Oakley’s Medic

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There is something about the military. I can tell you, you become family. Maybe even more than family. Once you’ve sweated, bled, cried and triumphed with a person, you know them. There doesn’t have to be secrets anymore. You share everything. Pain. Sorrow. Success. And failure. By God you all share in the failure!

Like I said, you share everything, so it wasn’t surprising when my fire team partner Corporal Oakley showed me pictures of his Girl. Since forever grunts have stared cracked, bent, faded pictures of that special Gal. She is the reason he fights, what is waiting for him back home, his whole world. It is a scene that has played out for as long as there have been soldiers I’d guess.

Oakley’s girl was a medic in the army. He’d met her on a course a few years back. Like I said, you get to know people deep down in the army.

She was a few years older than him, and you never met a guy more proud of his girl! He showed me the usual couple’s vacation shots, at first.

You had to give it to the guy; he was punching above his weight! Don’t get me wrong he wasn’t an ugly dude or anything, but she was pretty hot! I think he said she was from some Mediterranean country originally. She had olive skin and full lips. She may have been 10 years older than Oakley, but damn she was pretty, fit, and she knew how to dress.

As the weeks went on the training got tough. Long days without sleep, slogging through the bush at night, digging in the dirt during the day. People broke down. You would see someone stumble under their load, and steady them. I caught Oakley one day when he was carrying a water jerry. They weigh fifty pounds on top of what we already carry. Oakley was a tough little guy, but we were all exhausted. I helped him up and tossed the heavy can on my other shoulder. Oakley ‘s red rimmed eyes looked gratefully up at me. He gave a quick nod and we marched on. At the next way-point I gathered in our section and got everyone to drink their canteens down. Then I divied out the water to everyone as much as I could. When we marched again, Oakley had the can back, significantly lighter. You might not understand, but Oakley was grateful. He had to carry his part, and he had to keep going. If I did it for him, it would have looked bad.

That’s how course is. You learn to look out for Buddy. He looks out for you. Me? I am lucky. I am a farm kid. I grew up tall and strong hauling bales and milking cows. It seems like a cliché I know, but farm kids really do make good soldiers. We’re used to hardship and early hours. At 6′ 4″ and 220 pounds I stood out like a sore thumb in the army, but I got things done, and I guess the Officers liked that.

We got to our position a few hours before sunset. Oakley and I gladly dropped our heavy packs in some cover and waited until the LT showed us where our trench would be. I took first shift on the shovel, partly to give my fire team partner a rest, and partly because no one can dig like I can!

As I carved out what would be our home for the next few hours or days, Oakley was in the prone position scanning the horizon through the scope of his LMG. As soldiers do, we got to chatting quietly, partly to make sure that the exhausted Oakley stayed awake on his watch. He got to talking about his girl. He talked about how they met, and about traveling to Europe together. He talked about the way her hair smelled, and the color of her skin.

“Alright, Buddy,” I teased him, “time to take a turn on the shovel here before you end up humping a gopher hole, thinking about Catalina so much.”

Oakley eased up from behind the rifle and dug out his cell phone. He pulled it from a plastic bag and unlocked it. He browsed for a minute and then tossed me his phone.

Taking up the shovel he told me, “I ain’t kidding man, she is the hottest! Check out our trip to Cuba!”

I got down behind the LMG and started dividing my time between scanning the horizon and scrolling through Oakley’s vacation snaps. There were the white sandy beaches, and the beautiful hotel. There were pictures of fancy dinners and selfies of the two of them with their heads together. I chuckled at Oakley’s scruffy excuse for an off-duty beard.

Oakley was looking over my shoulder. “Yeah, yeah, laugh it up,” he said as he went back to digging.

The pictures started to be beach shots. Catalina in cut offs and a large sun hat. Then one of her peeling the shorts down to reveal a bikini underneath! Oakley was right. She was a very hot lady! The next few were various poses in the bikini. In one she was walking seductively into the ocean, throwing a sultry look over her shoulder. The next she was coming up out of the surface, water dripping from her long dark hair. The suit had gone somewhat transparent, and I thought I could make out thick, dark nipples pressing against her tiny top!

Buddy’s girl or no, this long in the field I was getting pretty hard already. I was glad that I was lying on my belly, so Oakley couldn’t see my obvious halkalı escort reaction to his photos. I shifted uncomfortably and looked back to the horizon, trying to calm myself.

