My Motherly Duties Ch. 01

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I woke up twenty minutes earlier today, showered and headed to the kitchen: naked as usual. On the countertop sat my apron which I had to put on to protect my bare breasts and tummy from the soon to be sizzling stove. I was quick to set the bacon on the pan to start its slow cooking. As I beat a couple of eggs, my voluptuous breasts jiggled with each beat. I look down at them, smiling at how blessed I was to have such large boobs given my petite frame; I was only five feet tall, after all. Soon, I added cheese, peppers, and more bacon: my son Brad’s desired toppings.

I guess I should tell you a bit about my family: I’m a mother to two kids, Brad and Cassandra, but recently, I’ve been widowed. For the first few weeks, it was really difficult as he was my first love. But I eventually got over the pain with the help of the enormous fortune he left behind.

My daughter is a second-year in college while my son is a freshman who has an exam today. I really hope he does well on it; this is going be the first college final of his life and I need to make sure he has as little stress and pressure on him when he steps into that exam hall today.

As I poured the whipped eggs onto the stovetop, toppings and all, I went to the fridge and mixed myself a sweet lemonade which I sipped through a straw, silently humming to myself. My spit needed to be extra sticky and stringy today; Brad preferred it that way.

I set my beverage on the counter for now with only a mouthful remaining. Waiting for the omelet to cook, I started doing some jump squats to workout my ass, thighs, and calves, but mainly ass. While the boob gods have smiled upon me, the ass gods haven’t. And so, every day, I try to do as many squats as I can; and because of that, my butt sticks out more than most women’s boobs do and is firm and strong.

Eventually, the omelet finished, so I took it off the stove and replaced it with several croissant rounds to toast. It was at this point that I took the bacon off the slow cooker and onto my son’s favorite plate. Once the croissants were the right color, they joined the rest of the food on the dish.

I was setting the food beside the mason jar on the side table next to my son’s throne as I heard him start padding down the hallway, yawning, his leg muscles rippling as he walked, his biceps accentuated as he stretched, his morning wood bobbing ahead of him in tune with his steps, leading the way.

Oh yeah, another thing about my family: we’re home nudists, meaning at home, we’re always naked from head to toe.

“Morning, sleepy head,” I called out, smiling.

His yawn subsided before he responded with a, “Morning, mom.”

As he made it to his seat, he did what he normally did and gave me a quick kiss on the lips followed by a quick hug: my boobs squishing between our bodies and the apron, his wood poking my belly button, my ass getting a loving squeeze.

“Smells delicious,” he whispered, with his lips lingering against my face as he pulled away.

“Thanks, it’s a supreme omelet on toasted croissants with a side of slow-cooked bacon,” I said as I took off my apron exposing my nipples to the cool air, and my breasts to his eyes.

I then went to fetch his buttermilk milkshake from the fridge, taking the last of my lemonade into my mouth, playing with it.

“Slow cooked?” he wondered out-loud as his eyes wandered towards the plate.

His cock grew visibly harder.

My clit slowly followed suit.

Lowering himself into his seat, Brad returned my smile. “Did you wake up early again? Mom, did I mention that I love you?”

I sloshed my tongue around the drink in my mouth for a moment longer before finally gulping it down, responding, “Only about every other minute.”

I walked back to his seat, setting his milkshake on the table. “Anyways, enough about me,” I snapped. şişli elit escort “Today’s about you. You ready for this exam?” I asked as I knelt between his legs, my knees resting on the orthopedic foam mat he bought for me, my right hand resting on his thigh, left hand idly stroking his cock, eyes drinking in his body.

And it was at that second, where I knelt, I was greeted with one of my favorite images: the love of my life seated before me with all his muscles so near that every time he tensed, every time he relaxed, I could see it easily. But above all this, I got to see the centerpiece of the dinner table that is my son; looming over me in close-up HD for Hard Dick was his giant cock. It stood out from Brad’s body at a forty-five-degree angle at seven inches long, an intricate web of veins running up and down his shaft, my strokes repeatedly exposing and covering his currently pink cockhead with a drop of precum forming at the slit. However, the part of his cock that truly made my pussy gush was its sheer girth. My petite hand could barely encircle his shaft half way around as it continued to glide up and down it. I watched the drop of precum grow as I ground my pussy on the mat, pressing my thighs together, squeezing my clit.

At that moment, I wished I could freeze time.

“Mom?” Brad said, snapping me out of my reverie.

