Parents and Siblings Ch. 01

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John and Cindy watched as their three beautiful nude kids sucked and licked each other in front of them on the living room floor. The parents were both naked, with Cindy’s slender fingers wrapped around her husband’s long thick dick and his strong hands fingering her pussy and asshole.

“I love seeing them please each other,” Julie told her husband. “They really have grown up to be great kids, and we both are so lucky to have them in more ways than we could really hope for.”

“I agree one hundred percent, babe,” John said. He kissed her and pulled his fingers out of her cunt stuffing them in her mouth so she could suck on her juices and shut her up. He loved his wife and their kids with all his heart, but he liked to watch more than he liked to hear his wife talk about it. “Shut up and suck me off,” he told her bending her over so she was on her knees on the couch. John guided her mouth to his hard raging dick. She took him deep in her throat, and began pumping the base of his long thick dick in her little hand. She used her other hand to start massaging his balls, sighing as her devoted husband put three fingers in her pubic holes, two in her pussy with his middle finger in her sugary firm asshole. John looked over at the threesome having sex on his living room floor. The kids, Julie, Bret, and Carmela, were spread out in a love triangle sucking and licking the dick or cunt in their face.

Julie was the oldest and had just graduated college. She was making happy little thrilled whimpers and slurps as her mouth was stretched and fucked by Bret’s nice fat dick. She loved the way her loving brother’s dick felt in her mouth, almost as much as having him fuck her sweet wet pussy. She pulled on his balls the way she knew he liked it, and ran her tongue between his sacks up his dick several times before taking him back into her wet craving needy mouth.

Bret was a junior at Penn State and had two fingers up Carmela’s pussy all the while trying to lick her into another mind shattering orgasm. He loved the way his sister’s juices began to flow copiously down his chin. Bret could not think of any better place to be then between the women of his family’s legs. He also loved the fact that he had been chosen to help Carmela loose her virginity. The youngest sibling had just graduated high school a month before, but Bret had fucked her in front of the family the first time she had been introduced to the family’s secret sex lives last November on her eighteenth birthday. She told him several months later, as they made love by themselves in her room, that she could not remember what life had been like before she started making love to her parents and siblings. Bret licked deep between her legs down between her ass cheeks then back up to her slick saved pussy. He felt her quivering thighs start to stir with a familiar pattern against his face.

Carmela was trying her best to keep up with the oral three-way by concentrating on Julie’s clit as much as possible. She kept her sister’s love button locked in her mouth sucking the hood and clit deep in her cheeks until her jaw hurt. It felt so nice having her brother’s attentions to her sweet pussy start to push her beyond control and cause her to convulse and shake up from her groin, through her spine, and finally flood her mind with the intense pleasure of her third orgasm of the afternoon.

Carmela’s cum was an electric power force that sent shock waves of sexual chemistry though her sister kartal escort Julie, causing Julie to cum so hard she bit down on her brother beautiful dick. This in turn sent Bret over the edge and he flooded Julie’s loving mouth with hot sticky seed. The siblings felt the electric force of there oral love course around the love triangle several times more as they shook and shivered through multi-orgasmic spasms, finally they lay spent on the floor with their heads cradled on a smooth thigh of their lover.

John watched them cum, his mind freezing the image to his heart. The love they showered for each other made his heart burst with pride, and made him excited for what would come next. Cindy shoved a finger up his ass causing him to loose it. His fingers were slick from her pussy juices and he felt her cunt contract as he exploded in her mouth.

Cindy backed off his dick a little as his first wave of cum splashed the back of her throat. She continued to suck him dry, and then laid her head on his thighs as her pounded her pussy and ass with his fingers until she was whimpering and crying out for him to make her cum. Her own orgasm built in her stomach making her shake, her legs cramp, and her toes freeze up. Cindy’s orgasm hit her like an avalanche, causing her to scream out her love for her husband. “Yes! Fuck meee, Johnny!” She screamed, and pounded on John’s solid chest with her small fists until the last bit of emotional pleasure made her collapse against him.

