My Soon To Be-Ex Step-Daughter

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This story begins with some plot and not much sex. The next installment will get steamy hot.

My name is Ron and I’m a 42 year old attorney. I live in central Florida. The events that I will describe for you occurred three years ago. At that time, I was married to Julia but we have since gotten a divorce.

On a hot June Thursday morning, I was leaving home to drive to Jacksonville for depositions in a products liability case pending in federal court. As I was getting my suit case and suit bag together, Julia told me that she had been thinking about our marriage and the problems we had been having and she had decided that she wanted a divorce. She said it just that bluntly, as if she was announcing ‘we’re havin’ spaghetti for dinner tonight.’

We had been having some arguments and it seemed like the tension just wouldn’t resolve like it usually had in the past. As soon as one issue was addressed, another popped up to cause problems. I had the impression that Julia was looking for problems so that she could keep fighting until I gave up . . . but I’m not a quitter. So, once she finally figured out that I would not initiate a divorce, she made the decision and announced it as I was preparing to leave.

After 19 years of marriage, I was devastated by the news. I had a two hour drive that morning and I was very sad – and even tearful – the first hour of the drive. Then, I was still sad but I started to get mad. Julia had promised me forever and now she was quitting, reneging on her promise.

I wasn’t even sure what the real problem was. It wasn’t money. We were living a comfortable lifestyle, had a nice house, took nice vacations, wore expensive clothes, etc. I don’t think it was sex. We had always enjoyed sex and neither of us was particularly inhibited when the clothes hit the floor. Maybe she had found someone else to light up her life; I don’t know and I wasn’t sure that I ever would know. Besides, it really didn’t matter what the reason was; if she didn’t want to be my wife anymore, why would I want to continue being with her?

I pulled myself out of my funk and got my head into the depositions Thursday afternoon. I spent a lonely night in a hotel room and had two more depositions the next morning. As I got in my car to head home, I realized that I really had no reason to rush back home. Julia certainly didn’t want to see me and Ashley, my step-daughter since she was only one year old, had stayed in Gainesville for the summer. She was taking classes at UF during the summer session and working as a lab assistant in the biology department.

I made a quick decision to drive to Gainesville to see Ashley. I hadn’t seen her in a few months and maybe a visit with her would help my spirits. I thought she would probably be working so I decided to just drive to her apartment and wait for her.

I managed to avoid getting caught in any of the speed traps between Jacksonville and Gainesville and I was pulling into the parking lot at her apartment complex by 2:30 pm. I noticed her car in the parking lot so I called her cell phone. I probably should have given her some advance notice but . . . better late than never.

“Hey Ash, this is your old man,” I said when she answered the phone.

“Hey, Daddy, what’s up?” she responded. She hadn’t spoken much, yet, but I thought I detected some slurring in her voice.

“I was on the road passin’ through town so I thought I might stop and visit you for a while, if you don’t mind.”

“Oh, Daddy, you know I want to see you! How long before you’ll be here?”

“Oh, maybe about 15 seconds,” I responded. “I’m already downstairs in your parkin’ lot.”

“Well, come on up! See you in a minute,” she answered.

In less than a minute, I was knocking on her door.

The door opened to a vision of loveliness. Perhaps I am a biased step-dad, but Ash is a goddess. She is about 5′ 4″ and maybe 120 pounds. She şişli grup yapan escort has shoulder length brown hair which, combined with her dark brown eyes, gives her a look of mature sophistication far beyond her twenty years. She is not a big girl and her boobs look very proportional to her body, perhaps a 34B. Her behind is tantalizing and it appears to be so tight that you could bounce quarters off her cheeks.

“Hi, Daddy!” she exclaimed as she put her arms around me and gave me a hug. “Mom called and told me the news. I’m so sorry for you. I can’t believe she’s being such a bitch to you, Daddy; you don’t deserve it.”

“Thanks, honey,” I said as I squeezed her with another hug. I wasn’t sure what she meant when she said her mom was being a bitch but maybe Ash knew more than Julie had told me.

“You must feel humiliated, Daddy, and it feels a little weird for me, too. How am I supposed to explain to my friends that Mom’s a lesbian?”

My face went white for a minute as I was stunned with the news that Julie had withheld. Ash looked at me and immediately realized that I had not known about that last tidbit of news.

“Oh, Daddy, I’m so sorry! I thought you knew. Come in and sit down and I’ll get you a drink.” I walked into her living room and sat in a seat opposite the sofa as Ash went into her kitchen to find a glass. Seated on the sofa was Ash’s roommate, Lizzie. Ash and Lizzie had been friends from the seventh grade on and living together while they were in college was a foregone conclusion when they graduated high school.

