My Forbidden Fantasy Ch. 04

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The sun felt so good as I lay on the large towel in my backyard, the sound of my step-son Pete swimming laps in our pool lulling me to sleep.

I had been so good the past two weeks since the encounter I had with Pete in the kitchen when I had stroked him to a glorious orgasm and he had caressed me through my jeans and gave me an orgasm that almost buckled my knees. God, it was so wrong, but that’s just what made it so sizzling hot! Just the thought of Pete’s cock was like crack cocaine to me (not that I knew what crack cocaine was like, but it couldn’t be better than the sexual thoughts and actions I’d had with Pete!)

I was wearing a sexy two-piece bathing suit and even feeling myself dozing a little I also felt a tingle in my pussy remembering the ropes of cum that shot from Pete’s hard cock. I knew my tight fist must have felt exquisite to him as he fucked and fucked and fucked his cock. And the sounds! Gawd! The juicy sounds of his precum as I stroked coupled with his moans of pleasure were heaven to me.

Stop, stop, stop, I said to myself, feeling the tingle in my cunt start to intensify. I can not allow my antics with Pete to continue. Little did he know that if he had wanted to, he could have fucked me in the kitchen. There was no way I could have stopped him!

The ringing of my phone brought me out of my daydreaming.

“Hiya Kerrie,” I said, looking at my phone to see who it was.

“Hi to you, girl,” Kerrie responded in her playful voice. “What you up to?”

“Just lying out next to the pool with Pete doing laps.” I replied.

“You being good?” Kerrie asked.

“You are so bad! Yes, I’m being good. Just lying here soaking up the rays.” I said.

“How does Pete look in his suit?” Kerrie teased me.

“You know he looks good.” I said, trying to avoid picturing him, his taught body, the shy expression he usually wore, his adorable dimples.

“Can you see the outline of his cock?” Kerrie wanted to know.

“Kerrie!” I said, “stop that. But, yes, you can see the outline. When he came outside to get in the pool, I swear he was a little hard.”

“Yummmmm. God I love that,” Kerrie said. “Don’t think I’m awful, but last night, fucking Russ, I closed my eyes and imagined it was Pete. I came so damn hard!”

“Oh you are wicked. Now stop or you’re going to make me so wet it’ll show through my suit,” I said.

“Okay, since you’re being so bad, want to do something?” I asked.

“Tell me!” Kerrie replied.

“Why don’t you drive over, park in the front, and sneak behind the house. You can walk along the fence and then go through the opening in the back. Stand next to the tall bush and you can watch.” I said, forbidden thoughts swirling through my mind.

“Oh my god, yesssss! Janice, you’re the best. I’m just imagining what I might see and my cunt is bubbling!” Kerrie responded.

“K, girlfriend, see you in a few mintues!” I said.

After five minutes or so I called to Pete.

“Honey, would you put some lotion on me?” I called.

Pete came to the side of the pool and lifted himself up. Water poured off him, highlighting his young muscled body.

I couldn’t help but run my eyes down his body to his cock. His wet suit was molded to him and his cock was deliciously evident.

“Do my back first, okay?” I asked him.

As Pete got lotion on his hands, I glanced over at the bush I had mentioned to Kerrie and saw she was standing behind it. I smiled at her and she gave me a little wave. She was wearing her little cut off jeans shorts and top that tied showing her firm stomach.

Pete got down on his knees next to me and ran his hand over my back.

Casually, I reached back and undid my top so he could slather the lotion all over.

His hands felt wonderful, caressing the slippery lotion on my sensitive skin. Down my back, over on my sides a little, up, up, working the lotion around my neck. Mmmm, how good it felt. Over and over, getting a little more lotion at times and then massaging it into topkapı escort my warm smooth skin.

He also massaged it on my arms and on my hands. Getting my fingers massaged always felt so good and Pete was a pro at this.

“Pete, you should be a massage therapist,” I murmured, thoroughly enjoying his attention.

“I like doing this, Mom” He replied. “You’re so pretty.”

I smiled to myself as he continued his caressing. He then started caressing my legs, starting at my feet. Mmm, so sensitive, his hands on my feet and toes.

Turning slightly, I found I was looking right up the leg of his suit and saw his half hard cock! OMG, I could feel a contraction of my cunt and a buzzz in my clit just from the sight of that heavenly cock. I wanted so badly to run my hand up his leg, under his suit, to caress that thick, long cock.

Pete started running his hands up and down my calves, over my knees, and up further on my thighs. Over and over, he spread that creamy lotion, his fingers kneading a little, caressing.

I could feel his fingers now on the inside of my thighs spreading the lotion and caressing me. Oh man, this is getting dangerous now. I hadn’t cum in days and that need-to-cum feeling was percolating through me.

Up , up, up his fingers went, coming so close to my suit. I was so sensitive there and he was so tender as he spread the lotion. Right there next to the leg of my suit, he focused his attention, swirling his fingers lightly.

