Paradiso Ch. 17

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Day 4 Continued

We sat together at a picnic table and Sara listened in rapt attention as I described the epic fuck session I had with Jessie and her friends. I could almost hear Sara’s pussy lubing itself up as I described how deeply and thoroughly the sexy t-girls fucked me, filling my mouth and ass with load after delicious load. She then told me about how the Yoga class was led by Devi, included eight people, all women, and how the Yoga lesson just trailed off and turned into a lesbian orgy.

As we talked I noticed that Sara was taking these little glances over my shoulder. Thinking that someone had caught her eye I grinned and turned around to see what she was looking at. There was another picnic table about thirty feet away with two couples sitting at it; one facing us and the other facing away. The ones facing us made eye contact for a second before looking away. They looked to be a young couple, younger than us, maybe twenty one or twenty two years old, give or take. I turned back to Sara.

“Shall we go over and say hello?”

“You took the words out of my mouth.”

We stood from the table and strolled over to the young couple and the other one that was with them.

“Hello,” I began. “I’m Gary and this is Sara.”

“Hi.” She said in her most chipper tone.

“Would you mind if we joined you?”

“Please do.” said the woman whose back was to me before.

I sat down on the same side as the couple who had their backs to me before and Sara sat across from me. As I sat I got a better look at our four soon to be friends. The younger couple facing me both looked as though they spent a lot of time outdoors. They were fit and tanned and from what I could see over the tabletop there were no tan lines.

He looked to have a swimmer’s build; lean and sleek, the kind of guy who would be in an Abercrombie & Fitch ad. He had sandy blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He must have been a popular one at school, I thought. The young woman appeared to be older by a year or two. She had thick brown hair down past her shoulders with blonde streaks and green-gold eyes. She also had perky B-cup tits with pointed pink nipples that practically begged to be sucked.

I looked at the other couple sitting next to me and was almost immediately struck by an odd feeling. It was almost like I was looking at older versions of the younger couple across from me. The older couple was just a touch heavier and a tiny bit gray around the edges, but the hair, the eyes, the features; they were dead ringers for the younger couple. I got a very strange suspicion at that moment.

A moment later the older man opened his mouth and confirmed it.

“I’m Jeff Archer. This is my wife Linda. These are our kids, Beth and Todd.”

I had to make an effort not to let my jaw hit the tabletop. A whole family at a place like this? Together? Linda seemed to sense my confusion and smiled.

“I’m sure you have a lot of questions.”

I struggled to maintain my composure. This was a resort for doing away with inhibitions, after all and I didn’t want to make an ass of myself.

“Well, uh…” I tried to find my voice, but Sara stepped in and saved me.

“So what brings you to Paradiso?” she chimed in a friendly tone, trying to keep things light and friendly.

“Linda and I have been coming here for years.” Jeff explained. “This is the first year that we brought Beth and Todd along.”

“And with everything that goes on here… it doesn’t get… awkward?” I asked as delicately as possible. The four of them looked at one another and seemed to hesitate for a moment before Beth spoke up.

“We’re naturists. We have been since as long as I can remember. We live in a little place out of the way with a forest all around us and a big pond and nobody around for a couple miles, so when we’re on our property we don’t wear clothes. This is the first time Todd and I have been to Paradiso, but we’ve been to nudist resorts before.”

“This isn’t just a nudist resort.” Sara said with a wicked grin and a conspiratorial tone.

Again they all looked at one another and seemed to hesitate for a moment before Linda spoke up again.

“We’re all… liberal minded… about sex.”

For a long moment we all just uneasily looked around at one another. Was she saying what I think she was saying? Finally Beth put her hand on mine and spoke in a calming tone.

“It’s alright. I know what you’re thinking and you don’t have to get freaked out about it. Yes, we have a sexual relationship with each other.”

I felt like a lightning bolt had ripped through me and I just sat very still because I had no idea what to do or say. Sucking dick was one thing. Being gangbanged by transsexuals was one thing. Letting a man fuck my ass was one thing. But incest, real incest, was another. That was a huge, universal taboo.

“How did all that come about?” Sara asked, genuinely curious.

