My Adventures with The Annes Ch. 15

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The story so far;

Martin rescued Anne from a torrential summer downpour. She was soaked, even her panties were wet, she’d told him. He offered her a clean towel and the use of his clean rugby shirt. She climbed into the back of his Transit van and stripped, naked. She seduced him, took his, long past its sell-by-date, virginity and over the next two weeks taught him to fuck and please a girl. She then introduced him to her Mother, also named Anne. He called her Anne-too and was happy to meet the large sexual appetite of both beautiful women. Shortly after this his Aunt then Mother seduced him. They, in turn, sent him to his cousin Sally, who was waiting naked in the bath for his arrival. They had strict instructions to report to the farm, where the two Anne’s lived, by nine pm.

When Martin and Sally arrived Martin found that all of the women that had seduced him and he had subsequently fucked, regularly, were waiting for him. His Mother explained that although he had thought he had been screwing lots of different, unconnected, for the most part, women he had actually been having sex with his sisters, or more accurately, half-sisters. That everyone in the room, including himself, had the same Father AND that the man he’d thought was his Father AND that which he’d thought was his Uncle and Sally’s Father, were his half-brothers. His Father had had a harem of five beautiful women. He had made them each pregnant a few times and their subsequent daughters.

Martin was expected to assist his other Brothers, the actuality of half-anythings being totally ignored within the family, in servicing the females in the family and, if he was ‘up to it’ take over as the family cock and produce the next generation. In order to prove himself ‘up to it’ Martin was required to satisfy the five women of his Father’s harem and produce a child with one of the younger family females.

The previous chapter told of my day with Carol. This one starts the same evening.

This is part 15 of an ongoing story. If you have not read the preceding chapters then this might make sense if you tried Chapters 1 through 15 sometime.

### ### ###

We eventually left Carol’s just after four with her apologies for being so greedy ringing in my ears and making my cock throb. She’d seemed insatiable and my cock didn’t mind at all.

“Early bed tonight then Mum?” I suggested eager to get on with trying to make her pregnant.

“‘fraid not, Darling, a busy night ahead for you. Home, you go up and have a nice, long, relaxing soak in the bath while I prepare a light dinner for us both. By seven I need to drop you off with Angie and Kate,” she informed me, “I’ll be next door with Carol until they’ve finished with you.”

She looked quickly at me, saw the look of incomprehension on my face and giggled.

“They’re a bit different to what you’ve become used. Think you can handle it?”

“Is this training or another test?” I asked reasonably despite my cock springing to attention at the very thought of two more sluts to fuck.

“Think more of it being an acceleration of the overall plan rather than either training or test,” giggled Mum delightedly.

“Explain?” I suggested.

“I have every confidence that by the time you’ve finished with Angie and Kate you will have more than satisfied all five sluts of your Dad’s Harem. You already satisfied the five sluts in your own Harem. Thing is, to be fair, you should have both Harem’s under your care before you start to build your own dynasty. The way my pills have worked out means that my cunt can be exclusively yours from now until I’m pregnant with your child. So, it was decided that instead of waiting until tomorrow to send you up to Angie and Kate you can go tonight. I’ll let you sleep tonight and tomorrow we can start off with you full of beans and balls full of nice, fresh, new baby making juice for me to enjoy. Like Carol said, it ain’t gonna happen overnight and it will probably take quite a while so there’s no great rush. But that doesn’t mean we can’t practice a lot, does it?” she laughed delightedly.

### ### ###

Mum swung smoothly into the wide driveway bang on the dot of 7pm. Ahead of me was the modern take of a classical Georgian house complete with pediments, hip roof and dormer windows. There was even fancy headers to every window. All the houses in the Crescent were big and impressive but this was certainly different. Mum smiled at my surprise.

“Great innit?” she laughed, “totally different and No.6, Kate’s, is different again, just like the girls. Have fun. When they’ve worn you out I’ll be next door with Carol waiting to drive you home. Take your time, no rush, tomorrow will do,” she laughed enjoying whatever joke I’d missed as I climbed out of the car.

“Thanks Mum, love you,” I told her as I started to close the door.

“Just push the front door, it’s open!” she called before driving away.

### ### ###

I stood on the top step for a moment trying to work out what had made zeytinburnu escort Mum so delighted. I had a feeling it was the way she’d insisted I dressed.

