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This work of fiction features incest combined with hard BDSM, so please stop reading right here if you don’t like the juxtaposition. There’s plenty of both. To phrase it differently, this story contains harsh BDSM with incest and incest with harsh BDSM, so please don’t read and submit an irate comment(s) if you object to the mix of these two genres.

Otherwise, these chapters contain many of the physical attributes, mental characteristics, toys and devices to be found in my previous pieces. All characters are of legal age.

In the past, many enthusiastic readers have contributed positive and creative ideas. However, it’s my custom to complete an entire story before submission, so I won’t be returning to Now Serving to make changes.

I welcome your non-irate, non-flaming comments and will try to respond to your questions.


A few months later, Thanksgiving arrived. Justine was kneeling in the entrance to the luxury suite her father, Claude, had reserved at the best hotel in town. She wore a new, expensive but slutty lingerie ensemble, a gift from her father, and a high, traditional black leather slave collar. Her panties left most of her ass exposed.

Accompanying her father were her younger brother, Martin, and her son, Justin, visiting from boarding school. The two men and the boy had not seen the mother and daughter for months. All of them had come from a considerable distance.

Over the last few weeks, Matt had slowly extracted a detailed history of Justine’s extensive relationship as a slave to the men in her immediate family – including her son, who was a year older than Angela. To overcome Justine’s refusal to come forth, Matt had resorted to severe bondage, clamping, stretching, weights, plugging and whipping to get her to confess her debauched family history.

Inside the suite, Angie kneeled next to her mother in the same submissive posture, wearing an equally expensive yet slutty new outfit from her grandfather. Justine and Matt had spent weeks preparing the girl for her first sessions with her three demanding relatives. The high school senior was both eager and apprehensive.

Claude, was a handsome, barrel-chested man of 53 whose hair was graying at the sides of his head. Martin, at 24, was twelve years younger than his sister Justine, looking more like a son than the brother that he was. Although Justin, Justine’s son, was one year older than his 18-year-old sister Angelina, he actually looked a couple of years younger than she did.

Claude walked right up to his daughter, stopping only when his groin was inches from Justine’s face. “Hello, father,” she said respectfully. Unbidden, she stripped off her blouse but not her quarter bra, knowing how her father liked to see her tits lying exposed on top of black lingerie. He smiled and stroked her glossy, short hair, his crotch bulging, rubbing his thick thumb over her meaty lips, admiring the whip marks on her tits, thighs, back and ass. “I see that you’ve been well used,” he said, tracing his thumb over the livid stripes on her tits. “His name is Matthew?”

“Yes, Father.”

Martin was almost as assertive as his father, standing uncomfortably close to Angela, his nubile young niece, and leering at the slutty teen. Justin lingered further back, respecting his grandfather and uncle, staring hungrily at his willing sister and aroused mother.

“Shall we have drinks?” Martin suggested. The women served cocktails in the living room. Claude and Martin had already received lengthy emails and multiple photos from Matt about the degree of Justine’s servitude and the progress of Angelina’s training. His descriptions included the most debased and debauched details. Now Justine drank heavily, visibly nervous by the presence of her male relatives, and stood in front of her father. She assumed there would be the usual pecking order: servicing the patriarch, her father first, brother next and son last.

She felt most degraded by performing in front of her son and daughter, but she also felt most excited about being used by her son, especially if he abused and fucked her in front of the others. Of the four men, his cock was the largest and he had the most stamina, and even at his young age, was already the cruelest and most inventive. Her father still produced big loads of cum, even in his fifties, but Justin’s discharges were way longer, heavier, thicker and sweeter (less salty).

She was ashamed to be eagerly anticipating the discipline they would be giving to her rebellious and haughty daughter. Despite Justine’s shame with herself, she couldn’t help hoping that the men would tell her to clamp Angie’s tauntingly fat nipples, then order Justine to whip Angie’s firm tits and young pussy, then let the eager mother fuck her daughter’s pussy and ass with a fat strap-on.

Claude moved one hand over the thick welts on the front and insides of his daughter’s thighs, while poking and prodding at her cunt lips, visibly bulging and already glistening wet beneath the tight confines taksim grup yapan escort of her sheer panties.

