No Plan

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Chapter 1

This time there was no plan. At least that she was aware of. As far as she knew, this morning and afternoon were going to be quiet, spent reading a nice book till it was time to pick up the kids after school. The evening would be spent cooking dinner and helping her daughter on a school project, then getting both kids off to bed sometime around 9:00pm. After that she was going to vegetate in front of the TV watching her favorite show, “Two-and-a-half Men”, until she drifted off to sleep for the night.

Her husband was traveling on another two week business trip so she was by herself again. She mulled over the possibility of calling her long distance lover, but decided not too, he was at work and she didn’t want to intrude if he was busy.

What she didn’t know, was that today was going to be anything but quiet for her. That by the end of the day she would collapse, utterly exhausted yet satisfied, into her bed.

Chapter 2

All hell broke loose in her life at exactly 9:02am. She received a call on her mobile from her lover. He sounded soooo good on the phone this morning, “Good morning beautiful” he said deep in her ear. He always had gravel in his voice during the mornings and it caused her pulse to race just hearing it. “Got any plans today?” he asked. Thinking this was just normal chit chat, she responded that no, she didn’t have anything really going on. “Good”, he responded “I want you thinking of me today sweetheart, do me a favor and go put the silver bullet in your panties again, just like last time. I can’t do anything about it, but you won’t forget me for the day…”. He laughed quietly as he heard her slightly gasp, then say yes, she would!

They chatted again for several minutes, then he pleaded off to attend a meeting. As soon as she hung up, she ran upstairs and dug around in the back of her panty drawer for the “Silver Bullet”, as he called it. It was a remote control vibrator about the size of a tube of lipstick, but shaped like a bullet. She carefully took it out of the drawer and put it in the bottom of her panties and pulled them up. She then repositioned it so that it was between her folds and the tip of it was just touching her clitoris. She didn’t have the controller for it – he did. He was a half continent away and couldn’t use it. But the thought of him buzzing her whenever he wanted excited her. She never had any control of when, where, or how long. It got her wet just thinking about it.

Chapter 3

She couldn’t help but remember the last time she had the bullet in her panties. It was the first time in over twenty years that she’d seen her lover. They had planned it in detail. She was aware that he would be in town and had been prepared, she thought. She had been hesitant at first, but had lost all control as he totally seduced her, pulled her into a climactic experience that had her knees shaking at the memory of it. He’d led her into a world that she couldn’t pull herself away from – didn’t want to leave. It made her feel wanted, bold, and alive. He’d led her on a chase around town, drenching her panties at the torture the bullet provided when he felt like it. She’d purchased items in stores that had her shaking at the possible intended use. She’d experienced a massive orgasm with him while she was blindfolded in a hotel room, only to find another woman assisting when she’d removed her blindfold. She was addicted to this man, and the effect that he had on her.

Chapter 4

She couldn’t help it. She had the bullet in her panties for half an hour when the urge to leave the house, to relive some of the excitement from last time became too strong. This time, unfortunately, he wouldn’t be around.

She slipped on her heavy, knee length winter coat and went to her car. She backed out of the driveway, and automatically drove to the mall that she had visited last time. This time she leisurely entered the front doors and just wandered around. She decided to visit the bench from last time. As she sat down on it, she felt the bullet push further into her folds, nudging her clitoris. She slowly and carefully rocked slightly on the bench, stimulating herself at the feeling and the memory.

She suddenly stopped, realizing that anybody watching her would be wondering at her actions, would probably guess that she was aroused. With cheeks flushing, she quickly got up and moved further into the mall, walking past the “Adam & Eve” store, laughing at the lubricant she’d purchased before and how he had made use of it. Further down, she walked by the Sears store. She had bought rope there last time. She had been almost terrified at the possibilities, but nothing had ever happened with it. He had just used the thought of it to heighten the experience, the danger of having no control of the situation.

Chapter 5

The memories were still strong in her mind as she walked back through the mall and decided to stop in at Younkers to do some quick shopping since she was out anyway. A nice sweater dress and Yoga tights in the petite section caught her attention and she decided to try them on.

