Paige Ch. 12

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Beth was gone when I got up the next morning. I took a long hot shower and thought back on the events of the night before. I stood in the steamy shower, with nearly scalding water cascading down my back , remembering, letting it play back in my head, in hopes that maybe enough hot water and enough soap could wash away the shame and guilt.

I remembered how exciting and titillating it seemed at first; my encounter had been with Beth, in the kitchen. My cock started getting hard and as the skin stretched and the water touched the shredded flesh, it all came back to me; how the vitriol had permeated by entire being and how that act of sex had turned so ugly. The pain was rather searing. I lathered up my hands and applied the soap to my cock, which only intensified the pain, a pain that was somehow gratifying and shameful at the same time. The shame won out and I let that tattered piece of meat go limp as I washed the rest of my body. I stood under the shower until the water ran cold.

I made my way to the scene of the crime and brewed a pot of coffee. I had taken some aspirin and was sitting at the table sipping my first cup, when Paige came in. She didn’t speak at first. She ignored me. She poured herself a cup of coffee, two sugars, heavy cream. She walked over to the sink, stopped and then backed away, so as not to touch the counter.

I pictured Beth and me at that spot right in front of where Paige stood. I remembered that sound that I had heard, the sound the Beth must have heard, the sound that Paige had probably made. The shame washed over me.

Paige turned and glowered at me. I stared at my coffee cup, humiliated. I looked up in shame and begged, “Paige, please…”

“Fuck you!” she blurted, “Paige please, what? Paige please stand by patiently, as I fuck your aunt? Paige please be a ‘good little girl’ as I do anything I damn well desire?”

“Paige,” I pleaded, “You don’t understand. It’s not how it looked.”

“Here you go again with the ‘not how it looks bullshit’. How do you think it looks, when you fuck my aunt, in her butt?”

“Paige, there was no love involved, like with you. It was a grudge fuck.”

“Grudge fuck! Did you just make that up? I don’t care if it was love, lust or vengeance: You fucked her just the same; in my kitchen. I eat here, you son of a bitch! “

I stood up and took a step in her direction and said, “Paige, baby, you don’t understand.”

“Don’t you come near me. And don’t you ‘baby’ me, you mother fucker! You’re the one that don’t understand. You don’t understand me at all. I thought of all the people in the world, you were the one that did understand me.” She was beginning to tremble. “You told me you loved me. You’ve been lyin’ to me all along.” She threw her coffee at me. I ducked and the cup missed me but a lot of the coffee splattered on me. It was hot but I wasn’t seriously hurt.

I took another step toward her and said, “That’s not true Paige. I do love you, more than you’ll ever know.” She stood there, trembling, breathing hard and staring me down. She let me take another step. I was close enough to touch her or for her to slap me. I was about to reach for her when she spat in my face.

Paige turned and stomped out of the kitchen. I stood there for moment, listening to her footsteps fade and then her bedroom door slam, before I wiped her spittle from my face. I deserved every bit of it. I had brought all of that upon myself. I looked at the whiskey bottle on the counter and turned my head.

I went after her. I called to her from outside her door, “Paige, escort bostancı you need to listen to me. I love you. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you.”

“Oh lucky me,” she replied through her closed door.

“I’m serious , Paige. I’ve been a fool, an idiot.”

“No shit!”

“Paige, I need you, and you need me.”

“I don’t need anybody, least of all you.”

“I need you and you need me to start that new life we’ve talked about.”

“Fuck you.”

“Seriously, Paige. It might have seemed impossible when all this started between us, but now…”

“Go to hell!”

“This could be our time. Just you and me Paige. I’ll never treat you bad again. We can find a place where nobody knows us and we can live together as a couple. It doesn’t have to be a legal marriage, but I’ll treat like my wife. I’ll be good to you, I promise.”

“Some husband you’d make,” her voice was beginning to soften.

“I haven’t been myself, Paige. We’re all goin’ through some strange shit right now. When all of this over, we could have the best years of our lives, together, me and you.”

“Just go away,” she said, in a much more subdued tone, and she repeated, “Just go away,” in a voice I could barely hear through the door.

