My Helpful Children

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Once my divorce was over and the grieving period was done I woke up one Saturday morning with a new outlook on my life. It had been 19 tough years being married although I did end up with 2 great sons (Eric 19 and Bobby 18) and a beautiful daughter (Bonnie 18). Bobby and Bonnie are twins but not alike in anyway. I had what ended up to be a deadbeat husband that couldn’t or wouldn’t hold a job for more than 2 months at a time. I on the other hand found a way to succeed in business and even start my own. Once my husband disappeared even the money stopped disappearing and I found we had more than enough to live fairly well.

My name is Elizabeth (Liz) and I am 39 years old. I am fairly respectable in the looks department. I have short blond hair (mostly natural), a 36D-23-35 build and for the past 12 years have been sexually suppressed by my marriage. That means that I have rarely had sex in over 12 years. Today was the day I was going to end all that. I didn’t know how but I knew that I didn’t want to continue in this way anymore. Over the years I had tried everything I could to stimulate my husband but nothing seemed to work. I bought sexy nightgowns, wore sexy cloths to work and even walked around the house mostly nude most of the time. Nothing worked on him but my children sure got an eyeful. They grew up with the notion that nudity was OK which was fine with me. As for me, seeing the boys in nothing but their shorts watching TV or seeing Bonnie in a short teddy is not unusual. I guess something was bound to happen between them but I was so busy trying to keep my marriage together or grieving over it I guess I just never saw what was going on right beneath my nose.

Well, like I said it was Saturday and normally I work at my store on Saturday. That is our biggest sale days and I am always in need of extra help but this Saturday was different. I was going to take the entire weekend off and let my staff take care of the business. I was normally gone before 7 am but today I slept in and didn’t wake up until 8. I took my shower and dressed for a day in the sun. I walked out of my bedroom about 9 and heard some commotion. The other bedrooms are at the other end of the house so I walked passed the kitchen and den heading towards the kids rooms. As I got closer I could hear Bonnie’s voice saying: “That’s it Eric, harder, fuck me harder!” I stopped beşiktaş anal yapan escort in my tracks not believing what I was hearing. It didn’t take long before Bobby jumped into the conversation. “Go ahead Bonnie, suck my cock. Yea, that’s it. You do that so good.”

I peaked around the open door and there I saw Bonnie on all fours with Eric fucking her from behind and Bobby with his cock sticking in her mouth. None of them were paying attention to anything except what they were doing. I wanted to stop them but couldn’t move my feet or open my mouth. I just stood at the edge of the door and watched as Bonnie started to cum on Eric’s big cock and Bobby started fucking her mouth with his thick prick. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing but my body started to react to the scene regardless of my reaction. My nipples instantly hardened and my long denied pussy started to get wet, extremely wet. Within minutes my swimsuit was sopping wet in the crotch. Without realizing it my right hand started to rub my sopping pussy as I continued to watch the show in front of me. Ten minutes later Eric announced that he was cumming and Bonnie told him to fuck her harder. All of a sudden Bobbie grabbed the base of his cock and started cumming all over Bonnie’s face and tits. Bonnie turned to look at Eric as Eric started to cum in he pussy and looked me straight in the eye. Fear crossed her face but Eric was holding her and she couldn’t move. As soon as Eric let her go Bonnie fell to the bed and pointed at the door. Eric and Bobby looked at me and both of them went silent. I don’t know why but I smiled at the three of them, turned and walked back to my bedroom. I knew there was no way I could talk with them right then. I had a case of being horny that just couldn’t wait. I almost ran into my room, flung the door closed and straight to my bed. I grabbed my trusty dildo that I kept in my nightstand drawer and stripped as quickly as I could. The image of Eric fucking Bonnie had lit a fire in me that only a good orgasm could put out. It didn’t take me 5 minutes of fucking myself with that big dildo before I had a powerful orgasm. What I didn’t know is that all three of the kids had followed me to my room to apologize and my room door was not shut all the way. They were peaking in my room just as my orgasm hit me.

