My Cousin Ena

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I always liked the idea that my best friends are also my first cousins. Every now and then, we meet at one of our houses to catch up on school and talk. All together we are two guys and two girls. We all grew up together and have always been good friends. One of the girls, Jane, is the only one that’s not in our family. She is my cousin Ena’s neighbor but she has been hanging out with us for so long that it feels like she is just another cousin.

My cousins and I were having one of our regular get-togethers at Hank’s house and it was getting pretty late.

“Alright guys, I think I’m going to head home,” I said.

Jane said, “Yeah me too, I have class tomorrow. Ena, you ready?” Jane was Ena’s ride home.

After a long night of laughter, we started to pack up.

Ena asked me, “Will, can you wait about five minutes so we can clean?”

“Go ahead! No hurry,” I answered. Once Ena and Jane finished, we all put our shoes on, exchanged hugs and stepped outside Hank’s house.

“Oh my god it’s freezing!” shouted Ena. It was noticeably colder than it was earlier.

As we walked toward our cars, Jane asked Ena, “I’m going to my sister’s house tonight. Can you come with me for a bit since your house is out of the way?”

“Umm, sure,” answered Ena.

I could tell that she did not want to go. I asked Ena, “Do you want me to take you home?”

“Okay, that works. Just let me get my stuff from Jane’s car,” said Ena.

We tossed our belongings in the back seat and we were on our way. My leather seats were freezing cold. I asked Ena, “Are you cold?”

“I’m fine,” she said.

I raised the heat anyways. Ena is considerably skinny and I just wanted her to be comfortable.

Ena burst in laughter, “do you remember that one time we kissed when we were kids?”

I laughed along, “Oh yeah I forgot all about that!”

“Wow, what were we thinking?” Ena added.

The truth is, I didn’t forget about our kiss. I always found her petite build to be so sexy. Being taller than Ena, I had good side view of her scrawny body from the driver’s seat. As we passed under each streetlight, I could even see a glimpse of her pointy breasts.

About ten minutes away from her house, Ena said, ” I just remembered I smoked a cigarette while we were at Hank’s house. My mom will kill me if she smells cigarettes on me again.” Ena then started looking through my glove compartment.

She asked, “Will, do you have any gum in your car?”

I checked the center console and found one pack left. It looked like it was empty. I opened it and answered, “Last piece!” Ena excitedly grabbed the gum sınırsız escort from my hand so quickly that it fell somewhere near my seat.

“Shit! I really needed that,” Ena said.

I said, “Hold on, I’ll find it.” I started looking around the pedals and the car swerved a bit.

Worried about our safety, Ena said, “Just drive, maybe it fell under the seat.” She unbuckled her seatbelt and started looking on the floor behind my seat.

I glanced to my right and instantly feel my stomach start to pull. Her little ass was plopped up beside me and I can see her black thong exquisitely wrapped around her petite frame.

Ena said, “If only it wasn’t so dark down here.”

I don’t think she had the slightest clue how high her ass was suspended. I even smelled a hint of cocoa butter coming from her bottom. Ena must have wiped her hands on her jeans earlier. I thought to myself, “Wow, I never would have guessed that Ena even wears thongs.”

I never felt so possessed by anything before. Looking at the way her jeans wrapped around the curvature of her body turned me into a different breed in the blink of an eye. My animal motives kicked in and I was grateful. I wanted to slap her ass!

“Yeah, it’s definitely not back here,” I heard Ena mumble behind me.

Then, it was over. She climbed back into her seat, and the spell was broken. I wanted to be mesmerized by her ass again. Even worse, Ena did a better job covering her breasts when she got back into her seat. The car was very hot now from the excess heat and shuffling around.

I asked myself, “Is it a good thing that this didn’t go further?” After all, Ena was my cousin. My stiff cock called my bluff. Deep down, I knew I wanted to see more.

As the car cooled down, I remembered what we were even looking for. In the most perfect timing, we passed a bright intersection. “Oh, here it is!” I said as I found the gum. It was safely resting between my legs beneath my pants. As I went to grab it, it tumbled lower onto the seat. Now it was beneath my ass!

Ena laughed and said, “I’ll get it, just drive. This time I can see it.” I lifted myself up out of my seat to find my cock springing up as well. I was embarrassed that my hard-on was now showing, but Ena didn’t notice. When Ena grabbed the gum I sat back down so fast that I landed on her hand. When she pulled her hand out she accidentally brushed it up against my still very firm cock.

Ena jolted in her seat, “Woah! Sorry!” She was very tense. Ena looked back at me and smirked with an expression I have never seen before.

She bit her lips and taksim escort asked, “Are you hard because of me?”

I felt a rush come up my spine and I murmured, “Yes.”

Ena laughs and replies, “I’m not offended or anything. I already knew you always wanted to fuck me.”