Lizzie looks like that Olympic skater, Tara Lapinski. She has curly blonde hair and a cute face. Her body is slender and she has a petite frame. I would guess that her boobs are probably a 34A or 34B, maybe smaller. She is not the kind of girl that anybody would call drop-dead gorgeous, but she is certainly a cutie-pie and any guy would be lucky to have her in his bed for the night. She was dressed in a miniskirt and a thin tee-shirt. I’m not sure that she was wearing a bra beneath her tee. I had heard Ash and Liz joking about being founding members of the Itty Bitty Tittie Committee but I thought they were both beautiful.

“Hey, Mr. C,” Lizzie greeted me.

I had not seen Lizzie in a while, perhaps more than a year. “Lizzie, now that you’re in college, why don’t you just call me Ron? That Mr. C. thing makes me feel old and I don’t really need that right now.”

“Oh, gosh, uh . . . Ron . . . I don’t wanna make you feel old, and . . . I’m so sorry about the news, and, uh . . . here in Gainesville, everybody calls me Liz.”

“Okay, Liz.” I paused for a moment and then asked, “So, you heard the news.”

“Yeah, Ron, and I just can’t believe it. Ash and I had the day off today so we were just laying around the pool and Mrs. C. called and talked to Ash late this morning and then we came in and started drinkin’ pina coladas. She’s really bummed out about the divorce. Uh, actually, what we’re drinkin’ is a special recipe I got from a friend and they’re called ‘drop-your-panty coladas.’ They’re called that because they’re so smooth a guy can get a girl drunk before she even knows that she’s had any alcohol. To tell you the truth, we’re both kinda buzzed right now.”

I smiled a very pleasant smile at Liz. “I had already kinda guessed that you were both feelin’ alright, even though,” I paused and looked around the living room, “I don’t see any panties on the floor in here.” I surprised myself by obviously flirting with a 19 year old college sophomore, but, my wife was leaving me for another woman, so I thought I was entitled to cut loose a little bit and I deserved some female attention.

“Well . . . not yet, Ron, but you never know what might happen!” Liz responded in an equally flirtatious manner. About that time, Ash appeared with a tray of three drinks.

“I hope you şişli masöz escort aren’t tryin’ to get me to drop my panties at some point,” I said to Ash.

“Oh, Daddy, I just want you to be comfortable. You can stay here for the weekend and do whatever you want. Don’t worry, Daddy, you’re such a hot guy, after the divorce, you’ll probably have a different woman every night of the week . . . maybe even before the divorce.”

“She’s right, Ron, you definitely won’t have a problem findin’ girls who want to date you,” added Liz.

“Okay, I don’t wanna be the guest of honor at a pity party and it definitely looks like I interrupted something here, so let’s not talk about divorce anymore.”

“Okay, Daddy. Before you got here, Liz and I were playin’ truth or dare. Do you know that game?”

“Oh yeah, but I don’t think I ever played it.”

“Well, Ron, sometimes it can get a little hot, you know, kinda risqué, but we don’t wanna embarrass you, but if you’re up for some fun . . ..”

“Oh, no, you won’t embarrass me,” I bragged. “And fun is just what I need. Whose turn is it?”

“Well, Daddy, since you just got here, we’ll make it your turn, and you are giving a truth or dare to Liz,” Ash explained.

‘Okay, Liz, truth or dare?” I challenged her.

“Truth,” she responded.

“Do you want a real question or a lame excuse for a question,” I asked.

“No, give me a real question. I’m certainly gonna give you a good question when it’s my turn,” she responded.

“Okay. Are you wearing any panties now?”

“Daddy,” shrieked Ash, “I don’t think Liz was expectin’ that kinda question from you.”

“Actually, it was just what I was expecting. Yes, Ron, I am wearing panties . . . for now. Do you wanna see?” she asked.

I nodded my head in assent and gave her a broad smile.

Liz was sitting directly across from me. She uncrossed her legs and then spread her knees apart. With her left hand, she reached down to the hem of her skirt and lifted it until her pretty pink panties were clearly visible. “Do you like what you see?” she asked.

I smiled again and nodded my head. I realized that my dick was staring to twitch a little bit and, any other day I would have been embarrassed, but not then and there.

“Okay, Liz, your turn now,” Ash interrupted us. “I’ll take a truth.”

“Uh . . . How old were you the first time you had an orgasm?”

“Liz, you can’t ask me that in front of my dad!” she complained.

“Why not?” Liz retorted. “We both know that you think your dad’s hot and I think he’s into playin’ this game the way it’s meant to be played and . . . ask him if he wants to hear the answer.”

“Well, Dad? Oh, and by the way, Liz thinks you’re hot, too. She’s had a crush on you since forever.”

I smiled at Liz and then looked at Ash. “If you don’t mind tellin’, I don’t mind listenin’.

