My Husband, His Brother and Me

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My husband, Jeremy and I have been married for ten years. It has been wonderful. Last year we decided that we wanted to spice things up in the bedroom. I started taking pills to make me lactate. I’ve never been pregnant (it just wasn’t in the cards for us) but last year I finally got to experience the pleasures of breastfeeding.

And my, what pleasures those are! My husband usually nurses from me twice a day, sometimes even three times. It has really spiked up our sex drives. We find ourselves doing it nearly daily.

But now we were thirsty for something more. Over the years we had discussed in passing the idea of bringing another person to the bedroom. My husband shortly messed around with his male roommate in college, so the natural conclusion was for it to be another man. The past few months, we’ve been discussing it more seriously.

I have to admit, the thought turned me on more than it should. Just imagining two tall, strong men pounding me one after the other had me walking around in wet undies.

Jeremy came home on a Thursday night and found me setting our freshly-cooked food on the table. He greeted me with a kiss and an ass-grab.

“Hi babe. What was that for?” I asked.

“You know who’s always wanted to sleep with you?” (Ah, the perfect way to start any conversation.)



“Your brother??”

“Yep! We got to talking about it today. He’s always been a fan of big tits, just like me, and when I told him you were producing milk for me, he said, ‘lucky bastard’.”

“… I don’t know what to say,”

“Don’t you see? It’s perfect! And I know he’s your type. He’s tall, handsome, funny, rich…” (He’s got a point there.)

“I don’t know babe. It’s your brother.”

“I know,”

“There’s no turning back once that happens,”

“I know,”

“You wouldn’t be more comfortable with a stranger?”

“Actually that’s why it’s so perfect. I’m sharing you with someone I know and trust. I know he’s clean and I know he won’t overstep any boundaries.”

I pretended to straighten up the table as I thought about it. “…Okay,”

“Okay?” Jeremy repeated.

I nodded. “Okay,”

“Good because he’s staying tomorrow,”


The next day I was in a complete daydream. I couldn’t concentrate at work. My 36G breasts were leaking with no way to control them. I always found Carl attractive – he DID look like my husband, after all. But I never imagined doing anything with him. To find out he wanted to do stuff with me, with Jeremy in the room… that was just too good to pass up.

Jeremy drank from my breasts the night before as well as that morning, just as he always did. We ended up having a quickie that morning as well. I think we were both we excited and nervous that we needed to get it out of our systems.

When I got home my husband was already there cooking for us. I greeted him with a kiss.

“Hi babe. Whatcha making us?”

“Chicken Alfredo.”

“Is it… for just us?” I asked, not sure how to ask when Carl would come over.

“Yes, Carl said he will be here around seven so he’ll eat beforehand. Although he did tell me to save him some dessert.”

“Mmm, dessert?” I asked.

He slowly pulled the straps from my top and my bra down, exposing the top of my right breast.

Jeremy leaned in and kissed it, sucking the skin some. “Dessert,” he said, cupping my tit as he kissed it.


We ate quickly, discussing what all we were hoping to get out of this experience and what – if any – were our limits. I told him I didn’t really have any and he said he felt the same way.

At 6:30, I went upstairs to shower. I wanted to be as fresh as possible, knowing in a matter of minutes I was going to have two sets of hands and two mouths all over me. beşiktaş masöz escort I could hardly wait.

I dressed in a Metallica T-shirt and lacy red panties, not feeling the need to wear a bra or pants. It would all be on the floor soon enough anyway.

I brushed my hair and teeth before heading back downstairs. I could hear my husband talking to someone in the living room so I knew Carl was already here. I took a deep breath and braced myself.

They both looked up at me, both sets of eyes growing big. “Hi Amy,” Carl’s deep voice came out a bit higher than usual. He was nervous. He scanned my legs and when he scanned over what the clothes covered, I knew he was imagining what was underneath.

“Hi babe, did you enjoy your shower?” Jeremy asked, kissing me on the mouth, lingering longer than he usually does in front of someone else.

“Uh-huh,” I said, kissing him back with a quick tease of my tongue.

He looked at Carl. “So…”

“So…” Carl replied.

Jeremy looked at me. “You ready?”

I nodded.

“Carl, why don’t you sit down?” Jeremy suggested.

“Sounds good,” Carl took a seat on the couch.

I turned to my husband and gave him a big kiss, putting my hands in his hair. He rubbed my ass, giving me the okay. “Go get more familiar with Carl,” he said.

