Mother in Law in Need Ch. 01

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“Yeah Honey” I said, putting my book down, turning to look at my wife. Jackie and I had been married for five years and had just celebrated our 30th birthday’s together by going away without the kids. Madelyn, my mother in law, had suggested and partially paid for the trip, unbeknownst to my father in law Ken.

“You know I love you right?” she asked, guardedly. I closed the book and put it on the end table, the sea breeze wafting through the open door of our hotel room, the sound of the ocean in the background.

“Of course Honey, You know I love you right back and then some.” I said fairly emphatically. One of my wife’s biggest fears when she had our son, and again when she had our daughter was the fact that I might not find her sexy or alluring. I tried everyday to prove her wrong. She realized after the second time that she was partially suffering from postpartum depression, but the habit of telling her how I felt about her almost every day had already been started, and it was a nice habit, so we kept it up.

Jackie was the only woman I had ever wanted 5 minutes after meeting her, and that still held true 5 years later.

“What’s up?” I asked, sitting up and facing her.

“If I asked you, and it was totally okay with me, would you ever sleep with another woman?” she asked, an impish smile on her face as she began pulling the covers down, exposing my naked body slowly. She always began this way when she was horny. When she got down low enough, one hand continued pulling it down while the other began to stroke the length of my cock, exciting me easily. Jackie’s one of those tall women who are all woman. She’s not fat, or even round. She’s just curvy in all the right places. Four inches shorter than my own six feet, she was the first woman who could take my whole cock in her. And that was a feat since I was more than ten inches long, and almost 3 fingers across, so the average american female couldn’t take it without a lot of discomfort. There was this japanese esenyurt otele gelen escort massage chick one time, but that’s another story. Finding a hot, tall, bronze skinned amazon who could take all of my beefy cock and then some, I counted my blessings every damn day.

“Jay, you know you’re the only one for me… mmmm that feels really nice” I moaned as she licked the head of my dick like a lollipop. I was distracted by her hands and lips and tongue for several moments as she got me very hard. I felt the cool breeze on my dick as she let go and mounted me, sliding my large cock into her. Putting a tit in my mouth, she began to bob up and down on me. Her speech was breathy and distracted as her pussy heated up and slid up and down the length of me.

“Would you, if I asked you to? Would you fuck someone else if I really wanted you to and it was totally okay with me?” she said as she began to grind her hips into each stroke, rubbing her clit into my hips.

I grabbed her ass and took some of the weight off her legs, allowing her to fuck me harder and faster. “Mmmm Jackie, I am so lucky to have found you, you know how much I love you. I’d do anything for you, you know that, but fuck someone else?” I pounded my cock into her, the thought of being with someone else did turn me on in a way, and the fact that she was asking me to do it was a huge turn on.

“I’m not a sperm bank, so don’t even go there” I said, rolling her onto her back and thrusting in and out of her with deep long strokes. Her legs wrapped around my back and she jammed her tongue in her mouth.

After the pace picked up and she needed to breathe, she tore her mouth from mine saying, “Will you?? Will you fuck someone else? Oh GOD OH GOD… Baby?”

“Yeah Jackie… oh god I am so close” I grunted.

She smiled and closed her eyes, wailing…”Baby? I want you to fuck oh god oh GOD OH GOD!! YES! FUCK MY MOM!!” she screamed wordlessly as esenyurt rus escort the explosion of pleasure took her.

It set off an explosion of my own inside her, jamming as much of me into her as possible. She had just seen into one of my biggest fantasies… fucking Maddie, my mother in law. Picture a sultry south american woman. Not mexican, not spanish, but Amazonian. Maddie was about 48 years old, stood as tall as me, had the curves of an hourglass and about 38DD tits. I had actually seen Maddie first when I was walking around the mall and been stunned by how beautiful she was. She and her daughter could truly be sisters. I made a point of telling her that every time I saw her, causing her to flirt shamelessly back.

As I lay on the bed with visions of my mother in law’s tits bouncing around my head, Jackie squeezed my cock within her. Her smile was dazzling. “So I take it by the stupid grin on your face that the answer is yes?” I chuckled softly as my purely white cock slipped out of her mocha colored pussy. I rolled over on my back and looked at her.

“You want me to screw your mother? Are you serious?” I asked, not believing it.

“OH please John, I see how you check her out at the pool. She’s hot as hell and you know it.” she said, mock disapprovingly.

“Duh, of course she’s hot. Look at her daughter.”

“Ooooh, nice recovery compadre” she said, her south american accent growing thicker. She knew it drove me wild. “Comments like that might get you another round.” she said, her eyebrows wiggling suggestively. Suddenly she got serious.

“Mi Padre is making her miserable, never wanting to please her, always flaunting his ‘trips’ in front of her. She knows what she does on those trips, the cabron! You went, you saw, right?” she asked. I nodded. I had gone on several of the business trips, to assist in the sale of the plots in Costa Rica and Guatemala. My father in law was a complete horn dog when it came to the latin esenyurt türbanlı escort american ladies. He stopped inviting me on the trips when during one of them, several of the women he had gathered for drinks starting commenting on the size of my dick and the fact that the girls were scrambling to sit on my lap. To be with those skinny girls rather than Madelyna, was completely ludicrous.

“She was talking about being with someone else, but that could blow up in her face and it’s what father is looking for. This way, we keep it in the family.” I couldn’t believe I was hearing it, but the part between my legs that was growing harder was believing it easily. She giggled and grabbed my cock. “Can I take this as a yes?” she said, stroking it back to life.

She mounted me once more, slowly sliding down my pole. Her eyes were heavy with lust as she said…”Oh yeah one more thing honey” I began to slide in and out of her slowly. Her smile was sexy as she said…”Hmmm. Have to make me cum to find out…” she opened one eye and grinned. I slid out of her, turned her to face the head board which she grabbed and slid into her doggy style. It was her favorite position since it allowed me to fuck her harder and grab her big tits.

“Oh yes, baby, you know what I like. Fill up my cunt. You want to know what I am going to tell you don’t you? OH!!” she cried as I bit into her neck, thrusting into her and groping her big breasts hard. It took me about 2 minutes to get her to the point. Once I felt her body start to tense, I left off her neck, let go of her tits, and licked my finger before shoving it roughly into her asshole.

“YOU WANNA KNOW?” she practically screamed, beginning to peak. I alternated the thrusting and withdrawing of my cock and fingers, now that I had added a second. She loved my fingers in her ass, but had never been able to take my cock in there, it just hurt too bad and nothing would help loosen her butt hole.

“Yes! TELL ME!” I said, getting close to cumming myself.

“My mom can take you in her ass baby, deep and hard, and as much as you want!” she wailed, her body practically convulsing with pleasure. I thrust deeply with my cock and finger once, blasting away at the insides of her cunt with my scalding hot jism.

“Anal sex with Maddie?” I thought to myself, thinking I had died and gone to heaven.

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