Martin stood and ordered Angie to stand at the side of his chair and bend over it, her hands propped on the opposite armrest. Martin was pleased to see her spread her legs as widely as possible without being asked. He undid Angie’s blouse and opened the bra catch between her tits, releasing the hanging mounds, so well developed for an 18-year-old. He added dauntingly severe clamps and an imposing chain to the big-titted girl. As her nipples and tits were dragged downward, she struggled with the pain but was well-trained enough to refrain from crying out.

Justine leaned backward so her damp mons was thrust directly into her perverted father’s craggy face. “Yes, the lips appear longer. Well done,” Claude said, gloating as he stroked his daughter’s bulging, wet labia. Martin slapped Angie’s nubile breasts in order to swell her nipples. She grimaced as the weighty clamps and thick chains swung wildly under the impact. After the slapping, Angie straightened up and undid Martin’s pants, keeping her eyes lowered. Martin rucked the teen girl’s skirt up to her waist.

Claude opened the briefcase at his feet and extracted four serious-looking clamps and thick chains that were more intense than any he’d ever inflicted on Justine. They were heavier than the chain now attached to his granddaughter. He watched Justine’s eyes grow upon seeing the formidable size of the hardware. Claude applied the heavy, nasty clamps with thick metal chains to Justine’s heavily swaying tits. It was more weight than she’d ever imagined taking and her thick nipples stretched down more than ever. She groaned but did not change her position. Meanwhile, the slurping sounds of Angie, on her knees eagerly blowing her uncle, were augmented by his moans.

“Unnhhh,” Martin moaned as his niece’s sucking became louder. “Soon she’ll be as good as her mother.”

Claude attached more huge clamps to Justine’s slippery lower lips, the imprisoned labia stretching unmercifully. She gasped in pain and gritted her teeth but did not break her posture. Claude was proud at her discipline. He smiled at the expression in her eyes, for he could see pain mixed with the special excitement of a thrilling new humiliation she’d never before experienced. He nodded and Justine got on her knees. Angie had started to deep throat her uncle’s dick and was sucking and slurping noisily.

Claude called to his grandson. “Justin, get that flogger and go back and forth between your sister and mother.” He saw Angie’s eyes widen when she heard she was soon to be flogged by her own brother. The teen boy picked a long flogger out of a suitcase devoted to bondage gear. The flogger was not leather, but a thin willow branch which had been cut into thin strips. Justin was excited by the sordid scene. For the first time, he’d be able to whip his bratty sister and hot slut of a MILF simultaneously. He kicked Angie’s legs further apart until her labia could clearly be seen.

Without needing to take any practice swipes to determine the requisite force, Justin struck Angie’s back, hard. She moaned into her uncle’s cock as a mottled pattern appeared on her back, the beautiful young skin now shining with sweat. Justin proceeded to strike her thighs and ass, the multiple strands making an ominous hiss as they arced through the air and hit home. Angie leaned her head back and off Martin’s thick dick to take a moment and adjust to the whipping. Martin looked down to see several strands of pre-cum and saliva hanging between his cock and his niece’s greasy lips. After a few seconds, he decided her rest period was over. From the corner of her eye, Justine saw that Martin was now face-fucking her daughter.

Claude told Justin to switch from his sister to his mother. The teenager, flushed and sweating, pivoted on one foot, roughly shoved Justine’s knees wider and began striking his shameless mother in the same order: back, thighs and ass. Every time his slut mother tried to diddle her clit, he’d flog it. Claude took out his short but extremely thick cock, the widest that any of them had ever seen. His daughter had had plenty of practice sucking the stubby rod, for her thick lips and wide mouth easily took in the chubby member. Mother and daughter, both in considerable pain from Justin’s expert flogging and their assorted clamps, nonetheless gave expert blowjobs, clearly loving to suck cock and swallow cum.

Martin’s dick was also wide in girth and short in length, but not so extreme as his father’s. Martin soon pulled his niece’s sore, saliva-drenched mouth off him. She jacked him several times till he erupted onto her young face, spurting long, thick shots. When Claude saw his granddaughter’s face and big-titted chest dripping rivulets of cum, he ordered his daughter into position. Justine scrambled onto her back, her long legs sprawled widely on the arms of the chair, holding her mouth wide open and pulling her taksim masöz escort dark outer labia out and away from her pussy, exposing the lurid wet redness inside.