It wasn’t much use and pretty soon I went back to scrolling through the pictures on his phone. After more very exciting pictures from the beach, there was a picture inside the room in their hotel. Catalina had a fluffy white towel wrapped around her, and was looking seductively at the camera. I slid my finger across the screen for the next image. It was Catalina, holding the towel behind her in outstretched arms. She was gloriously nude! Her skin showed no tan lines, and her breasts were full and round, with chocolate kiss nipples. Her narrow waist was accentuated by her hips being cocked to one side playfully. She had only a narrow strip of pubic hair, and I could see the full lips of her vagina, pouting deliciously underneath. She had a beautiful smile that showed white teeth as she posed.

I stared longer than I should have before I tore my eyes from the image and called out in a shaky voice, “I think there are more pictures here than you intended to show me, Oaks”

He laughed, “Oh you finally found those did you? Didn’t I tell you she was hot?”

I agreed whole heartedly, but I managed a weak protest, “Yeah, but I shouldn’t be looking at these.”

“Relax buddy, she knew I was taking these pictures on course,” he laughed. “She told me to go ahead and show the boys if I wanted,”

“Holy!” I exclaimed, “You’re kidding?”

“Nope,” Oakley shot me his best shit eating grin. “Keep scrolling!”

Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t resist. There were dozens of shots. Oakley’s girl pretty much posed for an entire spread. There were shots of her squeezing her breasts, and shots of her bent over the bed. In each photo her expressions just oozed sensuality, and sex. There were glamour poses and hard, raunchy images. In one series she was leaning back with her legs spread wide. Her pussy gaped open. She slid her fingers inside herself, and showed off delicate spans of wetness between her fingers.

I could feel my hard cock leaking my excitement into my underwear as I scrolled through the images. I got to one image only to see Catalina’s full Spanish lips wrapped around a pale white cock that had to belong to Oakley. That’s when I heard an ominous whistle in the distance.

Oakley heard it too. He called out “Arty, Arty, Arty!” and dropped into our nearly completed trench. I scooped up his phone and the machine gun and dove into the trench next to him. It was a simulated artillery round going off a several hundred meters from our position! An arty-sim is a quarter stick of dynamite and some pyrotechnics. It makes a lot of noise and a bright flash of light. Even a simulated artillery round can be dangerous if you are too close. The drill is the same either way: get into cover!

We heard a series of arty-sims going off in the distance and had to keep our heads down.

“Somebody is sure getting pounded hard,” I muttered into the tight confines of the unfinished trench.

“They sure are-” Oakley started, “Oh my God dude! Are you sprung?!”

I looked down, and probably less than a foot from Oakley’s face was my fucking woody pressing against the thin material of my uniform! There was even an obvious wet spot where I had leaked right through.

For a moment we looked at my hard-on pitching this huge tent, and then we looked at each other. In unison we burst out laughing! Like I said, there is no privacy, and no need for privacy, when you’ve been in the field long enough. Everyone gets it.

As our laughing subsided into chuckles we could hear machine gun fire starting up closer to our position. We were back to business, checking our ammo belts and preparing for an attack. Right on time, it began to rain.

That was the beginning of a thirty hour battle. There was smoke and tear gas to contend with, the directing staff yelling everywhere. Thunder flashes and arty-sims went off every few moments. Under cover of blank machine gun fire we dragged ‘wounded’ to casualty collection points during the night. Through it all Corporal Oakley and I were side by side.

Back at barracks, after a scalding hot shower and a good twelve hours of rack time Oakley and I were looking at two crisp, white, weekend leave passes. If you’ve never gotten one, I can tell you that those passes look like pressed heaven on Earth after a few weeks on an army base.

“Well, I guess I’ll go to town, and grab a hotel,” I told Oakley. I was half the country away from the farm.

“Like Hell, Corporal,” Oakley demanded in his best imitation of our Sergeant, “It is only a two hour bus ride to my place, and you are coming.”

I made a weak protest about him getting time to himself with Catalina, but we both knew I would be glad to have company, so far from home.

In no time we taksim escort were on a bus, arm in arm laughing. Oakley had snuck a bottle of gin on the bus and we were taking subtle nips from it, enjoying freedom!

