My Sarah Ann Ch. 07

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Asa Akira

I came into the room to find my delicious Sarah Ann lying in bed on her side. Her head was tossing about, her legs moving around as her hand worked one of her favorite toys in her well-lubed pussy. She moaned out ecstatically, clearly lost in the moment. I just stood and watched for a moment, drinking in the sight of my gorgeous, sexy woman pleasuring herself with abandon. Her free hand played with her nipples, pinching them hard between her thumb and fingers. Her whole body was writhing with pleasure; Sarah really gets into playtime.

I quietly stripped off my clothes, trying not to disturb her. I wanted to be able to surprise her, so I moved with quick grace to shed everything I had on and creep up to the bed. My cock was already standing at attention before me, the sight of Sarah naked and masturbating had been more than enough to immediately rouse me to an erection. I got down on my knees; her back was close to the edge of the bed. Leaning my head in behind her, I dragged my tongue slowly along her ass, just barely slipping the tip between her cheeks. She cried out in sudden surprise, exploding into climax with the unexpected sensation.

“Oh fuck!” Her body suddenly quivered madly, her hand jamming the dildo deep inside her. Clamping her thighs together she rocked through a powerful orgasm, crying out senselessly all the while. I smiled with delight at what I had done; her face was flushed with heat and delight when she finally calmed enough to look up at me. “Oh sweetie, thank you. That was such a surprise.” She beamed a satisfied smile at me, and I crawled into the bed beside her.

“Mind if I join you Babydoll?” I looked at her with deep wanting and she smiled even wider and nodded assent quietly, sighing lightly. I lay down beside her, looking into her eyes, and took my now-throbbing cock into my hand. She resumed a slow stroke inside herself with the toy while I stroked my length easily. We stared into each other’s eyes, working up our excitement together. I love sharing these sorts of intimacies with my Sarah Ann; she makes everything feel better. I felt myself throbbing in my hand, the smell of Sarah’s arousal filled the air after her powerful orgasm. I reached out my free hand and softly stroked her breast; she closed her eyes and sunk the dildo in all the way, churning it in circles slowly.

“Mmmmmmmmmm, baby I love you.” Sarah’s voice was breathy marmaris escort and strained. She was already getting near to another climax. Once Sarah gets going, she cums at the drop of a hat. I cupped her plush breast in my hand and savored its soft texture. I gently squeezed and felt her virile flesh yield to my fingers. She moaned a little louder, drawn in by gentle stimulus. I sped my hand slightly on my cock, enjoying being able to pleasure myself in my Sarah’s presence. It is a liberating experience to masturbate with one’s partner.

“Don’t cum yet babe,” I requested soothingly, “I want to cum with you.” She moaned and nodded furiously; she was already getting past the point of sensible communication. It didn’t matter; Sarah and I speak a different language in bed. It is a language of touch and taste and subtle vocal nuance. Her hand reached out to touch my skin, her fingers trailing around on my chest. I slid my hand down to caress her tummy; she giggled softly in response, her body quivering slightly. I slid my fingertips up the inside of her forearm, feeling the muscles working as she maintained her near climactic state of arousal. Her arms are so soft and smooth like the rest of her; I love to run my fingertips along them.

Sarah’s hand moved down and began to caress my abdomen. I sighed with pleasure as her fingertips raised electric sensation on my skin. Her palm rubbed softly, moving down and allowing her fingertips to slip into my pubic hair. My hand briefly touched hers on the down stroke, for a moment we spoke with that simple gesture. Almost in unison, we reached out towards each other, taking the others hand in our own. She wrapped her hand around mine and helped me to pump it on my precum slick cock. I put my hand over hers and together we pumped her toy inside her pussy. Our bodies writhed in delight as we aided each other in a graceful dance of masturbation.

“Oh babe, I wanna touch your cock.” I took my hand off my cock and placed it on the back of hers. Together we wrapped our fingers around my shaft, the sticky fluid on my body rubbing onto both sides of her hand. She released the toy for me, allowing me to take control, caressing my hand with her own slick fingers. We began to pleasure each other very gently in this way, hovering on the edge of explosion together. I looked deep into her eyes and leaned in to kiss her, our mouths blended in a melding marmaris escort bayan of passion and urgent need.