After my bath I wandered down into the kitchen in my Birthday suit. I really didn’t see any reason to dress before dinner and I was hoping Mum would succumb to a little drop of charm offensive and let me practice making babies with her. She didn’t but did admit to being sorely tempted. After dinner I was sent upstairs to dress. She’d laid everything I needed on my almost redundant bed.

Sensible, black matching socks. A pity as I usually wore bright, unmatched socks. Charcoal grey pinstripe trousers. No underwear! I searched everywhere. I’d learned in the last few weeks that if Mum said it was so, so it was. No underwear. I wiped my cock head to make sure there was as little ‘leak’ as possible before pulling my trousers on. Shirt? OK, what I found was a shirt front with a tie, regimental or old school style, already attached to the collar. The collar opened at the back and was held in place by a piece of hook and loop tape. Dangling low down off each side was a white ribbon . Fitting the collar wasn’t too difficult but tying a bow behind my back wasn’t so simple. It ended up quite loose. The Charcoal grey suit jacket finished off the outfit tidily. Looking in the mirror I looked quite smart, to be honest. Black, highly polished, slip on, shoes finished the job. I headed downstairs looking very smart and feeling just a little bit silly.

Mum handed me a bowler hat, a rolled umbrella and a battered, dark brown leather attaché case with buckles and straps holding the main pocket of the case and the two smaller pockets securely closed. It felt quite heavy but looked to be made of good quality leather.

I went to open it but Mum said it was only for appearance sake. Looking in the mirror I saw the successful business man. A worker in the city, well heeled and well dressed. I felt very silly and grinned at myself sheepishly.

“Well, you’ve scrubbed up nice. Very handsome, c’mon,” said Mum dragging me towards the door.

Something was very much afoot and whatever it was I looked forward to it and pushed the front door open wide.

### ### ###

H-O-L-Y M-O-S-E-S!

They, Angie and Kate, were stood just back from the full swing of the door.

Now, throughout this narrative I’ve been happy to tell you that Bob Martins, my Dad, preferred tall, leggy blondes with big tits. In my defence there was plenty of evidence support this view. My Mum was tall, blonde and had tits to die for. Aunt Julie and Cousin Sally (as I once knew them) were tall, leggy, blonde and busty in different wonderful degrees. Even Anne and her Mother, Anne-too, although shorter, at about average height, were blonde and sported a great rack as the modern idiom has it.

Mum said that Angie and Kate were different and Mum wasn’t wrong on that score. For a start the top of their heads was a lot closer to the carpet than I’d expected AND they were standing up straight in fuck-me-heels. Five two? Maybe five-three max? I’ll not say they were short because I don’t want to upset the millions of beautiful women about the same height, I’ll just say they were vertically challenged and leave it at that.

They weren’t blonde either! Brunette! So I’m going to modify my earlier statements as follows; ‘My Dad, Bob Martins, preferred beautiful women!’ and Angie and Kate most certainly fitted into that category. They definitely had beautiful legs and bounteous tits.

Whereas Ruth and Mary had greeted me whilst very scantily clad and Carol had been wearing skin tight sportswear, enhancing her delicious shape Angie and Kate were dressed for work, in a whore house!

They were also dressed identically. On top of their shiny brunette hair was perched a cream boater nicely setting off the hair, tied in bunches either side of very pretty faces. Just a little too much rouge on the cheeks, maybe. It looked as if schoolgirls had been experimenting with Mum’s make-up bag while she was out. They also looked as if they had put on way too much bright red lipstick. They wore crisp, white blouses that didn’t fasten properly anywhere above the second button from the bottom. They wore a school design tie, tied loosely at the neck and under the collar of the blouse for the most part. The tie dangled nonchalantly down between a pair of utterly incredible breasts that were barely contained in skimpy, red ¼ cup shelf bras. Both sets of erect nipples poked unashamedly out from way above the bra’s miniscule amount of material. The open blouses getting nowhere close to covering what little modesty the girls might have had left.

Their waists were tiny. I could almost get my hands around them, 22 maybe 23 inches around? Like I said, tiny. The skirts? If you could call them skirts? 10″ waist to hem, pleated, grey. I could visualise them swaying as they walked. They were wearing panties. Big panties, school panties aksaray escort but they were virginal white. Perfection! White ankle socks and red buckle shoes finished off the ensemble very nicely indeed.

Trust me, if it wasn’t for the little natural highlights of grey in among the brunette a guy could be forgiven for thinking they were a pair of naughty schoolgirls. Make that very naughty schoolgirls.