And then . . . swipe . . . he ran his fingers right over my suit, over my pussy! I involuntarily pushed my ass back a little as he swiped his hand over my suit again. I mewed just a little from the searing pleasure of it.

“I love making you feel good,” Pete whispered.

Looking over at Kerrie, I saw she had slid her hand inside her shorts and was caressing herself as she watched. I smiled at her and she gave me a big smile in return. We were going to have to talk all about this later!

Quickly I flipped over. In doing so my top came off completely but I made no effort to put it back on, or to cover my breasts.

Pete put lotion on his hands and started his caresses, this time on my stomach. Over and over he ran his hands and fingers, circling, kneading slightly, drawing pleasure with each touch, each trail of lotion he applied.

Up further, slightly on my sides, then further up, coming close to my breasts. Then past my breasts, my shoulders, back down my arms. Mmmm, so relaxing, but so erotic too.

Then his hands were back, close to my breasts. Tentatively, he cupped under my breast and then slowly, almost teasingly, he ran his hand over. My nipples were so erect! There must be a nerve connection from my nipples straight to my clit because as his hands moved over my nipples my clit throbbed with pleasure. My cunt was so juicy, so swollen, I could hardly stand it.

“Can I keep doing this, Mom?” Pete asked, stopping but keeping his hands on my breasts, my nipples.

“Yes, go on, it’s okay,” I responded. There was no way I wanted him to stop.

He rolled my nipples and then gave them a slight pinch . . . and then back to rolling. Then he flattened his hands and moved them over my nipples. I was mewing with pleasure! God, did it ever feel good.

Looking over at Kerrie, I saw lust on her face. She smiled at me and nodded her head, as if to say, go on, keeping going!

Then Pete slowly moved his hand down over my stomach and caressed just above the bottom part of my suit. Over and over he did that, teasing me. I was so completely turned on, I ached! My pussy was totally on fire, aching with want.

Slowly Pete moved his hand over my suit and down, to cup my pussy through the thin fabric. My hips shot up, pressing my cunt against his hand. I reached down, holding his wrist, urging him to press harder, as my hips fuck, fuck, fucked against his hand.

Holding Pete’s hand, I moved it up . . . and then under my suit. Pete’s hand slid down, over türbanlı escort my soft skin, until his fingers came to my slick pussy. He ran his fingers ever so lightly over the lips of my pussy, tracing them, toying with them. God, he was so good for someone so young!

His finger then slipped between my pussy lips and caressed that super sensitive inner skin. I was so lubed, so juicy, it was as if my pussy was sucking his finger, urging him to keep caressing, to keep his finger moving.

I glanced over at Kerrie and saw she had unzipped her jeans and was stroking her own pussy under her panties. Her other hand was caressing her breasts. I loved – loved! – the look on her face. I could imagine the sensations racing through her body.

But I had my own sensations to focus on and now Pete’s exploring finger had found my clit and was swirling, swirling, swirling around it. Pete had made me cum in the kitchen, but that had been through my jeans. This was flesh to flesh and it was incredible!

I looked again up the leg of Pete’s swim suit and saw he was rock hard, that precum was drooling out of his cock. I reached up, moved my hand down his leg, under his suit, and grasp his cock. The heat of it, how he FLEXED when he felt my hand, oh man, so damn exciting!

Pete was masterfully teasing my clit as I fucked my hips. I was breathing so hard now, almost gasping, my body on fire, my cunt screaming with lust and pleasure!

Then I felt Pere’s finger slide to my opening and tease there. He did little fuck, fuck, fucks, hardly going in. My god, was THAT HOT!! How did he learn all this?!! Fuck, fuck, fuck he continued with his finger. And then he slid two fingers in, in, in, in, as my cunt muscles clamped down on him. I was in total fuck heaven now, my body lost to the feelings he was evoking in me. He continued to finger me, now with his thumb moving to my clit. Those two fingers fucking me and his thumb right on my clit, over and over and over!

He was going to make me cum so damn hard. I could feel that orgasm building, bubbling up in me, centered in my pussy, so sweet, so white hot.

Suddenly I reached down and took Pete’s hand out of my suit (so, so, so hard to do!).

Pete frowned at me, wondering, I suppose, if he had done something wrong.

“Pete, let’s try something, k?” I asked in a lust-filled voice. “Have to promise that I’m in charge and you can’t try anything. Promise?”

“Yes, Mom, I promise,” Pete replied, his face flushed from excitement.

So excited, I pushed him gently so he was lying on his back. I eased his cock out one leg of his suit so it stood rock hard. Man did it look luscious! It was coated with precum, long, thick, and hard. The shaft was textured, veined a little, and the head was perfect, that wonderful mushroom look, soft, delicious.

Straddling Pete, I eased my suit aside so my pussy was exposed. Gently, I lowered myself so my pussy lips were on either side of the shaft of Pete’s cock. As soon as my cunt lips touched Pete’s cock a jolt of pleasure, a sex rush, went through me like nothing I’d ever felt before!

