On The Auction Block

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It was a typical Saturday night for Jason Anderson. He was on his way home from yet another keg party; alone as usual. The only difference tonight was that it was Halloween and instead of his typical t-shirt and jeans, Jason was dressed in a tight black shirt and pants with a white skeleton emblazoned on the front. Jason chose a lightweight costume knowing how warm it was expected to be. The thin material hugged his athletic frame, showing off not only his muscles but also his package, a fact that he hoped to use to his advantage.

Jason had gone to the party hoping to hook up with his longtime crush, Erica. Although she was at the party, and looked stunning in a slutty nurse costume, she was much more interested in Derek, the quarterback of their school’s football team.

Jason is an awkward eighteen year old high school senior who, though handsome with a good body, had never been very comfortable or successful with the opposite sex. He dated a few girls but never made it past first base and had hoped that Erica would be the one to help him out of his rut.

While driving home, Jason called his friend Scott to see when he finished his shift at the hotel.

“What’s up?”

“Still working. I’m on the late shift tonight. How was the party?”

“A total bust.”

“That sucks. You should swing by the hotel. There is a crazy party going on. You should see the outfits that these women are wearing.”

Jason thought it over for a few moments before responding. Scott had been his best friend since grade school and always looked out for him. The past few times that Scott tipped him off to a party at the hotel had proven to be worthwhile so he decided to head over and indulge in some free drinks instead of going straight home.

“Alright, I’ll be over in a few.”

“Come in the back door, just like last time. I’ll be there.”

“Cool, see you in a bit.”

Jason hung up and took a quick right turn, changing course for the hotel.

Scott worked in the catering group of the biggest hotel in town. During the spring and summer months the massive hotel was filled with sun worshipers and beach goers, but during the fall and winter it mostly as a convention center. Large groups often booked the banquet hall for various parties, attracted by the cheap off-season rates.

Jason pulled his beat-up Jeep into the employee parking lot and parked in the far corner. He weaved through the parked cars as he made his way to the service door that his friend left propped open for him. Nearing the door he could make out the silhouette of Scott in the shadows of the building, smoking a cigarette while waiting for his friend.

“Hurry up would you. I’ve got to get back on shift, we are getting slammed in the kitchen tonight.” Scott called out to him.

Jason picked up his pace and without skipping a beat followed his friend into the bustling kitchen.

“Sorry, I got here as quickly as I could.”

“No problem. I’ll get you in and catch up with you later when my shift is over.”

Scott led his friend through the kitchen and past the staging area.

“Hey, what’s all this?” Jason asked, pausing in front of a pile of boxes.

“That stuff is leftover from the casino room that they set up earlier. I think it was some sort of charity thing.

Jason’s hand slipped into the open top of one of the boxes and pulled out a fistful of poker chips. His friend snapped him out of it as he stared at the plastic coins.

“Come on, I don’t want to be late for my shift again.”

“Ok, let’s go.” Jason said and pushed the chips into his pocket hoping that he might be able to play a little poker at the party.

“Here, put this on. I’ll catch up to you later. Have fun in there.” Scott handed him a black mask and then hurried back to the kitchen.

Jason waved back at his friend and pushed through the swinging door into the large ball room. As he strode through the door he felt someone grab his arm and pull him aside.

“Not so fast!” A voice snapped at him from behind.

Jason couldn’t believe that he was busted already.

“Everybody has to wear their mask. Let me help you with that.” He was relieved when the mask was snatched from his hands and reappeared in front of his face. A pair of hands tugged at the mask from behind before finally releasing him.

“There you go. That mask won’t be going anywhere now.” The voice had acquired an assertive tone.

Jason surveyed the room and saw that everyone was wearing an identical mask. It was a black half mask that covered the top part of your face, effectively obscuring the wearer’s identity. The mask was made of thick fabric with thin firm ribs running through it that caused it to form to the curves of the wearers face when tied tightly, as his was. The mask covered the wearer’s cheeks, eyes and forehead, while leaving their nose and mouth exposed. He saw that the back of everyone’s head was adorned with a black silk ribbon tied into neat bows and assumed that his was no different.

