One Last Time…

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It’s a hot summers morning and I’ve just pulled into the car park. As I get out of the car i see you pull in after me. I smile to myself knowing what the day has instore. We’ve finally arranged it our day of sex in the hotel which we have been talking about for months. We can’t get into the room until lunch so have decided the safest option is to come into work and leave at around noon.

I walk into the building and stop at reception. You follow me in as you get to the foot of the stairs our eyes meet. If only you knew what was going through my mind right now. If only you could see through this dress to see just what I had on underneath it just for you. I know you’re going to like it. I’m getting turned on already thinking how you’re going to react. How am I going to get through the morning? How am I going to stop myself messaging you to tell you? I know I mustn’t it will make it all the more fun when we meet up.

I spend the morning clock watching, I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to feel your rock hard cock inside me. I’ve got all these totally naughty thoughts in my head what I want you to do to bakırköy escort me and me too you. Lunch time finally arrives and you leave for the room, I give you a head start to book in and text me the room number.

Room 69 could it have been anymore apt? I pull up outside the hotel my heart is racing at about a million miles per hour. I walk through reception and up to the room. I know you’ll be in there your tie all loose your top shirt buttons unfastened. Well if this is going to be a one time thing and a way to get one and other out of each others system lets make it memorable eh?……

I’ve unbuttoned my top 2 buttons. I know you like my tits so want them to be the first thing you see. (Knock Knock Knock) I tap on the door… I need you to answer it to me. As you open the door you look directly at my cleavage then our eyes meet and you smile that knowing smile. I slowly move my hands down to the zipper in your trousers. You’ve been waiting for me I can tell you feel all hard in my hand as I reach in to stroke your cock I know I have to do it…and it has to be now. beşiktaş escort I step into the room and you close it behind me I drop down to my knees I have to have you in my mouth right here and right now. I gently but firmly take your now rock hard cock out of your trousers and eagerly start to suck it. I take you deep in my mouth as you hold back my long flowing hair. You love to watch as I suck you. As I fuck you with my mouth the gentle moans of pleasure from my throat tickles the tip of your cock. My hand on your ass squeezing pushing you deeper into my throat. I so love to do this too you. As you look down to watch me you notice what i have underneath……

You put your hands on mine and pull me up from my knees. As i stand infront of you, you lean into kiss me hello. Your fingers move to my buttons and one by one you start to unfasten them revealing more and more of what I have on just for you. You finally slide the dress off of my shoulders to reveal the red and black basque, suspender skirt, black lacey hold ups and stillettos…… You really are standing to attention…. beylikdüzü escort I knew you’d like it.

You pull me in close and run your hands down my back… You whisper in my ear “do you want to me to fuck whilst you’re wearing that” hell do I. We move back into the room I unbutton your shirt and start too undress you… I can’t tell you how much I want you right now… I’m so wet do you want to feel… you slip your fingers between my open legs to find i’m not wearing any knicker. You ask me have I been like that all day… I tell you that was the reason for my smile at reception. You tell me I’m a dirty little minx and you are so right. You run your strong fingers along my soft naked pussy lips… as you slide your finger between them can you feel how hard my clit i throbbing?? I need you now. We move to the chair by the desk and you sit down. I straddle you and slowly tease the tip of your rock hard cock with my soft pussy lips, edging you between them ever so slowy taking you inside me only the tip at first then sliding you back out. You have have taken my tits out of the basque and are sucking my big hard nipples. God it feels so good, so good that I can help myself I have to have all of you inside me… as I start to ride you, harder and deeper with every stroke… I know it’s not going to be long before i’m cumming….. and this in the first 20 minutes what will the rest of the day have in store???

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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