Nude Day with Daddykins V2

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Big Tits

Last year, I posted this story for the Nude Day story contest at the very last minute. The story was rejected due to “under age” characters. But the characters are professional adults, one in her mid twenties and the other her father. Obviously, nobody read the story and it was rejected out of hand leaving no time to resubmit for the contest.

This year I resubmitted with my usual disclaimer that “all characters are of majority”. It was once again rejected. I’ve tweaked three scenes with minor word changes in this third submission, but none of the changed words have anything to do with the age of the characters. Obviously, I don’t think anyone reads these stories. They just arbitrarily reject something out of hand if they wake up and think, “oh, today, I think I’ll be a bitch and reject anyone who doesn’t toe the line”. But I’ve always respected the rules and followed the examples of many of the very best authors on this site. “Of majority” is a phrase used by many authors in many different categories. So, in the interest of getting this story posted THE CHARACTERS ARE OVER 18.

Please don’t hold my rant about the story’s rejections against your opinion of the story. I respect what the site provides in the way of a forum for professional and amateur authors alike. I also know the owners of the site make a ton of money so maybe they could part with a bit of it to pay “readers” to check submissions more thoroughly.

One last thing. Some of the stories I post are strictly for fun. One or two however, (“Long Haul” for example) are written to explore a more serious take on the nature of human sexuality and its impact on our daily lives. This piece is strictly for fun.

Now to the story…


The thermometer registered 97 degrees for the sixth straight day. If rain or wind or something didn’t happen soon, all the lawns on our street would turn to the color of hay.


“Yes, Marcy.”

“Dad, can we get out of town. I’m going crazy with this heat.”

“I know baby, but it can’t last. There has to be a break soon.”

“Aren’t you miserable?” I asked.

“I am. But there’s no sense bitchin’ about it. It only makes things worse.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” I replied. “Bitchin’ helps me a lot.”

My dad chuckled. He knew I was restless.

“Why don’t you go for a swim?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I swam all day yesterday. Even the pool water seemed hot”

“Throw an ice cube in the water. Maybe that will help.”

“Very funny. When’s Mom coming home?”

“When the conference is over.”

“I thought she was going to stay an extra day or two to take advantage of being in Paris.”

“I guess. Who knows with your Mom.”

“Can we drive up to Sauvie Island?”

“Without your mother?”

“Why not? It’s not like we’d be cheating on her.”

“No, that’s true. That might not be a bad idea. I bet things are a lot cooler there then they are here in Napa.”

“Good. It’s settled. Hey!”

“Hey, what?”

“I just remembered. It’s National Nude Day in two days.”

“How appropriate.”

“I know. Cool, huh? Oh, this is going to be so cool.”

“No pun intended.”

“Oh yeah, huh.”

So for those of you who aren’t naturist and don’t understand the freedom of being outdoors without the encumbrance and restriction of wearing clothes, let me give you some insight.

First off, we’re born naked.

Remember the joke? If god had wanted us to go around naked, we would have been born that way. (Oh, wait. We were born that way.)

So there. You’re born naked. End of story.

Now to the incestuous coupling of a handsome man and his beautiful daughter with lots of oral sex, rimming, and a bit of pee play thrown in for a little extra spice.

We parked our RV in a secluded area, and started unpacking. Since we weren’t going to be wearing clothes for a few days, we really only packed food and some good wines from Napa and a couple six-packs of St. Pauli Girl, Dad’s favorite beer. God, when Dad starts in on the beer he pisses like a race horse. But more about that later.

“I wish Mom was here with us.”

“Me too.”

“Could you handle both of us again?”

“What do you think?”

As I watched, Dad stripped off his shirt, shoes and shorts, standing in front of me in all his naked glory. God help me, a flood was starting in my panties.

“No fair Daddykins. You made my only pair of panties wet,” I pouted. “You should have waited ’til I was naked first.”


“Yeah, already. I haven’t had sex since Mary-Jo went to Brazil with her family.”

“Oh, you poor dear. Looks like I’m not gonna get much sleep am I?”

“I don’t know. It’s my fertile time. You can eat my pussy and fuck my face, but I think we should probably cool it on the penetration thing. Oh, I guess you could take my ass once or twice.”

“Whatever you say, baby-girl.”

Now to some of you reading this, my sexual banter with Daddykins, may seem a bit preposterous. But think of the relationship you have with your significant other (or others, if you’re so taksim rus escort inclined).

My guess is the two of you have your little word play and affectionate names for each other, names you only use when you’re in a playful mood. The only difference here is that I’m in a playful mood, sexually of course, with my flesh and blood father. Cool, ain’t it?

