Monogamous Filth: In the Darkness

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Sara leaned over to her night table and turned out the lamp as soon as I walked in the bedroom. Of all the nonverbal cues we share in our sex life, this is one of the most important ones. It means “don’t say a word, take off your clothes, and get in here.” It’s funny, any memories of being with other women have faded over the years to the point I only can remember being with my wife, but we still both have our ways to fantasize about other partners. For me, it’s basic: massage room or casting couch porn. For her, it’s these times we make love in the dark where she pretends I’m someone else. It might be a Hemsworth brother or other male star with ripped abs after we see a movie, or it might be the sexy Columbian guy who trims our trees and cleans the gutters.

I climb in bed and find her lying on her side with her back to me. Sliding up behind her, I spoon her warm body and discover Sara is already naked. I caress her back and shoulders, reaching around to cup one her 34C breasts and tease her nipple. Some of her skin turns to goose flesh and I explore further, rubbing her ass and working in a gentle squeeze. Everything I do is slow and silent, waiting for her to turn toward me and engage whatever fantasy is unfolding in her mind. Over the years I learned the most important thing to do is maintain silence and never break the mood back into reality.

Sara reaches behind herself with one hand and finds my hardening cock. As she strokes me I can feel her mind at work, imagining it’s marmaris escort just a little bigger than usual. She moves to face me and runs her hand along my stomach, dreaming my abs are just a little more flat and washboardy. She grabs my shoulder and biceps, stronger and harder as her 6’3″ dark lover. I am fully subscribed to this fantasy, because the sex, no matter who her mind is on, will be fantastic. Sara reaches out for the back of my head and pulls me dramatically to meet her lips. We kiss urgently, and after a minute I move up to her ear and down her neck to the places that arouse her most. Upon returning to her mouth she parts her lips and comes after me with her tongue. The much more aggressive tongue play is always a feature of this game. I always make sure to use mouthwash.

The tiny tug to my outside arm signals she is ready for me to mount her. I remove my underwear and kiss her nipples, biting each one a tiny bit to let her know that her imaginary lover is a rougher sort than her husband, and climb on top. This is the moment I love the most and makes me always want to satisfy her fantasy sex in the darkness. I reach to find where her vagina is and she is already spread wide open, knees pulled back and ready for me to get deep deep inside her. I slowly glide my dick in, but definitely straight to the bottom. Once she has all seven inches, Sara starts gyrating. I intersperse missionary pounding with a few circular movements. At the point she is ready to orgasm, and it literally marmaris escort bayan only takes 1-2 minutes, she grounds her feet on the bed while keeping her knees wide and thrusts her hips at me. Back and forth she meets me every time until she grabs my ass to tell me “okay just keep it all the way in.” Once there, with my cock stuffed in her soaking pussy, gripping it as hard as she can, she grinds her clitoris against my shaft and pelvic bone, and begins a shuddering orgasm. Still grabbing my ass, she rides it out, eyes closed, completely lost in her fantasy as she cums, until the waves subside.

Sometimes at this point, I will have ejaculated inside her – my excitement at providing stud service for her will overwhelm me. But not tonight. She gives me one-handed push in the chest to signal I need to lie on my back. Even though Sara has been satisfied, bringing her imaginary partner to climax is a huge part of the show. On an average day she is a championship caliber cock rider, but on nights like this she’s completely out of control. She straddles me, legs experimenting with how tight she should engulf my lower body, and then slides he cunt over my shaft. She brings her chest to rest on top of mind and kisses me while she wildly fuck-slams up and down the length of my cock (I can’t think of any more poetic to describe the way she does this). I grab her hair and pull it into a pony tail so she can kiss me and suck on my ear while we move together as one. I get rough again, yanking escort marmaris her hair and she increases her ferocity even more, enjoying the feeling of her soft breasts smashed against my chest.

Soon she sits up and repositions herself. Taking me all the way inside her, like when I was on top, and writhing back and forth. I grab handfuls of her breasts and just hang on for deal life. In no time I can feel the buildup of my own orgasm coming and I give her the universal sign for “hey, I’m going to blow my load, if you expect me to pull out decide right fucking now!” which is a double tap on her ass. She ignores and keeps going, with the sperm welling up and the feeling of pleasure rising from my balls to the top of my cock, I am getting ready to explode and hyped she is letting me stay inside. She keeps fucking me as I cum and a huge white load blossoms inside her hole. I only needed to tell her once, many many years ago that I like it best when she keeps going all the way through until I am literally limp again. She rides it out and removes herself slowly.

Not a word is spoken as we lay there in the dark, kiss romantically, and enjoy a few final moments of silence in the darkness before she turns her lamp back on. Leaving the reverie, she gets up from the bad and walks toward the door, leaving me with a one-liner that brought my brain back to the reality of married life and monogamous filth. Not a “that was wonderful, thanks honey,” but a “fuck, my vagina is going to be sore tomorrow.”

To which, in order to match this woman’s temperament and make sure she knows I am eager to play a role in her fantasies again soon, I reply “Wow, that was literally only six minutes, are you getting soft on me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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