“Well,” Linda started, “as Beth said we were always naturists and we were just very open with our bodies. Even when the kids kartal escort were little, we taught them that there was nothing wrong or shameful in their bodies. In the winter sometimes two or more of us would shower together to save on the heating bill or sleep together for warmth. There was nothing at all sexual in it.”

“For me,” Beth interjected “it started when I came home from college in the spring of freshman year. In high school I had a lot of trouble making friends and never had a boyfriend.” I found that hard to believe, attractive as she was, but I supposed that we all have our awkward phases.

“So,” she continued “when I went off to college I tried dating and wound up with these drunk frat-boy assholes who tried to get in my pants within an hour of meeting me.”

“But then I came home for a visit that April and when I got there I took off my clothes and went looking for my parents. They weren’t in the house and it was unusually warm that day so I walked into the woods and when I rounded a hill I found them. Mom was leaning up against a tree and Dad was making love to her from behind.”

“I just stood there for a minute, not sure what to do. I knew all about sex, and not just from sex-ed in school. Mom was always very good about making sure I knew everything I needed to know and she never shied away when I had a question. But even though I’d seen them naked every day since I was little I had never seen them having sex before.”

“Then suddenly Mom turned her head and saw me, then Dad turned his head and saw me too. I thought that they might be mad or embarrassed, but Mom just smiled and said that they weren’t expecting me that early. She asked me to go back in the house and they’d be there soon. As I was walking back to the house I could hear that they were still having sex.”

“About twenty minutes later they came back to the house and sat down in the living room with me and asked me if I was upset with what I had seen. I said that I wasn’t and that I knew that’s what people did and that seemed to be the end of it. But that night after dinner Dad came to me in my room and asked me if everything was ok.”

“All of a sudden it all just came flooding out of me; the creeps at school who just tried to use me, how lonely I felt. It was like a dam broke and I just started crying. He held me for a while and when I looked at him I thought about how he looked earlier that day having sex with mom. I don’t know why I did it but I kissed him, like, really kissed him for the first time.”

The other Archers sat patiently while Beth told her story. It was obviously an intensely personal moment and I felt kind of like an intruder listening to it, but it would have felt even more rude to interrupt, so I sat silently.

“He pulled away and asked me what I was doing, so I told him that I loved him and wanted to learn about sex with someone I loved instead of some horny moron who doesn’t care about me except to add another notch on his headboard. He left the room and came back a minute later with Mom. We all talked for a while about what was happening and decided that I was mature enough to know what I wanted.”

“Mom stayed in the room with us while I gave my virginity to my dad.” Beth said with a warm, loving smile that was returned by Jeff.

“The whole time she coached me on what to do; where to touch him, how to touch him, how to kiss him, when to slow down, when to take control. It was a beautiful experience.”

Jeff reached across the table and took his daughter’s hand, holding it tenderly. After a moment Todd spoke up.

“It was pretty similar for me too. I was eighteen, a month from graduating high school, and I was having a bit of a rough time. Beth was off at college and I didn’t really have a lot of friends either. I wasn’t unpopular or shy, really, but it was hard to find much in common with people who didn’t live the way we lived.”

“I never brought anyone home because I knew they wouldn’t understand about the nudity or would think we were a bunch of freaks, so I was really lonely and sexually frustrated. Then one day Mom walked in on me masturbating. I got really embarrassed but she just waved it off. She said that everybody does it and that she does it too.”

“I just sat there for a minute with my erection in my hand, staring at her body, like I was seeing it for the first time. Then I started stroking myself again. She stood there and watched for a little while and then, well, she came over and… helped me.”

“When we were finished I asked if we could do it again the next day. She said yes and when we did it again she used her mouth. Every day that week she sucked me off until one day she told me that if I expected a woman to please me that I needed to be able to please her, too.”

By this point in the story I was at full salute. Taboo or not the thought of this family having sex together was crazy hot.

“So she taught me lessons on kissing and cunnilingus, where to find the g-spot and how to last longer during sex. Then one night maltepe escort bayan she asked me if I wanted to go all the way with her. That’s how I lost my virginity and we’ve been lovers ever since.”