I knew I couldn’t hold out like this for much longer, I was quite sure my Sarah was feeling the same. Speeding both of my hands, she understood my need and we both stopped struggling with our approaching release. I felt her body start to shake as I pumped the dildo in her dripping box with greater speed. She cried out and gripped my cock hard, triggering me to explode and spray cum across her belly. It dripped down over her quivering skin and she yelled louder, cumming harder from the sensation of warm fluid spattering on her body. I pushed the toy in deep and angled it to rub her g-spot, causing her to scream, I heard my own voice crying out in a chorus of passion with her. She pumped furiously on my shaft, trying to bring more of my cum out to splatter on her body.

As we both began to calm I moved close and pressed my body against hers. Our arms wrapped around each other, a mess of fluids smeared between us. I kissed her deeply and held her close, we shuddered in the aftershocks of our love. I suddenly got a grand idea and looked into her eyes mischievously.

“Lay on your back babe.” Sarah had a slightly inquisitive look on her face but smiled knowingly. She knew I had some new idea in mind and she was always as eager to try new things as I was. Having her lay with her head at the foot of the bed, I moved to kiss her, our faces inverted. I kissed her lips softly and immediately Sarah understood what I was thinking. She kissed me back excitedly and I moved a little further down. I started to kiss her chest down over her full breasts, I felt her tongue and lips on my own skin. We slowly and easily kissed over each other’s bodies, I moved a little further down and began to kiss her tummy. Her skin was sticky with my cum, just as mine was. Both of us began to clean each other’s bodies with our tongues, licking the residue of cum and pussy juice off of each other. I greedily slopped up the remains of our love from her smooth white belly. She did the same, dragging her tongue around in the smeared cum on my stomach. I moved further, licking a drop of my own cum from her shaved pubic area. I felt her grasp my cock and gently lick at it, removing the coating of semen left from our mutual masturbation.

No longer able to wait, I moved further, licking my way escort marmaris around her drenched pussy. I lapped at the juices on her lips, sliding my tongue out to enjoy the sweet ambrosia of her femininity that still coated her thighs. She sucked gently at my cock, coaxing a last drop of semen out of the head and cleaning the shaft with her soft tongue. We lapped at each other easily, not striving for orgasm, but simply enjoying the taste and smell of our mutual lust. I felt her pussy heat growing even further, I knew she was getting excited. My own cock was stone hard in her mouth, she sucked away with perfect tenderness, keeping me needy and hungry for sex. Soon I decided I had enough of this little game, and moved myself from over top of her.

Turning myself around I lay between her widely spread thighs. Sarah’s eyes glinted with delight, she knew I couldn’t take much of her warm and sensual mouth before I needed more. I positioned my wet cock against her sopping pussy and slid myself in with slow, languid delight. I relished in each millimeter as her hot flesh slid over my hard rod. We both moaned long and soft together, our bodies sinking together into one. She wrapped her legs around me and held me deep inside, I leaned in for a kiss and we were lost in passion.

I started rocking my hips, pressing her into the mattress. She moaned as my cock rocked against her g-spot, and I knew that neither of us would be able to take this for long. I groaned her name into her ear and began to rock steadily, laying my head on her shoulder and pressing our bodies together. Her arms wrapped around me and we moved in perfect unison, my dick barely inching around inside her sensitive pussy. She bucked herself up at me, keeping her legs tight around my waist to prevent me from pulling out of her. We remained locked like that, panting and moaning together, racing towards another mutual climax.

Finally Sarah exploded around me, her pussy sealed itself around my cock and drew the cum out of me instantly. I cried into Sarah’s ear, thrusting myself deep into her to empty my balls. We shuddered together, our orgasm slow and intense. I kissed her furiously, I felt her tongue push into my mouth. We could both taste each other’s and our own juices in our kiss. The mixture was exotic, a unique blend of our most personal essence. My body clenched up hard, my cock pulsing shot after desperate shot into Sarah’s quivering, soft body. Eventually we slowed, holding each other close, wet with fluids and sweat. I looked into her eyes and sighed deeply.

“I love you Sarah Ann.” There was nothing more to be said.

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