“Hello Daddy,” said the one on my left, after allowing me time to drink in their collective beauty, “Mummy’s out for the evening with friends, she said we were to be very good girls and look after you.”

I just grinned like a big Daddy.

“I’ll take your attaché case case Daddy,” offered the one standing to my left, Kate, you take Daddy’s hat and umbrella.”

“Shan’t” Won’t. Don’t want to!” declared Kate in a huff.

Which left Angela holding my case. I grinned. Kate was being naughty and Anne and Anne-too had taught me how to treat naughty girls.

“Kate! You’re being naughty and you know full well what happens to naughty girls!” I said as sternly as I could, “are you going to bend over, like a good girl, or am I going to have to bend you over?”

Kate stood straight and firm. The wicked grin on her face simply declared, ‘Yeah? Let’s see you try it buster!’

I stepped casually between them and suddenly snaked my arm around Kate’s waist from behind and lifted her bodily from the carpet tucking her securely under my arm. Kate squealed, Angela smirked happily and I realised I was in for a fun night.

With Kate head down and bum up I flipped her little, grey, pleated skirt up and over exposing all of her big, white schoolgirl knickers.

“You can’t chastise her knickers Daddy,” giggled Angela, “they haven’t been naughty, you have to punish her bare bum! Here, let me help you.”

With a grin of pure delight Angela pulled down her sister’s big, white knickers and exposed a very nicely rounded bum set off to perfection with the obligatory bespoke panties. That bum would look very sweet with my hand prints glowing in the soft flesh. I raised my hand with great relish.

“Hold on Daddy,” interrupted Angela, “you can’t use your hand, it might get hurt!”

She flipped open my case and felt inside. Moments later her hand appeared clasping an 18″ long, wide, boxwood rule with hard, white, engraved plastic, edges.

“Here, Daddy, use this,” she said with relish, “the rule of law!”

I had to admit it felt very good in my hand and it was obviously what was required. I swished it through the air experimentally. It made a very distinct sound, Kate even tensed expectantly. The Anne’s had taught me that too soft was a total waste of time and hard was difficult to achieve with the bare hand as it tended to just hurt and bruise rather then tingle.

I brought the ‘rule of law’ swiftly down onto Kate’s exposed bum but rather than drive the blow though I stopped just before the wood hit her flesh. Momentum carried the blow through like a sting rather than a hurtful punch. Kate squealed with surprise. I looked at Angela and received two, big, thumb’s up and a delighted grin.

“How many?” I mouthed silently.

Angela showed me six fingers and Kate squealed and shook and strongly protested as I carefully placed three wide stripes on each of her bum cheeks. After the sixth strike I held her tight, passed the ‘rule of law’ to Angela and stroked my hand tenderly over Kate’s delicious backside. Fuck, she looked hot!

“Learned your lesson?” I questioned authoritatively, “you going to be a good girl now?”

Kate nodded and wriggled to try and get free. I held her firm being sure there was yet more to cum. I wasn’t wrong. Angela stepped up to her sister and without any fuss or effort slid two fingers straight in to Kate’s pussy, right up to the knuckles.

“What a slut!” declared Angela, “her cunts dripping. That’s why she’s being bad Daddy, she’s got a wet cunt and nobody’s fucking her. You’ll have to fuck her Daddy, make her a good girl again.”

Sounded like a reasonable solution to me. I looked around. The only decent option was the hallway table and it certainly looked sturdy enough. I started to move towards it only to discover that Angela had bent and was now kneeling before me, undoing my trousers. Down they came without any fuss and I duly stepped out of each foot so that Angela could remove my trouser leg and shoe at the same time. Mum or someone somewhere had certainly thought of everything!

With my clothing out of her way Angela smiled up at me, grabbed hold of my cock unceremoniously and fed it into her mouth. She slurped and stroked with delight making sure Kate could hear how much she was enjoying herself. My cock, all up and ready to go since I climbed into the car beside my Mum, throbbed expectantly.

“Fuck Sis!” she exclaimed delightedly, “this fucking cock is gonna stop your leak and make you cry sure as God made little green apples. Teach you for being such ataköy escort a bad girl. Lay her on the table Daddy, it’s designed to take it!”

Laying Kate on the table, on her back I pulled her by the ankles until she was in exactly the right position. Angela knelt, grabbed my hard cock and directed the dripping knob end right to the entrance of her Sister’s wet cunt.