After beşiktaş bdsm escort such an ordeal I quickly fell asleep. A little while later I started dreaming about Eric and Bobby sucking my nipples and in my dream I started getting horny all over again. I opened my eyes only to find that I wasn’t dreaming. But instead of Eric and Bobby sucking my nipples it was Bobby and Bonnie. Eric saw my eyes open and started talking. “Mom, just relax. We know what you have been through the past few years and we want to help. Just relax and let us take care of you.”

I didn’t know what to do but I did know that I was so horny again that I would worry about the consequences later. I had started something that I knew I had to finish. I looked over at Eric and smiled. I then reached over and took his cock in my hand and gently pulled it to my mouth. Eric smiled as I started to suck on the head of his dick. About that time I felt someone between my legs. I looked down and saw Bonnie start to lick up the sides of my thighs all the way to my already wet pussy. She looked at me and smiled as she started to lick my cunt. I never thought I would ever be with a woman but it being my own daughter made everything all right. Bobby started sucking one of my tits then the other making my nipples harder than they had ever been. Bonnie kept licking my cunt until I could feel an orgasm starting. I pulled my knees up as much as possible while keeping Eric’s cock in my mouth. All of a sudden I felt a finger inch its way into my asshole I had never felt such a thing before and it was driving me nuts. I started bucking against her mouth and fingers as my orgasm started to build and build. Finally I let loose and started cumming all over Bonnie’s face. I stopped sucking Eric’s cock but didn’t let go as my orgasm continued. Moments later I could tell Bonnie moving from between my legs but someone else was taking her place. I looked down and saw Eric moving between my legs holding his giant cock in his hand. He looked at me and said “Mom, just lay back and enjoy. I can last as long as you want me too.”

I laid there in amazement as Eric slid his big cock into my tight slightly used pussy. I couldn’t believe the feeling as he shoved that huge piece of meat deep into my dripping cunt. I looked up and saw Bobby kneeling on the bed beside beşiktaş elit escort me stroking his own cock close to my face. I reached up and pulled his cock to my waiting mouth as Eric started stocking his cock in and out of my cunt. In a matter of moments I was Cumming again. I had never cum so hard and so many times as I had in the past hour. Before I could even come down from my orgasm Eric rolled me over on top of him. I was lying down on top of my son feeling his cock slowly stoke in and out of my pussy when I felt someone holding my ass cheeks apart. I looked back and saw Bonnie holding my cheeks apart as Bobby move his hard cock in between them. I started to protest but Eric told me to relax and enjoy. I tried to tell him that I had never had anal sex but it was too late. Bobby eased the head of his cock into my anal passage as Eric pulled his cock almost out of my pussy. Both of them were still for a minute or two while my pussy and asshole got accustomed to their size. Slowly both of them started working their cock in and out of me and within seconds I could feel an orgasm starting to build again. As the increased their speed and started to fuck into me deeper I found myself encouraging them to fuck me harder and deeper. I couldn’t help it. The more I got the more I wanted. I raised up off Eric’s chest and started pushing back on my son’s cocks as best I could. I could feel Bonnie starting to suck on my left exposed nipple as she rolled the other nipple between her fingers. This send me over the edge and I started screaming for Eric and Bobby to cum in me.

“Fuck me, make me cum. Give me your hot cream. I want you to cum in me. Cum in your mother.!!!!!!!”

This must have done it for them too as both of them started Cumming in my cunt and ass at the same time. My orgasm exploded as soon as I felt their cocks start to spurt their hot cream deep inside me.

When it was over I collapsed on the bed after I felt those wonderful cocks slip from the confines of my body. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. About 2 in the afternoon I was awakened by Bonnie. She had coffee and a light breakfast for me. I looked down and could still see the massive amount of cum that had run from my cunt and ass down my legs. Bonnie said she hoped I had a good time and hoped that I wasn’t mad at them. I told her it was the most incredible experience of my life and although we needed to talk that I wasn’t mad. We talked for a while then Bonnie crawled into bed with me and offered to clean me up if I wanted. I said sure and expected her to go get a wash cloth and warm water. What she did is craw down between my legs and start to lick my pussy again. I sure am glad I have such helpful children.

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