I thought I heard Paige crying. I was sure I heard a sob. It broke my heart that she wouldn’t open that door and let me hold her. I walked away.

I got dressed and set about the duties that had been charged to me. I met with a probate lawyer, a representative of the airline, a real estate agent and Paige’s guidance councilor, that day. Paige should have gone with me, but I left her alone. I learned that Paige, my little hellion was actually very bright and quite a good student. She skipped a few classes and got into a bit of trouble at school, but she got good grades and tested quite well. All the faculty and staff loved her. The best news was, she could take her final exams, and test out of school at any time. She could walk with her class or they could mail her diploma.

When I left the school, I hurried back to the house. I walked in the back door to find Sarah, or what appeared to be Sarah sitting at the kitchen table, sipping a glass of wine.

Paige had dressed herself in one of Sarah’s outfits. She wore a silky blouse that she left half unbuttoned and a short skirt, with hose and heels. I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She had put on a little of Sarah’s make up, very understated, just the way Sarah wore it. Paige’s hair was longer than Sarah’s, but she had pulled it back into a ponytail, the way Sarah did when she was younger. The way Sarah had worn it when I first met her.

She stood up and looked me square in the eye and said, “Hi, glass of wine?” I was flabbergasted. It was scary. It was as if Sarah were standing in front of me, except the face was younger. It was the face that I had fallen for all those years before, the face that had broken my heart. And Paige had let her voice relax and fall into just a slightly deeper register. She sounded exactly like her mother.

“Sure,” I said. She walked to the counter and poured some wine into a waiting glass and handed it to me.

“Cheers,” she said solemnly in Sarah’s voice and raised her glass, staring me in the eye the whole time.

“Cheers,” I replied. “Well, the school said the you can take your exams as soon as your ready. And if you pass them all, your school year is done. They’ll mail the diploma.”

“Wonderful,” she said, “I’m sure Paige will be delighted.” At that point it was getting ümraniye escort too weird. She walked to the counter and poured herself another glass of wine. I looked her up and down from behind. She looked astounding. The skirt fit her tight little ass perfectly and her legs, in those hose and high heels, were unbelievable. I didn’t know who I was looking at. She had seemed no more than a child when I had arrived, then she had stepped out of the shower that Sunday morning, a woman. The tragic news of her mother’s death sent her retreating into the guise of the little girl again. Now here stood this woman, with a child trapped within. Was it the woman that I held that unrequited torch for all those years, or was it the girl that I had fallen madly in love with two weeks ago. At that moment, they were one and the same.

She turned and looked me in the eye again. This time I saw my Paige, my girl, my Baby. For an instant she had slipped out of character, but I watched as Sarah reemerged. She walked up close to me and I could smell Sarah. Paige smelled of vanilla and creme brulee. Sarah smelled of Tendre Poison. She gently placed her hand behind my neck and leaned in to kiss me. She would have had to tip toe, usually, but in her heels, she didn’t. I still had to bend my head just a little. I tenderly laid my lips against hers. Her mouth didn’t taste like Paige’s. Paige’s mouth had offered several flavors when last I had tasted her; liquor, sex, liquor and sex, my juices, her juices, toothpaste, fruit flavored lip gloss, coffee and sex, bubble gum and sex. She parted her lips and let my tongue enter this mature mouth which tasted of a woman’s lipstick and Chardonnay.

We kissed deeply. I didn’t couldn’t be sure who I was kissing. It felt familiar, but this “Sarah” was more reserved and more deliberate in her style of kissing than Paige was, still just as passionate. I let myself believe for a minute that I was kissing Sarah. I pulled her close and held her tight. This body was definitely familiar. I felt Paige’s breasts against my chest. But some how it was different. Paige would have gone wild and been all over me at that point. But this “Sarah” was smooth and measured. Where Paige burned bright and hot, this “Sarah” smoldered, just as hot, but dark and smokey.

I had backed her up to the table. I lifted her and sat her on the edge. Her skirt hiked up enough to let her legs spread. I slid my left leg between her knees. She started kissing my neck, wet kisses, up and down my neck. She bit my earlobe and whispered, “I’ve always known how you felt about me. I’ve felt the same way. Now, at last, we can have what we’ve always wanted.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was Sarah’s voice saying the things that I wished she had said, so long ago. But I knew these words were coming out of Paige. I wanted so badly to believe that it was Sarah, that I pretended that Paige didn’t exist. I found myself in a time and place where no one existed but Sarah and me.

