Old Tricks and First Time Sex Toys

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Well, it’s been more than two weeks. And I have not physically laid eyes on him – I have been just aching to see him and tried anything I could to entice him. Texting about anything at all, just to get some kind of response… I got a few replies, usually one or two quick comments, nearly always spelt wrong any which way, a mix of Spanish and English words, in response to my rambling paragraphs of babble.

Yes, I did call and he usually picked up… but he couldn’t talk much, just saying something that, to me, felt dismissive, to placate me: ‘I love you, baby, te amo, bonita, te quiero…” but no coming to my house. He said again and again that he was so busy working. So I suffered, imagining various drastic scenarios, such as ‘he met some hot young chick and it’s over’ and whatnot. All sorts of nonsense.

Meanwhile, I had gotten some sex toys in the mail – the results of a good friend telling me I needed to get those for my own survival! Since I was always complaining to her about how I missed him all the time, she said I should get some vibrators. I have never ever used anything like that; just didn’t like the idea – I only wanted the ‘real thing’, but she insisted I needed to do it. So I figured, well ok. I had never tried before, but I finally looked them up on the internet – and busted out laughing! They looked so utterly silly to me! Weird shapes, weird colors, just ridiculous little doo-dads! I couldn’t believe they would be of any use to me at all, but they were surprisingly cheap to buy! So I did order a couple. Anyway, they arrived quite quickly and I had them in a black silk drawstring bag – in a drawer. I couldn’t get myself to do a darn thing with them, so I sort of just let them lie ‘fallow’ so to speak. All I could do was pine for Julio all weekend, and now it was another blue Monday.

Well – thank my amazing good luck, blue Monday got rosy hot pink!

I had again tried calling him late last night; he picked up, but he was kind of distant-sounding. So I figured he was not alone. I had to let it be. I was so pissed. But by today, the frantic longing from yesterday had at least calmed down. I did my usual activities, went to the gym, and a lot of shopping errands. When I got home it was nearly 5:30 p.m. At that moment my cell-phone rang.

“Hola, I am here.”

My heart bounded! “What – where?” I looked outside and saw no-one. But he was in my carport. When he stepped out of his car, I rushed over to embrace him, but I lowered my eyes when he looked at me. I wasn’t sure what he was thinking, since I was feeling pretty foolish from all my shenanigans the last few days, texting and calling and pestering him and whatnot. He immediately kissed me and I knew it was all ok.

“I know, I am being so bad!” I snivelled, wanting to be reassured even more. I felt so bratty, so very adolescent stupid, but repentant, embarrassed by my childishness. Happily for me, he seemed to feel it was just silly ‘female’ stuff and not worthy of any attention at all. He just continued stroking my hair, embracing and caressing me, smiling indulgently. He totally gets it when I overreact. He did not seem concerned or the slightest bit rattled by it – not in the least. He just gave me his glorious, beautiful loving smile, washing me with that warm, irresistible sweetness. “I love you, mi chica traviesa – te amo, mi amor, esta bien.”

Ahh! I was so glad he was not annoyed. Inside, I started looking in the fridge for something to give him. I pan-seared a steak, and buzzed around the kitchen preparing goodies. He stood by the island counter and just watched me.

“You are very ‘sexual’.” He pronounced it ‘sex- oo -al’.

I glanced up at him, lips all pouty: “You mean ‘sexy’?”

He kadıköy escort nodded slightly, smiled and said, “Yes, ‘sexy’ is ok – but ‘sexy’ is different than ‘sexual’, porque, many of womans can be ‘sexy’ for the clothes and the body, but you are ‘sexual’ in you personality inside. My penis is tired all day when I am working, but when I think to you, when I see you, my penis is – whooo!” He made a swinging gesture – sideways, with his hand. That made me laugh! He kept watching me, a little grin playing on his lips.

“Tu’ me gustas, I love tu cuerpo – you body is so beautiful. I love you cintura and you caderas. Very hot for me, so much beautiful, bay-bee.”

He made a shapely hourglass gesture with both hands. I glowed and smiled with pleasure, it made me feel fabulous! I knew that ‘cintura’ meant ‘waist’ and I asked what was ‘caderas’- he touched my hips. So I knew.

At the table, he cut chunks of steak and turned towards me with a forkful. I opened, and he fed it to my waiting mouth. He does these sweet funny things, making me share or taste his food. Why it is so very charming to me, I don’t know! He even holds his hand under my chin and puts a spoonful or forkful of food into my open mouth. Like feeding a child! Done eating, he was ready for something more.