Her father spewed a long series of shots onto Justine’s face, far more than the quantity typical of a horny teenager, let alone a man well into his 50s. Then Claude pointed his thick cock downward and aimed for Justine’s slit, long bursts splashing inside her inner labia and quickly overflowing up to her belly and down her perineum to her dark bud. The moment that Claude finished erupting, he grabbed a black dildo and shoved it through Justine’s waiting pool of fresh hot cum and into her cunt. The black invader forced most of Claude’s thick spunk into Justine’s cunt and she came immediately, her first climax of the day.

So much cum had flowed down to her dusky anus that Claude yelled at her to spread her ass cheeks. Dazed from her climax but well-trained, she opened her puckered ring. Claude pulled the dildo out of her sucking cunt and rammed it into her ass. Justine shook and rolled in a second orgasm, her long legs kicking and jerking on the chair arms while streams of Martin’s spunk ran off Angie’s face onto her heaving, chained tits.

Justin, resentful about always taking a backseat to his uncle and grandfather, immediately began a furious whipping of his mother’s tits, belly and cunt. This depraved assault by her son, in front of all her family, had been what she’d truly craved. Quickly, Justine screamed in orgasm from her son’s flogging.

The boy looked at his grandfather pleadingly and Claude nodded his head. Justin dropped the flogger, undid his pants, and shoved his big prick into his mother’s cunt, feeling the fat dildo embedded in her ass. Justine cried out at this latest shame but quickly got off as her son expertly fucked her, one of his hands abusing her turgid, cum-covered clit while her father leaned over, manhandling her tits and abusing her nipples with one hand while he pistoned and twisted the anal dildo with his other. Soon mother and son came, the first spurts filling Justine’s cunt with long loads of teen spunk, till he pulled out and did another long half dozen spurts over her mound, belly and tits.

They all needed a few minutes to recover. “Let’s have lunch,” Claude grunted. He and Martin walked over to the lunch spread that had been ordered from room service, leaving the two sluts lying on the living room floor.

A few minutes later, Justin, a hand clasped around Justine’s and Angie’s biceps, walked the cum-covered incest sluts over to the lunch service. The freshly fucked woman and cocksucking girl had not been permitted to clean up at all, so their appearance was debased in the extreme. Except for her dazed eyes, Justine’s face was obliterated by fresh spunk that had dribbled down her neck and sweaty front. She walked haltingly, every step obviously painful and accompanied by the deep clanking sounds of the dual chains.

Angie, who was topless, looked none the better. Although her face was slightly cleaner, her big tits and their clamps were coated with so much jism that it covered a foot of the swaying tit chains. When they saw the chairs, positioned next to each other, Justine reddened with humiliation and Angie blanched with fear. Fastened to the seats of both chairs were freshly greased double dildos, so heavily lubed that the grease was dripping down the sides. Angie had never taken one of those devices in both holes, especially not ones so large. It was no consolation that Justine’s device was even longer and thicker.

Justin positioned Angie in front of “her” chair and pushed down on her sticky shoulders, forcing the double dildo into his sister’s cunt and ass. The girl shrieked as the shafts drilled into her. Justine needed no impetus. She sank down and sighed as the cocks worked their way into her dripping cunt and accepting ass, only recently plumbed by, respectively, her son’s cock and the big dildo.

This time, Martin did the honors. He applied a nasty-looking quirt to the mother’s and daughter’s side-by-side tits, motivating the two submissives to fuck themselves on the double dildos. The quirt slammed into their nipple clamps and chains. Justine lifted up her greasy tits, a pose that she knew excited her brother. Angie howled and began pumping like a madwoman to escape the quirt’s stings as quickly as possible, her thigh muscles bulging with effort. Livid stripes grew on their sweating tits. Mother and daughter came at about the same time, slumping in their chairs from their frenzied efforts. Claude congratulated his son on doing a good job with the quirt.

Except for Justin, the men adjourned to their bedrooms, leaving the well-used females to pull themselves off the dildos and clean up. But Justin, the youngest and most insatiable, wanted more. He pulled his mother and sister back into the living room, ordered his sister to wear an 8-inch strap-on, and told her to lie on the coffee table on her back. He also made taksim otele gelen escort some preparation regarding implements for the session, setting out two quirts and other items.

Justin positioned his mother on top of her daughter and stood behind her, his cock pressing against her butthole. He pulled back on her head and poured some of his uncle’s and grandfather’s combined cum onto her forehead, releasing it. As soon as Justine’s head returned to a normal position, the mound of thick spunk slid down her sweaty forehead onto the bridge of her nose, dripping off and dropping into her cleavage. Some of it splattered onto Angie’s mons.