“Now fuck the slut, Daddy,” urged Angela, “hard and deep. She’s not being pleasured, she’s a slut. She’s being punished for having a slut’s dripping cunt. Fuck her hard and deep Daddy.”

Taking a firm grip of Kate’s hips so she didn’t slide away I rammed my cock into her cunt with as much force as I thought she could take. That was a lot!

“OH FUCK!” yelled Kate as I bottomed out.

Angela grinned happily.

“Harder Daddy, make the slut scream,” she encouraged again.

I withdrew to the very edge of her pussy, paused then thrust forward once more.

“FUCKIN’ ‘ELL,” screamed Kate delightedly, “fuck me Daddy, show Angela what happens to naughty girls.”

I fucked Kate through three orgasms without a shred of subtlety. Just hard cock, wet cunt and a damn good pounding. She was exhausted and I was breathing a little heavier. The biggest advantage of youth over experience.

“Fuck, Daddy, Kate’s wasted. I’ve never seen her so fucking ruined in one session.” observed Angela gleefully.

“Angela’s being bad Daddy, she said ‘Fuck’ and saying ‘Fuck’ is fucking rude Daddy, you need to take the fucking whip to her bum Daddy. Make a fucking good girl of Angela like you made a good girl of me Daddy,” demanded Kate.

I turned sternly to Angela. She was grinning ear to ear like a Cheshire cat.

“Good girls don’t fucking say ‘fuck’,” I shouted, “only bad girls say ‘Fuck’! What happens to bad girls, Angela?”

“They get fucking whipped then fucking fucked,” she replied contritely then spoilt the effect with a big smile, “Daddy.”

“Fetch my whip, you bad fucking girl,” I demanded.

Now how did I know there would be a whip in my attaché case? Angela had it out in a flash.

“Where would Daddy like to punish his bad girl?” she asked with a smile as she handed me the long, pink riding whip.

I swished it experimentally. It was very pliable. I was going to have to be very careful not to do too much damage.

“Bend over the table, a little up from your Sister so she can watch and learn from your punishment.”

Angela bent and with Kate still recovering on the table the onerous task of removing Angela’s skirt and big white knickers fell to me. One foot at a time she lifted her ridiculously high heels and I slipped the offending articles off and away while leaving the essential bespoke panties in position. Angela had an incredible arse, big, round, smooth and firm. A bigger bum that Kate’s. At least I now had a way of telling one from the other.

‘Turn around please, I just need to see who’s who!’ I chuckled at the thought and swished the whip again. Better be careful I reminded myself, six stripes would look nice. Six deep angry welts would look horrible.

Laying the tip of the whip on the fullest point of Angela’s bum I took an aiming point, raised my arm and struck down. As with the ‘rule of law’ I stopped just before the point of impact and let the whip head flex. Angela moved her hips just a little to let me know the strike had arrived but she made not a sound. I looked at Kate and got a firm shake of the head and two thumbs down.

Taking aim again I flicked it up and down quickly, speed rather than force. Angela yelped loudly. I got one thumbs up from Kate. Gritting my teeth I tried again. Angela shook violently and screamed loud. I looked at Kate in alarm to discover her smiling happily and giving a couple of ‘perfect’ signs.

I let the heat spread and the red weal form nicely before applying the next stroke. Four more followed each after the previous had created a red weal on Angela’s perfect bum.

“One more,” insisted Kate, “the first two weren’t worth a light.”

I administered one more just above the top of Angela’s thighs causing her to shudder and moan loudly. I moved to check that she was OK, that I hadn’t over done things but Kate stayed me.

“She’s fine, check how wet her cunt is.” Kate informed me as she slid off the table and bent to my case.

If the wetness of Angela’s pussy was an indicator then Angela had had a fabulous time.

Kate appeared beside me.

“Let’s make the slut really happy,” she suggested with a wicked smile.

She slipped something into her Sister’s pussy so swiftly that I had no idea what it was.

“Noooo!” cried Angela.

“Shuddup slut! Bad girls get what they’re given,” giggled Kate with delight.

She pulled the thing out of Angela’s pussy for me to inspect. I’d no idea what it was having never seen one before. It looked bloody big is all I could say.

“It’s a butt plug Martin, you’re about to discover what they can do to bad girls,” she laughed.

Placing the rounded tip against Angela’s puckered rose Kate pushed. The butt plug slid in effortlessly, much easier than my cock went into either of the Anne’s bums.

“Now fuck her Martin, hard as you like. See if you can make Angie cum a couple of times before you do.”

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