Slowly I started to move my hips, so my pussy lips ran up and down Pete’s delicious cock. This wasn’t fucking . . . but, oh, so damn close. And man, did it ever feel good! My cunt lips felt Pete’s hard cock and, as I fucked, I could feel his hard shaft – and then the soft head – run along my clit. I could feel my juices dripping on Pete’s cock, lubing this semi-fucking.

With a quick glance, I looked over at Kerrie and saw how turned on she was. Her hand was working her pussy under her jean shorts and she had exposed her breasts so she could caress her nipples. She nodded at me again, urging me on. Go, go, go, Janice, I knew she was thinking.

I felt Pete’s hands on my hips, moving me, helping me slide my cunt along his cock. This was so much like fucking but not exactly like it. I could feel his hard cock right against my sensitive pussy lips and clit, but I wasn’t filled tüyap escort up. That’s what I craved!

“Baby, I need to try something,” I said in a low voice. “Let me be in charge, okay. Don’t do anything. Promise me.”

“Okay, Mom, I promise,” Pete replied.

I moved so the head of his cock was right at my entrance. Man, this was super dangerous, but I had to feel him.

I moved just slightly to feel the head of his cock barely move inside me. I did little fuck, fuck, fucks, our juices completely lubing his cock and my cunt. My cunt wanted to feel cock desperately!

“I’m in charge,” I reminded Pete.

With one hard push, I took in all of Pete’s cock! His cock slid in, to the hilt, filling me, stretching me, letting me feel every inch of his textured shaft and his soft head! My cunt muscles gripped him, held him tightly. I had to – HAD TO – fuck a couple of times while he was deep, deep, deep inside me. Fuck, fuck, fuck!!!!! My fucking god, did that feel wonderful!!!!!!

With every ounce of self-discipline I had, I came off Pete. It was either that or I was going to fuck him until we both came!

I quickly positioned my pussy lips over his shaft again and continued to slide back and forth over his cock. Mmmm, so good, but not quite as good as the fucking had been.

Leaning over, I kissed Pete, not a motherly kiss but a lover’s kiss. I sucked gently on his bottom lip as my hips danced and moved, my pussy lips tight to the shaft of his cock.

“Mom, this feels incredible,” Pete was able to say.

“Oh baby, this feels so good to me too,” I said, my hips moving, my cunt on fire.

Then, in desperation, I moved my hips so his cock was at the entrance to my cunt. With a fuck of my hips, I swooped down again, taking him in completely! That “going in” feeling, what is better in the entire world? My cunt muscles again SQUEEZED tight as I fucked one, two, three, four times and then marshaling my self-control, came off again.

God, it was so hard to not keep fucking him!!!

We went back to my pussy lips over the shaft of his cock. Fucking, fucking, fucking my cunt and clit loving his young rock-hard cock. We were kissing too, that teenage kind of passionate can’t-get-enough kissing.

Then, again, I positioned myself and swooped down, taking his cock completely inside me! My cunt muscles again SQUEEZED TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT on his cock. Mmmmm, fuck was that good!!!!!!! One, two, three, four fucks, feeling his cock almost come out before I fucked back, taking him in deep, stretching me, my clit against his shaft. Oh what the hell, one, two, three, four more fucks!!!

“Mom, going to cum!” Pete gasped.

I kept him in deep, but stopped moving, hoping he wouldn’t cum, not yet anyway.

It was so hard to stop. I wanted to move so fucking badly!!

“K, baby?” I whispered to him.

“Uh huh,” he said, “go slow, k?”

Slowly I started to fuck him. Way up on his cock, then slowly, slowly down. I felt every wonderful inch of his cock, sliding along my pussy walls. Deep inside I’d squeeze, hard, wanting to feel him, wanting him to know my cunt.

Long fucks, delicious fucks, we were both hearing the sounds of sex, that juicy sound.

“Mom, better stop,” Pete managed to say.

I just kept fucking. Up, slow down, up, slow down, moving my cunt, fucking my step-son, fuck, fuck, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. My slithery cunt, gripping his cock tightly, fucking, fucking, fucking!!!

And then, I couldn’t stand it any longer, I just had to cum!!!!!! Mewing, grunting softly, I totally fucked him! Pete’s hips shot up and he was moaning as well. Jamming his cock deep, deep inside me, lifting me, he came! Huge, huge ropes of cum filled my pussy, over and over he shot. And I came too, wave after wave after wave of heavenly orgasm!!!!!

I had never – ever – felt anything so good. If you had put all my previous orgasms together, they wouldn’t have come close to the one I just experienced. I just collapsed on top of Pete. Completely spent.

Looking over dreamily at Kerrie, I could see she was on her knees and that her hand was still in her panties but wasn’t moving. She had cum too!

“Wow,” she mouthed to me, smiling.

What I had done was so wrong, but man, it was the hottest thing that ever happened to me!

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