustration. She finally positioned the head into her opening and dropped her weight until he was deep inside her and then stopped moving. Watching this goddess push his cock into her body and envelop it with her warmth and tightness was better than any wet dream he had ever had in his life! Slowly at first, she moved her hips up and down and he watched himself slide in and out of her pussy while her breasts moved up and down in sync with her motion. He saw her eyes were closed and her head was back as she moved.

She suddenly fell forward on to her knees and it surprised him when she took his wrists and trapped his arms on the floor over his head. Even more erotic was how she fucked him with abandon. She ground her clit into his crotch and kissed him like she was a starving predator who had finally captured her prey. Being deep in her pussy, the feel of her hard nipples on his chest, and knowing that she was tasting her own cum on his mouth made him feel that if he came right now, he would never stop. She screamed and he felt her body spasm over and over with another orgasm.

His own need still unfulfilled, he craved climax and knew exactly how he wanted it. “Get on your hands and knees,” he commanded as he rolled her off of his chest. It was his turn at being the predator and he enjoyed looking at the exposed, dripping cunt between her spread legs as he positioned himself behind her.

He grabbed her hips and thrust his cock forward until it was buried deep into her pussy. He began to pound in and out of her so hard that his balls slapped the top her pussy every time he thrust forward. The wet sound of their fucking exhilarated him. He switched from fucking her to forcing her hips back and forth so her cunt was fucking his cock instead. As he watched her pussy swallow him, he noticed the prefect rosebud of her asshole and decided on a final conquest as he sped toward climax.

He again switched to holding her hips and thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy. He felt her vaginal muscles contract around him as he increased the pace and knew she was close to a third orgasm. He felt his own building to the point of no return and reached out to push his thumb into her ass as his cum erupted deep into her cunt while she screamed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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