As she was kartal escort walking into the dressing room, the electronic doorbell “bing-bong”ed at her, and almost instantly the bullet came alive. She yelped and dove for the fitting room to get the bullet out of her panties before anybody heard it – or her. As she opened the stall door – it stopped. Humm, she thought, must be the transmitter had the same frequency. Not really a big deal, it reminded her of her lover – which was why she was here anyway. She decided to leave it in.

She tried the dress and tights on. They fit well. Very well. Almost too well. She decided to buy them. At the counter while paying for them, she asked if they would cut the tags off so she could change into them for the day. They did and she changed afterwards, thoroughly enjoying her complimentary buzzz in the process this time.

Chapter 6

She left the store in her new body hugging outfit, self conscious that it showed every curve, and much more of her legs than she was really comfortable with. Today was special though. It was worth it. She was feeling sexy and didn’t mind if others knew.

As she was heading to the front doors of the mall, the bullet buzzed again. Her first thought was that another store alarm had set it off, but realized that it hadn’t happened before. It stopped. She took another step to the front doors – and it went off again. “Mother of God” she thought turning around, this was getting out of control. She started walking, legs shaking a little, heading to the mall restrooms to remove the torture device. It stopped again. Whew – she thought. She couldn’t handle the buzzer too much, it was just too stimulating and could get her off quickly.

She reached the hallway where the restrooms were without the buzzer nibbling away at her again. She was walking down the back hallway and had just reached the coat racks stuffed with winter coats – when it hit her full force. The bullet blipped once, twice, then took on a life all of its own. It had worked its way even further into her tender folds and was pushed hard against her clitoris. She suddenly realized that she wasn’t going to make it to the restroom. Not even close.

Chapter 7

She saw a small alcove behind the coat rack and dove at it. By the time she made it there she was pumping her hips back and forth and had her hand under her coat and on her mound, which just intensified the feeling. She could’t help it, she pulled up her dress and slid her hand down the front of her tights and touched herself. Her clit was swollen tight, protruding from its hood at the front of her folds, and pulsating to the tempo of the bullet. She was drenched and on the verge of an orgasm within moments. The stimulation, her lover this morning, the danger of getting caught in the mall, it was all too much for her. She felt the throws of the orgasm inside her stomach start. She slipped a finger in herself and started pumping quickly. Within moments the orgasm ripped through her hard, leaving her gasping for breath. She realized that she was soaking wet and could smell her own musk in the air.

The buzzer magically stopped, it’s job done. She grabbed it and slipped it in her purse, readjusted her clothing and coat. Christ, she’d done it. She’d actually masterbated in PUBLIC. She was almost appalled, but at the same time, emboldened by her success, and at not getting caught. She began walking quickly toward the exit again when her purse buzzed. This time it was a different buzzzz – she recognized it as her phone. She pulled her phone out to see she’d received a text message. It was from her distant lover. She read “Was that as good for you as it was for me… :)”

Chapter 8

She drifted to a stop, staring at the message, stunned. What the hell?? She quickly looked up and around to see if he was there. She couldn’t see him. Then it hit her -she wouldn’t see him, ever – unless he wanted her too. He had been a trained observer. A professional, trained by the Army at stealth before returning to college and attaining his degree. Was he here? Now!!?? This morning he’d been half a continent away, at work, in a meeting. Or had he? Had he actually flown his plane here again for a meeting and not told her? Was the call this morning a smoke screen?

Christ – he had to be here now. He had set this up, known all along what she would do. The prompt to put the bullet in her panties was all it would take to get her out of the house and primed for some fun.

Chapter 9

She practically ran to the car, dialing him in the process. When he answered, she was gasping for breath, mostly from excitement. “Are you here?” she asked.

“Mmmm, why do you want to know, lover…?” was his quiet response. She could hear him chuckle low in his throat. She knew it. He WAS here. Watching her. She looked around, knowing it was hopeless, but wanting to see him anyway.

“Please,” she whispered “I need to see you again.”

Chapter 10

He had told her to meet him in the same hotel, same room as last time. She didn’t need to stop for bostancı escort anything this time though. She scrambled in her purse for her car keys, almost dumping it on the ground in her haste.

