Mrs. Martha Cane (Vanilla Lady) Ch. 01

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This is a total fantasy story with no underage sex or cruelty.


I know it must sound strange but at the age of 58 and being respectably married for almost 30 years, I had seemed to drift along into a situation where I was actively helping my husband Henry and my married niece Maureen to live out all our secret fantasies.

Although I had always fantasized on my own, I had been afraid to bring my outrageous fantasies into my marriage as I had felt ashamed as we were both much respected people in our community. I now realised that my poor husband Henry had been in exactly the same position. All those wasted years. Later on I read that they were called Vanilla Years.

I had never been a very sexual person in real life but now at this late stage in life, I loved encouraging Maureen to masturbate my husband in my presence.

It was exciting for me and I could see my 29 year old niece enjoyed pleasing her uncle who was quite clearly in a sort of seventh heaven.


It had got to the stage where if her husband Malcolm was working on a Sunday, Maureen would call over and take us out for a run in her car. Actually we had bought her the car, as we knew that Malcolm had a poorly paid job and was grateful for the help which we gave them. Henry made sure to pay the car tax and the insurance as we knew that Maureen and Malcolm would be unable to meet those sort of expenses.

Henry and I weren’t active sexually but we both found these interludes over the last 12 months totally mind blowing. As we drove along the quiet lanes outside our village I kept a look out for a secluded spot and then suggest to my niece “Maureen, perhaps you could pull into that lay-by for a few minutes.”

Maureen knew what I was saying and after we had stopped she would simply ask Henry “Would you like me to give you a little wank, Uncle?” The words were very direct but also very exciting.

Henry was a shy man but this new outlet for his secret needs brought him tremendous pleasure. He was however anxious not to offend me. I was always in the back seat on these car rides and he would turn around and ask me “I would like that very much. Will it be alright Martha?”

I wanted it to happen as much as he did and would reply “Of course Love. Undo your trousers and let Maureen pull it out for you. She likes to see it.”

It was very quiet as Henry eased his trousers open and my niece reached in to pull his penis out.

By this time it was standing up straight and rock hard.

Maureen would sigh as she gripped it in her fist “I like your big cock Uncle Henry.”

I knew that this excited my husband and told her “Your Uncle loves you talking like that, Maureen.”

She knew I was encouraging her when I added with a little giggle “I like it as well Maureen.”

Maureen was very much worldlier than us and enjoyed pleasing us and would go into the lovely dirty talk “I like rubbing your big knobbly prick Uncle Henry with its lovely spunky knob.”

About a year earlier, I had discovered some of my husband’s magazines without his knowledge. I felt guilty about enjoying them but it also made me aware of how inexperienced I was. I really lived my sexual life in a sort of secret fantasy world very much like Henry but sadly apart from him.

It was there that I first came across the term Vanilla which seemed to indicate a sort of meek person who never indulged in anything outrageous.

I knew that in reality this was a first class description of me. I was a Vanilla Lady. I didn’t want to be but I was. Additionally Henry was a Vanilla Man.

A little while later Maureen and I had found even more of Henry’s secret collection of dirty pictures and some of the fantasy stories he wrote. In them he frequently imagines himself rather diminutively with women teasing him and speaking childishly.

It was totally out of character as he had always been a fine upstanding member of the community and very much respected. In the fantasies though he seemed to get excited by the embarrassing terms which were a little humiliating.

In the car as she was masturbating him, I just listened to Maureen treating him almost like a little boy I could feel myself flowing in my tummy and my breasts feeling heavy and fulsome.

It was so wonderful that I crossed my own legs and rocked in excitement as Maureen carried on with the childish chat “When we get back Uncle, I know Malcolm wont be there so I can show you my Tits.”

Henry could hardly speak so I added to the naughtiness by adding “Your Uncle likes your Tits, Maureen. He often talks about your big nipples.” A few years earlier I would never dream of speaking in this manner but now I felt ecstatic as I encouraged her.

Maureen was in full flow now and could see that Henry was almost cumming and whispered loudly “When we get home Uncle Henry, I want you to play ‘Doctors’ with me.”

