My Sister’s Best Friends

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DISCLAIMER: This story involves sex and drugs and rock and roll. If this ain’t for you, fair warning.


“Honey, would you bring that box of books upstairs?”

We had just moved in to our new house and were unpacking. I was between semesters at college, staying with my folks. We’d moved across town to a larger house in a better neighborhood and were almost done unpacking. The box was on top of a bookshelf. I moved to retrieve it, but my sister beat me to it. As she reached up, her shirt hiked up, exposing her perfect tummy. I gawked as she went up on her tiptoes, grunting slightly as she pulled the box off the shelf. Her shorts were cut so high her pockets were hanging out. I could see directly up the back. She was wearing white cotton panties with pink bows and golden, lacy trim. A slight sheen of sweat covered her perfect, rounded bottom.

I glanced away quickly as she turned towards me, handing me a box. My heart was thudding.

“Heads up!”

I caught the box and staggered back slightly.

“Thanks, sis,” I said.

She blew a strand of hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear.

“Let’s hurry up and get this shit unpacked, I’d like to get our rooms somewhat straight.”

“Ok,” I said, “What’s the rush?”

“Nothing really, the clutter is just driving me nuts, and I’d like to get a change of clothes. Feeling a bit grimy.”

I took the box downstairs to the living room.

“Thanks, hon.” My mom cut the box open and began filling the bookshelf.

“Molly and Jenn are coming over later to sleep over with your sister. Can you start the dishwasher for me real quick and help your sister do a once over on the upstairs bathroom?”

“Sure thing, Mom.”

Molly and Jenn were my sister’s two best friends…and they happened to be identical twins. I started the dishwasher and I felt the front of my jeans tighten as I trudged upstairs.

My sister, Kim, was in her freshman year at university. She was popular, although not wildly so. She was on the volleyball team, debate club, and a variety of other activities. Boys pursued her, but she never spent much time with them. Instead, she hung out with Molly and Jenn, who were on the volleyball team with her.

I got to the top of the stairs and turned down the hallway. The tightening of my jeans slowly started to fade away. Me and Kim’s bedrooms were connected by the bathroom we shared. I looked around my room. Mostly I’d unpacked, but I hadn’t set up my desk. I glanced over to the bathroom door, which was slightly ajar. Through the hinge crack, I could see her knees as she sat on the toilet. Her pretty panties were around her knees, her tiny shorts at her feet.

I froze, heart hammering.

The sound of her pee hitting the water now and again as she finished up jolted me back to myself. She flushed, then stood up, pulling her panties up along with her shorts.

Had she forgotten to wipe? I wondered, as I swallowed. My mouth was dry, and I could feel my hands shaking. Was she going to keep leaving the door to my room cracked as she showered and peed?

I heard her rummaging around in her room and figured it was safe to go in. I knocked on her door. She looked over her shoulder at me as she hung clothes in her closet.

“What’s up”

“Molly and Jenn are coming over?”

“Yup, should be here in a bit. Do me a favor; will you hang the rest of this up so I can take a shower before they get here?”

“Sure, but you’ll owe me one.”

“Deal,” she said, then grabbed a change of clothes and scampered into the bathroom. I forced myself not to look as she moved past me, waited for a second, and then looked. The bathroom door was cracked.

Is she daring me to peek? I wondered. Of course not. She’s your sister….and you’re beginning to doubt she even likes boys to begin with.

I heard cloth moving on skin, then the sound of her shorts hitting the tile floor, then her shirt moving up and over her perfect breasts and dropping. That tightness in my jeans returned, along with an ache and a throb. I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts.

The water turned on. I heard the shower curtain draw back, and I heard her curse the scalding water.

I moved toward the bathroom door. From where I stood, I could see directly through the cracked door into the large vanity mirror, mirror facing the shower. The curtain was clear, with large multicolored cartoon flowers on it. I could see her naked body, facing away from me. Her trim waist and narrowing shoulders were gorgeous. It was summer, and I could see her thin tan lines. She never wore much in the way of swimsuits, I’d jerked off thousands of times after swimming with her.

I stood, transfixed as she soaped herself up, first her face, then neck. She rinsed the soap from her face, and then washed her breasts, then her stomach. Her hands slowed as she cleaned her lower belly, then slower still as she soaped between her legs and inner thighs. I thought I heard her moan slightly, but couldn’t tell etiler otele gelen escort over the patter of the running water.