Looking ankara escort over his shoulder to see who had grabbed him, he caught a glimpse of a lanky blonde from behind as she passed through the door into the kitchen.

Jason headed straight to the bar, hoping to get as many free beers as he could before his friend’s shift was over. The room buzzed with energy as he made his way through the crowd. The crowd appeared to be older, Jason’s initial reaction was that they were his parent’s age, and everyone was wearing all of the standard Halloween costumes. The men wore the standard togas, police uniforms, and vampire get-ups. The women were dressed in every conceivable costume imaginable but they all had one thing in common. Despite their age, the women all wore costumes that left little to the imagination.

Jason eyed more than one slutty nurse that put his Erica to shame. One in particular caught his attention. She was a tall blonde with a huge chest. Her costume was a white one piece nurse’s outfit. The bottom half was a very short skirt and the top half was a form fitting short sleeve collared top. Running the length of her torso was a zipper that was pulled down enough to give anyone interested a clear view of her breasts encased in a thin red lace bra. Her legs were covered by a pair of red thigh high stockings held up by a red lace garter belt that matched her bra. He knew that she was wearing a garter belt because her skirt ended several inches above the tops of her stockings. Between the red nylon and white skirt, Jason’s eyes dances across the soft milky flesh of her thighs which was accented by her red lace garter strap.

Jason’s attention was focused on the blonde nurse while he took his first swig of his beer. Leaning against the bar, Jason surveyed the rest of the room. At the opposite end of the room was a large stage, empty but for a tall man in a tuxedo and a woman walking out from behind the curtain. He watched as she strode across the long stage and stopped next to the gentleman.

“Ladies and gentlemen, do I have a treat for you! Our next lovely offering of the night goes by the name Rebecca, and doesn’t she look stunning?”

The already raucous room erupted with hoots and hollers as the woman on the stage bowed. Jason’s mouth dropped open as he finally took time to notice her outfit. Tall with a delicate frame, she wore what appeared to be a fairy costume. In reality it was little more than a black satin leotard with black ruffles over each of her breasts and an unbelievably short ruffled skirt around her waist.

He watched her on stage, first bowing and then doing a curtsy for the crowd. Jason couldn’t believe what he was seeing. As she knelt down to curtsy, she took the hem of her skirt in her hands and lifted it up just enough to give the crowd a brief glimpse of the fabric framed between her milky white thighs. Even though her costume revealed nothing more than a bathing suit would, the fact that she was so proudly displaying herself on stage added to the sexiness of it.

“Would you get a load of that one!” A hand slapped him on the shoulder as the man next to him at the bar spoke.

“Wow!” Is all he managed to say in response.

“You’re telling me.”

Jason finished off his beer as fast as he could and ordered himself another before pushing his way through the crowd for a better vantage point. He made his way through the sea of short skirts and long legs until planting himself yards from the stage. He watched as the woman continued to flaunt her body. She wasn’t stripping or showing off anything that her skimpy costume didn’t already reveal but she still managed to get the crowd excited by bending, stretching, and doing a sexy little dance.

The man on stage was speaking into a microphone, but Jason’s attention was focused on the woman. He stared openly at her long bare legs and dreamt of burying his face underneath her skirt. He didn’t care that she appeared to be his mom’s age; he wanted to spread her legs and fuck her. Jason had never really spent much time fantasizing about older women, he had plenty of options her his age, but seeing so many older women in sexy outfits was having the expected effect on him. He felt his penis slowly coming to life as he watched the woman on stage. His manhood swelled against the thin tight fabric of his costume.

Suddenly, the crowd erupted again and she walked towards the stairs in the middle of the stage. A man from the crowd met her and handed something to the man on stage before taking her hand and escorting her through the crowd.

Jason watched the couple disappear into the crowd, stopping when his eyes found something almost familiar. The sight before him was familiar in that he saw a man wearing the same costume that he saw his father wearing earlier in the night, but something else was unfamiliar; the person on his arm. The man wore green lederhosen and a white button down shirt, and from the details Jason was certain that it was his father. However, the escort ankara person on his arm was clearly not his mother. She was dressed as a french maid, only barely covered in black satin trimmed with white lace. Her neckline plunged between her ample breasts, offering a perfect view of her soft flesh. Her legs were covered by black fishnet stockings that ended in white lace trim, topped with a black satin bow, below her short skirt and her feet were encased in a pair of black high heels.