He was very excited now. We had played these games quite a lot over the last few months where my husband became Dr Henry and halkalı ucuz escort took my niece’s blouse off to use his stethoscope.

I played my part “When you take her brassiere off, Henry, you will have to examine her Tits.”

My husband sighed “Oh, Martha.”

Both Maureen and I enjoyed this naughty dialogue but it was an even greater pleasure to give my husband so much joy. Maureen added to the excitement by telling him “After you take my bra off Henry, I want you to suck my Tits.”

He moaned “Your Tits, Maureen.”

“Yes Henry, my Tits but most of all I want my big juicy nipples sucked.”

It was just too much for him and just at that moment he spurted. I was ready and handed my niece a large white handkerchief so there was no mess. She smiled at me saying “He enjoyed that Aunty.”

I knew she was also concerned about me and I told her “I enjoyed it as well Maureen.” I wasn’t being brave. I really had enjoyed it and had cum myself. Maureen seemed to have taught us so much over the last two years.


It was about 2 years earlier when the change around started. We had virtually brought Maureen up after my sister had passed away in a car accident. She was almost like a daughter to us and had always been a very caring. Both Henry and I loved her so much.

Very often she would call us Mummy and Daddy. Naturally we loved this but always kept in mind that we were her Guardians.

We also liked her husband Malcolm as well. He was a nice young chap although not much personality and a very poorly paid job.

Henry and I were both quite well off and although we were retired we both had very generous pensions. He had had a wonderful job in the Internal Revenue and now did some very well paid freelance tax advice in our local community. Most of the business people and teachers and doctors would refer to him and they all commented that he saved them so much money.

I had worked as a Personnel Manageress until I retired at 55 and now spent a lot of time as secretary for the Local Women’s Institute and was also a Governor at the local High School.

We both spent a lot of time socialising and although I don’t want to blow my own trumpet, we were very highly regarded and respected by all of the village. I often thought that if anyone knew about my secret fantasies I would die. I suppose this was the basic cause of my Vanilla life.

With this very healthy income it was so easy for us to slip Maureen money each week and made sure her car always had a full petrol tank. It was our pleasure.

The main problem was that it made her feel guilty. We tried to explain to her that it gave us such great enjoyment to help her and Malcolm but she was always looking for ways to pay us back in some way.

Naturally I spent a lot of time alone with Maureen and the conversation would drift around to very personal things.

Maureen told me that Malcolm wasn’t very good in bed but she still loved him. She was a very mature young woman and had worked away for a few years, and had even told me that she attended some Adult Evenings. I was curious but she didn’t elaborate.

After she told me about Malcolm’s difficulties she surprised me by asking my advice. I think she imagined that I knew everything and was a fountain of knowledge.

It was embarrassing but I felt obliged to confess that, her Uncle and I hadn’t had intercourse for about 15 years and I had always felt guilty about it.

She was genuinely surprised and asked “Didn’t he want it Aunty?”

I nodded guiltily “Yes he did, but although in the early years we did it for his sake, it just didn’t excite me at all.”

In one way the conversations were embarrassing but they were also a great relief to both of us.

We could open up our secrets which had made us feel so guilty for so long.

She told me that when she had worked away she had mixed with some people who lived a very fast life and she had been to quite a lot of evenings where she had enjoyed ‘Adult’ entertainment. It also slipped out that something similar was running in our own village and she was secretary. Again she didn’t elaborate.

After I told her that I didn’t sleep with Henry any more she asked me very directly “But you must have needed some release yourself Aunty?”

The more we talked, the more our little secrets came out. I told her that I did touch myself a lot and fantasize and I also knew her Uncle did the same and used naughty pictures.

She lowered her voice “Do you like masturbating, Aunty?” I nodded.

“What do you think about to make yourself cum?”

I found myself telling my niece some of the outrageous situations I dreamed about and some of the dirty conversations and that I liked sneaking looks at Henry’s magazines.

She giggled but was very understanding and said “I do it myself as well Aunty, as poor old Malcolm isn’t up to it.”

