My Vacation

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My name is Traci and I’m 21 years old in my junior year of college. I grew up with a single mom when my dad decided he didn’t want to deal with having a daughter when I was 8 years old. It was always just my mom and me and we were always really close, that is until I went off to college. I had wanted to study law, and the only decent law school was a 20 hr drive away from home. She supported my decision, and told me to do what’s best for me. As my freshman year progressed, we talked less and less often, but for some reason she seemed more happy than usual about 2 months into school. I came home for winter break that year, to find out that she’s engaged to some guy I’ve never even met before. But she seemed so happy, that I didn’t say anything and let it go. They were married by the time I started my sophomore year, and I had only talked to the man a total of 5 times. Once they got married, I stopped going home from school.

I was planning on staying in my apartment for winter break, just like I did the year before, but my mom insisted that I come home and help my step-dad, Ryan, take care of the house while she’s away on a business trip. I reluctantly agreed, and when classes were over, I drove the 20 hours back home. When I finally made it, I found that my mom had already left, and there was a note on the fridge:

“If you’re reading this, then that means I’ve already left for my business trip, sorry sweetie. I stocked up the fridge, and Ryan should be home from work at 5pm. He’s taking two weeks off just to spend time with you since you two barely even know each other. I love you a ton, call me if you need anything. xoxo ~ mom”

I thought to myself, “Great, two weeks of bonding time with him. I guess I’ll try to be friendly since we are family now.”

It was 4:30pm, which meant that Ryan would be home in about ataşehir escort 30 minutes. I decided to take my stuff to my old room and take a shower. I walked into my room, and was shocked. All my stuff was gone, it was just a bare room with a bed and a nightstand. All of my tennis trophies, pictures, everything, was just gone. I sighed, and stepped into my bathroom and started the shower. I was tired and sore from sitting in a car for so long, so I thought I deserved a nice hot shower. Ryan had come home and saw my car, so he came up to my room to say hi. He noticed I was in the shower, so he sat on my bed and waited for me to finish. Since the bathroom was connected to my room, I didn’t feel a need to cover myself once I dried off. I walked into my room naked, not paying attention, and then I noticed him. I stopped dead in my tracks and ran back into the bathroom and slammed the door shut.

“Ryan, what’re you doing in my room?!”

“I just wanted to say hi to you since I saw you were home. Get dressed and I’ll be waiting for you downstairs.”

I waited until I heard him go downstairs. I was completely freaked out, no guy had ever seen me naked before. I glanced at myself in the mirror. I still had a toned body from working out at the gym every day. I was 5’1″, 110lbs, and had C cup breasts. Ryan had seemed to have become more attractive than I remembered, he was tall, seemed muscular, had medium length dark hair, and clean shaven. I reached down and found that my pussy was wet. This couldn’t be happening, I couldn’t be attracted to my mom’s husband, it’s just not right.

I went into my room, but on a pair of small shorts and a loose v-neck t-shirt and went downstairs. Ryan was at the stove making some spaghetti.

He turned, looked at me, and smiled, “I made some avcılar escort spaghetti. Your mom said that it’s your favorite.”

“Yeah, it is. About earlier…”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s not like I’ve never seen a naked woman before.” He winked at me and laughed.

I let out a nervous laugh. There was something about that wink that made that statement seem not so innocent. I took a seat on the couch and and turned the tv on while he was cooking. I suddenly felt hands on my shoulders, and I jumped.

“Relax, it’s just me. You seem so tense, let me give you a massage.”

I couldn’t help but tense up a little, but the more his hands worked on my shoulders, the more relaxed I became. He was really good with his hands. Then I felt him kiss my neck and his hands drop to the front of me, right above my breasts. I stand up and turn to face him.

“What are you doing?”

“Look Traci, you have a beautiful body. You look just like your mom but a lot younger and more beautiful. Can you blame me for making a move on you?”

“Ummmm, yeah, I can. You’re married to my mom, you can’t touch her daughter like that.”

As I said that, he closed the distance between us. I backed up until I felt my back against the wall, and he kept walking towards me. He took my face gently in his hands.

“I know you find me attractive too Traci. I could tell when I saw you in your bedroom.”

He then kissed me, and I couldn’t help but give in to him and kiss him back. His hands started roaming my body, squeezing my breasts gently at first, and when I let out a soft moan, he squeezed them harder. I moaned really loud. He smiled at me.

“You seem to like it rough. Your mom hates it rough. I’m really going to enjoy this.”

He goes back to kissing me, and pulls down my avrupa yakası escort shorts and panties. He kisses down my neck to my cleavage, and pulls off my shirt, setting my perky C cups loose. He doesn’t waste any time, and takes one nipple into his mouth and bites down hard. I let out a scream. He chuckles and pinches the other nipple with his hand. I had played with my nipples a lot whenever I masturbated, but this felt so different. All I could do was moan. He continued to kiss down my toned stomach and reached my shaved, virgin pussy. He spread my legs and flicked his tongue on my clit, making me gasp. He then stands up and pulls me over to the couch and bends me over it. I hear him undo his pants.

“Wait Ryan. I’m a virgin.”

“What? You’re telling me that a hot girl like you is still a virgin at 21 years old?”

“I never found a guy I liked enough to take my virginity.”

“Well don’t worry baby, you’ll like this.”

And with that, he pushed his big 8″ cock into my tight, virgin pussy. I screamed, it hurt so much. I wanted him to stop, but I also wanted more. He slowly started pushing in and out of me. His cock felt so big, and my pussy was gripping him so tight.

“God, I’ve never fucked a virgin. You’re so fucking tight.” He moaned as he picked up speed and started ramming my pussy harder.

All I could do was moan from the pleasure and pain he was giving me. The harder he pounded me, the better it felt. It wasn’t long before I felt an orgasm building in me.

“Oh my god Ryan, I’m gonna cum!”

“Baby, me too.” He groaned and pumped my pussy as hard as he could.

As I started cumming, I could feel him shoot his cum deep inside my pussy. He kept pumping his load into me. When he pulled out, I collapsed onto the couch. I had never thought that sex could ever feel that good. He sat down next to me and stroked my hair.

“I’ll go run to the drug store and get you Plan B, so you don’t get pregnant…I’ll pick up some condoms too. This isn’t the only time I’m gonna fuck you.” He winked at me and got up and left.

I sighed, this is going to be an interesting winter break.

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