On the Road Again

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My father died shortly after I graduated from high school. He was a good man who always treated Mom and me with kindness. A hard-working trucker, he was on the road most of the time. Whenever he was at home, our house was filled with laughter. Dad’s trucker buddies were around a lot of the time. I was just a kid and didn’t think anything of it. I didn’t know that Dad liked to watch them fuck my beautiful mother.

Dad had faults that I didn’t become aware of until after his death. He loved to throw money around while having a good time. He was fond of that old cliché, “You can’t take it with you.” Well, he must have taken it with him because he certainly didn’t leave anything behind; our bank account balance was a measly twenty dollars. I guess he thought he would live forever because he had not bothered to take out a life insurance policy.

I told Mom not to worry because I would get a job and support us both. But she had too much pride for that. Dad had taught her how to drive a big rig so she decided to become a trucker. She certainly didn’t look the part. She was the prettiest woman in town. When she walked down Main Street, men drooled and their envious wives whispered “Shame on the hussy.” When she strutted down the street on her long legs, her big tits, unfettered by a bra, jiggled like mounds of Jello. At the barbershop, the men would rush to the window to catch a glimpse of her and then return to their seats with bulging crotches.

As I waved her good-bye on her first long-haul, I wondered what the future held for both of us. I immediately set out in search of a job, but in a small town like Centerville, there were not many available. The mill that had been the engine of our economy had gone bankrupt. Even our single supermarket did not need bag boys. If I couldn’t even get a job as a lowly bag boy, what would I do? My money was going fast and I was getting desperate.

After two months on the road, Mom suddenly returned home. She was badly shaken but she would not tell me what had happened. She had certainly had a very bad experience of some kind, but she kept me in the dark. I never did find out what had happened, but, whatever it was, it certainly changed my life. I was puzzled at Mom’s reaction when I told her I hadn’t found a job; she seemed pleased!

A couple of days passed, and then over breakfast one morning, Mom told me about her plan. We would go into the trucking business together. She would teach me to drive a big rig and then we would travel the country as business partners. The law requires truckers to rest a minimum of six hours a day, but if a truck has two drivers, one can rest while the other drives. Theoretically, we could keep our rig rolling twenty-four hours a day. And time is money. But I saw right through Mom’s plan. It was clear that she really wanted me along for protection.

Having little choice, I agreed to Mom’s plan. I’ve always been a quick learner so it only took her a couple of weeks to teach me how to drive the truck. We set out on our first long-haul the same day I got my trucker’s license. Mom’s prediction that we would be successful came true. We didn’t have any trouble getting loads. We specialized in hauling vegetables, a highly perishable commodity. Dispatchers always preferred to consign shipments to a truck with two drivers so they would arrive at their destinations sooner. If all else failed, Mom wouldn’t hesitate to get down on her knees and give a dispatcher a blow job in exchange for a consignment. I didn’t find out about that until much later, though.

But ataşehir escort you aren’t reading this to learn about the trucking business, and you are probably wishing that I would get to the sex. It happened on a run from Georgia to Chicago with a load of peaches. Somewhere in Kentucky, Mom and I stopped at a truck stop to get a hot meal, and there at the counter, Mom ran into an old friend. Red was one of those ruggedly-handsome men that women are attracted to for inexplicable reasons. I could tell by the way those two grinned at each other that they had been more than just friends at one time.

“Son, why don’t you go ahead and have a nice thick steak and a big baked potato,” Mom said. “I’m really not as hungry as I thought I was. Red and I are going to take a walk and talk about the good old days.”

Jealousy reared its ugly head as I watched Mom and Red stroll across the parking lot. She was wearing a pair of jeans that clung to her ass like a second skin. When she wanted to get a man’s attention, she swung that beautiful butt from side to side in the most seductive manner. That’s how she was walking beside Red, swinging that fine ass back and forth like a street-walking whore.