She went on to explain some of her thoughts and told me more about the ‘adult’ parties halkalı üniversiteli escort she went to when she was away. She shocked me a bit when she told me that everyone at the parties were very respectable and some of them were in their seventies. It made me realise that Henry and I were even more Vanilla than I had first imagined.

Gradually over the weeks I showed her more magazines belonging to Henry which showed young women in various stages of undress and also I found some fantasy stories which he had obviously written which involved young women.

None of the females were very young or very old. They were mostly and in their thirties with plumpish bottoms and breasts.

Maureen joked “They are all about my age Aunty. I wonder if he fancies me.” I laughed, but from then on I did take special notice when she visited us and saw that Henry usually positioned himself directly opposite her so that as she got up or sat down a portion of thigh would be exposed.

On a few occasions if she was holding something awkward like her laptop computer her panties were exposed for a few moments.

On these occasions I could see he was looking very intently up her skirt between her legs. Almost as if he had been waiting for something like that to happen.

I spoke to Maureen about it and she had noticed it as well. She also joked that she didn’t mind it one little bit if Daddy liked it but was concerned in case it made me unhappy.

Actually it made me want to laugh. I also thought it was nice that she sometimes teasingly called him Daddy and if he got the simple enjoyment out of it. To be honest it made me feel a little less guilty about my own shortcomings over the years. I even joked “Its nice for you to help Daddy.”

From then on she became deliberately careless about the way she sat in front of Henry and we smiled when he had to retire to the bathroom. Maureen would tease me saying “He’s gone to masturbate, Mummy.” I think I liked the personal expressions as much as she did.

I really looked forward to these visits now and after Henry had sidled off to the bathroom, the conversation between my niece and myself became quite rude. She would tease me “I could see he was getting a big stonker on for me Aunty.”

It made me giggle but I had seen it grow as well and murmured “I expect he is cumming just about now Maureen.”

We had both read some of the fantasies that he had written so we knew how his imagination worked and there were some very naughty words used.

All through our married life we had never used bad language or did anything out of the ordinary. Maureen told me “You seem to have had a sort of Vanilla Marriage Aunty which was unsatisfactory for you both. Looking at his fantasies and from what you told me, you both wanted to be very naughty but were afraid to let yourself go.”

There was that word again ‘Vanilla’. I didn’t like it but I knew she was right. He had another set of pictures which showed older ladies with really big bottoms and some of his additional comments were very erotic. Maureen teased me “You should have showed him your bum, Aunty. Yours is much nicer.”

She made me laugh but I found that in these special times both Maureen and I loved being really rude. We understood how his fantasies worked and to be honest they excited us both. I told her most of my taboo fantasies and she did the same.

She had started to tell me more about her Adult Evening in the village. The people attending astounded me. Many of them were our close friends and the Village Elite including some teachers and the Vicar.

After Henry had left us for the bathroom and she said something rude I would add “I expect he has his handkerchief around his penis to hold the mess.”

I knew she would take me further and asked me “Do you mean Uncle Henry’s spunk?”

I giggled and nodded suggestively “Daddy’s spunk.”

We would take the naughty conversation further and further and then she said “It’s a pity he uses a handkerchief, Aunty. It’s very impersonal.”

“But what else could he use Maureen?”

She looked a bit impish as she suggested “I could give him my knickers. Do you think he would like that Aunty? To wank into my panties?”

I laughed but I knew he would love it. I also liked thinking about it.

These conversations were getting more and more personal and outrageous and it was so exciting. Sometimes when we were safe and alone Maureen would put her arm around me and gradually she would cup my breast.

She encouraged me to do the same to her. Actually I didn’t need much encouragement.

Everything was moving ahead apace and neither of us were doing anything to halt things. Neither of us wanted to.

The next move was when she kissed me full on the mouth and then eased my leg over her thigh as we sat next to each other on the settee.

That simple movement of really opening my legs caused my skirt to rise right up exposing all of my panties.

I knew I was haramidere escort asking for it. I also knew that my niece would give it.

Her hand and especially her fingers made short work of my panty gusset and were rubbing the edges of my vagina. It felt lovely.

Over the years I had touched myself in a similar manner and derived great pleasure. That enjoyment however couldn’t be compared to the pleasure Maureen was giving me on the settee.