Our family has always been very open sexually. My Mother demanded we not repress any of our desires. And I’m glad she did.

Myself of course, I prefer females to males. Though to be quite truthful, the only cock I’ve ever known is Daddykins. I think too, that I accommodate him, act as a sump for his goo, so to speak, so he gets plenty of relief when he needs it. I don’t mind actually. The first time I ever let him cum in my mouth, I was surprised at the warmth I felt, not only because of the semen finding its way to my belly, but I was equally surprised at the sudden flow of emotional warmth I felt.

When I thought about swallowing his stuff, I actually thought it was cool in other ways too, not the least of which was that it was his cum that helped make me, and when I swallowed it, I got to use it again to replenish proteins, and other materials that help me rebuild my own system. So, in a sense, his stuff helped make me and it also helps keep me going. Oh we humans. We can rationalize any behavior, can’t we? Well can’t we?

Okay. I know. Time to get back to the story.

As I pulled off my shirt, I hefted my breast up and squeezed it slightly.

“Daddy. Do you think my boobs are as nice as Mary-Jo’s?”

“Oh sweetie. Your boobs are perfect.”

“But Daddy. They’re not as big as Mary-Jo’s.”

“What’s your point?”

“No point. Well,” I paused for effect. “I guess I wanted to point out my boob so you’d be aware I was naked, and of course, once you’re aware I’m naked, you’d realize I’m also available, not to mention in need of your chin spreading my nether lips wide so your tongue…well, you get the picture.”

“In need of a little relief, are we?”

“I don’t know about you, but I’m young and I need relief all the time.”

“Well then,” Daddy said, turning and lifting me up on the small RV table, “I guess a little snack can’t make me lose my appetite for lunch.”

“Oh, thank goodness,” I said, as Daddy buried his face in my crotch.

God, how I love having my pussy eaten. No finger, no dildo, not even my Daddy’s dick, can ever take the place of a well trained tongue, and Mom, Mary-Jo, and I had trained Daddy to do it almost as good as we could do each other.

“Jesus, Daddy, who taught you to eat pussy like that”?

Dad lifted his face up to look in my eyes, wiping his chin of my juices, then licking his fingers clean. “Why, I sent away for an instructional manual, must’a been years ago.”

“Ha-ha. I bet you been practicing on Mom’s cooch.”

“Well, maybe just a bit,” Daddy said, as he once again buried his face between my legs.

“Will you be a good boy and lick my butt?”

“You want me to put my tongue on your pucker?”

“Not on, in.”

“Well, okay then. But remember this when I want you to ream my ass later.”

“Gladly, now please, get back to it. I’m gonna cum soon, and I mean to flood your mouth with a gallon a girl juice.”

“Cool,” Daddy said, as he scooted my ass up and spread my butt cheeks.

Damn. Nerve endings are gonna be the death of me. When Daddy’s warm, wet tongue wiggled its way into my rectum; I thought I’d expire from pure delight.

“Fuck. Fuck. Goddamn and fuck, that’s good.”

Daddy chuckled, but thank goodness, he just kept spearing my butt with that tongue of his.

After a couple minutes, I knew my orgasm wasn’t far off.

“I think it’s time, Daddy.”

Daddy knew exactly what time I was referring to and moved back to eat my cunt.

He pressed his face hard into me, his nose rubbing my clit while his chin pressed against my taint. (Ya’ll know what taint is, don’t ya?)

Then he administered the coup d’ grace, plunging three fingers into my hole, working them up to the lining of my canal, and stroking fast and hard. That’s all it took. The dam burst.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Hot damn and fuck some more,” I screamed as I gushed girl cum straight into Daddy’s open mouth. And when I say gushed, I mean a veritable flood of juices shot out, straight and hard.


I must have slept straight for two hours. My mega-orgasm released pent up frustration born of the record heat we’d been experiencing back home. The unforgiving heat, and the fact Mary-Jo, my live-in lover, was in Brazil, had created the perfect storm in my pants and something had to give. Fortunately, Daddy was there to help out.

The AC was on in the RV and I awoke feeling somewhat refreshed, if not just a tad disoriented. But I knew a dip in the water and a long; cold shower would wash away any vestige of the previous effects from the summer’s heat.

Dad left a note saying he was going to the beach, so I thought I’d splash some water on my face and follow. But as soon as I got there, taksim türbanlı escort I realized I was restless again.

I found Dad looking out across the water to Mt. Hood. He zones sometimes and it’s at those times that I love to just stand a bit outside his periphery and watch him.

