Next Weekend

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Before you read this story, be advised that it is adult oriented and contains very graphic depictions of a sexual nature. It is not intended for, nor should it be read under any circumstances, by persons who are not at least eighteen(18) years of age.

This story can stand on its own, but it is a direct continuation of “School’s Out”, my 2012 “Summer Lovin'” contest entry. If you haven’t read that one, you may find it helpful. If you choose not to, there may be a few things that won’t make a lot of sense, but they are minor in the scheme of the story. I considered just tacking this episode on as chapter 4 of that story but decided its plot was different enough to be a sequel instead.

I love to read your comments and would enjoy hearing from you. I even want your comments if you don’t like the story, provided you are actually giving constructive criticism. Please don’t leave a comment if you are simply turned off by what the story contains. Just because you may not enjoy or politically agree with the portrayals doesn’t mean that others won’t.

Thanks for reading…



Next Weekend

We broke camp, packed up and made the trek back to our vehicles. Once there, we said our goodbyes and followed one another back toward town. At various points we went our separate ways, heading for our respective homes. When I reached mine, I noticed that my parents’ car was not in the driveway. I knew it wouldn’t be in the garage because we only used that for storage.

After unloading and stowing my gear, I went inside and found a note from my mom on the dining table. It said that they had went to my older brother’s house for dinner and wouldn’t be home until around ten o’clock that evening. I wasn’t disappointed. I’d never gotten along all that well with my brother and was sure I wouldn’t be missed. Plus it gave me solitude for the evening to just unwind and settle down from the excitement of the weekend camping trip.

I headed upstairs to my room and stripped, dropping the clothes in a heap on the floor. Since no one was home, I ambled down the hallway to the bathroom in the buff. I turned on the shower, let the water get warm and stepped in. For several minutes, I simply stood there letting the hot water ease stiff muscles and wash away the feel of nature that always seems to cling to you after camping. And while the water pelted me, the only thing I could think about was Tracy.

Normally, I would have finished my shower and been raiding the fridge by now, but visions of the nineteen year old girl had overtaken my mind. I could vividly see her dark blonde hair and smoky blue eyes. Her long, tan legs and sweet smile. Not to mention her pert, “C” cup tits and perfect ass. But it was more than those things, which I indeed loved, that had my mind reeling. It was the possibility of a relationship, and the things that I didn’t know about her that captivated me.

When the water began to run tepid, I quickly soaped and rinsed my body and hair. I turned off the water and grabbed a towel. After drying off, doing a quick shave of my face and combing of my hair, I exited back to my room, still nude. I usually wouldn’t do that, even when no one was home, but I guess spending most of the weekend clothes-free was sticking with me. I considered not putting anything on, but decided on an old pair of gym shorts, just in case someone was to stop by or if my parents came home early.

With Tracy still filling my thoughts, I headed for the kitchen and made a sandwich. I grabbed a soda and went into the family room, flopped down on the sofa and switched on the television. I channel-surfed for a few minutes in search of something to get my mind off of the girl. Finally, I settled for a baseball game. But after a couple of innings and devouring the sandwich, I had no idea who was even playing.

I thought a nap might help so I stretched out and closed my eyes. After fifteen or twenty minutes I still couldn’t push the girl out. “This is friggin’ ridiculous,” I muttered to myself and sat up, frustrated by the situation.

I snatched the phone and punched in Tracy’s number. “Hello,” her sweet voice came on the line.

“Hey, Tracy… It’s Ron,” I said. “I know you probably weren’t expecting me to call so soon,” I began, “…but my parents are at my brother’s place and I was just wondering if you wanted to go get a pizza or something.”

“Sure… I guess… But can you give me a couple of hours?” she replied in a less than enthusiastic tone.

My heart sank a little and I assumed that I must have read her wrong at the campsite. I thought for sure that she was interested in me. But her manner now didn’t seem to reflect that. “If you’re busy, that’s okay,” I told her, then said, “I can get a hold of one of the guys or something.” I was trying to be nonchalant and upbeat, but doubt if I was.

“No. No… I want to go,” Tracy returned. “I’m just helping Mom with some stuff and I still need to take a shower,” she explained, seeming somewhat more istanbul escort interested. Then she said, “I really want to talk to you. Pick me up around five-thirty.”