Her soft voice whispered “Aunty?”

“Yes Love?”

“I am going to stick my finger up.”

I remember I sort of mewed with pleasure.

She wanted me to be more explicit and said it again.

I wanted to reassure her “I want it up, Maureen. Up my vagina.”

I felt her wonderful finger sliding in as far as her knuckle as she giggled “Do you mean up your cunt Aunty. I like your fat cunt.”

We had seen these sort of comments in Henry’s fantasies and we had both liked them. I was also rather plump which had caused some amusement over the years.


As she masturbated me I muttered “Maureen?”

“Yes Aunty?”

I was as naughty as she was now “I like you up my fat cunt and like you playing with my big fat Tits.”

She didn’t laugh this time but moaned with pleasure as she drew my hand between her legs.

Her little panties didn’t cover anything and as I moved between her thighs I whispered “How do you like my fat finger up your cunt Maureen?”

There was no giggling just pleasurable moaning. I was in my late fifties and yet I felt I had just grown up.

These sort of interludes carried on for several weeks and became more and more explicit. And more enjoyable.

Although nothing was said directly to Henry both my niece’s actions and my own actions were becoming more and more obvious. Henry knew we were helping him. We liked him watching even if it was in silence.

Usually we would sit next to each other directly opposite him and gently fondle one another for a while and then I would ask them if they wanted a cup of tea.

Maureen would always answer brightly “That will be lovely, Aunty. Uncle Henry and I can have a cosy little chat together.” We all knew what this meant. Henry blushed as I went to the kitchen. I could still see and hear everything.

We had found out from his stories and magazines that he liked women of Maureen’s age in stockings and suspenders and Maureen had started to wear stockings especially for her visits.

I heard her say to him “Sit on that easy chair opposite me Uncle so that we can chat and see each other.

The chair was particularly low and with Maureen directly opposite he had a clear view up her dress. She made it more obvious by opening her knees wide and fiddling with her elasticated suspender straps.

He was staring straight at the crotch of her panties. Even from the kitchen I could see the swelling growing in his trousers and knew she would be using more personal words shortly.

As she fiddled with the clasp she smiled at him “These elasticated suspenders pull into my thighs very tightly Daddy. They are a bit of a nuisance.”

He mumbled something and I could see him having trouble to stop himself squeezing himself.

When I came back in with the little silver tray with the tea and some scones she had her legs widespread.

I sat down with them and served the tea. When I was settled I did comment “Those are pretty panties Maureen but they are a little grubby. Have you had them on long?”

She nodded. “Yes Aunty, they are a bit dirty. I have had them on all day since early this morning.”

I knew what he was thinking. We both knew that Henry was almost ready for his trip to the bathroom.

She said casually “I don’t really like wearing dirty knickers, Aunty.”

I smiled “Why don’t you leave them with us Maureen? We could wash them for you.”

We had thought about this ploy a few days earlier and she responded “That would be nice Mum. It would save me some work.”

She turned to Henry and asked so innocently “Daddy, do you mind washing my dirty panties?”

He looked red in the face as he muttered “No, I don’t mind Maureen.”

He was ready now for the bathroom and had started to get up of the chair. Maureen nodded “Wait a minute Uncle, you can take my panties in to put in the laundry basket.”

I wanted to laugh as she pulled her skirt right up in front of my husband and eased her panties half way down her thighs and just stood there.

She did ask coyly “You are sure you don’t mind washing them Uncle.”

He was staring straight at her panties and all the hair between her legs He tried to sound sensible as he answered rather croakily “Yes Maureen, I don’t mind at all.”

She slipped her drawers down over her shoes and handed them over.

As he took the little bundle off her she whispered loudly “It will be nicer to use them instead of your handkerchief Daddy.”

He blushed and looked at her and murmured “Yes Maureen, they are nicer and thank you so much.”

Maureen just held on to the material for a few seconds longer and told him “You should thank Mummy as well Daddy. It was her idea for you to have my knickers.”

It was all out in the open now. Henry was now actually holding my niece’s panties in his hand as he turned to me “Thank you very much Martha. I am grateful.”

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