After a few minutes he sighed, turned to get his beer and saw me. He smiled big.

I pulled up the camp chair he’d brought right next to his, and lay my head on his shoulder.

“God that’s beautiful,” I said.

Dad just nodded.

“I’m restless.”


“Yeah. I’m glad we’re away from the heat, but I’m really not in the mood for people right now.”

“Sweetie, if you look around you’ll see we’re the only ones here.”

“I know. But later, or tomorrow, there will be people here and I won’t be able to suck you off, in the wide open spaces if people are around.”

“We’ve got the RV.”

“It’s not the same. We can have sex at home, in the RV, in a hotel, or any number of shelters of one kind or another. I want your dick in my mouth while the eagles soar and the clouds look down with a smile.”

“Oh my god. You are such a romantic.”

“Guilty. But I don’t care. Let’s go back to Portland, and take the 26 across to the 101 and drive all the way back to the Golden Gate Bridge.”



“Sure. Why not?”

“Cool. Oh! One more thing. We stay nude all the way and every time we come to a deserted stretch of coastline, we get out of the RV and turn Nude Day into Nude Week.”

“Sounds like a plan. But since there’s no one around right now, why don’t you let me put the head of my cock in your throat for a few minutes. You know, just to prime the pump a bit.”

“Pump gonna spit?”


“Okay, cool. But stand in front of me. I want to imagine there’s a dirty old man high up on that mountain in the distance and he has a humongous telescope that he’s trained on ‘ol Collins Beach here, hoping for a show.”

“Then let’s go ahead and give him one.”


All you guys out there who’ve never had a mouth full of semen, you ought to try it sometime. If you’re not into sex with another man, then for goodness sake, give yourself a blowjob or shoot into a shot glass and then drink the damn stuff. You should know what you’re asking your significant other to ingest. If your stuff don’t taste good, change your diet. It makes all the difference in the world.

Now I’m one of those gals who likes a man to blow his load in my mouth, even if the only man I’ve ever sucked off is my own father.

The cock-sucking is wonderful. You get your face stuffed with hard, warm, meat and your jaw aches and you have trouble breathing, but still in all, it’s a wonderful thing to do for a man. But the real highlight, the reward, as it were, is a belly full of cum.

To feel it shoot out the head as you lathe the underside of the dick with your tongue, is, well, it’s indescribable. But I know you readers live for the details, so here you go.

I pulled Daddy close to stand between my spread legs. Hefting his cock and balls, I looked up at his face and winked.

“You gonna get to the task at hand sometime this year?”

“Now who’s antsy?”

“You know, I thought I’d just prime the pump a little, but I think swallowing your girl juice earlier got me so hot and bothered, it probably won’t take long for me to follow suit.

“Cool. Go for it. My face is your face, so to speak.”

“Open wide,” Daddy commanded, so I did.

Now I can spend the next three minutes of your time telling you all the little tricks I used to get Daddy off, but the thing he likes a lot, is when I ream his ass with a couple fingers, reaching all the way up to tickle his prostate. That’s really what gets him to shoot. So I jammed his cock as far past my uvula as I could, speared his ass, and waited for him to shoot.

And shoot he did…

“Here it comes, Baby Doll.”

“Umm,” I moaned.

And then blast-off.

My mouth was instantly full of cum. I had to start swallowing fast or some was going to ooze out the side of my mouth and I didn’t want my first load in quite some time to be wasted. I was a hungry wench for sure.

“Honey, your face is all red.”

“Um-hum,” I acknowledged.

“There’re tears in your eyes.”

“Um-hum,” I sniffed.

“I see your throat muscles working. Are you swallowing too fast? Girl, you’re gonna get a tummy ache.”

More cum shot out and my mouth was full again. Fuck! Does it ever stop?

“Jesus, girl. You’re gonna give a man a heart attack, if you keep sucking.”

I nodded and started to use my tongue again to swipe the head of Daddy’s cock clean, but still cum dribbled out. I kept swallowing.

“Okay. Okay. Enough already,” Daddy pleaded, easing his slowly deflating cock from my mouth.

I reached out and gently squeezed his balls, and then circled my hand around the base of his cock, squeezing every last drop I could get. When a big, white, dollop of cum, started to ooze out his piss-slit, taksim ucuz escort I leaned forward and let it fall on to my outstretched tongue.

I let go of Daddy’s cock, leaned back and kept my tongue extended showing Daddy the last gob of cum before I retracted my tongue and made an exaggerated show of swallowing.