“The way I see it,” Linda explained “is that we’re a family who loves one another like any other family. It’s just that we express that love in a way that most families don’t.”

“About a year later,” Todd continued “Mom and Dad sat us down and explained some things to us. First, Beth didn’t know that I was having sex with Mom and I didn’t know she was having sex with Dad. Once that was out in the open, Mom and Dad explained that they were both bisexual and had a semi-open relationship.”

“We didn’t have regular boyfriends or girlfriends.” Jeff added. “We still don’t. But occasionally we meet someone or a couple and have a little no-strings-attached fun.”

It sounded to me like they almost had a miniature Paradiso in their own home.

“Anyway,” Todd went on “they explained to us that if either of us ever had any questions about that, about bisexual sex, that we could come to them.”

“Later that night,” Said Beth “I went into Todd’s room to talk with him about everything we’d found out that day. We ended up describing our first times with Mom and Dad. It was getting me hot and I could clearly see he felt the same way. We just looked at each other for a minute and at the same time we just went for it, without saying a word.”

“But from then on it was all out in the open.” Said Linda. “It wasn’t some dirty secret we were hiding. It was just another way to show that we loved one another.”

“A couple months later I was sunbathing with Mom.” Beth continued. “I asked her about sex with women and she told me about some of her experiences and I asked her if she would show me. We went into her bedroom and she introduced me to lesbian sex. Since then she’s taught me all kinds of stuff with toys and bondage gear. The sex is amazing.” Then Todd chimed in.

“Sometimes I would masturbate with my door open, hoping that Mom or Beth would come by and join me. This one time I had a porno playing on my computer and wasn’t paying attention to the door when I looked up and saw Dad standing there. He looked at me, then at the porn movie playing, then back to me and asked if he could join me.”

“We started masturbating together on my bed and then suddenly he took hold of my cock and began jerking me off. It felt good, so I did the same for him. We did the same thing again the next week and when I came he licked the cum off of his hand. I asked him if I could do the same for him and he said yes. But when he came I licked it right off of his cock.”

“A few days later we did it again, but after jerking each other for a little while we started sucking each other off. Then after a couple more sessions like that Dad started talking to me about anal sex. I knew he wanted to and I was curious too, so he started by letting me penetrate him. Once I saw how much he enjoyed it and learned about what I could do so it wouldn’t hurt he took my anal cherry and I found that I loved it.”

Finally Sara broke in.

“So are you all, like, committed, or what?”

Jeff chuckled.

“No, we’re just a family like any other except for the fact that we go around naked and express ourselves sexually with each other.” Not a small difference from other families, I thought, but kept my mouth shut.

“I have a boyfriend.” Beth said.

“And I have a girlfriend.” Todd added. “They think we’re just on a regular family vacation right now. They also know we’re nudists, but not about the sex.”

“I suppose we’ll end up having to tell them at some point,” Beth mused “but for now we’re just enjoying our vacation.”

My mind felt like it had just run a marathon. There was so much to digest. Yet I couldn’t deny how attractive all four of the Archers were and how erotic their stories had been.

“Well, I think it’s amazing.” Sara declared. “You’re all so comfortable with each other and love each other so much. It’s beautiful.”

“It’s not something everyone can understand,” Jeff explained “and it’s certainly not something every family can or should do. But we’re all adults here and we love each other and sex is just a natural consequence of that love.”

“At least for us, it is.” Beth added. She then turned and looked me square in the eye. I understood the look. It was an invitation. I looked over the faces of the Archers, and Sara. We all seemed to be thinking the same thing. I wasn’t sure how I felt yet about their relationship, but none of that had anything to do with me. I wasn’t a part of their family and they were all very attractive.

Why not? I thought. Linda seemed to sense that I had made my decision.

“Would you like to come back to our place with us?”

I looked over at Sara and the sparkle in her eye was all the affirmation that I needed. We were going to do this thing.

“I’d like that.”

Together the six of us stood up from where we escort pendik were and began walking toward the Archer’s apartment. Beth and Linda took the lead, holding hands while they walked and I watched their pretty asses sway as we went.