What tipped of Jason that it wasn’t his mother, aside from the fact that he knew she would never wear something that revealing, was her height and her hair. The woman next to his father had short blond hair and was shorter than him. His mother was about the same height as his father with thick brown hair.

Normally, he wouldn’t pay much attention to someone in a crowd next to his father, but he couldn’t help notice that his father’s arm was around her waist and they were standing much closer than two friends or strangers would normally stand.

Jason turned back to the stage as another woman dressed in a skimpy costume walked down the stairs and into the arms of a waiting gentleman.

“Too rich for my blood, my last few hands wiped me out.”

Jason turned to the man next to him who made the comment.

“How did you make out?”

Jason saw the man’s outreached hand with a few ten dollar poker chips and it finally clicked in his head what the guy was asking him.

“Let me see.” He mumbled while fishing his chips out from his pocket.

“Wow, you did great in there. Are those all fifty dollar chips?” The man said incredulously.

“I guess so. It must be my lucky night.”

Jason’s head turned back to the stage when the announcer introduced the next woman. A stunning creature emerged from behind the curtain. The whole room quieted down while he spoke.

“And our last beauty for the night is Rachel. Say something for the crowd Rachel.”

He moved the mic in front of her just long enough for her to get out two words.

“Hi boys.” She whispered in a deep sultry voice.

“Rachel is a sexy little beer maid tonight and is ready to serve your every need, so let’s get the bidding started. Remember, this is our last lady of the night, so let’s see those big money bids.”

Jason’s brain was working a mile a minute as his eyes devoured the sight before him. His gaze started low and slowly moved up her legs. The only thing that Rachel wore on the bottom half of her body was a pair of five inch black patent leather heels. Her long lean legs were bare from her ankles all the way up until they disappeared beneath her skirt. The skirt ended a good ten inches above her knees, showing off her tanned thighs. The black skirt was trimmed with white lace and was pushed out from her body by a layer of white crinoline. Across the center of the skirt was a small blue satin apron.

Her top was covered in a matching blue satin bustier that ended right below her breasts, pushing them up from the bottom so that they were proudly on display. Her breasts were covered, if you can call it that, by a thin white ruffled shirt with a straight neckline. While the outfit didn’t offer much cleavage, it was necessary to provide some support for her breasts because she wasn’t wearing a bra. From behind her mask flowed a wild tangle of dark hair that tumbled over her shoulders.

After taking in the sight on stage, Jason shot a glance over at his father only to find the one man in the room not drooling over the woman on stage. “Strange,” He thought to himself.

“And why don’t you let the eager bidders get a taste of what they’re bidding on tonight Rachel.”

Jason couldn’t take his eyes off the stage. Rachel turned her back to the crowd and spread her legs apart before bending over. As she lowered her torso, the skirt rose up over her smooth thighs eventually revealing her tight round ass.

She lifted up her skirt to make sure that everyone had a good view.

As his thoughts bounced around his head his eyes traced the line of blue satin that bisected her rear end. She wore a silk thong that matched the blue satin of the rest of her outfit. It cut across the delicate white globes of her ass and disappeared again between her legs. From his position, Jason could make out the mound of her pussy encased in the blue satin.

“And now, the bidding. Let’s start our eager bar maid out at fifty dollars.”

Jason stood frozen while the announcer quickly shouted out numbers as the price climbed. His eyes fell down to his hand and he counted out his chips. The bidding was racing up in twenty five dollar increments and had reached three hundred dollars. The announcer repeated the highest bid again, searching for another bidder. Knowing that this would be his last chance, Jason shot his hand up and shouted, “Six hundred!”

The crowd responded to the new twist and the woman on stage walked over towards him with a smile stretched across her face. He stared ankara escort bayan up at her, almost able to see all the way up her skirt.

“And that’s it for this one folks. For six hundred dollars, she’s all yours.”