I agreed and even though I had been successful in my quest, I was now left with more questions than before. Was she interested in me, or had she led me on? Was I making more out of things than I should? She said she really wanted to talk to me; What was that about?

The first thing that shot into my mind was that I’d cum inside of her that morning. Hopefully she wasn’t going to tell me she wasn’t on the pill. “After all, she told me to do it,” I reasoned with myself. Still, the next two hours seemed to drag by. My earlier excitement for the girl was now compounded by a myriad of other things and by the time I left to pick her up, I was nearly at wits end.

When I pulled into her driveway, Tracy was waiting for me on their front porch. She trotted out and climbed into my truck. I silently put the vehicle in reverse and backed out, then shifted and headed up the street. I started to ask where she wanted to eat but was surprised when she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I thought that was a good sign and gave her a smile.

I decided to take the initiative on dining choice, opting for a pizza place that was just out of town. I thought we might have more privacy there, and I knew the food was good. Once there, we sat down, placed our order and after the waitress brought our sodas we began to talk. The first thing I wanted to clear up was the question of birth control. Ever since I’d hung up the phone, I had been kicking my own ass for not being more careful.

“Look, Tracy,” I began. “I pictured this conversation starting out differently but I have to ask,” I said, stumbling toward the question, “Are you on the pill?”

She gave me a half-grin and replied, “Is that what’s got you in a snit? You’re worried about this morning, aren’t you?” Then she took my hand and looked into my eyes and said, “I’ve been on the pill since I was sixteen. I wouldn’t have told you to do it if I wasn’t.”

Not that it would have changed my feelings for Tracy if she wasn’t and had ultimately ended up pregnant, but I didn’t think either of us were ready for that kind of responsibility and I was glad to hear she was protected. And with that burden off of my shoulders, I told Tracy the same thing. Then I confessed to her that I couldn’t get her off my mind and that I wanted a serious relationship with her.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about,” Tracy said, looking down at the table. She was interrupted by the waitress bringing some complimentary bread sticks, but continued after she left. “I really want a relationship with you too,” she said, although I could sense a ‘but’ coming. She picked at the tablecloth and finally stammered, “But there are a lot of things I want to explore and I don’t think I can commit to you, at least sexually speaking.”

She made a good point. I hadn’t considered that side of the coin and now that it had been brought up, I couldn’t say that I was finished sowing wild oats either. But then, as I thought about it, a proposal crept into reckoning. “What if we committed to one another but had an open sexual relationship?” I submitted.

Tracy looked at me for a moment and then shook her head. “I don’t think that would work. I’d feel like I was cheating if I were to go off with someone just to have sex,” she explained.

“Okay. I guess I can understand that,” I said.

We were both silent for a while and then for some reason I suddenly flashed back to the previous night when I’d watched Joe and the others fucking Tracy. As I thought about it, the idea of watching her have sex with others seemed curiously exciting. “What if we agree to only have sex with others if we are both present?” I offered.

Tracy thought for a few seconds and then smiled. “That sounds interesting,” she mused. And after a moment more she added, “Could be the best of both worlds. I think we could definitely make it work, but we absolutely have to be honest with each other and set up some ground rules before we start.”

She was right and I was amazed, yet again, at this wonderful girl. She was showing a real maturity and forethought that I wouldn’t have. Another aspect that I had overlooked about her. Up until that weekend, I had only seen her as a gangly tomboy that hung around with a bunch of guys; somebody’s cousin, lost in the background. But now I had a whole new perspective on the girl. Not only was she a beautiful woman, but she was smart and affectionate, charming and unworldly.

We ‘officially’ became a couple that evening and spent most of it discovering each other, more intellectually than anything else. Over the following week, we went out a couple of times and talked at least once or twice a day on the phone. The ground rules were laid out in anticipation of the upcoming camp-out and we drew closer and closer to one another. By the time avcılar escort Thursday rolled around, I was bursting with excitement. Truth be told, I was anxious to see Tracy in action. I knew that I’d have my turn with her, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how sexy she had looked with Joe’s big cock slicing in and out of her.