Her posture had changed. Her head was down, and she was leaning forward into the wall. I could see her left hand making frantic motions between her legs.

As I pressed the heel of my hand into my rigid cock through my jeans, a jolt of electric pleasure blasted down the base of my cock, into my balls and exploded there. I realized I’d forgotten to breathe. I drew a sharp breath of air, pushed down on my cock again. It was almost too much, I had to back off or I was going to make a huge mess in my pants standing in my sister’s room. I realized I was still holding a few shirts that I needed to hang up for her.

It was unbearable. I knew the shower wouldn’t last much longer, and I didn’t know if I’d ever get a chance to see this again…but I’d promised her I’d hang her shit up, and I wanted to be in her good graces when Molly and Jenn got here.

Through the crack, in the mirror, through the curtain, I saw her body shudder and she slumped a little more into the shower wall. I gave my cock one last shove, almost blacked out with the pleasure, and then reluctantly, I turned to the closet and began hanging the rest of the shirts up.

I finished that task and looked around the room. The only thing left, like my room, was her desk. Her computer was in pieces. I pushed my glasses up on my nose, and began assembling it. Tower, keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, router, done. I hit the power button and leaned back in her leather swivel chair as the computer booted.

There was no password on her desktop. I found the wireless network downstairs in dad’s study and opened her browser. History. Mundane, Facebook, twitter, a few volleyball blogs, her summer syllabus, a few joke sites. I scrolled further, a day back, more boring crap….then I saw a porn site. “Lesbian Cheerleaders” was in the URL. I scrolled further, seeing a dozen or so porn tube sites in her history. At the beginning of that session, I saw a dirty story site. What was it she was reading that set her off?

I heard the shower turn off with a squeak of pipes and the curtain draw back. Shit!

I closed the browser and logged off of Windows.

Kim came in, towel around her breasts and one binding her hair up.

“Oh, you set up my computer! Way cool, thanks!”

“No problem, “I said, “I–“

“Beat it,” she said, laughing. “I need to get dressed. “

She took the towel out of her hair and snapped it at me playfully. Jesus, she was gorgeous. About 5’5,” dirty blonde hair, perky C cup breasts that were threatening to spring free of her towel, a trim waist, and a curvy ass that defied the rest of her athletic form. Her thighs were full and strong from volleyball.

She raised an eyebrow at me. Was I gawking? Probably. Her sparkling green eyes watched me, amused.

I shook myself out of it and went back to my room through the bathroom, shutting her door behind me. I felt lightheaded and my heart was racing.

“Gonna jump in the shower,” I said through the door.

“Oooook,” she said. Smartass.

I skinned out of my jeans and boxers and tossed them toward the hamper. My t-shirt was next.

I started the shower, and then went to take a piss as it warmed up. My foot hit her jean shorts as I stood over the toilet. My piss hit the water and I looked down.

The crotch of her cute white, gold, and pink panties stared up at me. I started, splashing over the rim of the toilet before I righted my stream. My cock started getting hard as I finished my piss.

I picked up her soiled underwear. This was bad. This was against the rules. She would never look at me the same if she knew.

I brought the crotch of her panties closer. I could feel the dampness of the day’s exertions in the dampness at the back. The lining was soaked with an off white creaminess. I could feel my heartbeat in my temples and behind my eyes. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM.

I sniffed them from about an inch away. The odor was wonderful, slightly sweaty, with a sweetness that sent my head spinning. I could just barely smell her asshole at the back…and there was a musk, an undertone that whispered, this is private into the thudding of my heartbeat in my head, this is forbidden.

My cock was rigid, pulsing. A drop of pre-cum slid down its length. I moaned involuntarily and swayed.

Burying my nose in the crotch of her panties, I drew a deep breath. Her private scent coiled around my brainstem and reached down into my groin. Was it pheromones driving me mad or was I just a pervert?

The panties were still wet from her vagina and sweaty from moving. I closed my free hand around my cock as I stood there, shower running, sniffing furiously at my sister’s messy panties.

If your face was buried in me, the urgent scent of her panty crotch said as I flared my nostrils to catch every subtle odor, I would be all over your mouth etiler rus escort and face.

As I squeezed for my first stroke, I lost control. Cum exploded from my cock. One blast hit the bottom of the toilet seat before I aimed my load into the water. One pulse, two pulses, three, four, I thought I might never stop exploding. I could actually hear each spurt driving into the water.