The girls came over to hold their mother. Julie kissed Cindy tasting her dad’s cum as her mother pushed her tongue in her mouth. Julie pushed back with her tongue mixing the two men’s cum between them. Carmela pulled their mother onto the floor so the lady’s bodies became a tangle of female nudity, sending them all into screams of fitful laughter. Carmela began licking and sucking on her mother’s large tits. She caressed Cindy’s thighs and long sculptured legs running her hands over her mother’s ripe pussy several times.

Finally, Cindy broke the kiss and hugged her daughters to her breasts. “I love you both so much,” she said. “Thank you for coming over Julie.”

“Can I sleep with you and Mom tonight?” Julie asked looking over at her father.

“Only if you give me some of my favorite pussy action,” John told his sensual daughter.

“Okay,” she said laughing at the look of lust he gave her. She felt his eyes drilling into her pussy. She loved the way he breathed deep in his chest. She knew her body excited her daddy. She loved the way his chest expanded and his strong pectoral muscles made his thick ropy arms move and undulate beside him. She felt a tingle in her pussy as she crawled over to him at took his dick in her mouth. Julie sucked her father hard then crawled up on him placing a leg on each side of his thick hairy thighs. She put her willowy hand between them and eased her wet pussy down on her daddy’s long thick cock. “Mmmmm,” she sighed into his throat placing her head on his shoulder. A cute smile spreading over her lips as her father’s dick split her adorable pussy lips and filled her love gap. They started slow with deep passionate strokes until her pussy juice made it easier for them to get into a faster rhythm. Julie threw head back as her dad pushed deep inside, her long blond hair tickling her ass as it trailed down her back to her dad’s thighs.

The other three watched for a few minutes before Cindy gathered her younger maltepe escort bayan children and led them hand and hand from the room. “Let’s let them enjoy the moment alone,” She said and kissed the pout from Carmela’s lips with a smile. “Don’t get jealous now, honey. Your dad just needs some time with Julie. She hasn’t been over in almost three months. Let it be. Now, why don’t you two go take a shower, I’m sure tonight’s party at the Marshall’s will be plenty of fun. Go get ready, okay.”

Cindy watched as the two ran upstairs, shaking her head as she heard them arguing over who had which shower. She couldn’t understand why those two could make love any time they wanted to but always wanted to shower by themselves. She walked into the kitchen and wet a hand towel with warm water from the sink. Cindy wiped her thighs, tits, ass, and pussy, cleaning off the mutual pussy juices the three girls had exchanged from their body tangle moments ago. She would shower later with John, but for right now she just wanted to feel a little cleaner as she started to make dinner for them all.

Julie was thoroughly enjoying her daddy’s dick. She kissed him letting him put his tongue in her mouth and move it across her clean white teeth. She loved his lips and the curve of his jaw that gave him such a firm masculine chin. His deep set piercing blue eyes stared back into her causing her to feel his intense need to fuck his eldest daughter. She would give him anything he desired. He was her first and to her the special bond a girl gets from her first is a light in the pleasant places of her heart. Julie loved her daddy, her lover, and she showed her appreciation by contracting her tight wet pussy around his dick and pulling it in as far as possible into her pussy. She felt him begin to shake a little as his orgasm built in his nuts. “I love you, daddy,” she said and kissed him again.

“I love you to, darling,” he grunted “Will you take my cum in your hot dripping cunt, babydoll? Make daddy proud, honey.”

“Give it to me, lover. I need to feel your cum in my dirty cunt,” she licked his neck and nibbled on his ear the way her mother had taught her he liked it. “Fuck your baby girl. Fuck me till I can’t take it any more. Wash my dirty cunt with your cum.” She bit hard down on his ear.

