Nocturnal Visitor

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Big Tits

I had a girlfriend in college who really dug the whole sneak-into-my-dorm-in-the-middle-of-the night-and-fuck-me routine.

Actually, it began as a practical thing. She lived in a no-male-visitors dorm, and, to make matters even more difficult, though she had her own bedroom, her three suite-mates were conservative bitches sure to narc on any male darkening the door.

Thus, I had to sneak not only into the dormitory itself, but I also had to slip undetected into her suite and not awake the bitches. Of course, we had to have sex as quietly as possible, too, in nearly complete darkness.

I later got my own place off campus, so we could fuck there any old time, but she was particularly turned on by the sneaking around routine in her dorm.

Extroverted and one who loves to tell a good story, I naturally told a number of my friends about the time one of her suitemates was on the way to the bathroom just as I unlocked the door and came in. It was very dark and I kept my head lowered, and pendik escort she couldn’t see me, so I just put on a black person’s accent and said, “Scuse me, ma’am, housekeepin’,” picked up the trash can, and backed out the door.

I waited nervously in the hall for a few minutes after I heard the toilet flush, then crept back in and banged my girlfriend.

I told the funny story to quite a few guys so I didn’t remember who they all were.

Anyway, a few weeks after that my GF came over after class one day all smiles and said she really, really liked the sex with me the night before, that she was glad I’d “just taken charge and put in on in there,” that she really liked it and it only hurt a little bit at first. It took me a few minutes to realize she was talking about butt-fucking. We’d been talking about anal sex for a long time, but, though she was very interested, she always backed out at the last moment because she thought my cock was too big.

The thing was, I HAD STAYED HOME tuzla escort THE NIGHT BEFORE!

I didn’t let on that it was not me, so I questioned her exactly what all she liked, and she told me she really loved the way I ate out her asshole real good first, fingered her to open her up, and the way I just buttfucked her hard and fast. She also said she liked the new way I ate her pussy, that biting her clit real hard was great, saying she had discovered how wonderful the mix of pleasure and pain was.

Well, I’ll be a son of a bitch! Some bold dude I’d told the sneaking-in story to had the balls to slip in my girl’s dorm and butt-fuck the bejesus out of her!!! And she thought it was me the whole time! And enjoyed the hell out of it!

I was at once mad as a hornet and horny as the devil. I wasted no time in dragging her back to my bedroom and stripping her naked. I’d always been a gentle lover–what I thought she liked–but hearing this story of mystery man manhandling her, I spanked her, bit her kartal escort nipples and clit real hard, fucked her like a bitch in heat, then roughly reamed her rectum.

She loved this treatment and came over and over and over and over. And that’s the kind of sex we had from that point forward, even better than the good sex we’d had up to that point.

I never did tell her I knew what happened, and I never did figure out who the mystery pooper-poker was. If I had, I harbored no ill will whatsoever and would have liked to shake his hand and give him my heartfelt thanks.

Even so, I didn’t want anybody else fooling around with my girl any more, so she and I made up a secret code to use when I’d sneak in her room at night.

About a week later, she said she thought it was me coming in, but whoever it was, was not responding with the code. Instead, she said the voice in the darkness sounded like an African American’s, said, “Scuse me, ma’am, housekeepin’,” and backed out the door.

Hilarious! The audacious ass-fucker had come back for seconds and lifted the line from my story to make his getaway.

That was his final attempt, though, and I’ve yet to learn to keep my sexual experiences to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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