I had an excellent steak with all the trimmings, but I hardly tasted it. All I could think about was my beautiful mother and her companion. Until then, I had been the only man in Mom’s life. I dawdled over my dessert, and then my coffee. Every few seconds, my eyes scanned the parking lot in search of my mother. I could tell by the scowl on my waiter’s face that he wanted me to leave so someone else could have my table. Feeling very unwelcome, I decided to return to the truck and take a nap. After leaving a generous tip to make up for hogging the table, I headed across the parking lot.

As I stepped up onto the running board and reached for the handle, I noticed that the light in the sleeping compartment was on. The curtain separating the front seats from the compartment had not been fully closed. I shifted my position until I could see inside. I was shocked to see Mom’s beautiful blonde head bobbing on Red’s cock. My worst fears had been realized!

Mom lifted her head and jacked the limp member with her hand. She jacked and sucked, jacked and sucked, but nothing she did could make it hard. She even tried rubbing her tits against it. Nothing worked. When my beautiful mother sat up, I got my first good look at her tits. They were absolutely stunning. As big as cantaloupes, they were capped with large brown nipples. My mouth watered when I saw how perfect her nips were. In spite of my jealousy, my cock began to strain against the cloth of my jeans.

Mom was very unhappy about something, and she seemed to be taking it out on her lover. Meanwhile, I kept getting harder and harder. I had to do something to alleviate the stress that my cock was under. I glanced around and saw no one, so I lowered my pants and pulled my cock up against my belly. The temptation to masturbate was so great that I couldn’t resist. I stood there and stared at my mother’s cans as I jacked my ten-inch cock.

Red’s legs disappeared from sight but Mom continued to scold him. As I caught a glimpse of her bushy cunt, my heart raced with excitement. “What kind of a man would jack off in a public parking lot while ogling his mother’s naked body?” I asked myself. Before I had a chance to shoot, Red came stumbling out of the sleeping compartment. He was half-dressed and obviously in a big hurry to get away from Mom. I jumped back kadıköy escort out of sight just in time and pulled up my pants as Red stomped across the parking lot.

I was thoroughly shaken by the experience. I waited awhile to give Mom time to dress and then opened the door. She was sitting in the passenger seat pretending to sleep. “Ready to go, Mom?” I asked. She nodded her head, so I started the engine and headed the big rig toward the Interstate. We had only gone a couple of miles when Mom went crazy.

“That son-of-a-bitch shot his load in less than a minute and left me high and dry, and then I couldn’t get him back up. I am so horny that I think I will lose my mind if I don’t get a fucking this very instant. I need a cock and it will have to be yours, son. Pull over and let’s get to it.”

I had fantasized about fucking Mom hundreds of times but I never imagined that fantasy would become reality. A sign emerged out of the darkness that announced, “Rest Stop 1 Mile”.

“Are you sure about this, Mom?

“Yes, honey, I’m sure.”

“Then I’ll go to the rest stop. It will be safer there.”

Mom climbed into the sleeping compartment as I glided up the ramp to the rest stop. I drove to the back where Mom and I would have privacy, then I joined her in back. What a glorious sight she was! She was stretched out naked on the bed, her hand busily working her pussy.

“Come on, son. Don’t keep me waiting.”

I was shaking like a leaf as I unbuttoned my shirt. By the time I kicked off my shoes, my cock was at half-mast. By the time I pulled off my jeans, it was nearly hard, and when I pulled down my jockeys it sprang up like a striking cobra.

“Oh, my God, Son. I knew you were big, but I had no idea how big because I’ve never seen you hard. I’ve never had one that big. Come and give it to me.”

As I mounted my own mother, all I could think about was how I would measure up. If I shot my load prematurely the way Red had, how could I ever face her again?

“Now don’t be afraid, son. I know you are nervous. What man wouldn’t be when he’s fucking his own mother for the first time? Just relax and think of me as someone else.”

And then the head of my cock was working its way into her tightness. Inch by inch my shaft sank into her warmth. Red’s essence coating the walls of her cunt made penetration easier. I only had three or four inches in her and she was already going crazy.