“Oh, dear,” I exclaimed, blinking, “Mommy was a little lost in thought; could you please repeat your answer for her?” I requested, smiling sheepishly.

Brad chuckled, “Sure: I said that I’m actually feeling pretty confident,” he repeated.

I nodded encouragingly to show that I was listening with my right hand slowly creeping up his thigh, the stroking speed of my left increasing.

“The second-years that I’ve talked to have told me that Economics 101 is pretty easy,” he said.

My grip on his dick tightened and I gave him two rapid strokes, sliding the foreskin down-up-down; “That better not be the only reason you’re confident, Brad,” I scolded.

He tensed.

Groaning out of surprise and pleasure, “It’s not, mom,” he breathed out.

My grip loosened.

“I reviewed the entire syllabus last night too; ‘The Role of International Debt’ was kinda tricky, but I’m pretty sure I got the hang of that as well,” he added, turning to the side and cutting his omelet with a fork and knife.

I pulled back the foreskin exposing Brad’s shiny now purple cockhead. I leaned in and looked into his eyes, smiling.

“Good, that’s what I want to hear from my son,” I said before descending onto his giant cock and taking five of its seven inches deep into my throat, bobbing my head three times before pulling back and seeing a strand of sweet spit still connecting us. I spat onto his dick, coating it in webs of my saliva.

“Soo goood…” he moaned as my left hand went to his cock and started stroking my spit into his shaft as lube.

I didn’t know if the moan was because of the food or my ministrations on his member, but regardless, it was because of me, and that sent tingles down my spine. I could feel my clit engorge and nipples fully harden as I looked up at him.

“You finish what I gave you, and I’ll finish what you gave me,” I ordered Brad, lightly squeezing his dick.

“Care to race?” he challenged with a grin and a raised eyebrow.

I gave a broad lick to his slab of meat from the base to the tip. I met his grin with a devilish one of my own, “You’re on! No hands?” I added.

“None,” his grin widened. “3…”



I kissed the head of his cock, sucking it past my lips, and after that, time seemed to move in slow motion.

My lips tightened around his head as I licked off the drop of precum from earlier, sending my taste buds to heaven. It had a salty, savory taste şişli escort with the slightest hint of sweetness: easily as good as caviar; I myself thought it was a lot better. My tongue tenderly caressed his slit, coaxing more and more of his precum out. I close my eyes, entranced, and began to suck, increasing the pressure on his head, causing my cheeks to hollow, my tongue’s caresses continuous until his precum drops became so frequent it was flowing from his cock.

I slowly began moving forward, descending upon my son`s meat similar to how I always did it, but slower with much more intimacy. My lips made their way down his shaft, feeling his network of veins passing by as they did, not letting up on their suction in the slightest. As his shaft probed my mouth, my cheeks hugged in from either side, feeling the same veins as my lips, but from deeper in my mouth. My tongue became a landing strip, a soft, warm, wet bed for his cock as it slid deeper into my throat.

For most women, the back of their throat is the deepest they can take a cock. For me on the other hand, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. For me, taking a six-inch cock balls-deep past my lips is easy and fun. For me, having a dick in my mouth is my favorite way to pass the time. In my eyes, I am a cock-sucking queen.

His cock slid past my uvula and down my esophagus. All seven inches of my son were past my lips and as a mother, I couldn’t have felt prouder. I tilted my head to the right, began pulling my head back. His shaft slowly began leaving my mouth, over my tongue, past my cheeks, through my lips until only the tip remained. My tongue trailed up, then down his slit and before it retired to being a bed again and before I knew it I was going down on his cock once again: I repeated everything to the tee; his cock glided over my tongue past my lips and cheeks and down my esophagus sucking like a vacuum the entire time, but this time I tilted my head to the left before I pulled back and his tip was back between my lips once more.

I kept going like this for who knows how long; time flies when you’re having fun, right? But at some point, one of my fingers found my clit and a few others found my pussy lips and started rubbing and fingering them.

At some other point, he hardened a very miniscule amount and his precum flow slowed significantly. Something was about to happen. Something that I dreaded because it puts an end to this blowjob, yet something that I loved all the same.

My baby was about to cum.

Seeing that he had finished his food, I pulled back until only his slit remained at my lips. I sucked like a Hoover. My tongue pushed and glided on his slit: up and down, left to right, coaxing his cum out. I opened my eyes and brought my hands, coated in my pussy juice, to his shaft and started double twisting him with a firm grip. His body tensed and in my mouth he bucked, poking the back of my throat.