In a daze, Jason walked over to the stairs, as he had seen the other do before him, and handed his chips to the announcer while the woman walked towards him. She put her hand in his and waited for him to move. After an instant that felt like a lifetime he led her through the crowd. Jason heard a chorus of congratulatory cheers as he led his prize to the back of the room.

“I don’t know about you, but I could use a drink.” Her voice drifted over his shoulder.

Jason didn’t waste any time and led her to the bar. He knew that this was a charity event, but he still didn’t fully understand the consequences of his bidding.

Getting the attention of the bartender, she placed the order for them. “Four shots of tequila.”

With the shots poured in front of them, she moved next to Jason and faced him. With her first shot in her hand she signaled for him to take one and they threw them back together. Still holding his empty glass in his hand, Jason took in the sight before him. Even with the mask on, Rachel was one of the most beautiful women that he had ever seen. Through her thin white blouse, Jason could see the dark outline of her areolas and her hard nipples straining against the fabric.

“Now let me get a better look at the highest bidder.” He tried to make out her voice, which was already a little woozy from drinking, but he couldn’t hear it well over the music.

Jason didn’t move as she put her hands on his chest and rubbed him. Moments later, she had pulled back up shirt and her fingernails were scraping against his bare flesh.

“Such a nice hard chest.” She cooed.

Jason’s head fell back as the older woman teased him, alternating between her cold hard nails and her warm soft fingertips. Her hands withdrew from his shirt and then one of them cupped his cock through his tights. She pushed her body into his while rubbing his growing cock. His penis eagerly sprang to life and filled her hand as she massaged him.

“Oh my, it looks like you’re not the only lucky one tonight.”

It started to dawn on him that he was actually going to get laid. It didn’t even bother him that he had apparently bought a prostitute, after all what other woman would throw herself at him like that.

“Let’s get out of here.” She whispered into his ear while holding up the other shot for him. He took the glass from her while she grabbed the remaining shot glass. They did their shots with her hand still rubbing his cock through the thin material. After slamming their glasses down, Rachel led him through the crowd. Jason watched, dumfounded, as the gorgeous older woman’s body swayed with each step, her skirt rocking back and forth across her thighs. Before he knew it, she had led him into the elevator.

Rachel pressed the button for the thirty sixth floor and turned back to guy who had bought her for the night.

She stepped forward, pushing him against the back wall of the elevator. Rachel wasted no time and pressed her lips against his. Any shred of doubt as to what her intentions were quickly faded away as she kissed him. Jason closed his eyes as her hands resumed their exploration of his chest while her lips mashed against his. Jason instinctively grabbed hold of the body in front of him. His hands pressed against the sides of her bustier, he could feel the warmth of her body flowing through the thin satin.

Her hands retreated long enough for her to untie her mask. Without breaking their kiss she pulled it off, the rush of fabric against his face caused his eyes to open, sending a wave of terror through his body. Jason’s heart sank in his chest when he realized that he was staring right into his mother’s eyes. Even worse, his hands were touching her body and they were kissing.

Jason felt foolish that he didn’t realize it earlier. He had already seen his father in the crowd, and he knew that Rachel was his mother’s middle name. He tried to counter the guilt and shame that he felt by convincing himself that he could never have guessed that his very own mother would dress like that and sell herself to the highest bidder.

Jason gasped into his mother’s mouth as they kissed, unable to control his shock. She looked up at him and broke their kiss.

“You seem surprised.”

Jason nodded weakly.

“Do you know me?” She continued.

Unable to speak Jason nodded again.

“Do I know you?”

His head kept bobbing up and down as she spoke.

“Well, let’s see who the lucky guy is…” Her voice trailed off and before he had a chance to react her hands reached behind his head and tugged on the ribbon holding his mask up. Jason’s head swooned as she pulled harder. His knees almost buckled as he waited for the inevitable. He didn’t want to think about what was about to happen when she realized that she was making out with her son.

The next few moments flew by in a blur for him as he saw his mother step back away from him. He knew that his mask was going to fall from his face any moment but he couldn’t bear to face the consequences.

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