I assumed she was joking with me. I said, “Who said I wanted to fuck? I’m just hard.”

Ena looked at me with sharp eyes, and then in the most dominant tone she quietly said, “Well I always wanted to fuck you. Take me somewhere I can scream.”

I asked her, “Want to go to my brother’s house? He’s on vacation and it’s nearby.”

Ena answers, “It doesn’t matter. I told you, just take me somewhere I can scream.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. My first cousin and close friend wanted to fuck.

We got down to my brother’s house and I asked Ena, “Do you want to go upstairs or stay here? The house is completely empty.” I couldn’t believe I was asking my cousin where she wanted to fuck.

She smiled and said, “Neither. Let’s go to the basement. No one can hear us there.”

I told Ena, “But there isn’t any furniture downstairs.”

Ena smiles again, “I know that.” She then smacks me where my balls are, grabs by my belt buckle and walks me downstairs, giggling to herself on the way down.

I told her, “This is making me so hard. I never knew how assertive you could be.”

“Well then get ready for a good fuck,” Ena said.

When we got to the basement, Ena left the lights off. She screamed, “God I want your cock already!”

Ena swiftly took her top and bra off, exposing her perky breasts. She grabbed my neck with both of her hands and sprung up onto me wrapping her legs around my back. She slid her tongue into my mouth and we made out. While her mouth was dripping wet, Ena whispered in my ear, “I want to make you cum hard. Can you do that for me?”

I nodded and answered, “Yeah, I want to cum so hard for you baby.” Ena dug her fingernails into my back and pulled them up, making a noticeable mark.

“Feel how wet I am,” she said. She unbuckled her jeans and placed my hand into her moist panties. To my surprise, Ena had a hairy bush. She moaned in pleasure as I rubbed my fingers against her hairy pussy.

We both knew we were committing incest and it felt good.

Ena put me on my knees, pulled my head back and said; “Now I want you to taste me.” She opened my mouth and dropped a load of spit right in.

I said, “I love how warm and thick it feels in my mouth.”

Ena laughed and said, “I knew you would like that. Swallow it so I can give you more.” tesettürlü escort She dropped another wad into my mouth. This time she managed to get it directly in my throat.

“Now let’s see that cock,” said Ena. Ena took my clothes off completely and she was just wearing panties.

Ena laid me on my back and she got on all fours. She teased me by licking the area around my dick and sucking on my balls. “Mmm, I love feeling of your precum on my neck.”

I then pulled off her jeans in one hard swipe. I could clearly see her bush now. “You want to taste my pussy juices?” asked Ena. There was a noticeable wet spot in the front of her thong. I was looking at my cousin’s pussy juices as they soaked through her panties.

I answered, “I want all of your pussy juices.” Ena stood up, removed her panties, and stuffed them into my mouth. I loved the spunky taste of my cousin’s panties. I couldn’t wait to taste her cunt.

As Ena stood above me, she asked, “Now do you want to eat this pussy or what?”

She stood above me and slowly lowered her full-grown bush onto my face for me to eat. Ena screamed so loud when I first licked her clit. Oh fuck, yes right there!” she squealed. She sat on my face and rode it up and down while I used my tongue to stimulate her pussy. She then unexpectedly screamed, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Ohhhh!” Ena was screaming at the top of her lungs and I knew cumming felt great for her.

With my tongue still in her wet pussy, Ena finally wrapped her succulent lips around my cock and submerged it deep into her throat. I groaned as she started to deep throat me.

She made gagging sounds as she took my entire dick in her mouth. I moaned and said, “For such a thin girl, you can sure deep throat!” She moaned loudly as I gave her ass a hard spank.

When Ena lifted her mouth off my dick, my pre-cum mixed with her saliva was dripping from her mouth. She nearly fell trying to stand up.

Ena spit on my dick and said, “Now, time to milk you!” She wrapped her hands around my dick and jerked me off.

My dick made a distinct, squishy sound as she ran her hands up and down.

Ena, still panting a bit, asked, “Would you cum in me?”

“Yeah, but I’m going to cum now” I answered.

“I know. I just want to know what it feels like,” said Ena.

“Ok then.” I said.

She hurried, lied on her stomach, and raised her ass up. “Here, cum in my ass!” she said. Ena spread her petite ass cheeks, revealing a big hole. It looked like she regularly used an enormously sized butt plug.

Within seconds of penetrating her ass, I was ready to explode. “Oh Ena, I’m cumming!” I screamed loudly.

Ena said, “Ah your cum feels so nice inside me! I’m going to hold your load in my ass. I want to save it.”

I couldn’t believe my cousin Ena let me penetrate and cum in her ass. When I pulled out she slurped my cock clean and asked, “do you have any more gum?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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