I walked up to Carl, leaning over him. He looked so nervous, but even more turned on. I closed my eyes and we kissed, and kissed. It was different from Jeremy, but it felt natural all the same.

He pulled me towards him and I sat in his lap, my legs on either side of him, as we made out. I could already feel his hard-on through his pants.

“Amy,” he said into my mouth as his hands quickly roamed over my legs and ass.

After a few minutes, he broke our kiss. “Amy, I have to see your breasts. Please,”

I realized then that my husband was sitting next to us on the couch. I didn’t even feel him sit down.

I leaned back, arching my back to push my breasts out more, and threw my T-shirt onto the floor.

My 38G tits stood out proudly, their nipples pink and hard, just waiting to be suckled.

“Oh Amy,” Carl said. “These… these are the nicest tits I’ve ever seen! Can I touch them?”

“They’re all yours,” I said.

It took him a millisecond to have his hands feeling up both my breasts. Squeezing, fondling, rubbing, pulling at the nipples. I was in heaven. When he tugged my right nipple a bit harder, a drop of milk came out.

“Oh god,” Carl said and lunged forward, latching onto the right nipple. He moved his jaw back and forth as he suckled, and pretty soon milk came out. I held his head there, petting his hair in a nurturing fashion.

He switched to the left tit and took no time in pulling me closer to him, my tits all but suffocating him, and we began lighting grinding on each other through our clothes.

He massaged the right tit as he nursed from the left. I could feel his tongue lapping back and forth on my nipple, making it stand even harder. His hand made its way inside my panties and he began to lightly finger my asshole. I lifted up just a bit, making the entrance more available to him.

I looked over at my husband. Jeremy had his pants unzipped and had his cock out. He was stroking it for all it was worth. I attempted to lean forward enough to allow my hand to stroke his balls. He pulled his head back, moaning as I helped him get off while his big brother suckled from my big tits.

Carl lifted himself away from my tits for a moment, giving himself a breather. We locked eyes and began to make out once more.

Carl slid his hand down over my panties, sliding them to the side. He slid two fingers inside my pussy, moaning at how soaked I was.

“Amy, push your tits together beşiktaş otele gelen escort for me,” Carl said, fingering me faster. I pushed my big milky titties together, bringing them closer to his face. He licked and slurped at them both at the same time, all while fingering me. I fucked his hand faster and began to cum.

Carl zeroed in on my clit, circling it with his wet fingers as he sucked my tits.

I grabbed onto the back of his head with both hands. “I’m cumming! Oh Carl, I’m cumming!”

“Oh my god,” Jeremy said before he began to cum. Jeremy and I looked each other in the eyes as we both came.

Carl held me and I laid my head on his shoulder, breathing deeply. I didn’t expect to cum that hard just from a little tit-play and fingering.

“Amy, are you ready to go to the bedroom?” My husband asked. I nodded into his brother’s neck. Carl picked me up and carried me to the bedroom, laying me down on the bed.

The brothers crawled on either side of me, Jeremy on my right, Carl on my left.

They both began to kiss my skin, my lips, my neck, my tits, my belly, all while running their hands all over me. I french-kissed Jeremy while he fondled my right tit. Meanwhile Carl was tracing wet kisses along my left tit, licking and sucking softly.

Jeremy sat up and leaned over me. “Here, you won’t be needing these anymore,” Sliding my panties down slowly, he revealed my pussy to his brother for the first time.

Carl released my tit from his mouth to look at his new prize. “Oh my god,” He said lustfully, admiring my womanhood. He put his hand on my knee.

“Can I?” He looked at me, then at Jeremy.

“It’s up to her,” was my husband’s response. I simply nodded and opened my legs for him.

He leaned his head down over my belly, kissing it. He licked my navel and kissed his way down to my folds. He spread my lips open with his fingers. “You have such a beautiful pussy, Amy. I have to get a taste.”

He leaned his head down and started to slowly lap at my juices. I arched my back, pushing my pussy farther in his face. He laid on his belly and wrapped his arms around my legs, sticking his tongue deep inside me. I moaned loudly.

My husband leaned over to kiss me as he began to fondle my breasts.

“Mmm,” Carl moaned into my pussy. He began to finger me as he sucked on my skin. I started to move my hips faster, my orgasm nearing.

My husband squeezed my breasts as his brother zeroed in on my clit, sucking it into his mouth, all while fingering me at a fast pace.

I cried out, fucking my brother-in-law’s face as my husband pulled at my nipples, bringing me to a heavy orgasm.