I watched Daddy close his eyes as I leaned back in the chair. A state of calm seemed to wash over him like olive oil dripping down a window pane. I was awestruck at the power a simple blowjob had to bring a man to complete submission.

I tried to speak but had to clear my throat and swallow a couple more times before I could produce any coherent sound from my cum-coated throat.

“You’re a greedy little cum-slut.”

“Uhmmm,” I responded, still working to clear my mouth and throat of all the residual cum.

“You should see your face. It looks like a warzone. There’s mucous running out your nose, cum on your chin, and tear tracks down the sides of your cheeks. And you know what?”


“You’ve never looked more beautiful.”

“I bet you say that to all the girls you face-fuck.” Finally, I could speak.

“Of course. Only, that’s just you and your mother.”

“Don’t forget Mary-Jo.”

“Oh yeah. And Mary-Jo. Say,” Daddy said, pausing to get my attention. “how’d a couple devotees of Sappho’s, ever let an old man ravage their bodies anyway?”

“Don’t know,” I shrugged. “It started out when we wanted to see what the difference between a dildo and real cock felt like. It got fun, when Mary-Jo got a face full of cum, when she kissed the head of your dick.”

“Oh yeah. That was pretty funny.”

“She didn’t think so, but to placate her, I licked some off her lips and quite liked the taste. From there, it was a pretty easy few steps getting used to sucking you off to get a load from time to time.”

“Still and all, lesbians who swallow man juice?”

“And fuck you, and let you have our ass, and all the other kinky Dionysian entwinings we can think of to honor our favorite god.”

“Fair enough. But why not with other men?”

“I’d fuck Mary-Jo’s father, if it wouldn’t cause him to disown his daughter. It’s hard enough for him to accept her girl-on-girl preference.”

“He’s Catholic?”

“Through and through. But I’ve seen him look at me from time to time, so there’s still hope.”

“But not other men.”

“No need. I’ve got you when I need a real dick, and I’ve got my sex and love companion with Mary-Jo.”

“And don’t forget your mother.”

“Oh, don’t worry. None of us can forget Mom. Anyway, I’m starting to feel drowsy from the sex and the sun. Maybe we should eat something and hit the road. We can spend the night just outside Portland and head to the coast just before first light.”

“Good idea. But first, I’ve got to pee. The beer and the orgasm jumpstarted my bladder into overdrive.”

“Wait. Wait. Let’s do it here so the guy up on the mountain can watch.”

” What guy…Oh yeah! The guy with the super-sized telescope.”

“Yeah. That guy,” I said as I lifted my heels up to the edge of the chair and let fly with a really forceful stream of pee.”

“Hey no fair,” Daddy said as he hefted his cock and let fly with his own stream.

I looked over at his pee and tried to force my stream to shoot as far as his. It worked. I shot a good foot past his stream.

“Oh, a contest huh?”

Daddy pinched off the head of his dick and let the pressure build. When he released, the stream easily passed mine by a good foot and a half.

“Show off.”

Dad chuckled. When we were finished, we took a quick dip, rinsed off in the shower, ate some lunch and hit the road.


I woke to music, with the most wonderful feeling of contentment I’d felt in a long time. Dad and I’d sixty-nined ourselves to sleep. I still had a bit of his cum crusted on my chin. Once again, his load was the perfect end to a long, long three days, considering we’d driven all the way from Napa to be at the beach in time for Nude Day.

But now we were headed to the coast and anxious to turn Nude Day into our own version of Nude Week.

I rolled over, turned off the musical alarm, and watched Daddy sleep. I stroked his face gently, feeling the growth of beard scrape my hand like sandpaper. As I was sure he’d have his face between my legs before the day was too far along, I’d insist he’d shave as soon as we had our coffee.

Dad groaned.

“Morning sleepyhead.”

“That sounds good.”

“What sounds good.”

“Head. I’m still sleepy, so we can think of it as sleepyhead.”

“Ha-ha. If you put that dick anywhere in me before first light, we’ll get too late a start to make the coast in time to find a suitable first day’s campsite.”

“Oh yeah. I forgot. We’re headed to the coast, aren’t we?”

“Yup. I’ll get up and make us some coffee while you shower and shave.”


“Yeah, shave. If you think I’m gonna let you rub sandpaper on my cooch later, you better think again.”

“Is it really that bad?”

“Go shave. I’ll make coffee and some breakfast.”

Since we’d spent the night just outside Portland, the drive to the coast only took us a couple hours. I drove, while Dad worked on his lectures. The easy drive soon had my mind drifting off. I thought about our little world, and by our, I mean the three other people who all share the same household with me.

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