“You can take me to my bed if you want. Or then again, you always wanted to fuck me on my kitchen table, didn’t you.” She’d hike her skirt up all the way to reveal that she was wearing only a garter belt beneath to hold up her thigh-high hose, with no panties. I picked her up and carried her to Sarah’s room.

I tore off the comforter and threw her on the bed. There were candles lit and the room smelled of Sarah’s perfume. I stripped my clothes off and she kicked off her shoes. I stood over her as she opened her blouse. She lay trembling as I pulled down her skirt. She was still kartal escort bayan wearing her garter and hose, her blouse was open and her heaving breasts were exposed. There was no stud in this “Sarah’s” navel. Her pussy was wet and glistening in the candle light. I climbed on top of her. I pressed my mouth against hers and pushed my tongue past her wet, plump lips. She sucked my tongue as I kissed her.

My hard throbbing cock found her wet little pussy. She guided me in and I drove it all the way down. She let out a loud moan. “How do you like that?” I thought. This was not like making tender love to sweet little Paige. I was fucking Sarah. At last I was fucking the love of my life. I was fucking the bitch that had fucked my head up for all these years. Her pussy was tighter than I had expected, but all the better for me. I pulled back and thrust into her again. She thrust right back and moaned.

We started fucking hard. She was matching me stroke for stroke and moaning with each one. I looked down at her face and could tell that she was in pain, and I was glad. Still I couldn’t help but say, “God, I love you!”

She asked, “What’s my name, mother fucker?”


“Say it, mother fucker!”


“Say it all, mother fucker!”

“Sara! I love you, Sarah!”

To which she replied, “Fuck me, Daddy!”

I drove my hard cock in all the way again, with a lustful vengeance, and exclaimed, “I love you, Sarah!”

And she replied, “Fuck me, Daddy!” I drove my cock home again.

“I love you, Sarah!”

“Fuck me Daddy!”

And so it went for what seemed an eternity, until I felt her begin to tremble. Once she started to shudder, I let go with a massive load, that I drove deep down into her pussy, thinking, “There, bitch, that’s what you’ve been missing!”

She muttered, “Oh, Daddy, oh, Daddy, oh Daddy, oh…”

I looked down at her and could see tears stream down her cheeks. It was the face of my Paige, wearing her mother’s make up, which was now smeared and streaked with her sweat and tears. My heart melted. I was consumed with guilt. I had just fucked her mother as she watched. I wasn’t sure who Paige had fucked. I kissed her lips and she slapped my face. I pulled my shoulders back and pushed my dick as far into her as possible and let the last of my come drain as deep into her as I could get it. I felt the last of my filthy pleasure drain from me as well.

It wasn’t until then that I noticed the pain. My torn cock was ripped apart again.

When I had finished, I nearly collapsed on top of her. Once she had finished she pushed me off. I fell beside her.

“I want to have your baby, ” she gasped. I didn’t know if it was “Sarah” talking or Paige.

“You are one crazy bitch!” I said.

“I hate you, mother fucker!” she sobbed. It was Paige talking now. She had started to cry again. I pulled her close and she nuzzled into my shoulder. She began to weep and sob. She shed tears and slobber and snot all over my bare shoulder and chest. I loved every drop of it. I felt my cock getting hard again.

After a few minutes, her sobbing subsided and she her raised her wet, puffy face to mine and kissed me. It was the sloppiest, and the sweetest kiss we had ever shared. Then she whispered, so softly and tenderly, that even from inches away, I could barely hear her, “I love you. I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved you, and I always will.”

My little girl, my Baby, was back. “I’ll always love you too, Baby.” I pulled her close and held her tight. She cried hard for a while. I just held her and let it flow. Eventually, she ran out of tears. She lay there, trembling, sniffing and gasping to catch her breath, while I stroked her hair. A few minutes later she was asleep.We stayed in Sarah’s bed the rest of that day and all that night.

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