It seemed strange, and still does to some degree, to be anxious for your lover to screw others, but it wasn’t the benefit of the others that I wanted. I was interested in Tracy finding the pleasure that she sought. And I knew that she required more than a solitary individual to meet that need. Not that she has ever been a raging nymphomaniac, just that she has higher goals than most women and a greater desire to fulfill. I found out that Tracy was not one to simply ‘settle’ for something. She’s more of a woman than that. It’s one of the things that I came to love most about her, and still do to this day.


Thursday night, Joe called and informed me that he wasn’t going to make the camping trip. “I hate to miss it,” he said. “Sounds like it would be fun, but I’ve got a date tomorrow night,” he told me.

“Must be one hot chick,” I chuckled, knowing that if Joe was interested in her she would most likely be spectacular.

“She’s a redhead,” Joe quielty boasted.

“And let me guess… She’s got a twin sister,” I speculated. Joe had always had a fantasy of doing a pair of redheaded twins.

Joe laughed and told me I was correct in my assumption. I couldn’t begrudge him a shot at fulfilling his fantasy so I didn’t give him a hard time about it. But it was still a little disappointing since I was looking forward to his presence. And I knew Tracy was too. Still, there would be Kyle, Rusty and myself, even though I doubted that Tracy would have much contact with Rusty since he was her cousin. And although she had gone so far as to let him fuck her the weekend before, she had confided in me that she didn’t feel right about it.

After I finished the conversation with Joe, I dialed Rusty to finalize our plans. Again I was met with disappointment. “I can’t go,” he told me dejectedly. “Dad says I have to help him paint the stupid house,” Rusty continued to complain.

So that left us with just a foursome; Kyle, Debbie, Tracy and myself. Not what the girls were expecting, I’m sure. Still, I was confident that there was some good sex to be had and it might even be nicer to not be so hectic. I convinced myself that it really was for the better. Not having as much testosterone in the camp would give Tracy and I a chance to test our arrangement without going overboard.

The next morning, I loaded up my truck, called Tracy and then headed to the store for some supplies. While I was shopping, my cell rang. It was Kyle and he sounded terrible. He explained that he must have come down with the flu and wasn’t able to go with us. I thought, “Bummer… Now it’s just me and the two girls.” Then it hit me. It was just me and the two girls! I didn’t know if they would be excited about the idea, but I was looking forward to trying to please them both.

I made some quick adjustments in my shopping list and retrieved the goods. By the time I hit the checkout line, I’m sure my shorts were bulging just a bit, especially since I hadn’t seen the need to bother with underwear. The more I though about having both women to myself, the hornier I got. I’d never had two girls at the same time before so I was understandably intrigued, in more ways than one.

I was looking forward to servicing them both, but the pair had fondled each other and kissed a couple of times the previous weekend. I also knew they had been intimate before that. Now I was plotting how I might go about convincing them to fully engage. Of course I’d seen girl on girl sex on the internet a hundred times, but to witness it live and in person would be something. And knowing that the girl I was quickly falling in love with would be one of the girls; That was icing on the cake.

I wheeled into Tracy’s driveway and pulled up behind her Grand Prix. Her mom’s car was absent, as expected, her having gone to work. Tracy’s dad had passed away several years prior and her older sister had married and moved away. That left just Tracy and her mom in the house, so I believed Tracy to be alone. I guessed that we would need to go pick up Debbie, Tracy’s brunette friend who was also nineteen and sexy as hell. But to my surprise, the door opened and Debbie’s head peeked out, quickly followed by Tracy’s.

The pair surveyed the yard and street, then stepped out onto the porch. They were both wearing T-shirts over shorts. Once they were on the porch they did another quick look around and then both of them flipped up their shirts exposing four wonderful, braless boobs. Then, just as quickly, they spun around and dropped the back of their shorts to moon me. From what I could see, it was evident that I wasn’t the only one going commando.

The girls were laughing hysterically as they şirinevler escort readjusted their clothes and ducked back into the house. I got out of the truck and nearly ran to the door. Tracy was waiting for me just inside with her bare chest plastered against the glass of the storm door. I tried to open it, but the little minx had locked it. “You can look, but you can’t touch,” she taunted.