“Oh, honey, that feels wonderful! Give me that big fucker! Make me feel like a woman again. Oh, yes, I can feel it against my clit. The head of that fucker is as big as one of those Georgia peaches in back. Push it all the way in to my baby maker.”

I began pumping my cock in and out of her tight tunnel. The going got easier as her cuntal juices flowed. She raked her sharp fingernails up my ass and back, not hard enough to do any damage but hard enough to get my attention. Her long legs locked around mine, and then moved higher to capture me around the waist. I pressed my cheek against her dewy forehead and felt her hot breath puffing against my neck.


I felt like a king as Mom bucked up against me. I had satisfied her on my very first attempt! My fear of a premature ejaculation had been unfounded. With renewed confidence, I pumped my dick into her harder and faster. I had had very little sexual experience. When the girls saw the size of my cock, they usually went in the bostancı escort other direction. My experience had been limited to a few hand and blow jobs. Yes, it’s true – Mom gave me my first pussy.

Mom had always been a strong woman, and driving a big rig had made her even stronger, so I wasn’t surprised when she easily flipped me onto my back and mounted me. “I want to ride you for awhile,” she said. She slowly impaled herself on my cock and began posting. I liked that position even better than being on top because I could look at her beautiful breasts. She slapped the big, fruity tits against my face until I captured a swollen nipple in my mouth.

“Oh, yes, honey. Suck my tits. I love to have them sucked. I used to get so horny when you sucked them as a baby. I masturbated while you sucked. It felt so good.”

I went back and forth between Mom’s delicious nipples as she fucked the daylights out of me. I didn’t have to do anything but lay there and enjoy myself. My confidence soared with each passing moment. Mom rode me for fifteen minutes, then twenty, then twenty-five. Every five minutes or so, her beautiful body was racked by a powerful orgasm. So much juice ran out of her cunt that it trickled down into the crack of my ass. But all good things must come to an end. “Oh, Mom, I’m losing it. I can’t hold it in any longer. I’m going to cum, Mom.”


On our very first fuck, Mom and I came together. We lay side by side, panting for air like fish out of water. I didn’t know what to say. What does a man say to his mother after he has fucked her for the first time? I probably said something lame like, “Thanks, Mom, it was great.”

“Tom, I think we should stop calling each other “Mom” and “son”. It’s just too weird to call the man who is fucking me “son”. From now on, I’ll call you Tom and you call me Mary.”

We rested for awhile and then she began stroking my cock. I knew then that the party wasn’t over. “My God, Tom, it’s been years since I had a workout like that. I should have taken you on years ago. You’re Dad wanted me to. He wanted to watch you fuck me, can you imagine that? He was always bringing his buddies around to fuck me. He loved to jack off while he watched one, two, or even three guys give it to me. He didn’t force me to do it. I loved it.”

My cock was almost hard again. Mom lowered her pretty head and took it in her warm, wet mouth. We adjusted our positions for comfort and then Mom really went to it. She varied the strokes so that I never knew what was coming next. She sucked hard and then soft, shallow and then deep, and all the while, her head swung from side to side. The few blow jobs that I had had were amateurish by comparison. While she blew me, I fondled her big tits.

“Oh, Mom..er..Mary, I can’t last much longer. Maybe you better stop now, Mom..I mean Mary. OH, GOD, MARY, LOOK OUT I’M GOING TO CUM IN YOUR MOUTH! AHHHHHHH!”

And then there were two firsts: I called my mother by name for the first time, and I came in her mouth for the first time. The orgasm was incredibly intense. I saw stars and momentarily lost my sense of hearing because of the roar in my ears. Mom sucked like a hungry calf until she had drained every drop from my balls.

Lost in our own thoughts, we lay in silence for a long time. Mom finally broke the silence. “Well, Tom, I guess we had better get rolling before those peaches rot.”

Mom and I had a great life after that. Our trucking business prospered. It seemed like the more fucking she and I did, the more business we got. I was not Mom’s exclusive lover. From time to time, she liked to take on other men for variety. But she told me that I was her favorite, and I believe she meant it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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