“Baby, now we make el sexo. Come, we need take a shower.”

“Ok – but I don’t want to get my hair wet.”

“Yes, baby, ok.”

Hmmm – words to the wind!

I had the heat on high, so we would be all toasty! In the shower, he turned on the water, and started by pouring some slippery gel stuff on us both. He pulled my hands to wash his body and I happily did whatever he wanted. My hair was completely wet, of course, in less than half a moment. He caressed my tits and drew me close, his cock pushing between my thighs. I lifted my leg onto his hip so he could get into me and he instantly put both his hands under my ass, pulling me way up. My arms went all around his neck, my tits were pressed hard against his upper chest, my eyes shut tight. His cock now in perfect position to get into me, I tensed a bit, nodding involuntarily. I know what’s coming.

I am truly amazed at how strong he is. I am not light – I have more than plenty of a very curvy female body – all my parts are abundant! Yet he has no problem holding me up and doing just what he wants to do. Ah, my God! His cock was nudging its way inside and he lifted me up even more toward his chest to push it in deeper. That beautiful fat hard cock!

So insistent, so thrilling – that big head giving me a prickly sensation at the entry of my vagina – no pun intended! But only a few thrusts and I was already slipping down, weak with wanting to fall limply backwards while in his embrace. I can’t help but surrender instantly to whatever he wants to do.

He set me down, turned me around and put that cock into my vagina from behind. I thought: ‘Oh, that’s good, I can brace myself better that way’. I spread my arms, my hands against the shower wall, leaning way forward, and pushed my ass out towards him so he could do what he wanted easily. He held my hips… and then – wow! Here it comes – bam-bam-bam! Fast! Marvellous – divine! But then, the waves of heat wash over me and I get weak with the pleasure – I know I simply must be on the bed or I will slide down to the floor. It’s impossible to continue in the shower. I beg him:

“Oh, Julio, I can’t hold on like this, let’s go to the bed! Please!”

He wraps me in towels galore – one on my head, like a big turban, and my huge bath sheet all around me. He just grabs a regular towel for himself and we are on that bed. He dries üsküdar escort me gently and it’s lovely. I am surrounded with his kisses all over me, his fabulous tongue, in my mouth, in my ears, on my nipples… Now it’s that 69 position, me underneath, and him, a tripod, on one knee and both his elbows, his fat, hard cock, nodding like a royal scepter above me, waiting for my eager mouth, his sweet lips and tongue delighting my pussy. Ohh yes!

We do that for several minutes, as I am softly sucking his balls – one at a time – into my mouth, then licking and sucking his cock, doing it more vigorously now, and he is just so relaxed with all of it. He gently moves back and forth, but not too hard – so I don’t choke. He enjoys it, he knows I love it. But somehow, never, never it seems, will he let me do it for a long enough time to make him come.

Then he stops all that action and gets on the floor, pulling my ankles towards him so my ass is just off the edge of the bed. My legs are flung straight up and over his broad shoulders while that cock goes charging into me. Once, twice – then he holds back for a bit. He leans forward and begins kissing me hard, my tits crushed under my own legs – and on top of all of me, there is his beautifully muscled hard body. He pauses, looking deep into my eyes. “Me amas?”

“Si, si! Ohh, do it, do it, DO it!”

I am dying for him to fuck me! My neck and chest arch up and backwards and I am wildly panting with desire. He is calm, in no hurry at all. He smiles a bit and then – pow! Ooh, that cock is in me, thrusting so very fast, and he is holding his hands on my shoulders so I ‘stay in place’, fucking me with such force that my breasts and head are all flopping about. His strength sweeps over me, his urgency is electric hot and delicious, his cock smashing into me. Fantastic! Those sensations coursed through me, my stomach began convulsing, and I gasped, “uh-uh -uh”- almost choking with the intensity of it, as I felt the rising crescendo and dissolved in climax . His chin tilted back, he groaned softly, just once, as he came.

I simply can’t describe how much he thrills me. It’s everything about him – for one thing, his fabulous cock is absolutely one in a million! Yes, and then just the unique ways he has of doing just everything, his beautiful body and his face, his smile, his eyes, just all of him. All, all, all of him.

And I do marvel at this guy, just a ‘regular’ man who works with his hands, who likely never went past high school, yet who is so entirely brilliant in the ways of love-making. Heaven sent – I know it!

Then we needed a bit of rest. I lay on his shoulder, my hand on his chest, happy and warm. My thighs were really sticky with semen, and it was all over my stomach too. I touched it, rubbed my hand in it and put my fingers up to my lips, licking his essence, slightly fishy, and salty sweet.