We soon arrived at their place and Jeff announced that he was going to put on some music. Linda offered to open a bottle of wine and I was soon enjoying a glass of a nice chilled Riesling and listening to some smooth jazz piano. We made a little more small talk but when I had finished my second glass, Beth strode over to me and took the glass from my hand, setting it down on the countertop.

She crossed her hands behind my neck and I put mine on the gentle curves of her hips and we started swaying to the music. Her were filled with desire as she slowly pulled herself closer and closer until I could feel her beautiful breasts softly pressing against my chest and my cock brushing her hip and thigh.

“I saw you with that pregnant woman.” She said in a low, sultry voice.

“Her name is Cammy.”

“What’s my name?”


A slow smile spread across her lips.

“I like the way my name sounds when you say it.” It’s not as though she needed them at this point, but this girl’s seduction skills were razor sharp.

I was suddenly quite flattered when I realized that this woman, who had everything in the world going for her; beauty, youth, intelligence, a caring family, a good home and the kind of sexual confidence that could have won her any man or woman that she wanted, had chosen me. I leaned in and kissed her.

It was a slow, gentle kiss. I waited for her to open her lips before I opened mine and our tongues began to mingle and massage one another. For the next couple of minutes we caressed each other’s bodies while our mouths danced together. When we finally broke the kiss I saw that everyone else had paired off and were having their own fun.

Linda was sitting on the couch with her legs spread while her son sat next to her, sucking on a nipple while she played with the other and he slid two fingers in and out of her neatly trimmed pussy. Meanwhile Sara was leaning back against a wall, slowly stroking Jeff’s stiff prick while Jeff fondled and caressed Sara’s breasts.

I turned back to my new young lover and kissed her again, but before it got too intense I started moving my kisses across her cheek and jaw, then over to her neck and down to her shoulder. She began moaning and her head lolled from side to side when I started to run my tongue along her collarbone. Bulls-eye, I thought. That was her sweet spot.

After a minute of this I started to run my fingers up and down her thighs. I got all the invitation I needed when she spread her legs a little further apart. I enjoyed the feeling of her smooth skin and the muscle and sinew beneath as my hand crept up between her inner thighs and closer to the little bit of paradise where they met.

When I felt the heat and moisture of her wet little cunt I lowered my head further and took a hard nipple in my mouth and began sucking as my fingers explored her delectable folds and sought out the most sensitive spot. I remember hearing once that the clit was the only part of a human being’s anatomy that served no purpose except to give pleasure. There is something beautiful and exciting in that.

As I pleasured her most tantalizing places her own hands found my erect penis and began gently tracing the shaft with soft strokes, stopping every so often to massage the head with the ball of her thumb. I pulled away after a minute of this and took her hand, pulling her gently toward the couch. Todd was sitting with his legs apart, now. Linda was kneeling between them and sucking her son’s impressively sized erection.

I sat Beth down next to her brother and pushed her knees apart with my hands. I knelt down next to Linda and put my face close to Beth’s warm, dewy snatch and inhaled her flowery musk. Her lips were shaved but atop her mound sat a triangle of soft, downy fur. I dove in and began kissing and licking the beautiful flesh before me, enjoying the salty-sweet taste.

For a while I closed my eyes and went by taste and sound and touch alone. I had learned that while excitement begins with the eyes, if you neglect the other senses then you missing out on much of the pleasure. It’s like going to a concert and listening only to one instrument instead of the whole band.

After a while I looked up to see brother and sister making out; their mouths wide and tongues swirling vigorously between them. This turned me on more and I increased the speed of my oral pleasuring and soon I heard the muffled moans as Beth continued kissing Todd. A few moments later a second set of moans joined the chorus and I guessed that the Archer siblings were enjoying a nearly simultaneous orgasm.

Sometimes it’s hard to judge when to stop licking a pussy. In the immediate wake of an orgasm the clit is incredibly sensitive and too much stimulation can be uncomfortable, but if you stop too early you can kind of “kill” an orgasm and the woman is left less than satisfied. This time I managed to time it just right and when I pulled my head away I was treated to the sight of a sweaty, flushed, disheveled Beth with the biggest, goofiest, most adorable grin on her face.

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