My cock was still spasming, emptied of its load but continuing to try to milk another. I staggered against the wall, gasped a deep breath and milked the last drops from my shaft and into the water. I wiped the load from the bottom of the seat and flushed.

I moved to get into the shower and noticed I was still clutching her underwear. I shook my head and chuckled. No shit I didn’t want to let them go. I deposited them on top of her shorts and kicked both articles of clothing over to the hamper. Before I got in the shower, I lifted the lid of the hamper to toss my stuff in. Inside was at least three days worth of clothes.

Hmm, I wondered, are there any other treasures in there?

“Hey Kim!” I heard through the door. Shit, no time. I showered quickly, dried, and went back to my room. I put on a fresh pair of boxers and jeans, then threw on a t shirt. Might as well get my computer set up. I cleared my desk, and then got to work. I got my machine booted and stereo set up. I looked around my room. Not bad, I thought.

“Kids, dinner!” I heard my mom shout.

The bathroom door burst open.

“What up, perv?” said Molly.

“Hey Molly,” I said, blushing.

“What are you doing, jerking it?”

“Did that earlier, thanks” I said. Molly and Jenn had been hanging out with my sister for years, so we were fairly comfortable around each other. She kind of treated me like a kid brother, and her playful sense of humor suited me just fine. Hell, everything about her suited me just fine.

If my sister was fine, Molly and Jenn drove me absolutely crazy. They were about my sister’s height each, and slim, with dark, dark brown eyes.

Molly was wearing a blue tank top that cupped her pert breasts, and tight jeans cut low. Molly wore her hair short, in dark pixie cut that framed her enormous dark brown eyes. Her skin was so white it almost seemed like she was lit from within. Her jeans were snug against her hips as she lounged in the doorway. I could see a bit of midriff where her shirt hiked up. My cock pulsed hard against my jeans.

She laughed. “Let’s eat.”

Her sister peeked her head over Molly’s shoulder.

“Cool room, Ben.”

“Hey Jenn. What’s up?”

“Just checking out the new digs. Welcome to our side of town.”


Molly and Jenn stumbled forward as my sister playfully shoved past them into my room.

“Hurry up, guys, let’s eat so we can go out.”

“Where are y’all going?” I asked.

The three of them looked at each other and shrugged.

“Who knows.”

I followed them downstairs, my eyes glued to Molly, then flitting to Jenn. Jenn was wearing her hair pulled back in a ponytail and she was wearing a black track suit made out of some impossibly soft looking stretchy material, with pink piping down the arms and legs. Jenn’s firm ass switched back and forth in a figure 8 in front of me. It was round and tight, and as hard as I looked, I couldn’t see a panty line. Jesus, you’d better watch yourself, I thought. Don’t want to fall down the stairs.

My sister and her twin best friends trotted down the stairs. The jiggling on display had my heart dancing in my chest.

We piled into the kitchen.

“Hi kids,” my mom said. She was pulling dinner out of the oven. “Wanna set the table for me?”

“Sure.” we all said, and made short work of it.

My dad came in through the garage door.

“Hi everybody,” he said as he put down his briefcase and hung his keys on the hook by the door.

“Hi Dad,” my sister and I chorused.

“Hi Mr. Marks,” said Molly and Jenn.

We sat down as my dad washed up. The twins sat across from me, my sister to my right.

My dad sat at the head of the table, Jenn to his right, next to Molly. Mom served dinner, which was an excellent roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and asparagus.

We dug in. As we ate and recounted our days to everyone, I could see little smiles playing around the mouths of both twins. I could have sworn I saw flirtatious looks exchanged between Molly and my sister, but I couldn’t really tell what my sister was doing from my seat directly next to her.

I glanced down and saw Molly’s bare foot rubbing softly on the arch of my sister’s foot. Startled, I looked up and at my mom.

“What’s wrong, Ben? You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” said my mom. Molly smirked.

“Nothing, just remembered I left a process running on my desktop that I need to shut down. May I be excused?”

“Sure,” Mom said, “Come right back down, though.”

“Yeah,” said my sister, “You’re not getting out of dishes.”

I etiler türbanlı escort threw a look at her.

“You owe me,” I said with an eyebrow raised.

“If dishes are what you want to spend your favor on,” she said, “Be my guest.”

I stopped moving. What the hell did she mean by that?