“Let me get us another round of drinks,” Ash said as she stood and gathered our glasses. She was gone for a couple of minutes and Liz excused herself to go “powder her nose.” When both girls returned to the room, we all took a long sip of our next colada and Ash finally answered the question.

“Okay. I was 14 years old and, no, I wasn’t with a boy at the time. . . . or a girl. It was just me. No vibrator. No dildo. No marital aid!”

We all laughed at the last comment. “I get the idea,” I finally responded. “I always thought you were precocious . . . and good with your hands.”

“Yeah, well, it’s my turn now, Daddy. Truth or dare?” she asked me.

“Truth,” I replied.

“Since you seem to be okay with the X-rated questions . . . would you like to see Liz naked?”

“Oh, yeah,” I responded without even thinking. “Liz is a hot lookin’ girl and what guy wouldn’t wanna see her in the flesh?”

I looked back at Liz and could now tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra. şişli otele gelen escort Her nipples had gotten hard and were poking through her tight tee-shirt. It was quite a sight to behold and it took some restraint to not just walk over to the sofa and rip off her clothes.

I guess I was staring a bit too long as I heard Ash clearing her throat to get my attention. “Now, daddy, we reverse direction, so it’s your turn to ask me. And I’ll take a truth.”

“Okay. Truth: have you and Liz ever made out? And if the answer’s yes, you hafta give me the details.”

Ash looked at Liz as if she was seeking approval to divulge a secret. Apparently, she got the right nod of the head.

“Well, just once. Don’t worry, Daddy, I’m not a lesbian. It was a few years ago, when we were seniors in high school. We went to a party and Billy broke up with me that night so I got kinda drunk and then Liz brought me home and we decided she should spend the night. Well, I was kinda drunk, like I said, so when it was time to get in bed, I just pulled off all my clothes like I normally do, ’cause I usually sleep naked. So that Liz looked at me and she didn’t have any pajamas with her and she just said ‘what the hell’ and she took off all her clothes, too. Then we got in bed and I guess I started playing with her nipples and then I sucked on ’em and then I fingered her pussy until she came. Then she did the same thing to me. Then we went to sleep. And we never did anything like that again.”

“Wow. That was quite a story. And, no, I don’t think you’re a lesbian. Doing something like that occasionally, under unusual circumstances, doesn’t make you a lesbian. Besides, girls like to experiment more than guys. If a guy did that once, he’d be fag for sure, but not girls.”

“Well, it’s my turn now. Liz, truth or dare?”


“Okay, truth: do you want my Daddy to make out with you?” asked Ash.

“Ash, when I told you I had the hots for your Dad, I didn’t expect you to tell him about it. But, since he knows – you do know, don’t you, Ron? – of course. If you have the hots for somebody, you wanna make out . . . and more. But that doesn’t mean he wants to do it.”

“Why don’t you ask him? It’s your turn to give him a truth or dare,” Ash responded.

“Well, Ron, here’s the challenge. Would you rather make out with me or Ash, ’cause she’s got the hots for you, too.”

I was stunned by the question. I was flattered. Being viciously honest with myself, I had to admit that I was attracted to both girls.

“Well, Liz, I know Ash much better than I know you and she grew up with me, so of course I’m much closer to her. And I’ve always thought that she’s a very hot girl, but ’cause I’m her step-daddy, I’m not supposed to have those feelin’s. Only problem is, I do have those feelin’s. Now, you . . . you are not my step-daughter. As long as I was a happily married man, I never would have been unfaithful to Julie. But, apparently, none of that matters now. So, if I thought I had a chance to get intimate with you, I’d do it in a heartbeat.”

“Daddy, when the divorce is final, you won’t be my step-daddy any more. Not legally. I’ll always call you ‘Daddy’ but you won’t really be my step-daddy. I’ll just be another single, available girl with the hots for you. But, if you give me a chance, I’ll make up for my mother’s failures and be the woman you want me to be for you.”

“Wow, Ash, I never knew . . .,” I uttered in amazement.

“Ron, I’d love to have you fuck me ’til the cows come home, but Ash is in love with you and I can’t get in the way of my best friend looking for love, so . . . the game’s over and I’m gonna go back down to the pool for a while. Ash, call my cell when I’ve had enough sun,” Liz instructed. She was obviously being very tactful in saying she was going to give us some private time.

As Liz rose and walked towards the front door, I got up and moved to the sofa, sitting next to Ash. I looked into her eyes for what seemed like a very long time.

Once the front door closed, I returned my gaze to Ash and started, “Honey, I am so . . ..” At that moment, Ash’s finger came up to my mouth and pressed against my lips, signaling me to be quiet.

“Shut up and kiss me,” she said.

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