She finally found them in her coat pocket. Frustrated, her hands were shaking so hard she had to use both of them to push the unlock button and get the key in the ignition. The car screamed out of the lot towards her forbidden pleasure, her one vice. Drugs could never have as strong as an effect on her as he did. Her body yearned for it.

Chapter 11

She stood in front of the room door trying to calm herself. Her hair was a tangled mess, mud was on her boots and covered the bottom of her coat. She’d ran across the hotel parking lot, not caring about the dirty snow and mud that splattered around her. She had one objective – get their fast.

After several deep breaths and a moment to calm down, she knocked. Out of habit, a double-tap three times with a short space between each, automatically slipping into the previous plan. He answered, just as he did last time, opening the door slightly and holding out the same soft black blindfold made of cashmere. She slipped it on.

Chapter 12

He carefully pulled her into the room and took her coat off, laying it across the chair by the entryway. She started to tell him how much she missed him, wanted him, desperately needed him. She wanted to hold him. Before she even got a word out he put his finger across her lips and said “Shush lover, I know, I feel the same way”. She almost cried at her urgency.

He had a candle burning, she could smell it. It was vanilla and gave a nice sweet scent to he room. He also had music very quietly playing, It was appropriately Eta James “At Last”, and set the mood perfectly for her. Its quiet sultry tones reverberating in her bones.

He leaned over and lifted each her legs in turn, removing her boots and her tights and panties. She supported herself by putting a hand on his back. She knew that his head was close to her while down there. It immediately caused her to start getting damp in anticipation. Nothing. Once done he took both her hands and carefully pulled her towards the bed. She knew right where it was, the memory was seared in brain. She had fantasized about that room many times in the last six months since their previous meeting.

He leaned down and slowly began lifting the sweater dress, making approving noises as it advanced up her hips, exposing her waist, torso, her breasts incased in a standard “cover it all” white bra, and was finally carefully pulled over her head – making sure the blindfold stayed in place.

She was quivering by the time he reached around her and undid the clasp on the back of her bra. He pulled the straps down her shoulders and arms, letting her breasts swing loose. She wanted him to immediately take her in his mouth and suck on her hard pebbled nipples. She knew that he wouldn’t though, that he would take his time, practically driving her insane before he took her offering.

He led her over to the bed with both hands, when she was in front of it he carefully put her hands on it and asked her to crawl to the front and lay on her back. She did.

After she was on her back he walked around the side of the bed, took her right arm and moved it to the edge of the bed, then wrapped a thin scarf around her wrist tying a square knot. She felt something cold against the inside of her wrist and heard a metalic snick. This… was different. She hadn’t experienced it before. He then quietly padded around the other side of the bed and did the same thing with her other arm, then both her legs.

She was tied down on the the bed, splayed out with her legs wide open, no way to hide or protect herself. She knew that she wasn’t in any danger from him, but neither could she resist anything he wanted to do to her.

She felt a hand press down on the bed, right between her legs. It didn’t touch her, but was so close that she could almost feel it. It was almost touching her folds. She wanted to feel it, she wanted to have it touch her, caress her, stroke her. She wanted to feel him as he aroused her so intently. The hand left the bed and she moaned at the disappointment.

Suddenly a set of lips latched on the inside of her knee, sucking on it, stroking it with the tongue. The tongue slowly moved up the inside of the leg, swirling around and carefully moving in circles that gradually became larger. Her hips began pulsing, back and forth. She kept hoping that he’d accidentally bump into her with his tongue, but he didn’t. She arched her back and thrust herself at his tongue but he stayed far enough away to torture her, yet draw her back.

It took a moment for her to recognize it. She was so intent on the tongue that had worked up to within six inches of the inside vee between her legs, she was so excited, that it was a shock to her to realize that another set of lips and tongue were doing the same thing to her other leg and had made it to the top of her pelvis. They were soft and she could maltepe escort feel slight breathing on her skin from the owner. She whimpered, shifting herself around, not knowing who was there, what to expect, knowing that she couldn’t get away from it if she wanted to, yet not really wanting to.