Julie felt him tense and tighten all the muscles in his chest hardening as he began slamming his dick up her open loving pussy. She met his pounding, thrusting herself down hard to meet his dick with each hammered stroke. She felt him release his love into her pussy filling her with his sticky hot cum. Julie ground her cunt down on him grasping desperately to the base of her daddy’s cock as he continued to empty himself and splash the vaginal walls deep within her. She kissed him softly as he came down from his high.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized.

She put supple fingers to his firm lips. “No, don’t be sorry. I loved it. I loved making you happy. You gave me all I need for now.” She smiled at him kissing him again as his expended dick slipped out or her. She felt his warm seed start to flow from her, and sat back putting her hand between her legs to let it flow into her cupped hand. “Now this is what every daughter should have for moisturizer,” she laughed at the sharp look she received from her daddy. Julie rubbed his cum between her hands and began to massage her breasts rubbing his cum all over her stomach, breasts, and shoulders. “I love escort pendik your cum all over me daddy,” she said as she slid off him. Julie stepped back satisfied at the sleepy happy expression she got from her dad. “Thank you fro fucking me daddy.”

“Thank you for coming over, baby,” John replied turning his head to sniff the new cooking smells wafting in from the kitchen to mix with the coupling aromas from the family sex. “Something smells good coming from your mother’s kitchen.” John stood up and walked over to Julie. He kissed her again taking her into his arms and hugging her tight. “I love you, baby. I’ll fuck your sweet tight pussy anytime you need it. Let’s go see what your mother has for supper.” John put his arm around Julie’s shoulder as the two walked across the room, down the hall, and into the kitchen.

“Julie wet some hand towels with warm water for you and your daddy,” Cindy said when they walked in. “Dinner is almost ready and you two don’t have time for a shower.”

“Sure, mom,” Julie answered and went over to the sink, wetting the towels her mother handed her. “Daddy was in prime form today. By the way, thanks for sucking him off before I took him. You know how he likes my pussy so much he can barely last five minutes. I think I got twenty out of him.” She laughed and went over to her dad with a steaming towel to wipe his chest, groin, and thighs. “God, I got my pussy juice all over you, daddy, and I didn’t even cum.”

“You didn’t cum?” her mother asked perplexed.

“No, Carmi made me come earlier, but dicks haven’t been doing it for me recently” Julie responded with a shrug. “I don’t know what it is. I guess I’m just over fucked,” Julie finished with her dad, walked over to speak with her mother, and started wiping her own body down. “Jack and I do it like three or four times a day. He fucked me for like an hour this morning before I came over. He didn’t make me cum either to tell the truth.”

“Maybe you are doing it a little too much then,” Cindy admonished her daughter. “Distance makes the heart go fonder, you know?”

Julie laughed. “You think? I never thought I could have too much sex. You guys never complained while I was living here.”

“True,” John spoke up. “But we never took advantage of you, baby. We always let you come to us after we introduced you to sex.”

“And for that matter,” her mother chimed in, “you were always more than willing to participate. But really we do more nudity games, kissing and hugging and such as much as we ever had sex. Does Jack make love to you, or do you two just fuck all the time.”

Julie thought about it a moment. “Well you know… we make love. We fuck! He’s my boyfriend, and I guess I never thought about it as love before. I care for him, but it’s different than with you all.”

“Well, maybe you should cut back on the fucking and start learning how to make love to the boy. If making love was ever one of your father’s specialties we are truly blessed. You know we taught you how to make love, but it’s different with each lover you take. If you’re over fucked, maybe that’s why you’re having troubled cumming, honeybee.” The younger siblings bounding down the stairs cut the conversation short. Cindy gave her eldest daughter a smile and a pat on the shoulder to say ‘we’ll talk later’, and handed her some plates to set the table.

Soon the family was all sitting down for a lovely Saturday supper. Their conversation was normal bordering on conjugal. John looked over at Cindy a huge satisfied smile on his face. Cindy nodded back and they both started laughing together with their children as Bret gave a vivid description of how he was going to seduce Mrs. Marshall’s beautiful charming daughter tonight.

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