My Aunt, Doubled Teamed

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My cousin Dave and I played Basketball together for our local High School. Dave is about 5’11 thin build. Growing up more like brothers than cousins, we lived just across the lake from one another. So we spent a lot of time together.

One day during the winter after the hardest practice of the season, I invited Dave over for Dinner and to do some homework. We were listening to Ozzy on the car stereo since it was my turn to drive. As we pulled into the driveway around 7pm I noticed my uncle’s vehicle was not in the garage. Probably working late tonight I was thinking. Dave and I got to front door giggling about something unsubstantial. As we kicked off our sneaks, and gazed up the carpeted stairs, and there in a French maid outfit that barely covered her well defined ass stood our Aunt, Dave’s mom’s sister, with a pair of 5″ pumps a dark pair of stockings, her ample breasts pressing taunt against the material, her long blonde hair draped over her right shoulder.

“Bri, I thought you’d be alone, hun.” She stated. “I am sorry, I’ll go change.” She added. Before she could make it down the hall Dave and I were already behind her each one stroking her tight and smooth behind as we led her to her own room. We kissed her on the cheek as I closed the door behind us. She sat on edge of the bed crossed those long shapely legs. She batted those baby blue eyes and said, ” I want to watch you two “Men” strip for me.” Dave and I shot glances at one another. Dave whispered to me something which I agreed to do, so we stripped one another seductively. With this turned our Aunt on so much I could see her slipping bakırköy escort her hand under hem of the outfit, we knew what she was doing as we got down to our undershorts.

Laying her on her back, Dave began kissing her neck and her face licking her tender earlobes as I began caressing those gorgeous legs. Slowly taking off the outfit, leaving her in just those snow-white crothless panties. Her breasts were large but with no sag to them whatsoever.

Pinkish swollen nipples surrounded by deep brown areolas. We each took one into our mouths suckling them to full erection. I left them for moment and continued spreading butterfly kisses down her firm stomach, encircling her navel with my tongue. Dave then straddled her and was slipping his long but thin cock between her mounds. Slipping off her panties exposing her shaved womanhood. The aroma was intoxicating as tasted her sweet nectar. Peeling back the folds to expose her well-defined clitoris. Kissing, Sucking and flicking it, she bucked with every touch. Dave was still at her breasts, she was sucking his head with each rotation towards her face. When she grabbed for his balls he let out a gasp and shot his first load onto them and onto her face.

Now he got behind her and fed his cock to her again, as I was still teasing and toying with her pussy. She took him to his balls as I began slipping my finger(s) into her wetness. 1…2…3…4…5 finally my whole hand into her. Pounding her deeper all she could do was moan from the pleasure of a cock in her mouth and her pussy be ravaged in such a manner. My başakşehir escort cock now began to ache as I felt her rip into orgasm after orgasm. Flipping her on her stomach, she again sucked Dave as I slipped my, not as long, but thicker-than-his cock into her pussy. We got into a rhythm now sometimes he and I were thrusting into her at same time then we would alternate he slide into her mouth as I backed out of the slickness and vice versa.

Dave deposited his second load deep into her throat and mouth as well as her face, I also filled up her pussy with a load of my own. She sucked Dave hard again, by this time I was limp so we switched positions, Dave ramming her and I feeding her my cock, soon I was hard again. The scent of sex just permeated the room, it was like none of us had experienced before.

i spent another load into her mouth as well as Dave discharging his sperm into her pussy, she was just filled with hot sticky cum on her face breasts, pussy. At this point Dave and I noticed something from banging her from behind how easily her ass opened up as we stretched her. Kissing and fondling her now, we worked ourselves up for another round of sex. This time as I entered her from behind. I touched her opening to her ass, she quivered, and shook her head. I waited a minute did it again, and got same response.

She let Dave’s cock fall from her mouth and said, “Sorry ass is off limits.” I ignored her completely and lubed my finger with her fluid and slipped a finger into her ass. “FUCK! I TOLD YOU NO!!!”

I gave her a slap on the ass “SHUT bebek escort UP!” I yelled. With that she went back to her sucking. Dave shot some more into her throat and had her suck it more to get it to erection again. Positioning himself under her now he fucked her, I got behind her and ceased the moment I thrust my cock to her ass and popped my head in. “NO FUCK! O MY GAWD!” She bellowed grasping the sheets in her hands as now she had two cocks deep within herself. I could feel Dave’s cock inside her as we again rhythmically stretched her even more. She just moaned and groaned cursing like drunken sailor to our explorations.

Using same techniques we used earlier on her pussy and in her mouth drove her well over the edge, she tense up yelling obscenities as she came and came and came. We switched positions several times. We both came inside her about same time as we pulled out she just collapsed for a bit, then got up went to bathroom brought out some towels and washed and rinsed our cocks dried them and we kissed and fondled again.

She sucked down Dave again and he came all over her again she was so sticky and just wanting more. “You filthy whore, we gonna make you our cum slut!” “Going to fuck you like this all the time, you fucking slut!” were some of things we were saying she respond with, “I want you two to fuck me like this all the time.” “I want those young hot cocks filling me up, I am your cumslut.”

By the time we finished she was cum filled mess not a single part of her Hot body was not drenched in the white sticky stuff: her legs, stomach, pussy breasts and face just drenched. We laid there her between us sharing kisses and touching each other wanting more but then hard garage door open up, We scurried off the bad she ran to the shower as we picked our clothes up and rushed back to my room to start our studying…But we all knew her would be another time for us again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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