The lips down by her vee suddenly nestled in on her core. They attacked her swollen clitoris causing her to jerk and grunt, grinding herself into them. They sucked and the tongue flicked her. Her stomach was shaking violently and her thighs were trembling. Her breathing was in short gasps. She could feel it. It was starting.

Suddenly she felt the lips leave here vee and she almost cried at the loss, only to have both her breasts pulled into a mouth from each side, and two hands slowly crawl their way down to her vee, one with long slender fingers slide into her, the other set of fingers found her clitoris again and started stroking her in circles, then back and forth.

She was going to cum. She knew it. She was excited beyond caring about anything, she just knew that she was going to cum, long and hard. She did, arching her back and pulling at her restraints, letting out an unintelligible groan that lasted for an eternity. Hands, fingers, lips and tongues helped keep her at peak until she started feeling light headed from lack of air before finally coming down from the high. Two quiet voices softly whispered words of encouragement, joy and satisfaction into each of her ears.

She was so very sensitive that any slight movement, anything touching her skin or nether regions caused her to cringe from hyper nerve endings. Both her lovers eventually moved away, allowing her to drift off into a stuporous light sleep.

Chapter 13

When she awoke, it was to find that she was being spooned from both sides. She was holding on to him in front of her, somebody was behind her with a hand on her, cupping her breast, lightly breathing in her ear almost drifting off. She decided to just let herself relax and enjoy the moment, the closeness of these two that caused her such an orgasm.

She knew that it was a woman. He’d introduced that aspect into their relationship last time momentarily without her knowledge. The woman had helped make her cum, but she hadn’t realized it till afterwards. She was glad that it was after-the-fact, because she didn’t think she would have relaxed enough if she had known before hand. This time she had a feeling that he may take it further, but not too far. He had hit the sweet spot this time, literally…

After some time, she moved her hand down and felt him. He was hard, just waiting for her to recover. As she stroked him, he started groaning and rolled over to her. She gave him a deep kiss, tangling with his tongue, and continued to play with him, rolling his balls around in her palm. Eventually she moved her lips down and sucked him hard into her mouth. She could feel the blood rushing through him, the veins throbbing. She continued to play with his balls, rolling them around between her fingers. Her tongue clipped the ridge around his head, flicking back and forth across the most sensitive part of him, the vee at the front of his head. Suddenly, she stopped, aware that if she took it too far that he would cum in her mouth, would probably fill it to overflowing the way he was groaning. She could already taste the salty pre-cum starting. She stopped. It was her turn to play him now, drive him crazy with lust after her, make him experience one of his own orgasms, one he would never forget.

Chapter 14

She suddenly realized that the woman was still there, behind her. The woman had kept a hand on her breast the whole time. She’d slowly massaged it, getting a nice response from the nipple as it hardened.

She tried to see the woman but couldn’t see much of her in the darkness. She could see her shadow and a lightness of her body, but nothing more. She didn’t want to talk, didn’t want to know a name, didn’t want to know what her voice really sounded like beyond the whisper she’d heard earlier. She did want to know what the woman felt like though. She reached over with her left hand and put it on the woman’s stomach. It was firm, she could feel the sinews, but there was also softness there as well. The woman sucked in her breath at the contact, not expecting it. She moved her hand slowly up the stomach, feeling it tighten and pull in. She could feel ribs, then suddenly brushed up against a breast. Not a large one, smaller than her own actually. She didn’t know what to do. She wanted to touch it, just to make sure that it was real, but she didn’t want to embarrass herself. She wan’t gay. She was curious.

She finally moved her hand up the breast. It was exquisitely soft. She was amazed at how soft it was. She didn’t think that her own felt like this when she touched them. She moved her hand further up the breast until she felt the hardened nipple. She heard a quiet gasp at the contact. She felt around the nipple, could feel the skin wrinkle up around it. She was curious about it, wondered what it would taste like, how hard it would be between her lips, what would happen if she sucked on it? Would the woman moan? Another thought flitted through her mind, but she refused acknowledge it. She wouldn’t even admit to herself that it had even been there. What would happen if she touched…? Would she enjoy it? She blanked the thought out.

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