We finally got to his town, and jumped in a cab to his house. As we pulled our bags out of the trunk Catalina came sailing across the lawn and leapt on Oakley! Down they went on the lawn laughing and rolling. I smiled at their antics while I paid the Cabbie.

They had finally wound down and were lying on the lawn, locked in a passionate kiss. She was wearing a light blue, blousy cotton dress with spaghetti straps. Her full breasts were in peril of exposure, and the skirt was hiked up to reveal a good bit of shapely tanned thigh. Mildly embarrassed I cleared my throat.

“Mmm- Oh yeah,” Oakley started to disentangle from his girl, “This is the guy I told you about,” he grinned up at me, “This motherfucker saved my tail more times that I can count!”

Gracefully Catalina stood up. She pulled a twig from her long hair and smiled up at me. God she was beautiful.

I gave a polite nod and said, “Ma’am,”

“Oh screw that noise, Corporal,” she said as she jumped up and pulled me down into a hug, “Don’t forget, I’m in the army too,” she muttered into my shoulder. Oakley was right. Her hair smelled fantastic! Her thin body pressed to mine was soft in all the right places. I was going to have to be extremely careful, I decided. And that’s when she kissed me.

It was just a peck, but her lips were so soft, and she tasted like strawberries. I was dumbfounded and looked askance at Oakley. They both laughed at my expression.

“Every soldier should get a welcome home kiss,” she said reasonably, and she took our hands and led us into the house.

It turned out that in addition to being gorgeous, Catalina was an amazing cook! Throughout the meal of fresh pasta and scratch made marinara Catalina had swept around the table clearing plates and topping up wine glasses. She often leaned in to kiss Oakley, or sat on his lap. Oakley was getting pretty drunk! He would grab her breast, or rub her through the thin material of her dress. She would let him for a moment, and then she would whirl away laughing to bring more fresh bread or another bottle of wine. Occasionally I thought I saw her glimpsing my way as Oakley’s hand crept up under the hem of her dress.

The conversation was raucous and fun. Catalina definitely looked like a lady, but she was a soldier too! She swore like she’d been in the navy, and laughed as hard as any of us at the training stories that went around the table.

Then Oakley started telling about the first arty-sim going off while he showed me pictures from their Cuba trip. She gave me a look of shock and my heart sank! Then she gave me a big wink and burst out laughing with Oakley.

“Of course you had to show him those,” she smiled down at him, settling into his lap.

“You should have seen him when that first sim went off,” Oakley slurred slightly, wiping tears from his eyes. “You should have seen it baby! He must be hung like a donkey, the way it was waving in my face.”

We were all laughing now. “I was only afraid that he was going to ask me to take care of it for him,” Oakley howled, opening his mouth into a huge Oh, and jerking his fist up and down.

I was nearly crying at his antics, though I noticed Catalina was rocking on Oakley’s lap a little more than usual. I watched his hand dip under her dress again, and slide all the way up. He moved it in small circles. She leaned in to kiss him hard. His eyes were closed and I could hear him moaning. Her eyes were open, however, and she was staring right at me.

I had been mildly hard all through dinner, but that look made me very glad that I was sitting at the table!

Catalina broke the kiss and murmured down to Oakley, “Sweetheart, I think it is time I put you to bed,”

He perked right up then!

“Fuck yeah!” he cried, “G’night Buddy!” He stumbled only a little as he picked up his girl and headed towards the bedroom. Laughing I watched the door close before I pulled away from the table and headed to the basement guest room they had shown me.

Lucky bugger, I thought. I was glad for my buddy, getting some after all this time. As for me? My plan was to have a nice hot shower and then I was going to destroy my socks by jerking several weeks’ worth of spunk into them!

The shower was right under the master bedroom, and I could hear upstairs pretty clearly. Oakley was moaning and puffing like a fat kid during morning PT. I caught gentle smacking sounds and low laughter from Catalina before I drowned out the noise of their lovemaking with the shower.

I washed myself carefully, especially my cock and balls. I didn’t want to accidently pull the trigger in the shower! I was looking forward to a real bed, and a nice long wack!

It was quiet above when I finished drying myself. My cock stood şişli escort out, angry and pulsing, and I accidently knocked my shampoo off the counter with it. I laughed quietly as I eased my naked body down onto the soft bed.