I gave her my best fake pout so she reached down and clicked the lock open. I grabbed for the handle as Tracy dropped her shirt back down to cover herself. When I stepped over the threshold, the little blonde tossed her arms around my neck and greeted me with a hot and passionate french kiss. My hand went to her now cloaked breast and she broke the kiss, smacking my hand away in a playful manner. “No touching,” she reminded me.

I used the comment as a segue to break the bad news. “Well, if I don’t get to touch, you may be outta’ luck,” I began and then proceeded with the explanation of events. “So I guess it’s just the three of us, if you still want to go,” I concluded.

Tracy didn’t say anything. I expected she would still go even if it were just the two of us. Debbie was the question mark and she gave me a response that made my dick twitch. She worked her way toward the door and picked up her duffle bag. As she hefted it over her shoulder, she patted me on the butt and simply said, “You’re going to be one tired boy.”

I felt as giddy as the girls had been when they flashed me. I couldn’t believe my luck. I had heard stories of things like this happening and, of course, I’d read the letters in porn magazines. But then again, I never really believed most of that stuff. Now I had to rethink some of that because here I was with a beautiful, sexy girlfriend, who I knew was ready to jump my bones, and her equally sexy friend that seemed more than willing to do the same.

I grabbed Tracy’s duffle, along with a small cooler they had and we shuffled out the door. We made the drive to the same state forest we had visited the previous weekend, then needed to make two hikes to the campsite to get all of the gear and supplies there. That was another reason having the other guys around would have been handy. The simple fact was that the girls couldn’t lug as much as the guys, but I was guessing it was going to be well worth the trouble.

It didn’t take us long to get the tent set up and start getting camp in order. I set off to gather firewood and when I returned, the girls were still busy tidying things up and putting finishing touches on the tent. But I quickly noticed something was different. As Debbie bent over to tie a drawstring on our temporary home, I was afforded a beautiful view of her tight ass and pussy, as well as one of her tits. She had removed her shorts and was just wearing the T-shirt.

I ogled Debbie for a moment, then turned my attention to Tracy, wondering if she had done the same thing. Looking in her direction, I saw her tugging at the hem of her shirt which had ridden up over her also nude bottom. I smiled happily as I got a glimpse, between her legs, of a few pubic curls that poked out and contrasted against the inside front of her white shirt.

I dropped the firewood and stood there watching both girls, jockeying my gaze from one to the other. They acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary, so I played along and left for another armload of wood without a word. But the next time I returned, there was no missing the fact that they had adjusted their attire again. This time they were both happily buzzing around the campsite totally nude.

Again I dropped the wood and set to brushing the dirt and bark off of my shirt. I feigned disinterest in the girls, but my dick was already beginning to react to the sight. After sufficiently cleaning myself, I went to the cooler and retrieved a cold soda. As I straightened up and held the can away to open it, I felt arms reaching around me from behind. Then I could feel the soft swell of breasts being mashed against my back. I felt hands touch my chest, massaging lightly, and heard Debbie’s voice whispering in my ear. “Tracy’s like the sister I never had and I love her…. Don’t ever hurt her,” she commanded solemnly.

Her statement caught me off guard and stunned me for a moment. Before I could respond, Debbie’s hands slithered under my shirt, and she called out to Tracy, “Don’t you think this guy’s got too many clothes on?”

Tracy turned and grinned at me, then walked toward us nodding her head in agreement. Her perky tits jiggled as she neared us and her golden hair tumbled around her shoulders. When she reached us, she squatted in front of me and reached for my crotch. Her fingers playfully stroked up and down my zipper while Debbie’s were dancing circles around my nipples. My cock was growing harder by the second and in no time was swelling the front of my shorts.

Debbie took the soda from me and dropped it into the cup holder of a nearby camp chair, then returned to her teasing. Her lips found the back of my neck and she began nuzzling me, sending chills along my spine. Meanwhile, Tracy was increasing the activity on my fly, rubbing along the obvious bulge now fully developed there. Her fingers moved upward and she found the button of my shorts and unfastened it, but then to torment me, she didn’t lower my zipper.

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