I quickly cleared my place and trotted upstairs. I wanted to see what was in that hamper. First things first, I darted into my sister’s room. Her computer was open to a browser. I clicked her history and skimmed a few days back to the dirty story site. There were three links; I opened 3 tabs in quick succession.

Lesbian Sisters, the first story was called. I tabbed to the next one.

Lesbian First Time, the second.

I Sucked my Brother’s Cock was the third. It almost didn’t register in my brain, and then it hit me.

Holy shit, I thought. Nah, my rational mind said, it’s just fantasies. Everybody has them, this is no different.

Still, I thought quickly, opened a private browser as fast as I could, and then emailed the links to myself. Heck, I thought, while I’m here….

I copied all the porn links from that session and emailed those too, then closed the tabs I’d opened. Before I could clear my session, I heard someone coming. I darted into the bathroom, closing the door most of the way behind me. I could hear Jenn on the phone but couldn’t make out what she was saying.

All my senses were heightened, I felt like I had superhuman hearing. I could smell every odor, my sister’s shampoo, her deodorant, her facial scrub. I could smell the scent of water condensed on the plastic shower curtain. I could even smell her toothpaste. Holy shit, I might actually be too horny to go back downstairs, I thought.

Her shorts and underwear were still sitting where I’d kicked them earlier. Well, that’s an easy decision, I thought. I picked up her panties, folded them quickly, and stuffed them into my pocket. I lifted the hamper lid to toss her shorts in, and quickly dug through the clothes. Her jeans, a tank top, another pair of insanely short shorts, a t-shirt of mine, and then two pairs of panties, back to back. I snatched them up, threw her shorts in, and absconded into my room with her dirty underwear clutched in my fist and stuffed in my pocket. Quickly, I shoved two pair in my pillowcase.

As I stowed the freshly worn pair I had in my pocket, Jenn barged in.

“Hurry up, let’s finish dessert and clean up so we can get rid of your parents.”

“What?” I said.

“Yeah, my folks and yours are going out for drinks. Last time that happened, we didn’t see them for a day and a half.”

“No shit?” I said.

“No shit,” Jenn said. She walked up close and looked up at me.

“Come on, hurry,” she said, poking me in the chest, pushing me toward the door. Her breasts jutted out and mashed slightly into me as she cockily crowded me back downstairs.

“What were you doing up here?” she asked.

“I left something running,” I stammered, trying to complete the story I’d fabricated minutes ago, “and I had to shut it down.”

Jenn looked at me skeptically. “Whatever, dude. Let’s go”

I backed out into the hallway, Jenn shoving me playfully in front of her. What the hell was I going to do with the dirty panties in my pocket? Why couldn’t I have just been patient?

I returned to the table and helped clear the dishes. Time for dessert and coffee.

Dessert was strawberry shortcake with homemade biscuits, butter, and real whipped cream. My mom had sugared the sliced strawberries before we packed up the old place, and they were sweet and perfect.

“This is outstanding,” my dad said. “Ben, Kim, your mom and I are going out with Larry and Linda tonight. We’ll be taking a cab and we’ll be out pretty late. The four of you have fun, don’t trash the place, and please don’t invite more than one or two more kids over.”

“Ok Dad,” said my sister and I. I looked over at her. She was wearing a short sleeved button up shirt with a collar. The top few buttons were undone, and I could see the curve of her gorgeous tits. Of course she was wearing jean shorts again. Scandalously short. As I glanced down, her legs were splayed, and I could see straight down her shorts leg. I could see the rise of her mound, barely covered by her panties, this time they seemed to be a gauzy, transparent white. Pink trim again. I saw all this in the time it takes to blink. One more blink, like taking a photo, I thought.

Molly’s bare foot was all the way up my sister’s leg. I tried to look up nonchalantly, but somehow ended up locking gazes with Molly. The smile on her face said she knew I’d seen, and it said she wasn’t embarrassed. Jesus Christ, I thought.

I heard my sister draw a breath a little more sharply than she should have.

“So where are you guys going?” I said, a little too loudly.

“Oh, drinks, maybe some live music. Who knows?” said my mom. “I think we deserve a night out after all this moving.

“Hear hear,” said my sister, raising her glass of milk.

“Hear hear,” said everybody, clinking glasses.

We drank.

“Whoops,” Molly said, a little milk running down the side of her face and down her neck. I watched, transfixed, as it ran down into the open neck of her track suit. My mom reached over with a napkin and dabbed Molly’s face.

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