Justin placed a quirt in Angie’s hand. “Do her tits and nipples,” he said, and pushed down on his mother’s hips until Angie’s big strap-on was embedded in Justine’s cunt. The depraved mother groaned in ecstasy. Angie pulled her mother’s heavy nipple chains and twisted and bent the nipple clamps with one hand, while she struck the sensitive undersides of Justine’s heavy tits with her other hand, her mother’s passion growing by the minute.

Justin rammed his freshly lubed cock into his mother’s tight asshole, feeling his sister’s strap-on at work, while slapping the sides and fronts of Justine’s swaying, sweating tits with the quirt in his right hand. With his other hand, he pulled, twisted, crushed and spanked her throbbing big clit. Justine was crazed with the debased excitement of being DP’d simultaneously by her son and daughter, something she’d fantasized about for months. She moaned continuously in an ecstatic haze of subspace.

She felt herself watching the degenerate tableaux of tit, clit and nipple abuse like a fly on the wall, as her kids pumped the two big shafts into her holes unmercifully. Both of her kids called her degrading names, humiliating her as the slutty bad mother who let her own progeny fuck and abuse her.

Every time that Justin rammed into Justine, her groin pistoned forward, affording a better angle of her mons for Justin to harshly smack her clit. As her hips shot forward, her upper torso jerked backward, pulling fiercely on the nipple chains that Angie held tautly, stretching the fat rubbery stalks to almost twice their normal length.

When she soon came in an explosion of shrieks, Justin had to clamp his palm over Justine’s big mouth. And then, pulling and bending her clamped left nipple with his right hand while squeezing and twisting her bulging clit with his left hand, he shot another prolonged load of jizz deep into her bottom, jerking frenziedly as he pounded into his slave mother.

Once he’d unloaded, he pulled out, put his arms under his mother’s armpits, and pulled her off Angie’s strap-on. He manhandled Justine around 180 degrees, cum dripping from her distended asshole leaving a trail on the coffee table, until she was kneeling on the floor. Angie drifted off, the 8-inch dildo waving from her leather strap-on harness.

Justin removed the nipples clamps, accompanied by Justine’s hissing in pain, and placed a spreader bar beneath his mother’s knees, stretching her thighs to the limit. He pulled her wrists behind her back and bound them together. He took a large, 4-inch long clamp, pressed her labia together, and with some difficulty opened the clamp fully. Even then it barely fit over her thick lips. She gasped.

Her relentless son found two black bands and cinched them around the top of her thighs, where they joined her pelvis. He adjusted the leather straps so one of the D-rings in each faced directly in. Justine wondered about those.

“First, your tits.” Her domineering son picked up a pair of nipple pumps, positioned them over the bulging nubs and attached them, repeatedly pumping the button till Justine moaned loudly, her enormous nipples cruelly elongated an extra two inches. Deeply excited, she gasped as her sore, dusky nipples were obscenely stretched.

“Now, your pussy.” Justin bent over, carefully pulled one side of her clit hood, clamped the hood, pulled the chain and tied it to the metal ring in her thigh straps. In pain from this nasty discipline, Justine drooled onto her mons. Justin repeated the procedure on the other side of her clit hood. Now her big bulging clit was completely exposed and defenseless.

“Here’s the crowning touch.” He held up a clear pump, the same as her nipple pumps but smaller.

“Ohhhh,” she muttered, twisting her torso and pelvis, extremely close to a cum, as he carefully pushed the transparent tube over her thick clit. He pumped and pumped till she screamed in ecstasy, her pelvis jerking and the suction tubes dancing madly on her shaking tits.

Justin stood next to the expectant Justine, his still-hard 8-inches bobbing in front of her mouth, drops splashing onto her beaten and swollen tits. She was a lurid sight, the pumps jutting from her sweating tits and inflated clit.

But he wasn’t satisfied with her appearance. She presented plenty of marks on her back, ass, tits, belly and thighs, but they’d grown faint and needed to be freshened. Justine’s excitement grew in depravity when Justin picked up two switches and used both hands to whip her sweating tits while the dutiful, degenerate mother proceeded to lave the cum, fresh from her ass chute, off her son’s demanding dick, while he commenced to whip her belly, tits and thighs, laying on livid, wide weals.

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