I looked down and admired myself, I won’t lie. Weeks of training had toned my body, leaving strong pecks, and a tight, hard belly. Below that I stared at my cock. It was full and throbbing. Precum was already leaking down the underside. I rubbed my hands together, anticipating the first sensual touch I would give myself. Slowly I opened my big hand and reached for my cock. Deliberately I started to close my hand, the door ghosted open and Catalina stepped inside.

“Are you sure you don’t want some help with that?” she called softly from the doorway. She had changed into a thin top that bared her tight belly, and was only barely wearing satiny thong underwear. I stared for only a fraction of a second before I whirled the blanket up over my waist!

“What are you doing?” I fiercely whispered, “You’re Oakley’s girl!”

She moved quickly towards the bed and leaned dangerously close to my face. “I am my own girl,” she whispered hotly back to me, staring me down, “And this is my house. I wear the pants in my house!” Shamefacedly I dropped my gaze from hers only to see her breasts swinging freely from her chest in the loose shirt. Those damned nipples that I had been dreaming of were as thick and dark as I had imagined.

“But what about Oakley?” I murmured as she sat on the side of the bed.

“He is all taken care of, for now. Sleeping like a baby,” she murmured more gently, “I am afraid he just couldn’t handle his Señorita tonight,” she licked her full lips sensually. “A little sucky sucky and he was tired right out,” she exaggeratedly pouted, “just as things were getting interesting.”

Gently she tugged at the blankets covering my waist. Weakly I resisted and she moved her face very close to mine. Her full lips were slightly parted only inches from my mouth. She slowly leaned in and I could feel her hot breath. I started to lean into her, just slightly and she pulled back suddenly! Her eyes flashed open, her gaze bore into me with shear intensity. She had rich brown eyes. This exotic beauty had me hypnotized. I don’t know, but something in me snapped!

Growling I grabbed her and pulled her bodily to me. I heard low sultry laughter in her throat as I fiercely kissed her. I’m not sure how, but her camisole was soon a torn rag, tossed aside. Her lips were incredibly full and so silky, even when she kissed me hard! Her teeth playfully caught my lip occasionally, and her fingers dug into my back. The slight pain was exhilarating! I grabbed for her ass, and after a moment she pressed her hands to my chest and reared back from my embrace.

Like a predatory bird she eyed me for a moment, and then she swept the covers away from my waist. She licked her lips as she ran her index finger up the underside of my cock. I shivered. She leaned in close and whispered in my ear, “Let’s see if you can last any longer than my Baby did,”

She rubbed her thumb in small circles over the head of my penis as she kissed me once more, slowly and sensually. She pushed me back down against the pillows and slid silkenly down my body. She made an elaborate show of preparing to blow me. She licked her full lips just inches from my tip, and rubbed me against her face for a few moments. I was in heaven! Just her hand on my cock was incredible after all that time on base.

She extended her tongue to a long point, and dove under my balls. Slowly, methodically she dragged up from my root, between my balls and all the way up to the tip, whipping back and forth with her tongue. When she got to my head she pressed her lips together and kissed the underside. It was so soft, and sexy that I thought I would die.

That is when she opened her mouth wide and swallowed half of my cock in one gulp! God damn it felt amazing! She did not rush a thing. Slowly up. Slowly down. I felt myself hit the back of her mouth, and felt my hips twitch with the desire to thrust! Remembering her earlier ferocity, I restrained myself. I did not want to risk ending this fun!

Her hands swept over my body as she sucked my cock. Down my ribs, up my thighs, along my ass, sometimes feather light touches, sometimes her nails dragged white lines into my hypertensioned skin. Her round ass waved back and forth in the air, like a jungle cat about to pounce. The whole time her intense brown eyes stared directly at me, gaging my reactions.

I was getting worried that I would disappoint her with a negligent discharge like Oakley did, when she pulled my dick from her mouth with a loud sound of suction. She bared her white teeth and took my flaring head between them. She didn’t bite hard, just enough to dent the shiny purple surface. I almost fucking lost it!

Firmly I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her onto her back. I dragged her knees apart and looked down at my first honey pot in months. I love a woman with lips. Catalina had thick labia, and they shone slickly in the dim light from the bedside lamp. They gaped apart slightly, and her clitoris was plump and prominent. I wanted to devour her, and she must have seen it on my face, she squealed as I swooped down in between her thighs!

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