I sat still, still sucking on max power, still using my hands on him with a pepper grinder motion, still letting him fuck my face. I kept going until I felt his cum start traveling up his shaft with my fingers as his whole body tensed with a sharp intake of breath. I kept going until his cum was at the cockhead before I quickly ejected his meat from my mouth with a sharp POP as a huge jet stream of cum splashed against my forehead, coating it as Brad let out a guttural grunt.

One of my hands stayed on his shaft, jerking it rapidly, pointing it at my neck and giving myself a pearl necklace of cum while my other hand reached for the mason jar on the side table. The third spurt hit me square in the chest, in between my boobs while I managed to catch the fourth in the jar.

“Don’t worry, love, mommy’s gotcha,” I said, with one hand jerking faster than ever, the other hand holding the jar steady as şişli eve gelen escort it was quickly filling and warming up with his hot sperm.

He moaned. Seven, eight, nine streams I counted and immediately after the tenth stream, I quickly brought the cockhead from the jar to my lips and tenderly sucked it, drawing out the last, eleventh stream. He always gives eleven spurts of cum on his first orgasm of the day; a mother knows.

Even though it was my son’s last and therefore smallest stream, it still nearly filled my mouth. I had decided that his cum was significantly better than caviar. Without swallowing, I release my lips from his sex, lean back, and smile, revealing to him the masterpiece he just created:

A woman with his semen on her face, neck, chest with traces on her lips holding a nearly full jar of it, smiling up at him in front of his cock. Eventually, he finally came down from his orgasmic high and opens his eyes, still panting. Only then do I swallow. Loudly.

“I love you so much,” he sighed.

I then wrap my lips around his deflating member and started bobbing. As I lapped up the mess we made on his cock with my tongue, I tasted my pussy juice on him. I felt myself drip onto the mat. Putting down the jar, I closed my eyes as one hand went to fondle and massage his bounteous balls as the other went to stimulate my pussy.

Two of my fingers sunk all the way to the knuckle as they well engulfed in a warm wet feeling. It was a relief to have something in my depths, but I had a seven-inch-deep inch that only Brad could reach. As I sucked and lapped and lapped, I started tilting my head to the left and right. I moaned as I hooked my fingers finding my g-spot. I felt my son start to grow in my mouth.

Yes, baby, fill mommy’s dirty mouth. My other hand went from his balls to my boobs which I pinched and groped at, rubbing in the cum my son had deposited not too long ago; it was still hot. I was so close to cumming just a little longer and I’ll-

I felt a finger pushing my hair behind my ear. “Mom,” Brad called to me.

I opened my eyes and froze. With a wet plop, I let his semi-hard dick fall from my hungry lips.

“Did I get carried away, again?” I sheepishly asked.

He nodded, smiling. “I’ll be back in a few hours,” he lifted his dick, “then you can play with my toy as long as you want, okay, baby?”

“Okay,” I responded blushing.

He got up and went to go change. He looked to the mason jar a warned me, “Don’t drink it all at once, okay?”

I smiled, nodding.

He left the room. Little did he know that I had no plans to use his cum on myself. Little did he know that he wasn’t the only person I serviced with my mouth. I hugged the jar to myself, not wanting it to get cold.

I scooped one of the pearls off my neck with my finger and brought it to my lips for a second taste: still good.

After a few minutes of sampling my son’s semen, he came back wearing clothes and his backpack. He went to the door and started putting on his sneakers.

I went to the door to send him off. After he put on both his shoes, he looked up at me, still naked, still dripping with his cum. He smiled.

He stood up and kissed me on the lips like earlier. He smiled, tasting our combined juices on my lips. “Bye, mom,” he said.

“Bye, sweetie! Bring home mommy an A!”

He chuckled, “I’ll do my best,” and he left.

Once I was sure he was gone, I quickly darted back to the kitchen, boobs bouncing with each step, grabbed the warm jar of his cum, and scurried into my daughter’s room where I saw her lying spread-eagled on her bed, naked, her maturing breasts rising and falling with her breaths. She was so beautiful, I thought.

I set the jar onto the floor as I crept onto the bed and positioned myself in between her legs and lowered my face towards her young pussy, the lips already wet and parted. I smiled. She must be dreaming of cock.

“Good, girl,” I whispered as I give her pussy one long, broad lick.


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