I laid there for a minute, wanting to catch my breath, but Carl wasn’t having it. He flipped me over, sitting me in doggie position. It was at that moment I realized he was the only one of us who hadn’t cum.

He quickly took his clothes off, as did my husband. Seeing both their cocks side by side was a sight like no other. They were almost identical! Both brothers had long, pulsing members with veins artfully running down the shaft. I had to have them in me – NOW!

“Are you ready for me, Amy?” Carl asked, his left hand on my hip as his right hand held his thick cock.

“Yes,” I panted.

He leaned forward and guided his dick into me. I cried out, getting used to the feeling of a different shape inside me. Carl seemed a little thicker once he was inside, maybe even a bit longer, too. So maybe they weren’t as identical as I thought.

He started his pace slow, getting used to me. “Ohhhhh Amy,” My pussy wrapped around him tightly, and he kept his pace slow but steady.

Jeremy sat up on the bed after watching us for a few minutes and lined his dick up to my mouth.

I opened beşiktaş rus escort obediently and began sucking. He ran his fingers through my hair, holding my head as I sucked him off.

This was a feeling like no other. Having the two brothers on either end of me was absolute bliss. Jeremy leaned forward and I could hear the smack of what I thought were lips. Are they… kissing?

I struggled to look up at the sight. That was my only regret that weekend, missing their first kiss.

Carl gripped onto my hips frantically, pushing into me harder and faster now. Then I noticed Jeremy start to move faster as well. They were both about to cum.

I was going to be filled up with baby juice from both ends. The thought was unreal to me and so I began to cum with them.

Jeremy shot into my mouth first, fucking my face, holding onto the back of my head for stability.

I swallowed his cum happily as he laid next to me, watching us finish.

Carl fucked me frantically like a madman. The whole bed shook. I screamed as he dug his nails into my skin and dispensed his load into me.

We laid in a heap on the bed, me and Carl both laying on Jeremy’s sides. Carl leaned over and kissed his brother. Jeremy accepted the kiss, kissing him deeply, teasing him with some tongue. Then Carl leaned over his brother to kiss me passionately. I held onto the back of his head and deepened the kiss, brushing our tongues together. He held my small frame as we kissed.

Carl laid on his side next to his brother. I leaned over Jeremy and gave my husband the most passionate kiss I could. We became locked in our embrace rather quickly, our hands running up and down each other’s bodies, exploring as if for the first time.

It didn’t take long for Jeremy to get it up again. That was the good thing about him: he didn’t always last long, but he was able to get it up multiple times on most occasions.

He guided me on top of him and I began to softly ride him. With every thrust he hit my g-spot while simultaneously rubbing against my still-sensitive-from-cumming-previously clitoris.

Carl sat up and fondled my tits. I held onto Jeremy for balance. Jeremy grabbed my hips and I knew he wanted me to pick up the pace. I moved faster now and Jeremy joined his brother in squeezing my big tits, which were now starting to get delightfully sore from all the attention.

Carl slid down the bed and crouched over, lining his hand up to where Jeremy and I were being joined. I could feel Carl’s breath on me and I shivered in anticipation. After I cum more than once, my clit basically stays engorged.

Carl leaned forward and, to my delight, started lapping at and sucking my clit. I held his head, trying to hump both his face and his brother’s dick at the same time.

Jeremy pinched and pulled at my nipples, making what little bit of milk I had left drip down.

I started to cry out as my orgasm overtook me. I held onto my balance as best as I could. Carl began lapping at my clit even faster and harder now, and Jeremy had his hips lifted, fucking me as best he could at his angle.

As I felt Jeremy release his cum into me, I couldn’t take it anymore. I screamed out my final cry as my orgasm subsided. It was truly magical. I was officially spent out for the night. I went to lay next to my husband, but he shook his head. “Aren’t you forgetting someone?” I looked down and his brother was hard as a rock.

I crawled over to him, smiling as he welcomed me in his arms, then laid me underneath him and fucked my little pussy hard and fast, rough, until it was filled with his cum, joining his brother’s.

The compilation of their cum oozed out of me and I knew I should shower to try and get as much of it out of me as I could.

When I returned, the brothers were on opposites ends of the bed, both on their way to a drifting slumber. I made my way in the middle of the bed and curled up to Jeremy. He wrapped his arm around me, kissing me on the forehead.

“Did you have fun tonight?” He asked.

“Yes, of course, did you?”

“I did. Now get some rest, princess, because tomorrow Jeremy wants you to take him in the ass.”

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