We lay together quietly, my mind full of sweet dreamy feelings about him. Then I remembered the vibrators. “Oh, I bought some sex toys. Juguetes para el sexo. Quieres ver? Si?”

He raised his eyebrows a bit and nodded. “Yes, I want see that.”

I jumped up and got them out, in the little black silken bag. He carefully inspected all of it and I was giggling, saying how silly they were, that I did not even know what to do with them. He glanced at me, a mischievous grin on his face.

“Te voy a enseñar” he told me. (I’ll teach you) You have some lube – some lubrication for this?”

I was still pretty soaked with his semen, and my own juices. But if he wanted more, I knew I had the coconut oil but I also had a tube of jelly stuff, ‘warming jelly’ it was supposed to be. I had seen it tuzla escort at the dollar store! I bought several tubes of it.

He got straight to work at once, totally comfortable with the whole thing. He lay me down squarely in the middle of the bed. He put just a dab of the ‘warming’ jelly on his cock, some at the entry of my vagina, and got over me, spreading my legs wide. He held his cock and pushed it right into me. Then he took the little vibrator which was only about 3 inches long, a hard plastic cylinder with a soft rubber tip. He started it up and used it all over my vulva, sliding it in and around the labia and making little in and out moves with it. Suddenly, all of it felt wonderful, since he was doing it to me, and wow, this was a new twist for me!

As he moved inside me I felt a rather hot sensation in my vagina. I burst out – “Oh – why is it so hot!”

“It’s hot for the cream, baby, for to make you hot inside, in you pussy – it’s ok?”

So the tube of ‘warming jelly’ stuff really did what it said! “Ohh! Oh, wow! Mmmm,” I moaned, really feeling the heated pressure of his cock and the warmth of the jelly in my vagina. He pumped hard and fast, deep into me over and over. I thought he was going to come but he didn’t let it get to that moment. He pulled his cock out and got the other vibrator, which looked like a very small penis in hot pink, with a little doo-dad on it, near the base. He turned me over on my tummy and put more jelly all around my butt. Then he turned that toy on, and put it as deeply as it could get, right into my rectum!

That sensation was so wild, I began to cry out, although that ‘toy’ was very small, so much smaller than his cock – it was buzzing strongly and the little thingy on the base of it was flicking the outside of my anus. Oh, amazing! I loved it! He slipped his hand under me, his fingers inside my pussy, flicking and sliding… Ohhhh! I felt such crazy tingles and ripples all through my ass and all over my pussy. I was panting and my belly was beginning to quiver, I was moving towards a climax. He kept at it and I was super hot, moaning and writhing all over the place, all awash with his moves, his inventive games.

He was clearly enjoying my reactions, chuckling, slapping me, getting me so wild, and I started crying out loud, “Ohh, no, no, no!” even though I wanted it like crazy. Of course, he is quite used to me screaming, wailing, “no-no-no nooooo!” and he knows I don’t mean it. So he just does everything anyway, ignoring my cries and just deliciously overpowering me in every way. Then, he wanted to come again.

I was flipped over on my back and that cock was in me, hard and fast and deep. I looked at his face, his mouth open, his eyes half shut, his chin tilting back. Thrusting rapidly, he started to come right away. Seeing him rise to that moment of peak pleasure had the usual knockout effect on me – my vagina contracted, locking onto his cock and I was gone, beyond help – oh! I came in huge hot waves, my whole body engulfed in the churning whirlpool of our passion. He leaned forward, kissed me deeply and fell against my shoulder. “Ahh, bay-bay, ay, te amo, te amo!”

All quiet now. He went to get washed again and I knew that he had to leave soon. When he returned, I was on the bed, naked and feeling so happily perfect. I twisted my body in a luscious sensuous pose. He gazed at me.

“Eres obtiene más pequeña – te ves hermosa, pero, por favor- no perdas más peso. No me gusta flaca. Mi amor, por favor.”

“No entiendo. What are you saying? ” I asked. He tried his best to translate:

“You are get more small – you look beautiful, but please, don’t be to lose more weight. I don’t like skinny. My love… Please.”

Oh praise be! A man begging me not to lose another pound! Oh, good God! A dream of all women!

“I need go now, baby, ok? Think to me. Dream with me, ok? Piensas en mi, sueño conmigo.”

What a glorious time! I guess I know nearly nothing compared to what he knows! Swooning and dreaming with wonderful new sensations, I am content.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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