Mothers , Sons Ch. 1

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My name is Teresa, I’m a 37 year-old mother of two. I have a daughter who just went away to college and a son, Pete who is 18 and still lives with me. Recently Pete’s and mines relationship has taken a strange turn. I’ve always been very close to both my kids and a lot has to do with the fact that their father left me when Pete was only 3. We both got married much too young and I guess the resposability was too much for him. I haven’t seen or heard from him in almost 14 years.

Being a young mom, I get a lot of attention from Pete’s friends because I don’t look like a typical mom who has 19 and 18 year old children. I’m a brunette, 5’7″ 130 lbs with green eyes and a nice smile. I’m of Italian heritage so I have olive skin naturally. Men seem to adore my 34D chest but I’ve always considered my round, firm ass my best feature. So I should be getting a lot of men, right? Well I haven’t been with a man in 4 years. It’s of my own choice and I guess you can say its because I’m a “size queen”.

You see Peter’s father was very well endowed (9″) and he was my first lover. I’ve had others after him but I get no real pleasure from guys with average size equipment. I’ve always loved oral sex and if a man is well hung I can orgasm esenyurt anal yapan escort just from giving oral. So after countless encounters with men I became too frustrated not finding a Mr. Right. I resigned myself to frequent masturbation sessions with my several vibrators and dildos. So that’s my story, a little background.

What’s been happening between Pete and I started right after Labor Day and my daughter left for college. Lucy (my daughter) always woke Pete up in the morning. He was not a morning person and usually after his snooze alarm went off 3 or 4 times, Lucy would go in and wake him. His first morning of school I was in the kitchen at 6:30 am already dressed and ready for work and I listened to that alarm go off several times. Finally I went down the hall and knocked on his door, he didn’t answer. I opened the door and stopped immediately in my tracks. Pete was on top of the covers naked and I knew immediately that he had been blessed with his dads size. He wasn’t erect but I could see by its size flaccid and by his large testicles that he was his fathers son. After staring for a minute or two I began to feel guilty, especially when I felt a tingling between esenyurt escort my legs. I left the room, closed the door and knocked loud enough to wake even Peter.

When he came out of the shower and was dressed he joined me in the kitchen. As I looked at my 18 year-old son I saw more and more of his father in him. He had lighter hair then mine, like his dad and was thin but had wide shoulders and a muscular build… like those swimmers in the Olympics. He had that same cute, crooked smile and charming personality. He told me I should just come in and wake him when he did that since that’s what Lucy always did. I wondered if my daughter had enjoyed waking him so much because of the free show that he gave.

It was odd but for the next few days I was exceptionally horny and found myself masturbating once or twice before bed each night. I was horny and I felt bad about it because I had pictured what I saw in Pete’s room that morning. Then the next Saturday I awoke and heard noise downstairs. Pete was never up this early on the weekend so I was startled. Then I remembered he had promised me he would help out with stuff around the house and he said he would do the wash on Saturday. Pete esenyurt eve gelen escort was a typical teenager and I didn’t expect to hold him to his offer of doing the laundry.

I put my robe on and walked down to the laundry room in the basement. As I got to the bottom of the stairs I could hear Pete mumbling something to himself. I stopped and walked quietly around the corner and into the laundry room. My jaw dropped so far so fast I thought it bounced off the floor. Pete was standing there with a pair of my panties covering his face and another pair wrapped around his dick. He had a huge erection, maybe even bigger than his dads and he was pumping it for all he was worth. Then he realized I was standing there. He took his hand away from his straining cock “Jeez mom, make some noise when you sneak up on me” he turned towards me and took a step closer then his cock just erupted without even touching it. I watched, fascinated as his cum shot out in long ropes all over the floor between us. I looked away and juicily retreated back upstairs to my room.

I closed the door and sat on the bed. I noticed myself trembling a bit and I couldn’t get the image of what I had just seen out of my head. I could also feel wetness between my legs. I wanted to grab a dildo from my nightstand and cum so badly but I told myself it would be wrong to masturbate over my son. When I went back out Pete had left the house already and I guessed he was embarrassed about what his mom had just caught him doing. I sat around horny all day and wondered what I would do about this new dilemma.

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